The whole point of wearing fake tan is for it not to look fake!!!

There is a fine line, but somehow it seems most of the female population have crossed it at some point (us included!)

If you are going to wear fake tan it is so important that you find a tan that looks natural on you. The term ‘everything in moderation’ is most definitely true for fake tan and practice making perfect can mean the difference between tantastic and looking tangoed! Nevertheless, if fake tan is applied properly it can completely enhance a look from dull to divine and give us a healthy glow that provides us with that extra boost in confidence!

With so many on the market we have made it our business over the last few months to get the mitts out and get practicing and here we bring you our overall winners!

First prize goes to…. The ROCK STAR TAN collection. This product does exactly what it says on the tin…It ROCKS!

The range consists of five fantastic products; Access All Areas, Groupie, Exposure, Entourage and Rehab. Each is full of natural ingredients that provides a long lasting realistic result. There is no strong smelling evidence to give away your little secret that your tan is from a bottle and that you did not just step off the plane from Hawaii! The great thing about the range is all of the products react and develop according to what suits the natural skin pigment (using organic DHA) creating a really natural look. And to top it off, all of the self –tanners are made with facial quality ingredients and are suitable for both face and body so it saves the hassle of having to buy multiple fake tan products!

‘Access All Areas’ is a spray tan that gives you an instant colour but also develops over the next few hours! RRP €29.99

‘Groupie’ is a fake tan mouse that is better suited to a paler skin tone and develops over time with long lasting results RRP €29.99

‘Exposure’ is a barrier cream designed to protect those delicate areas of skin like your knees, elbows and hands from taking too much colour. I think this is a fantastic product that will save all of us ladies from the dreaded ‘You’ve been tangoed’ look! 
RRP €24.99

‘Entourage’ is a daily moisturiser that firms, protects and nourishes while gradually building a golden glow! I love this product, it gives a really natural daily glow and it smells nice! It surpassed all of my expectations! 
RRP €26.99

‘Rehab’ is antiseptic bronzing stain remover created to treat anyone who has overdosed in colour while tanning. And lets be honest, no matter how much of a pro we think we are at applying fake tan, every single one of us has had a tan disaster at some stage causing us to keep our coats on for the whole night whilst hiding in the darkest corner of the bar!! You can use it on both developed and undeveloped areas. Genius! 
RRP €24.99

Second place goes to…. WOW BROWN READY TO GLO EXPRESS TAN.
This tan smells absolutely delicious, nearly good enough to eat! It is so easy to apply and it creates a real ‘ just stepped off the plane’ look! Its definitely a close winner for me!’RRP: €19.95

And finally, third place will go to ‘L’OREAL SUBLIME FACE AND BODY GEL’!

I have used this product for a long time as I love the warm glow it creates when it develops. Also it turns out streak-free (usually!), you can use it on your face along with your body and it is usually on special offer in boots! I would recommend this product as more of an occasion fake tan than one that you would wear everyday for two reasons; if worn to the excess it can look the slightest bit orange and the second thing is it can smell a little. With all this being said I still find it to be a fantastic product! RRP: €16.99 but keep an eye in boots on special offer!

So enjoy looking sun kissed this Winter!

I know you are all probably sick of hearing how many shopping days are left until Christmas Day …but here it goes… ONLY 31 days…Yes I said 31 days!! Which means we all need to get in our sleigh and get shopping A.S.A.P.!

When I think of Christmas shopping all that comes to mind is the nightmare of trying to find a parking space, everyone in the car park nearly crashing into you, getting absolutely drenched in our lovely Irish weather, pushing through the crowds of grumpy Christmas shoppers, baby cries echoing though-out the stores, never able to find the size that you are looking for, Christmas carols bellowing in your ears in each shop ‘Jingle bells, Jingle Bells’, and dealing with cranky shop assistants who are tired of listening to the same Christmas song over and over again!

I don’t know about you but this whole experience does not create a warm cheerful Christmas feeling inside, more so a ‘Bah Humbug’ feeling!!

However, I do have a bit of good news for you, which could make the whole ordeal of Christmas shopping way more fun and hassle free… SHOP ONLINE!

Across Europe Shopping online is becoming ever more popular with buying online in Ireland growing at one of the fastest rates across the EU27!

Stylefish have come up few reasons why to shop online:

• Online shopping has become so much easier and much more sophisticated
• More and more companies are delivering to Ireland
• You can shop all over the world without leaving the comfort for you own home
• Save on time and petrol
• You can compare prices against other stores
• You can use the search-box to search for any item or size
• Access reviews of products for honest opinions
• View images of the product, sometimes 360 degree images
• Pay securely online
• Entitled to the same consumer rights, as you are when you buy in stores.

When shopping online you need to take responsibility for the process and your rights. Here are a few tips to help you shop online:

• Make sure the business is legitimate; research the company through search engines. Look for reviews on the business. Perhaps put the company name and ‘scam’ in a search engine to see if anything comes up.
• Read the vendors terms and conditions
• Read the website’s Privacy and Security Policies
• Keep your Web browser updated
• Use a filter that warns you of suspicious websites
• On the Web page where you enter your credit card or other personal information, look for an “s” after “http” in the Web address of that page. It should read: https://.
• Make sure there is a tiny closed padlock in the address bar, or on the lower right corner of the window. Clicking the padlock will give you the security details of the site.
• Finally, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Helpful websites for online shopping:

ECC Ireland offers advice on consumer rights when buying goods or services in another European country.
Shop Online Ireland provides information about the best places to do your shopping online in Ireland. You can find out which web sites deliver to Ireland and how much delivery costs

So leave your sleigh parked up, and shop online in the warmth of your own home!

Xposé Xmas Xperience in association with West Coast Cooler is taking place in the RDS from 19th – 21st November and will provide sensational style inspiration for the Christmas party season with spectacular catwalk fashion shows, master classes, fashion & beauty reviews, not to mention live performances from X Factor Finalists F.Y.D. and Jamie Archer! Get the inside track on everything for the key Christmas party looks and great gift ideas, all under one roof.

Hosting the event will be Xposé’s glamorous leading ladies and fans will have opportunities to mingle with stars from the worlds of fashion and showbiz throughout the three-day event.

To celebrate this exciting event, has teamed up with Xposé Xmas Xperience in association with West Coast Cooler to offer our lovely ladies the chance to win two tickets to the event on Sunday 21st November! Lucky you!

So girls, make it a date to join Xposé for some serious style celebrations & beauty advice at Xposé Xmas Xperience in association with West Coast Cooler!

For Discount Tickets and more information check out!

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the below:

How many Xposé presenters are there?
a) Four B) Two

Email your answer to

The winner will be announced Thursday 18th November.

Good luck to you all!

Christmas time is fast approaching which means so are the work Christmas parties! And with that brings a stressful time of trying to figure out what to wear…and more so what not to wear to the party!!! You will try on a million different outfits and questions will start flying through your head ‘Is this outfit too boring, too sexy, too long, too short, does my bum look big in this, do my legs look stumpy in this’ …and the list goes on!

I guess the reason it is so stressful when deciding what to wear is due to the fact that all year round our work colleagues see us in the same dreary robotic office outfit or standard work uniform, which manages to crush how we express our personality through our style! And now this one night of the year is your chance to sparkle and shine!

You get to show your work colleagues and boss what you are really made of! So make the most of it and vamp up your style with a hot dress and top it off with some vivacious accessories. Make a statement that will let your personality shine through to last long enough until the next Christmas party!

Here are a few of our top tips to keep you on the right path to finding the perfect Christmas party outfit!

• If you are going for a simple black dress, pump up the look with some fabulous colourful accessories such as statement red shoes
• If you want to be in season go for something with fur, lace or velvet
• Sparkle and shine – its one of the only time of the year that everyone can get away with this look!
• Gold is the colour of the season
• The smoky eye for the dramatic look
• Buy shoes that you can dance in!
• If you are not a fan of showing your legs but want to wear a dress, try on a pair of coloured tights with the outfit
• If you are buying something new make sure you will wear it again
• … And most of all don’t forget to bring some mistletoe in your handbag for that sexy guy who you have been eyeing up from across the office all year!

Stylefish have had a look around the stores and put together a few looks for your Christmas Party to help you find the perfect outfit….

Sasperilla Gold Flower Halterneck Dress £35.00, Ruched Cuff Ankle Sandals £35.00, Leaf Swoosh Ring £8.00, Fishscale Chandelier earrings £8.50, Chiffon Wrapped Bangle £10.00

Black Lace Dress €95.00, Autograph Red Peep-Toe Platforms €67.00, Autograph Baguette Earrings, Black sequin clutch bag.

Merenge Duchess Satin Dress €175.00, Connie Cover Up €110.00, Hillier Earrings €45.00, Michaela Bangle €32.00

Statement Folded Dress €235.00, Large Stone Cuff €95.00, Graphic and Jewel Clutch €125.00, All Over Diamante Peep €250.00

Having uggled at her shoes in Brown Thomas, felt them up, tried them on & felt and million dollars I could not pass up the chance to meet the girl behind the shoes, Nina Divito! Last night Nina shared her amazing story with a group of wide eyed women in Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel..

Dressed in a striking but simple purple dress & slim black patent belt (and of course a pair of Nina Divito Heels!) Nina was the picture of elegance, calmness and style. Having worked oh so hard to get to where she is what was so clear was the girls determination to do what she loves no matter what it took to get there and you can just see that love ozzing out in every single pair of shoes that is part of her current collection. It is that love that women want in their shoes, the extra cushioning, the craftsmanship, the fact Nina tries on all her shoes before they pass the ‘test’, the colours, the materials. They are all part of that love Nina has for what she does. They truly are a work of art. But it is not only shoes that Nina has a talent for. Her paintings (of her shoes of course) are amazing. Avidly sought after by collectors and praised by the media she uses her paintings as a way to express the relationship between a woman and her shoes (not an easy feat I imagine).

Nina said “My shoes represent independence, luxury and passion.” Nina will be opening her first boutique in The Westbury Mall this coming Friday (November 7th) and it will stock not only her shoes but also a selection of her artwork. This lady is an unstoppable fashion force & as American Artist Jenny Holzer once said “Fashion in an intelligent persons hands is amazing.”

Check out the full collection at

With Winter fast approaching there is no denying the fact that a good coat means a good wardrobe! Whatever the look; casual or sophisticaed, the pub or the perfect date we all need a ‘wow’ coat to bring some va va voom to these dull days! (That, and the fact that we cannot think of the single better thing to do in the dismal rain than go shopping in search of a new addition to our wardrobe). That it is an essential item just provides that justification we need for a perfect trip to town!

But just in case you need a LIST (we tend to think a list always helps) here we go..
– A statement coat can transform your outfit from tiresome to exhilarating.
– Gives simple plain Items a new lease of life (the perfect way to dress up Jeans and a tee)
– Your can go from Mummy to yummy with one single Item and no fuss!
– Buy in a statment colour and watch the looks of evny on peoples faces (a confident strutt is a must!)

So what better way to get some Inspiration than from what our favourite celebs have been wearing of the last few weeks..and the best bit? We have all our copy cat versions for a fraction of the price from Debenhams!

Oh and one last thing…always think ‘Cost Per Wear’ when it comes to a coat..if you find one you absolutely adore but it costs a little more, in our experience it is well worth will wear the coat you LOVE to death. You will wear the coat you half love while you continue to spend on another two you also equally half love! Put the money into the one you adore!

P.S. Stylefish have a favourite of course….   J by Jasper Conran Cropper Sherling jacket €465 (as rocked in fabulous style by Kate Moss recently!)

The Olsen Twins, Boho Chic in Cosy Gillet

Nicola, Aviator Chic

Nicole Kidman, Timeless Camel Crombie

Miley Cyrus, Animal Instincts

Kate Moss, Edgy Cropped Jacket

Fearne Cotton, Check Mate

Claudia Schiffer, the Cape Crusader

Celebs are not the only ones who can have fabulous accessories!…

If you want to get your hands on one of the new favourite accessories of the Celebs and Fashionistas out there, get to Arnotts today and pick up one of their fab Tabitha bags!

Frustrated by the selection of bags and accessories available Tabitha Somerset Webb launched her handbag and accessory label Tabitha in 2003. The company ethos was to embrace everything fun, naughty and cool about being a girl, and put it in to a handbag! This brand can boast of luxury looks, high quality finish, and fashion focused product at a reasonable price point! What more could we ask for!

Stars like Cat Deeley and Fearne Cotton are lovin’ the studded look with the funky Saturn bag while X Factor judge Dannii Minogue and Yummy Mummy Denise Van Outen are fans of the Orion Bag.

Stylefish heart Tabitha bags…but you may need to dig deep in to that money box as celeb style costs a little more than the average high street price!

From left to right: Fearne Cotton and Denise Van Outen loving the Tabitha Saturn Bag

Tabitha Saturn Black Bag €325

From left to right: Cathy Deeley and Dannii Minogue sporting the studded Orion Bag

Tabitha Orion Black Bag €320

Baked to last eyeshadow in Jade, Hi Shine Lip Treatment in Peach & Minerals Foundation all available in The Body Shop

Divide & Multiply Mascara, Lightening Concealer & Face Primer all from The Body Shop

Style Fish was recently treated to a fun & very informative make-over from the lovely people at The Body Shop or should we say from their world renouned make-up artist Karim Sattar.

Karim has worked with several TV stations and personalities around the globe which include Dame Anita Roddick, Annie Lennox, Jane Fonda, Charlene Wittstock future princess of Monaco , Americas next top model Carrie Dee and many more and his work is been published in key magazines such as Vogue (Greece), Marie Claire (Germany), Woman (Portugal), Anabelle (Switzerland) , ELLE and more and reflect his love for life and people.

But what we want to know is what products does Karim really recommend for our make-up bags, what is hot for the season ahead & what is his opinion on the relationship women have with their make-up! He answers all our questions here…

What is your favourite trend this fall?

This fall I just love modern skin and a flawless base. Having a perfectly prepped face will give the whole look you go for a true upgrade. The Body Shop Make Up Moisturising Face Primer is just perfect to prep the face for a flawless appearance. Clean skin can be ideally combined with stronger eyes and a nice flush of colour on the lips. I just love nude lips. This is my all time favourite, too.

Why is make-up so important to women?

The constant wish to reinvent ourselves and the desire to look our best! I believe that making most of your looks can have quiet a healing result on ones personality I love people and I like to see them smile.

Your favorite make-up product this season.

High shine Lip Treatment 11 Peach is a must have in every woman purse and of course Nature’s Mineral Foundation for a flawless always natural glowing skin. Baked to Last Eye shadow Collection for long lasting and ever so sparkling eyes
The make-up product you think every woman must have.

The ´Top Must Haves´ this season are all items that bring out the most in your eyes. The Body Shop Christmas Eye Palettes 2010 are just fabulous to create a soft to intense eye make over and Lightning Touch for light to medium light reflecting coverage on the face.

Why The Body Shop?

The Body Shop has always been attractive to me due to the opportunities employees get engaging with their work. Throughout the last decade The Body Shop has not only been my employer but also a close friend who’s values have been influencing my work and creativity both on a personal and professional level.
The Body Shop offers a unique range of both professional and desirable items within their make up range that offer many benefits to our skin and make it a real pleasure to work with professionally.

Community traded Marula oil is only one of the amazing ingredient, which make our products, long lasting and natural felt and therefore really easy to apply. I never thought much of images projected into the world were women were displayed in more than unrealistic poseurs and therefore I found my niche in working for a company with such high ethical values. Our decorative range is offering double function products that moisturize and nourish the skin as well as leaving the skin with the desired finish from matt to shimmering and therefore offering a wide range of interesting and innovating products that I am just in love with.

This seasons top application techniques.

Autumn/ Winter Trend 2010 introduces an amazing selection of core and limited items that can be used for a subtle everyday look to a glamorous evening make over.

As the autumn/winter season is ideal to focus on a stronger eye look the limited Kajal/ Eyeliner selection is just ideal for anyone who always wanted to apply a smokey eye but has never dared to. The unique texture of them allows you to apply them as an accurate line over the eyelid but also as a fantastic base that’s being smudged to create the perfect ground to build up on introducing the core eye shadow selection.

Top Tips Skin:

Introduce the fabulous Serums as part of most our face care regimes as the skin needs a higher moisture level entering a new season.

Top Tips Eyes:

As mentioned above use the Kajal selection for various application techniques.
Shade taupe is great for more fair skin tones.
Bottle green ideal for women with dark completions and the classic black shade a must have for all super trendy readers.
Use the Kajals not from the tip of the product but with its side. It will last much longer and you will not apply to much product onto the eye lids.

Draw an impressive line onto the top eyelid and connect to the lower lash line.
I just love to use the two shade technique. Simply apply as above and connect with an alternative shade on the bottom lash line.

An alternative application can be used by transferring Kajal onto the top eyelid and smudging it towards the crease of the eyes. Use a selection of autumn eye colours above to achieve the desired intensity.

My favourite shade to highlight the brow bow is the introduction of the new Eye Colour Golden Peach.

Midnight Blue and Velvet Green are the additional shades bring promoted with this years autumn trend. To avoid for eye shadow to end up on your cheeks load your brush from only one side with the product as an overloaded brush is much more difficult to work with.

Finish the look by using Divide and Multiply Mascara in a desired shade.

Last and most importantly have fun creating a new look to your face and practice, practice, practice….

Thank you Karim!

Style Fish x

Hi Ladies!

As Christmas is fast approaching we all want to look fabulous for it….. So StyleFish have an early Christmas present for one of you lucky ladies!

We have recently sent out our November course information to our subscribers who now have the chance to enter our sensational competition…and guess what….so can you!

We are offering one lucky lady the chance to be Style Fished for FREE…Yes I said FREE… just in time for the Christmas Party Season!

Simply email your answer to the following question to to be in with a chance to win a place on a Style Fish Course! Don’t forget to include a contact number!

Q. Stylefish is a:

1. School for fish
2. Fashion school that offers a truly unique style journey
3. Neither of the above

Good luck! X

T & C’s:
Competition expires Wednesday October 27th 2010
One entry per person

You can choose from any one of the following courses:


Monday Evening
Bewley’s Hotel, Newlands Cross
Nov 1st – Dec 13th
7.30pm – 9.30pm
One evening per week

Thursday Evening
Stillorgan Park Hotel
Nov 4th – Dec 16th
7.30pm – 9.30pm
One evening per week

Saturday Morning
The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoighaire
Nov 6th – Dec 18th
11am – 1pm
One morning per week


Tuesday Evening
The Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise
Nov 2nd – Dec 14th
7.30pm – 9.30pm
One evening per week


Style Fish is always delighted to support one of our fav charities Down Syndrome Ireland (and lapped up our day at their Buy my Dress Sale) and they have organised another fashionable way to help their kiddies through Gant & Hugo Boss Stores in The Dundrum Town Centre who will be giving up 10% of their sales from the busy Bank Holiday weekend coming up (Thursday 28th – Monday 31st of October). This great charity works to make sure parents have the best level of care for their children (did you know 1 in 500 children born have an intellectual disability?) Retailer, Louis Copeland Jnr, is the man behind the initiative which hopes to raise a significant amount of money for the charity over the busy Halloween weekend. Speaking about the contribution to charity, Louis said “Gant and Hugo Boss are delighted to be able to give something back by contributing to the work of this very worthwhile and progressive organisation. We are hoping that our customers and supporters of the charity will see this as an opportunity to get in some early Christmas shopping in the knowledge that ten percent of everything spent over the four days of the promotion will go to support the work of Down Syndrome Centre”.

Shane Jennings joined Tara (12) and Harrison Gaw(9) to launch details of a GANT and Hugo Boss in-store promotion

Style Fish x

Gosh, is it Friday already! Where do the weeks go to! We had some great classes this week (this week we had our make-up lessons around the Country) and what we really love more than anything else is seeing women walk out of our classroom feeling really great about what they have just done themselves! They say the right make-up can be hugely powerful to your confidence and your style and boy is that true. But it’s not just make-up when you walk away from the MAC counter! It is just the best when you know you can achieve a great evening look, when you know your foundation & products are right for your skin type, when you know your not spending a fortune on the ‘latest’ product that ends up at the back of the bathroom cabinet! That is where the power, confidence & big big smiles some from!

So have you entered our fab competition to win a free place on one of our November courses? Click here for more Info


We were at the M&S Autumn Winter Fashion Show during the week and we love their shoes and accessories this season! Great boots, heels and handbags. Lots of soft muted colours coming out in their collection this season (and everywhere) which can get a little dull after the umpteenth camel coat :-) but Marks is right on the button with all of this seasons key trends, lots of knits and some nice structured dresses, perfect for your work wardrobe. They are also getting nicely warmed up for a great party season ahead launching their christmas collection also and if you are a fan of shearling (as seen on all the catwalks, we would die for a pair of Burburry shearling boots) M&S comes up trumps with some great wearable, staples that we feel will be around & looking good long after the trend has disappeared! All in all good Investment fashion at affordable prices as always!

Have a great weekend Ladies

Style Fish x

London Fashion week is well…London Fashion week. But we heart Rachel Stevens laid back cool look at the Boutique by Jaeger Spring Summer Show showing simplicity can make a statement! Check out or just check out the Autumn Winter collection (for a proper touch and feel!) in Arnotts!

Jaeger London tab shoulder wool jacket - £299

Style Fish x

Ivan Begala is an uber talented Fashion Photographer based in Cork and you know mixing fashion and great photography carrys us away into our own little bubble of fashion fabulousness! Enjoy the shots. Amity Boutique is located on French Church Street in Cork and is a haven for high fashion at affordable prices! Check out My Amity Online and also check out all Ivans work on his Facebook page…

Style Fish x

Maisy Accordian Nude Dress €64, Vintage Floral Peep Toe Heels €78, Silver Knotted Chain €28

Aqua by Aqua, Ruffled One Sleeve Dress €129

'Amity Vintage' lace 40's Dress €48 , Mustard Seude Ankle Boots €68

Johann Earl Dress in turquoise €64

Lace Neck with poka Dot Skirt Dress €58

Multi colour splashes Chiffon Dress €42, emerald green over the knee socks with bow detail €12, Brown ankle boots with fur €64

Johann Earl Cerise pink strapeless Dress €69

Fashion is all about so many things. Simplicity. Eccentricity. Risk. Bravery. But of course trends are the driving force behind all our choices. We may not necessarily follow them all (I should hope) but we take elements that we like and make them our own. Many of these elements you may not even take within the same season! Last night I sat around with a group of self confessed fashion fiends just like myself. Bloggers, Writers, Visual Creators and stylists. Cocktails in hand we had a chat about our favorite looks from this seasons hottest collections. (All to be transcribed for the fashion Blog next month BTW!).

When it came to my turn I had no hesitation in stating my love for simplicity. Clean lines. Perhaps a scary amount of black. Structured dresses with lots of detailing. Simple satchels and all in all plenty of Celine driven focused fashion. Stella McCartney is always a key driver of these elements (and perhaps why she is one of my favourite designers). Boring, maybe. Clever, yes! I love my wardrobe to be clever. Clever enough to speak to me no matter what the occasion and no matter what my mood and in my humble opinion we all need some more longevity from our purchases and more understated elegance in our lives. Lucky for me the high street is as we speak awash with Items that won’t scream 2010 in 5 years time! We have our choice of nude colours, sleek tailoring and modern clean lines.

However, what I cannot quite get my head around is the gra for Camel. I should love it. It fits perfectly into my ordered, simple matchy matchy criteria. Yet I find it hard to warm to! Literally speaking as a very warm colour I think perhaps (in fact I know) that it washes me out completely making me look more mad men than miu miu. So I tell you, no matter what the trend or what the draw, fashion speaks with one very individual voice to each one of us. It catches our eye, draws out our personality and allows us to tell the world a little about who we are before we even open our mouth. And although the warm tones of camel may not excite me, I just might succumb if Stella was to drop that nautical camel dress a mere snip at £900 in my lap! Fickle me? No way!

Style Fish xx






Stella McCartney





Lanvin Shoulder Bag

Karen Millen

Chloe Jacket (Ok so we sneaked some designer Inspiration in!)

 As women we love fashion and although in times of recession it may not seem very high up on the economic agenda; now more than ever your style plays a profoundly important role in putting a spring in your step when everything else seems to want to bring us down. It gives us a signature that makes us proud no matter what the day. It tells the world a bit of our story without us having to say a word and most importantly it allows us to immerse ourselves in our very own creative bubble.  

So why is it then that lately as I look around I see people opting for what I am going to call ‘fake fashion’. It is akin to what my Mum would call mutton dressed as lamb and though not exactly the same; it has the same connotations. Yes I know not everyone is a whiz at fashion, not everyone is a style fish but really ladies sometimes less is more!  

I would like of course to say this brainwave came to me like any other force of fashion brilliance! But no. As I sipped a glass of wine with my boyfriend the other day we were talking about make-up. I was explaining that when we come back from a holiday our foundation is no longer the correct shade for our skin (as we are the closest to a bronzed goddess that we will ever be!). I explained this means forking out for a darker shade until the Irish weather ensures a return to pale and pasty normality within one month, two if you’re really lucky. In the meantime my new purchase is an added expense in an already stretched wallet (does the Estee Lauder Counter ever have sample bottles anymore!?). His reply to this was ‘why wear foundation at all’. If you go without, get a tan on holiday, came back to now also wear no foundation surely this problem would be no more?!’ Just as I was about to launch into a triad of reasons defending my purchase I suddenly thought ‘you know what, your right!’

Why oh why do women (me included) feel to the need to change what we have naturally in the search for something that is hard to maintain, difficult to get right and sometimes makes us feel like the runner up version of Sienna Miller rather than the best version of ourselves. Hair colour is the same. We all want to know the perfect shade for us when in reality guess what, the perfect shade to suit your skin is actually what you’ve got!! Fake tan is the other truly scary culprit guilty of countless crimes of fashion everyday. The victims of this tangerine dream are mainly brainwashed by the newest religion – the celebrity. And most disturbingly, reside in sun-starved Ireland where in a good Summer a ‘glow’ is the most we can hope for. How tangarine ever became th dream I will never know.

We all want our style to look  a little Saint Tropez chic, we all want our look to make a statement of effortless elegance. But does fake tan really do this?  I feel the need to point out the obvious here but fake tan looks fantastically stupid (if rather amusing) on the 9 out of 10 women who don’t know how to get it right. If you are going to jump on the celebrity tanning train do it with the real you in mind, enhance rather than empty the bottle and remember that most people around want to just see the happiest smiliest most comfortable version of yourself.  It is all about enhancing what you’ve got not exchanging what you’ve got for someone you don’t know.

Style Fish x mean Style Fish can really inspire my style, help me make better decisions & save me money??

In ancient Eastern Mythology the word FISH is a symbol of transformation & Creation?

Because… STYLE is about so much more than shopping. Learn. Share. Connect. Be Inspired. Be part of Style Fish.

Autumn Membership Courses Launching Now!

 Style Fish has been described by The Sunday Business Post as offering a ‘UNIQUE STYLE JOURNEY’ and the Irish Independent said ‘STYLE FISH HELPS WOMEN FIND THEIR OWN STYLE’

What our Ladies say
Anne Bean – Kildare – Graduated October 27th 2009
“Style Fish has thought me to be sure of what suits me & not to be afraid to experiment. I will have so much fun with my clothes, colours & Make-up from now on!”

Ann Dunne – Laois – Graduated June 8th 2009
“I feel I can take more risks in terms of my style and know it works for me!”

Michelle Carney – Dublin – Graduated June 17th 2010
“Shopping is so much easier now!” 

WOW..I really would like to feel someone knows how to help me everyday feel great about my Style!

Your Style Fish course & Membership Costs €399. This includes your 7 week course, fully personalised Style Fish Folder which you build during your course & your Style Fish Membership.
Fascinating Fish Facts…

 Fascinating Fish Fact 1 Our Website is undergoing a stylish transformation at the moment to include our new Members area just for you, online booking, daily fashion update blogs and much more!

Fascinating Fish Fact 2 Style Fish has just enrolled our newest & first ever full time recruit Siobhan McHugh who will be helping us to roll out our course & Membership to even more ladies nationwide!

Fascinating Fish Fact 3 Our Facebook page has over 2,100 fans who are kept fashionably up to date everyday by Style Fish!

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“Tell me & I will forget. Teach me & I will learn. Involve me & I will understand.” Ancient Indian Proverb

The Emmy’s….recognizing awards for excellence in various areas of television and emerging media…or for us….an excellent way to take inspiration from some of the best dressed stars…Here are some of our fav looks most of which prove simple is best and also prove that the Mad Men Ladies stole the show (pics courtesy of! 

Kyra Sedgwick in Monique L'Huillier gown (& Kevin Bacon)

Emily Deschanel in a Max Azria Atelier dress

Kelly Osborne in a figure hugging Tony Ward dress

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz

Ena Longoria in a Robert Rodriquez strapless gown

Heidi Klum in Marchesa and Christian Louboutin Shoes

Emily Blunt in Christian Dior

Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karen

Mad Men's Christina Hendrick's in Zac Posen

Mad Men's January Jones in Atelier Versace

How cute - Eva Longoria fixing hubby Tony Parker's tie!


For those of you around Dublin this weekend (and possibly planning to get married!) come visit our stand at The Wedding & Honeymoon Show in the RDS this Saturday and Sunday!

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Style Fish is undergoing some exciting developments at the moment including the development of our new Membership Area (online on where all our course graduates will have access to daily inspiration, recommendations, product reviews, forums, styling games, discounts & more! Being a Style Fish Member (by completing our course) will mean your style will be transformed, your routines will be injected with a new life & you will become part of our unique style family! It will be a fun & useful resource for women to help make better choices, save money, inspire your style aswell as being able to share with other members everyday!

We cherish our relationship with our Members above all & the notion of ‘special’ is at the heart of all that we teach, write & share with our women both through our courses & online. We are very excited to share this news with you aswell as all the details of our Autumn Course plan around the Country! 

Course dates –

–       Dublin - Thurs Sept 16th – Stillorgan Park Hotel – 7.30pm – 9.30pm (one night per week for 7 weeks)

–       Cork - Sat Sept 18th – Mahon Point Shopping Centre  – 1pm – 3pm (one morning per week for 7 weeks)

–       Portlaoise – Tues Sept 14th -The Maldron Hotel – 7.30pm – 9.30pm (one evening per week for 7 weeks)

–       Kilkenny – Wed Sept 15th – Lyrath Estate Hotel – 7.30pm – 9.30pm (One evening per week for 7 weeks)

Because style is about much more than shopping. Learn. Share. Connect. Be Inspired.

 Our Ladies say..

–     Ann Dunne – Laois – Graduated June 8th 2009

–       “Style Fish has changed the way I feel about myself. I feel I can take more risks in terms of my style and know it works for me!”

–       Catherine Keogh – Dublin – Graduated March 4th 2010 “I just went to a shop, bought an outfit, had fun doing it & didn’t even break a sweat. The best money I ever spent.”

–       Anne Bean – Kildare – Graduated October 27th 2009

–       “Style Fish has thought me to be sure of what suits me & not to be afraid to experiment with all the ideas I got, I will have so much fun with my clothes, colours & Make-up from now on!”

–       Michelle Carney – Dublin – Graduated June 17th 2010“Shopping is so much easier now!”

 The Media says..

–       The Sunday Business Post “A Unique Style Journey.”

–       The Irish Examiner “Empowering women to feel stylish”

–       The Irish Independent “Style Fish helps women find their Own Style.”

–       The Kildare Post “After taking part I feel like the most Stylish Fish in the Pond!”

–       South East Wedding Magazine “Become a Stylish Fish & part of something unique”

–       The Kilkenny People “Fishing for a new Style? Try Style Fish.”

–       Irish Country Living Magazine “Style Fish has made it their business to inject a shot of good taste & even better sense into the wardrobes of Irish women.”

–       The Irish Daily Star “Style Fish helps you build wardrobe capsules, style your outfits like a pro & injects new life into your old routines.”

–       TV Now Magazine “Forget Trinny & Susannah Style Fish is all you need to become your very own fashionista.”

Style Fish Course Content

Week 1: Body Shape Analysis. Get those Trinny & Susannah pictures from your head. This is fun, simple & does not involved stripping. Oh yes & you will now understand how to dress for your shape!

Week 2: The Style Rules to change how you dress forever! Build the perfect Capsule for you & much more

Week 3: Discover all your wow colours; from your clothes to your make-up to your hair. What suits you.

Week 4: Styling your outfits, discover your fashion personality type, getting more wear from your wardrobe & accessorize like a pro!

Week 5: Make-up lesson – Discover how easy your make-up routine should be with the right tools & products. Step by step we show you how.

Week 6: Hair Styling – Sick of the same style everyday? Want to get creative with your mane? Feel transformed with just 5 minutes to work your magic..

Week 7: Personal Shopping Trip. That’s right you are now ready to take on the shops! Choose your perfect outfit, get creative & see how much fun shopping for the new you can be!

Course Cost (Including Membership) – €399



Everyone who is a Style Fish graduate will know about our love affair for Boden. Chic. Simple & always stylish they offer a truly stylish way for the women of Ireland to add a splash of colour, a measure of quirkiness & a mound of quality to their wardrobes while all the time feeling comfy! Described by the company as ‘simple and carefree clothes’ what’s not to love! The quality is also top notch (yes you pay a little more than some other oneline sites but you get what you pay for!) It is (in our opinion) hard to find that mix. We all want to feel great in our clothes and all our ladies tell us the  hardest part of your wardrobe to really get right is the everyday casual chic. The school run. The coffee with friends. This is the gap we feel Boden fills with aplomb! They also go up to a size 22. Check out their neat size guide online to help you make the best sizing decisions. Check out some of the choices from their Autumn winter collection below.  Boden clothes are sold online ( but give them a call and they can also send you out a catalogues to breeze through on your lunch break…

Back in May we could not get enough of the Maxi dress and now it seems for autumn the Maxi skirt is overtaken it on the High street with lots of print and bright patterns coming to the fore. It is actually one of the few trends that can be worn by lots of different shapes, is really comfy, great with ballet pumps and super funked up with a plain tee and denim waistcoat. Go for an over the shoulder slouch bag to complete  the look and you will exclaim that boho chic has never been so wearable!

Just be careful with fabrics & the drape. The petite among you should opted for simplier styles with less flounces and frills which will overwhelm (come to think of it most women should be wary fo flounces and frills). The aim of the skirt is to show off your style and the danger with this look is that it can wear you as opposed to the other way around! Also be careful with length, mid calf can cut you so if really going for it go floor length!

Next €38 €34

Laid back end of Summer Casual from GAP


Dorothy Perkins around €40

Dorothy Perkins around €40

Autumn will sneak up on us ladies just as we are about to get wear from that great little summer party frock we bought in the sales last week! With Autumn comes all the new fashion! So pack away your Summer staples and start thinking winter warmers as the new trends start arriving in store very soon! There are some treats and some threats in the mix but for the most part this Winter is about understated elegance and longeviety! Warehouse have got all the major looks covered in what is a typical of warehouse collection-  conventional yet edgy, neutral yet girlie collection of wardrobe staples. Expect lots of tartan, lots of wool & winter warmers, lots of maxi’s, lots of black & red and lots of great statment coats!

Here are our top ten looks coming soon…

Style Fish x

It all started on a Sunny Wednesday morning in June as we entered a world of Autumnal richness in No. 10 Ormond Quay Dublin for a sneak peak at Arnotts much anticipated Autumn Winter collection. Just like every other retailer, prices are key right now and what we loved was the mix of amazing labels at affordable prices.

Mischa Barton (actress) will be unveiling her first handbag collection and with prices from €34 – €105 you really can have a piece of designer at high street prices!

The overriding message from ladies fashion this season is definitely one of classic & timeless elegance with lots of rich luxurious fabrics like tweeds, silks, leather & lots of fabulous wool & cashmere coming through in all labels. Cosy, elegant and extremely versatile pieces caused a serious smile on our faces as we ohhed and ahhed over rails of fabulous two pieces, sumptious silks and daring dresses.

Key Items should definitely define your wardrobe this winter Ladies. A statement coat is also a key piece whether you opt for a classic trench, a stylish cape or a military piece make sure it is in muted or neutral tones – on trend and long lasting. The shirt dress is something we at the Style Fish office thinks every girl should have in every colour and this season you will have your pick at Arnotts. Labels we lusted at over our coffee & crumpets included Tara Jarmon, Boutique by Jaeger (one to watch), Vivienne Westwood (eclectic & fun), LK Bennett & our fav Irish duo Fran & Jane.

So what are the trends? According to Deirdre Devaney Fashion & Beauty Director at Arnotts “Vintage military looks just don’t seem to want to go away” We think this is a great trend because of the functional colours and comfort but be careful with this one as a lot of the high street gear this one towards the youth market so opt for good tailoring nothing too boxy which can result in more of a mess than military especially if you’re a lady who should be celebrating her curves. Check out Peter O’Brien, Max & Co & Paul & Joe for some military styles.

Retro Prim is another key look which really means the really womanly silhouette is where it’s at and will be coming to rails near you through tailored waist dresses dresses, coats & seriously lustful fabrics. This is definitely influenced by the 50’s & 60’s. Look out for this trend in labels like Reiss, Tara Jarmon & LK Bennett. Perfect for the girlie girls among you and also for anyone looking for good tailoring over high fashion.

Another fashion era playing a comeback is the 70’s. Think Diane Keaton in Annie Hall! It’s all about fun but tailored layering & lots of prints and patterns. Colour like Camels, royal blues, rusty orange, brown will play a big part and this too leads to another key look which is Country Heritage! Yes, if Ralph Lauren had his way we would all be flouncing around in head to toe tweed with pipes in hand and riding boots at the ready. For a more wearable look check out Max & Co, Jaeger London & Barbour. Elements of this look can be introduced through a scarf teams with a classic white shirt.

Our stand out labels in Arnotts for Autumn Winter definitely included  Jaeger, Fran & Jane, Reiss, Ted Baker & Mischa Barton Handbags. Check out the fab stretch denim from Paige & also designer Mark Cain who has an amazing collection of gorgeous fabrics & elegant seperates. A little on the pricey side but definately key wardrobe staples. Oh and hidden away in the Lingerie department (why I do not know) is Yummie Tummie who have the best tops & dresses (casual yes, frumpy no way!). This in our opinion is underwear as outerwear at its very best. With simple black tops with fabulous tummy panels this ladies will change your shape and is definitely up there for us on ‘our most comfortable’ list.  Check out the tank tops with sexy lace trims. Founded two years ago its pieces are designed to slim and smooth out the mid section in the softest fabrics & with new colours like chocolate & charcoal being introduced this season check Yummie Tummie out & see for yourselves!

Coming soon to Arnotts…

Yummie Tummie Detail Top €125

Ted Baker Belted Print Dress €175

Ted Baker Floral Shift Dress €190

Ted Baker Knitted Cardi €125

Ted Baker Print Top €105

Scala Teal Dress €245

Reiss Raspberry Drape Top €140

Ralph Lauren Cape €165

Paige Denim €220

Mischa Barton Handbag €105

Mark Cain Jacket €420 Pants €185

Mark Cain Dress €330

LK Bennett €245

Jaeger Shirt Dress €230

Jaeger €115

French Connection €170

French Connection €90

French Connection €80

Fran & Jane €229

Style Fish x

 Who can resist a bargain? It certainly is that time of the year with sales popping up all over the place. But a bargain is really a bargain if it has a designer name attached and is priced at a fraction of its original price tag. Now that is what we call serious retail staisfaction! That ladies is exactly what you get from The Designer Circle. An exclusive way to find that designer bargain and also to give clothes you don’t wear a new home while making some extra cash for yourself! The Designer Circle is based in Rathoath, Co. Meath and is only open Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm or by appointment at any other time.  

The Designer Circle will hold on to your Item for up to two months. When the item is sold you will receive 50% of the resale price – not bad for something you know you won’t be seen in again! Items can be collected from your house by Elizabeth Nuzum. They must be not more than two to three seasons old, in excellent condition and dry cleaned.  We do not accept high street. This we like. Standards! Labels stocked at the moment include Amanda Wakely, Escada, Calvin Klein, Tara Jarmon, Marcelane, Lene Edmiston, Armani, Hugo Boss, St John, Bags by Gucci, Christian Lacroix, Jaegger, Louise Kennedy. Sizes 6 to 16. So what’s up for grabs right now? Check out for more.

Diane Von Furstenberg Military Style Black wrap dress - Was €450 now €169

Diane Von Furstenberg Snakeskin Dress in Size 8 - Was €450 now €159

Raspberry Leona Edmiston Dress in Size 8 was €400 now €125

Tramore August Racing Festival is happening from the 12-15th

But Saturday August 14th os the date for your diary ladies for ‘Girls Night Out’.


Cocktails & cupcakes are being served from 3.30pm and while you enjoy your nibbles let Style Fish talk you through the key trends for Autumn Winter with a selection of key looks from Littlewoods Ireland.

RTE’s Maura Derrane will be scouting the crowds during racing (which starts at 5.15pm) for the best dressed lady! 15 finalists will be picked and Maura will choose the deserving winner! With over €3,500 worth of prizes from Littlewoods Ireland up for grabs for the winner you have no excuses not to doll yourselves up ladies!

There will be 7 races on the evening and this is followed by some entertainment by the fantastic Cathy Davey! Tickets are only €25 & early booking is recommended.

Call 051381451 or email or log onto

See you there!


This month Style Fish travelled to Carlow to check out Elaine Curtis Boutique and here are our thoughts!

I really believe that when shopping women buy feelings, not fashion. They buy how the dress makes them feel & most importantly how the shop made them feel. What is really special & very hard to find is a team who truly want to inject those special feelings into each and every customer who walks in through their honesty & experience (Elaine’s team have been with her since the start). Whether it is through the person who spends €500 or the person who pays for a top they love in weekly instalments that notion of ‘special’ is at the heart of every Item that is neatly packaged & that is why in my opinion I had even heard about this place from my old Piano teacher (& I gave up piano in 2003!).

Spacious & Relaxed would be the first words that come to mind upon entering. With an array of labels that would make even Browns Boutique blush it is clear that owner Elaine has a passion & an eye for fashion. (She used to be a designer). With Irish designers Mia O’Connell & the fabulous Tim Ryan first to greet you as you walk through the door they have set the bar. Elaine explains that they are introducing some other very exciting labels soon such as the Belgian label ‘Duchess’ & American label ‘Tucker’ aswell as Irish based French designer Sophie Rieu (Her eyes sparkle as she anticipates their arrival explaining that she will only succumb to a label she is passionate about). I am sold. Passion for fashion is the name of the game. Another label we loved is the Belgium label ‘Just in Case’ which oozes what this shop is all about – an element of classic, a little quirky but exactly what the customer now wants – good price points. With an array of other labels like Hoss Intropia (Eclectic), Diane Von Furstenberg (fab dresses) & Manoush (definitely not for the faint hearted!) there really is something for everyone.

I would love to see more of the fabulous clothes styled throughout the shop to give me inspiration for mixing & matching when I am feeling Uber lazy but all in all I felt very Carrie esque walking out the door having tried on my favourite Cacharel Dress, scoured every rail for fear of missing a beat, eaten homemade marshmallows (whipped up by Elaine & her kids) & felt that I would be style fishing in this place again soon.








Catch of the Month
We heart this Hoss Intropia dress (last pic on bottom) which is not only super stylish but can be worn two ways (with the deep V to either the front of the back) satisfying the flexible fashionista in us all. Nude colours will continue to be a big trend for the Autumn Winter and here you can have your recession friendly on trend fashion reduced from €285 – €142.50! Check out for more Info & a sneak peak at what’s in store.

Style Fish x

Amanda Wakeley Sequins Maxi Dress €149

Yes its started to happen. We have barely been able to scan the sale rails and we are already getting excited about what’s in store for the Autumn Season ahead. Last week we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of  the Arnotts Autumn Winter Launch in the gorgeous surroundings of No. 10 Ormond Quay. From fab accessories to the Boutique at Jaeger collection to the most fantastic Vivienne Westwood fabrics you are in for  a treat! (We will give you the full low down and lots of pics very soon).

 The over riding message coming through for the season ahead is one of timeless elegance. Colours are all muted with camel being a key colour. Also lots of deep greens, greys and navy. Look out for luxurious fabrics like wool, tweed, fur and leather is still coming through. And our online favourite Littlewoods have embraced all the trends with ease. Here is a sneak peak at some of the Items coming soon. Described as ‘fashionable individuality at affordable prices’ who are we to argue??

South Maxi Slouch Skirt €44

South Ponteromo Waterfall Jacket €62

Draped metallic jumper €37

Love Label Studded Platform Boots €59

Love Label Check Shorts €37South Poodle Cardigan €49

The thought of the evenings getting shorter and the rain reappearing is enough to send us all into post Summer melt down. But have we got an Autumn treat in store for you to make the transition a little easier! A Fab weekend of girlie fashion & fun to look forward to all in aid of Action breast Cancer.

Happening in the Fabulous Celtic Ross Hotel from the 1st – 3rd of October and aptlycalled ‘Girls just wana have fun’ book your place now so you won’t be disappointed. The event was launched last week in the Hotel with both the irish Examiner & The Evening Echo covering it so tickets are selling fast ! Get the girls together and make it a weekend to remember for a great cause. Style Fish will be taking part in the weekend as we unveil all the Autumn/ Winter Fashion trends from the shops, tell you how to build the perfect capsule wardrobe to keep you warm and stylish through the Christmas party season. Aswell as Style Fish you will be able to choose from the following activities over the weekend – Pilates, walks on the beach, cookery demonstrations from RTE’s Martin Shanahan, Girlie movies aswell as a Pink Champagne Reception where you will get dressed up in your finery for a night of champagne & fun (with prize for est dressed!)

This Two night treat for such a great cause costs only €185 PP Sharing and this includes in full

- Two night B&B with dinner on the Saturday night

- All the activities as listed above

- Mini Facial or 20 minute back, shoulder & neck massage

Contact the Celtic Ross Hotel to make your booking by calling 021 8848722 or email

See you there!

With all the joys that the sunshine brings (and there are lots :-) there are elements that make us want the rain to come back & one of the most annoying is brittle nails. No matter how much preening and painting I do and how much I would spend on manicures my nails still seem to be as weak as a new born puppy dog. So being a new convert to Sally Hansons Airbrush Legs (I just tried this out a few weeks ago for the first time, I know I know I have had my head under a rork) and realising how amazing it is I said I would try out her newnail care range to help with my dilema.

Nail Thickener & Shine Miracle are the names (stocked in pharmacies nationwide). The thickener supposedly has an advanced calcium & ceramic gel formula to create a hard defensive sheild (sounded good). They claim that nails look up to 70% stronger in only 4 days. Now afer using this product on my now very short nails due to breakage I cannot vouch 100% of their new found strength (I feel I will only be convinced its true merits as my nails grow again) but I did love this product. A lovely texture (not like some polishes that feel like your applying nail varnish remover) this has a thick consistency, is easy to apply & y nail felt genuinely like it had some density back to keep it strong.

The Shine Miracle claims to release ‘shine boosters’ for up to ten days giving you that constant just newly painted shine. This product retailed at €10.95 and although I liked it I am not sure I would pay €10.95 again (as I’d probably just use any old clear varnish and put up with a little less lustre for€5!) but as for the thickener I will be stocking up because as long as the sun shines my nails will continue to look like I’m in a constant state of anxiety! and Sally is the lady who really knows how to come up with products that work.

p.s if you looking for a streak free tan for your legs she is hard to beat.

Style Fish x

With the Galway Races happening in a few weeks and with the racing calendar in full swing like we need any other excuse to search out the coolest, quirkiest, most stylish hat for Ladies day!

Style Fish has come accross and newbie from Co. Galway called Edel Ramberg who trained under the fabulous Philip Tracey (like he needs any Introduction). She has also done a stint with fabulous Irish designer Joanne Hynes. But before we found any of this fabulous Information out out we were mesmerised by these creations! Simple yet extremely fashion forward with a futuristic feel we would love to match the pink with this beautiful Cream LK Bennett Dress (in their new Autumn Winter Collection €260)

Edel launched her collection just in time for Punchestown this year. Each piece is handmade by Edel with great attention to detail, using traditional millinery techniques with hand crafted wooden blocks to shape each base with felted wools and sinnamays. Edel also uses alternative materials moulding plastics, wires and papier mache to create her light and contemporary pieces. Edel’s bespoke pieces can be hand beaded or dyed to match a particular outfit. Check out Check these out…

We all love pink but it can be scary especially when you buy the wrong shade. Just like red lipstick it has to suit your skin tone perfectly (oh the pressure) or you will end up looking like a bad Scarlett Johansson copy cat (she is in our eyes the master of pink & red lippy) .

One way to tell if it is a good shade or not is to apply at the counter and check your teeth! Yes seriously, if your teeth are looking like the yellow brick road leave it down and pick a shade that makes your teeth look pearly white.

Buy fret not cos we have just discovered a wonder gloss – NEW from Bourjois they have brought out a tailor made lip gloss that adjusts into a personalised shade of pink when applied. Varying from pale pink to bold pink depending on what will suit you best – MAGIC (It reacts to the PH in your lips to change colour) ! …Called Rose Exclusiv by Bourjois check it out in your local pharmacy from August onwards retailing at €10.95…We have not tried yet but cannot wait to and will let you know what we think as soon as but we think it is definately worth a go if it takes the scariness out of choosing colourful lipsticks with the wow factor….

Style Fish x


Would you love to be part of an EXCITING JOURNEY? is a Fashion School & Online Portal for Women from around Ireland. We are looking for an ambitious, organised, friendly & Stylish Fish to be part of our Growing Brand!


-      Driven & ambitious?

-      Organised & efficient?

-      An Excellent Communicator?

-      Have the ability to manage different tasks?

-      Have good IT Skills?

-      Have a Smart Business Head?

-      Fun & Friendly?

-      Do you Drive?


This placement is offered through the FAS Work Placement Programme (  and will result in a full time permenant position for the right candidate. The Job will be based near Portlaoise and will be starting in September 2010. We will be interviewing in July.  Please forward application including a Cover Letter & CV to You do not need to have any previous fashion experience just a willingness to learn! Please include why you feel you are the person for Style Fish & if you hold a current clean drivers licence.

We look forwward to hearing from you!


Sooo it has finally arrived…I am off tomorrow to the sun for one whole week and I cannot wait!! The pressure is one to day but the one thing i did feel the need to do was share with you all My Beauty Bag Essentials. I have come to learn from teaching so many make-up classes that the one thing every woman wants to know is what in the make-up bag of the lady beside her! And rightly so! There are so many products out there – we are all sick of  spending way to much on the wrong lotions and potions. We feel when we look in someone elses make-up bag, this will help us get it right! So I want to share with you my beauty products must haves! Of course I have gotten my fair share wring also but these babies I love and are worthy of  (Must bare in mind I haven’t actually packed yet so go figures where I will fit them all!)

La Roche-Posay Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray (Great cooling spary for the face in the heat)

Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream – for those tired tootsies this is a great soothing foot cream that really softens the skin

Elizabeth Arden Eigth Hour Cream (for just about anything from chapped lips to dry skin to soothing sun burn)

Garnier Caffine Eye Roll on (For those tired eyes in the morning – keep in friegde for extra cooling :-)

Rimmels new Flash Eyeliner in Black (this baby won’t even move in the pool & is applied like a felt tip pen so not as hard to put on as some liquid eyeliners) – I think Rimmel have the best liquid eye liners

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Shell (Best foundation ever) but when I get a tan I have a darker shade yeaaa!

High Beam Highlighter from Benefit (Love this)

Smashbox Photofinish Bronzing Primer  – anyone who has ever met me will know this is my all time favourite make-up product (great on holidays used instead of foundation for a light overall glow)

Estee Lauder Pink Kiss Blusher

Lancome Effacil Re-Freshing Eye Make-up Remover (The best)

Eye Lash curlers

GOSH Cool Lip Jam or Stila Lip Stain in pink

MAC Eye Shadow in Poison Pen

Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge Smoothing Renewing Moisturiser

Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler

Bumble & Bumble Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry Hair

Aussie Three Minute Miracle Hair Treatment

This may seem like a lot but actually I have just gotten it all into one surprisingly small bag. For holidays it is all about essentials. Of course sun cream is a must aswell as Simple Cleansing Wipes! So when I get back I shall tell you all what I should have brought and what I should have left at home!

Dublin Summer Course

Venue; Bewley’s Hotel, Leopardstown

Date; Wednesday July 7th – August 18th

 Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm

 As Featured on The Afternoon Show & on Ireland AM be transformed with our 7 week Course (one evening per week) covering everything from dressing for your shape, styling your outfits, colour, make-up lesson, hair styling, personal shopping trip and much more. You will build a completely personalised folder during your course and you also become a Style Fish Member.

When we launch our new look website as part of oyur MembershipYou will -

–              Have exclusive access to our Members area where you can avail of discounts from shops & salons from all around the country & online

–              Receive a monthly newsletter with fashion updates, advice & inspiration from Style Fish

–              Let Style Fish help you dress for your shape with all the shops from the high street. We help you each month with what will work for your shape/ what are good buys/ how to style your outfits and where to bu

–              Chat with other style fish graduates with whom you can share questions, tips, recommendations and much more! Avail of our very special discount until July 1st of €299. Thereafter €299 Plus VAT.

Book now by calling Julie on  087 4130336  087 4130336  or email

Keep your eyes peeled for Summer Sales around the Country (Yes the Summer sales are starting and the sun has really only begun to shine!) Here are some of our Favs – we will add to this as we get the Info!

Summer Sale started today on With 50% off all designers & further reductions on already reduced Items – We Love this Navy Silk ‘Milly’ Dress reduced from €379 – €189. The perfect Nautical Look for Summer :-)

Brown Thomas Sale starts in Limerick, Dublin & Galway Thursday the 17th of June. This includes sale in BT2 stores also with up to 50% off all womenswear.

Check out ‘Project’ in Arnotts on Henry Street where you will find up to 40% off many Items. Debenhams Sale starts officially tomorrow (Wednesday the 16th of June) but their online sale has started today Also shop in the 50% off sale in Dorothy Perkins started June 16th and online at

Check out boutiques around the Country also who will all have ‘sale rails’ popping up. This is the perfect time to pop back and have a look for that Item you’ve been thinking about purchasing. You could be lucky!

We also just got word today (thanks to that The The Buff Day Spa is offering FREE Mini Dermalogica Facials (yes FREE) and there doesn’t seem to the a catch! You simply have to be ‘ok’ with them adding your details to their mailing list. Were ok with that if it means we get a free facial! Cal 01 6774624 or email (check out  ) for some more great offers also.

Also check out – Buy any three Items and get a 4th of £1 plus free delivery! This website has a great styling section where you can have hours of fun (we have!) styling outfits, putting items together, mixing and matching and slating what your friends choose!

Sales also happening around the Country in Marks & Spencers & French Connection, Debenhams, LK Bennett, House of Fraser, Zara ..the list goes on.

Also check out some of our other Fav Designer websites rockin fab Summer Sales RIGHT NOW

So Ladies keep your eyes pealed for the bargains. We here in the Style Fish office reckon this year the sales will be great – women are looking for value,  want to make better purchases and see real value in what they are buying and that seems to be exactly what a lot of the shops will be offering over the next couple of weeks. But always remember a Bargain is only a bargain if you really believe you will wear it and not just because it was reduced from €100 to €35! So with some careful consideration of where to spend your hard earned cash the Summer sales this year sg be a mecca for us all.

We want to say thanks today to Total Hair Care in Rathfarnham for hosting our Style Fish Hair Class last night – Did you know how much you can actually do with a simple few hair pins and some back combing! Our ladaies were amazed! Thanks to Audrey and the team for a really educational evening! check out

Enjoy the sunshine!

Style Fish x

How amazing is it to see new talents coming together to showcase fashion in an imaginative and fun way not only making us want the clothes :-) but making us to feel part of the atmosphere and the experience. This shoot was taken in Cork City Gaol in Sundays well recently by up and coming photographer Ivan Begala with whom we have our eye on! Clothes were designed by a young girl by the name of Ruta Jonauskaite who showcased her designs this year at Cork Fashion week. Ruta  is also the model in this  shoot.
Make up: Kathryn O Neill (head of make up artistry with Daniel Sandler).
Hair Style: Stephen Cronin working for Kevin Ryan at Wilton Hair & Beauty Salon in Cork.

Check Ivan out on Facebook!/pages/Ivan-Begala-Photography/125629642495

Style Fish x

This we definately know to be true. What girl can resist a sparkler! But not just any sparkler. No, we are not that easy to please when it comes to the right jewellery but one thing that all women have in common is our love of that something unique. The pieces that tell a little bit of our story, our personality and that reminds us how everyone has their own unique style, tastes and preferences when it comes to jewellery. Hence when I sat down beside Dave a few months ago at an event I was very interested to know what he could offer the women of Ireland! And I discovered that Dave ladies is a man you want on your husbands speed dial!  Dave has a unique gift for design and all his jewellery is just fabulous. Bespoke, commissioned pieces that truly have the stamp of each and everyone of his customers.  He loves the fact that each item worn is totally special, unique and a one off. But what I really noticed was how he is not afraid of colour in his designs. I have seen a mix of the truly Charlotte from Sex and the City Classic to Samantha ‘mix it up’ bolder statment.  Taking the classic and making it stand out is what he does with all his pieces. Dave told me that he doesnt really draw out any designs but prefers to lay out a mix of gems that you would’nt normally see together and from this he gets his inspiration for his pieces. He gets to work once the Idea comes together just by observing! Dave is based in Dublin and it is by private appointment only in his studio. Check out and also check him out on facebook

Of course a picture is worth a thousand words so check out some of these babies…

Style Fish x

Dave at Xpose in Dublin Recently

It is racing season ladies and what better excuse to get dolled up than a day out at this years Derby. Taking place on Sunday June 27th this year Kildare Village are sponsoring the ‘Best Dressed Lady’ competition. The prize up to graps is no less than a €3000 gift card for the Village along with a portrait by world renowned photographer (and daughter of Sir Paul), Mary McCartney. To get involved & to find out more check out the website The judges will narrow it down to 6 lucky ladies on the day but it is the public who get to vote for their winner (we likey). You will be able to vote by text and online. You can register on the website to become a Derby VIP (uhhh fancy) and be treated like a VIP!

Style Fish x

It is a busy week for Style Fish as we (as usual!) seem to spend most of our time in the car travelling from one class to another! Not that we are complaining of course! It is fun filled and always full of fashion surprises! We have gone from Kilkenny yesterday morning where we started a new course with the National Council for the Blind which was an amazing & inspiring experience for us. We can’t wait to spend the next few weeks with this group of ladies as they become Style Fish & I have no doubt they will teach us a thing or two also! We had a make-up lesson with our Portlaoise group last night, we are going to teach a Fashion Trends & Styling Class in Kilkenny tonight and then on to Dublin tomorrow for another make-up Class. Phewwww…oh yes and on Saturday we will be Cork bound as we have our Fashion Trends & Styling Class with our gorgeous Cork Ladies. This week in order to run our classes we are delighted to thank the great people at Debenhams in Mahon Point Cork, Beri Boutique Kilkenny & Dunnes Stores Portlaoise who all get involved in inspiring our ladies with their Spring Summer stock!

We are delighted to bring you a few snap shots of what it is like in a Style Fish Class and how each and every class is unique and yet always with the same outcome – a very happy group of ladies who feel excited, inspired and educated about what suits them, what works for them and what new styles and ideas they can try in their wardrobes, make-up bags!

New Dublin Summer Courses are starting in July – Check out the following link for dates;

Style Fish Banner!

The Calm before the Storm Kileknny!

Fashion Styling with Dublin Class

Gettng ready for Make-up Class Portlaoise

Make-up Palettes ready for Portlaoise ladies!

The Gorgeous Dog's keeping guard outside our Kilkenny Class in Lyrath Estate!

Colour Class in Cork

Fashion Styling Class in Portlaoise

Styling Mannequins in Portlaoise Class How to get Volume!

Learning all the easiest Blowdrying Techniques!

Hair Class in The Hair Gallery Portlaoise

With only three days to go to Sex and the City opening in cinemas across the Country most of the female population is barely able to contain themselves with the excitment of it all. We have 41 outfit changes to look forward to from the lovely Carrie, we have the fabulous Aidan back to drool over and with the world premiere happening last night the fashion gave us just a taster of what’s in store and boy will it be good! Here are all the pics…with thanks to

Kristin Davis costume change to another Jean desses dress

SJP costume change with Fab Nicolas Kirkwood Heels

John Corbett aka 'The Gorgeous Aidan'!

Evan Handler aka 'Harry'

Gossip Girls Jessica Szohr

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Whitney Port

Cynthia Nixon in Carolina Herrera

Kim Cattrall in Naeem Khan

Kristin Davis in Jean Desses

Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino Couture

The Girls are back!

So the sun is finally shining & the skies are blue. So whether you decide to brave the ash or head to a beach closer to home we are all planning our much needed vacations and staycations! They say packing for your holidays gives us time to reevalute our wardrobes, it also gives us a chance to think about the capsules we have in there. When we pack for hols we have to think ‘mix and match’, we bring lots of items that will mix and match to create numerous different outfits (this is what they call a capsule). Me thinks this ladies is how we should be helping our ‘home’ wardrobes also. If it’s good enough for Carrie…But with just one little case sitting there waiting to be filled to the brim with goodies and with very little room for our very large shoe collection, a girl has no choice but to think smart & make some tough choices! We want to give you a head start by bringing you a list of our holiday essentials to see you through from beach to bar and everything in between!  With thanks to a lovely people at Nelsons Homeopathic Dispensary on Duke Street in Dublin for keeping us informed of all the holiday ready products they have on offer. All creams, lotions, potions for your holiday are available in store now.

Orange Bood Tube Style Jump Suit from Chic Unique Ashbourne Meath

Maxi Dress available in Chic Unique Ashbourne, Meath

Orange Sundress (perfect for evening glam also) available in Chic Unique Ashbourne

Floral Bikini €12 Heatons Nationwide

Red Polkadot Bikini €10 Heatons Nationwide

Selection of Towels available from Heatons Nationwide only €3

Stretch denim shorts €24

Bites & Stings Gel €10.50 - Nelsons Duke Stret Dublin (also in tablet form)

Nautical Style Fedora Hat €19

Green People Cooling Peppermint Aftersun €15.00 - Nelsons Duke Street Dublin

Zum Rub Moisturising Balm for seriously dry skin €11.95 - Nelsons Duke Street Dublin

 New vintage Fashion website http://www.styleodyssey.comare offering one lucky shopper the chance to win a €50 voucher on their online website before the end of the month (May 31st – this weekend!). All you have to do to enter is follow the link below & simply complete the tag line..

Style Odyssey is…….

(Easy Peasy!)

So if you love designer and high street vintage clothes, this is definately an up and coming site to keep an eye on..and if your not in you can’t win as they say!

Here are some of our Fav looks from the site today..

Polka Dot Halterneck Jumpsuit Size 14 €34

Halterneck Jumpsuit Size 12 €58

Block Print Dress Size 10 only €28!


Style Fish x

 Would you like to be in with a chance to win a FREE place for you and a friend for one of our Autumn Courses anywhere around Ireland? Be transformed in 7 weeks from dressing for your shape, to becoming a pro at styling to make-up lessons and hair tricks? Our 7 week course covers the lot! TV Now Magazine is running this Fab competition and all you have to do to win is send a photo of yourself and explain in 200 words or less why you would benefit from our course! Send your entries before June 10th to TV Now/ Style Fish Fashion Competition, 2-3 Ely Place, Dublin 2!

Also, while were talking about competitions. Ireland AM are running a competition to get the ‘biggest Sex and the City’ Fans from around the country into studio next Thursday for their special SATC inspired show! Style Fish and our Members will be involved and it is your chance to tell the world why you love SATC! (who doesn’t). Check out the TV3 website for more details. With the movies official release next Friday we hope you have your tickets reserved!

Good luck on both counts!

Style Fish x

Well if it really really is going to shine like they say it is (happy days!) then we will have you ready with our shades of choice for the Summer Sunshine! There is nothing more annoying that when it finally does appear only to have to reach for the old, scratched, broken pair in your glove compartment. So to save that hassle we have take a trip to Debenhams to bring you all the celbrity inspired looks at high street prices! from Red herring aviators to Matthew Williamson oversized shades Debenhams have got it covered!


Mantaray black rimless hibiscus sunglasses €39

Red Herring brown mock tortoise shell round oversized glasses €18.50

Red Herring Wayfarer style black and red sunglasses €23.50

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson dark red enamel over sized shades €39

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson brown twist arm detail €39

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson gold rim aviator style €39

Red Herring pink metal aviator style €31

We all know that young women have beautiful skin and yet 99% of these ladies disagree! They experience skin ‘glitches’ all the time; from shine to uneven skin tone to dry patches at that time of the month. Clarins have come up with a solution to all the above with their new ‘Energizer’ Skincare range. It involves three easy steps which will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radient quick as a flash (like only Clarins can!)

Step 1 – Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel – This gel removes make-up and also eliminates impurities that can make our complexion look and feel a little lifeless and dull. When applying the gel turns into a light foam which feels lovely. They recommend you use twice daily – in the morning with cold water to awaken the skin and in evening with warm water to calm and clean the skin

Step 2Daily Energizer Wakeup Booster – For use first thing in the morning just like your glass of OJ it delivers an instantly refreshing coccktail or redcurrant, green coffee & white tea that rehydrates & revitalizes your skin. (goes on before your moisturiser)

Step 3 – Moisturize – Depending on your skin type you should choose from ‘Daily Energizer Cream Gel’ for normal to combination skin; ‘Daily Energizer Cream’ for combination skin or ‘Daily Energizer Lotion SPF 15′ for combination skin.

So if you are as Clarins puts it a “Young Lady” who have not yet reached the age where you need to be concerned about wrinkles (lucky you) but who wants fresh, healthy looking skin with a special glow this range is for you.

Available in all Clairns stockists nationwide

Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel €12.75

Daily Energizer Wakeup Booster €19.00

All Moisturisers €25.00

Style Fish x

Carrie and her girls are back on the screens, and this is an opportunity for you and your girls to get glamorous and have an unforgettable evening of fun and surprises.

All profits from this event will be donated to the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit at Beaumont Hospital. 

Didgebo Productions Ltd. presents Sex in Dublin City which will take place on Friday 28th May at Cineworld in Parnell Street.  Included in this glamorous evening are the following

–         A champagne reception in Cineworld

–         Entry to the new and much awaited 2nd SATC movie (Cineworld Parnell Street  )

–         Pink goodie bags full of treats and surprises

–         Spot Prizes to be announced before the screening of the movie

–         VIP entry into Dtwo nightclub afterwards for the exclusive SIDC Afterparty.

So girls, what are you waiting for, grab your manolo blahniks and your favourite handbag and get yourself tickets to this great night out.  Be the first to see this much anticipated movie. 

Tickets are priced at only €29.50 (plus €2 booking fee) and are on sale now on

This is a free seating event. Seating will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Over 18’s only. 

Style Fish x

'Dollie' - €69.99

What more could a girl ask for? We have all become somewhat scared of boutique shopping in the recession for fear of what those pesky price tags will do to our hearts but ladies I have been out and about and I am telling you there are bargains galore to be had in boutiques right around the Country. Most boutiques now have fantastic sale rails all year round and many have introduced more affordable options so we can have the luxury of the boutique mixed with a little less heartache for our wallets.

Coze Di Roze Boutique in Cabinteey Village is one such gem. Not only does it provide everything you need to update the clothes you have but we fell in love with there ‘Dollie’ Fabric wedge with a detatchable flower coming in at only €69.99. You would search high and low on the high street for this gem! Aswell as the navy it also comes in Black & Red. Also check out there great range of Irish products & labels

'Delilah' - Red & Black - €96.99

. If your looking for quirky Coze Di Roze has it in spades. Check them out on facebook (which you can purchase through) or check out

Red & Cream Ploka Dot €119

 With up to 35% off selected lines from Thursday the 13th of May until Monday the 17th!

Style Fish x

Kate & Ava

In the last few months we have seen a flurry of designer discount sales running across the country and isn’t it great! These sales allow us access to some of the most fantatsic labels and looks at a fraction of the price. Not only that but all those Items we all have in our wardrobes that we don’t wear can find a much loved home! So we are delighted to tell you about the D4 Designer Sale happening on Saturday and Sunday May 29th & 30th from 11am – 5pm in The Berkley Court Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Bag a bargain from some of our favourite Irish designers including Kate & Ava, Aideen Bodkin, Helen james, Mary Grant, Tyrrell & Brennan & many more. International labels including Tara Jarmon, Malene Birger (our fav), Manoush, Fenn Wright & Mason. Some of our fav Irish shops will also be showcasing on the day. Check out the much loved Coze Di Roze Boutique, Carol Shaw Jewellery (, Fifi Belle Shoes (which specialise in shoes for larger sizes).

With guaranteed discounts from 30 – 70% what better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. These events not only guarantee savings but give us access to a host of high quality items that become fashion treasure for other women and thats what we love about fashion! (Get there early to avoid disappointment)

Style Fish x

 It’s a tough job but someones gotta do it :-) and for May we took a trip to Ruby Rouge Boutique in Gorey, Wexford to see what all the fuss was about. Check out our write up and all the pics below;

Style Fish x


Best wishes for your next course.
I am looking into and at my wardrobe completly differently.
Others have tried to explain this to me but you are the only one to have got the message across. You have a great gift in explaining what you and your course is all about. I will be recommending you to all as they remark on my transformation.
Thanks a million
Good luck

 When you walk into Soho you get the feeling you are walking into Sarah Jessica Parkers wardrobe – very girlie but very spacious with a mix of extremely spot on high end fashion to the more understated options. With a host of labels from the exclusive Nicole Miller & Sherry Hill to the more affordable high street options such as French Connection; Soho has really got the mix right. This is the place to go if your looking for an outfit for the races, for a wedding and for just about anything dressy in between! What I really like is it caters for different ages and sizing is quite good. They also have really good price points which for me show they are really catering for the recessionista in all of us – boutique or no boutique! Theres lots of sparkle for the younger and great structured, simple and elegant dresses for every age group. They have a Fab Sale rail all year round with fantastic bargains (I spotted a white Vertigo Shirt from only €20!) Check out our pics below. Soho is located in Whitewater Shopping Centre, Newbridge and we also love that the staff in Soho are friendly, helpful and will always tell you the truth! Check out

Floral Fabric Clutch €60

Pewter Pearls €60

Selection from French Connection Rails

Geometric Print Clutch €105

From the Sale Rail Blue Print Malou Manay Dress reduced from €169 to €50

From the Sale Rail White Vertigo Shirt €20 (down from €69)

Cream Jin La Shift Dress (also in Black) €137

French Connection €127

Green/ Yellow Print French Connection Dress €167

Moss Green Ruched Dress €135

 Is…..Good enough to eat!

It takes quite a bit for me to be happy about getting up for my Shower on a Friday morning (even if it is Friday) but this morning I actually enjoyed the process! Why? Well I got a lovely package yesterday of the NEW Shower range from Dove called ‘Visible Care’ Body Wash and they are yummy. Literally good enough to eat but not with that really sickly sweet smell from some shower gels and washes. No. refreshing, soft, creamy and left my skin silky smooth.

Not only that but their claim to fame is that they have uncovered new breakthrough technology which is clinically proven to reduce daily skin damage caused by cleansing. They say that showering every day impairs the skins natural beauty and their new body wash will replinish the skin barrier for visibly more beautiful skin!

The science? Dove NutriumMoisture TM is a unique technology that blends lipids and glycerin which are the two moisturizers found naturally in your skin. They are deposited and are completely absorbed into the skins surface while showering. This new range have undergone intensive third party and consumer tests which prove that Dove Visible Care deliver visible skin improvements in 7 days.

So if you feel your body wash is leaving your skin feeling dry and not delivering that zing we all need when we step out of the shower, this could be one for your shopping list! There are three different and distinct fragrances; Renewing, Brightening & Softening. We tried the renewing and the brightening and although they both seemed pretty much the same to me, I preferred the smell of the Renewing Wash. Priced at €3.48 Dove Visible Care is available at all good parmacies & supermarkets now.

Style Fish x

We all have some vague Idea of the importance our Image plays in different aspects of our lives but have you ever really thought about the profound impact that changes in society, in technology & in the media have been having on our thought processes & just how healthy is that Impact? We have some bizarre, scary and somewhat startling facts to show you just how much our lives are influenced by our so called ‘Ideal Imag’e.

Mirror, mirror in the wall, who’s the prettiest one of all? From a very early age we have been bombarded and influenced by the bizarre idea that to get on in life, you must be pretty, you must be skinny and you must quite simply be as perfect as you can be. We know that this concern with appearance is not just an aberration of our today’s culture. Every period of history has had its own standards of what is and is not beautiful. In the 19th century being beautiful meant wearing a corset to achieve the perfect hourglass figure. Nowadays we diet and exercise ourselves into fashionable shape. Although we resemble our ancestors in our concern for our appearance it seems however that advances in technology & with media influences normal concerns have become somewhat scary.

What people see and how they react to their reflection in a mirror will vary according to: species, sex, age, ethnic group, sexual orientation, mood, eating disorders, what they’ve been watching on TV, what magazines they read, whether they’re married or single, what kind of childhood they had, whether they take part in sports, what phase of the menstrual cycle they’re in, whether they are pregnant, where they’ve been shopping – and even what they had for lunch! All research will show that women are much more conscious of their Image than men and much more likely not to like what they see. It is claimed that up to 8 out of 10 women will be dissatisfied with their reflection whereas men are more likely to be either a) pleased with that they see or b) indifferent (typical!). Men also tend to over-estimate their attractiveness and most when looking in a mirror don’t see any flaws!

So why are women so critical of themselves? Women are judged more on their appearance than men and the standards of female beauty are much higher and more inflexible for women. Women are constantly bombarded with images of the Ideal face and body (Young girls nowadays see more Images of outstandingly beautiful women in one day than what their Mums did during their entire adolescence). Did you know the current media Image of the perfect figure is achievable by less than 5% of the female population? And that this is just related to weight. If you want the Ideal face & shape this is more like 1%. In 1917 the physically perfect women was about 5ft 4in tall and weighed just over 10 stone. Even 25 years ago top models weighed only 8% less than the average female. Now they weigh over 25% less!

What we need to realise is that the ‘Ideal’ is always changing which in my opinion means it is not real anyhow. Most of us are aware of our society’s emphasis on the importance of appearance, and we know what the socially sanctioned standards of beauty are. But not all of us accept or ‘internalise’ these standards: strong-minded individuals who reject current standards are more likely to have a positive body-image. So the next time you pick up the latest fashion mag or turn on your television or computer remind yourself there is no such thing as an ‘Ideal’ nor do we all want to be like the next person. As Sophia Loren once said “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Life is about creating your own version of you. The one that makes you happy!

Style Fish x

Naomi Watts in Stella McCartney

Kristin Davis

Liv Tyler in Stella McCartney

Rachel Weisz

Elizabeth Banks in Gucci

Zoe Saldana

J Lo in Zahair Murad

Kate Bosworth in Valentino

Naomi Watts

Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs

Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney

Coco Rocha

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein

Brooke Shields in Kichael Kors

Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston

Carey Mulligan in Mui Mui

Camilla Belle in Jason Wu

Blake Lively in Marchesa

Anne Hathaway

Sienna Miller in Emilo Pucci

Chloe Sivigny in Proenza Schouler

 Debenhams Reveals the Great Cover-up Contradiction

Despite 91% of women admitting to always wearing a bikini abroad, over 80% of women say they would NEVER wear a bikini on a British and Irish beach.

The great cover-up contradiction was revealed when Debenhams asked customers if staying on Irish shores affected their usual choice of swimwear. 

No longer the preserve of older ladies, customers are choosing a forgiving skirted swimsuit (sales + 112% YOY) over skimpier styles as a conservative option for holidaying at home.

Says Sasha Nagalingham, Swimwear Buyer for Debenhams, “Despite a reputation for leaving inhibitions at the door in places like Alicante and Antigua, traditional Irish and British reserve takes over from Waterford to Brighton – its geographical modesty.”

Embarrassment about being spotted in barely-there swimwear by an acquaintance was the number one reason for 51% of women choosing less revealing beachwear for staycations. The presence of more children on the beaches was the second most popular reason (42%).

54% of women admitted to going topless abroad compared to 100% of women saying they would NEVER tan topless in the UK and Ireland.

Continues Sasha, “There are also regional variations to the trend – sales of skirted swimsuits indicate that Dublin Blanchardstown is the most modest town in the Ireland having sold more units there than anywhere else, and in the UK Blackpool.

“Although low temperatures may be a contributing factor, Waterford was the second most modest with Wexford coming in as the least modest area in the Ireland.”

Top Ten Modest Towns:

1. Dublin Blanchardstown
2. Blackpool
3. Aberdeen
4. Bristol
5. Brighton
6. Waterford
7. Chester
8. Bolton
9. Cork
10. Reading

Continues Sasha, “The return of the staycation has simultaneously sparked a return to Victoria values; judging by sales of the skirted swimsuit, British and Irish beaches will look like 50s picture post-cards this summer.”

Style Fish x

'Maggie' €205

It seems we have all gone ga ga for vintage inspired clothes lately. Why I hear you ask? These items create more certaintity in our uncertain wardrobes. Finding it hard to know on the high street what ‘good buys’ are anymore it seems classic, vintage inspired styles seems like a stable fashionable buy with the sensible  longeviety tag attached. There are some great Vintage items on the high street at the moment. Zara has some great dresses but our pick of the week is from Irish Label (even better) ‘Charlotte and Jane’. With a This 100% silk dress can be bought off the rail or can be customised to your exacting requirments from fabric to style to length (wow!). Available in Dolls Boutique Westbury Mall, Granny’s Bottom Drawer in Kinsale & Willow Boutique Newbridge. Also check out their fab range of vintage kimonos bags and hats available on their website

Style Fish x

The Summer Collection from Awear is definately not for the faint of heart! We were blinded by the multitude of colours, the variety of prints and the quite amazing seletion of accessories to make sure we have no shrinking violets walking the streets in the sunshine this Summer!

Described by the Awear team as ‘Notice me Dressing’ there Eclectic Paradise range is bold, bright and pretty all at once! Taking lots of influence from the African Plains & marine life we love their emerald greens and blues, we love the purple and pink maxi dress and the quirky hairbands!

Cream Waistcoat €30

Pink Maxi (as styled here also) €68

Multi Coloured Dress €30

One Shoulder Top €35

Aqua Print Dress €40

Coral Feather Hairband €8

Pompom Hairband €10

Cream Bag €25

Printed Maxi Dress €68, Bangles & necklaces €6 - €16

Green Tunic €50, Bangles and necklaces €6 - €16

Blue Printed Tunic €45, Bangles €6 - €12, Beaded necklaces €10 - €16

 Like we need an excuse…but here it is….

LK Bennett are offering 25% off on selected shoes this Bank Holiday weekend from today April 29th until May 3rd. Also, check out their Sale rail in Dundrum Shopping Centre and also they have some Fab soft purple heels that we are in love with. Also anyone who loves patent you will be in shoe heaven. Check it out!

Style Fish x

It was a fantastic week of Fashion at the PunchestownRaces last week but the deserving winner of the big prize on Friday sponsored by Arnotts Department store (and to the value of €20,000) was Heidi Higgins (Fashion Designer) who has just set up in her native Portlaoise. Heidi wore one of her own designs and complimented the look with shoes and bag from LK Bennett. Check Heidi out below! Congrats!

Style Fish x

Flat Ballerina Pump €4.97

Your shoes don’t have to cost the earth as Heatons are proving this Season. They have just brought in a great range for Spring Summer. Prices are amazing. Just make sure they fit! It sounds obvious but we see so many women who have racks of shoes they bought on sale and did not fit exactly but they bought them anyway because of the price….big mistake…if you won’t wear them why pay!
Heatons have Fab Gladiator sandals, heels and ballerina pumps. Heatons have 41 shops in the Republic of Ireland including Carlow, Cork, Portlaoise, Kildare, Cavan, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford…so for a bright and more affordable spring in your step take a look at Heatons now!

Flat Cuff Sandal €15

Beaded Flat Gladiator Sandal €18

Strappy Platform Sandal €25

Hi Ladies,

We are very excited about starting our Summer courses (not only is it looking like the weather might actually be nice this year) we have the all the information you need to put together the perfect summer wardrobe for you, we will show you how to apply fantastic holiday make-up yourself!, give you lots of hair styling ideas and make sure you get lots of practice, dress for your shape this Summer and choose the perfect outfits for you, wow your friends and family by your amazing eye for your ‘wow’ colours and so much more in our transforming 7 week evening classes. Below are all our dates and locations starting the next three weeks.

Simply give Julie a call on 087 4130336 with questions & to make your booking or email

Kilkenny Course – May

Venue; Lyrath Estate Hotel

Date; Wednesday Evening May 5th – June 16th

Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm


Cork Course – May

Venue; Mahon Point Shopping Centre

Date; Starting Saturday Afternoon May 15th

Time; 1pm – 3pm


Laois Course – May

Venue; The Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise

Date; Tuesday May 4th – June 15th

Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Next Dublin Course – May (Only 1 place Left)

Venue; Bewley’s Hotel, Leopardstown

Date; Thursday evening May 7th – June 17th

Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Style Fish x

Sex and the City 2 debuts at the end of May but we just cannot wait to get some SATC inspired Fashion. So we went to the high street to hunt down the best pair of shoes we could find that even Carrie would be envious of and where did we find them?

LK Bennett was our destination of choice. What we love about their shoes is the classic element – shoes that never date, are uber comfortable and for the purposes of this shopping trip gave us our Carrie fix. This skyscraper platform heel is actually really comfortable, is perfect for all our Summer outfits from dresses to jeans and for those of you who are looking for an injenction of colour they also come in dusky orange!

At €285 these are your investment, wardrobe staple this Summer.

Style Fish x

Punchestown began in earnst yesterday and each day this week there will be a ‘best dressed’ lady chosen who will be the lukcy recipient of a €1000 voucher from Arnotts! The prize fund for the Arnotts Overall Best Dressed Lady competition is worth an impressive €20,000 and will be chosen on Friday!

The first day got off to a flying start as thousands of eager racegoers and fashionable ladies spilled into the racecourse. The judges for the Arnotts Best Dressed Lady competition, TV broadcaster Lorraine Keane, designer Peter O Brien and Arnotts Fashion Director Deirdre Devaney had the unenviable task of selecting just one winner from hundreds of stylish attendees who arrived dressed to impress. The judges were looking for individual style and originality whilst still being appropriately dressed for the event. Eibhilin Nic Ghiolla Bhui from Sallins, Co Kildare was the deserving winner of the Arnotts Best Dressed Lady competition today. She wore a straw hat with a black ribbon that she made herself, a black jacket and dress from LK Bennett as well as gloves from Heavenly boutique in Clane. Check out this Video to see a full run down of all the style, including Eibhlins winning outfit by Kildare based Video Journalist Paul Murray;

Eibhilin won a €1000 Arnotts voucher as well as an overnight stay in a suite in the Gresham Hotel with champagne afternoon tea and a personal shopping appointment at Arnotts, while each of the finalists received a generous goody bag from Arnotts. Eibhilin will now go through to the overall Arnotts Best Dressed Lady competition on Friday.
There were plenty of familiar faces in the crowd including Risteard Cooper and his wife Suanne McMahon, Daithi O Se, Jimmy Magee, Niall Quinn, Karen Koster from Xpose, Charlie Chawke, Gavin Duffy from Dragons Den, Tamso Doyle from Horse Racing Ireland, whos husband David Cox’s father Dermot owned Zest For Life  the winning horse in the first race. In the same race Nina Carberry beat Katie Walsh – a reversal from Cheltenham!
Liam Holton, Marketing Director at Punchestown commented, “It’s been a long hard winter for everyone, now the sun is here, Punchestown is here and it’s time to party until next Saturday. This festival has been running since 1827 and there is something here for everyone.”
Deirdre Devaney, Fashion and Beauty Director at Arnotts and a judge in the Arnotts Best Dressed Lady competition today commented, “The judges were delighted to see such a colourful turnout at the first day of the Arnotts Best Dressed Lady competition. It was clear that the ladies had put thought into their outfits and it’s very positive to see that despite the recession, style is still to the fore amongst Irish women.”
Today promises to be another big day at Punchestown with the Punchestown Guinness Cold Cup at 530pm when all eyes will be on Denman, who is being ridden by Tony McCoy and Today FM will be hosting a singles event at the racecourse.

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The shops are being flooded at the moment by their Summer accessory drops and what better way to update your wardrobe than with a Fab handbag! They always brighten our day! With a fantastic range right across the high street this season there is no need to spend a fortune to be bang on trend! Here are some of the key Items we think YOU should keep your eyes peeled for! Also we can’t wait to bring you all the latest pics from Awears new Summer Collection…coming soon….
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Belt from Faith



Top Shop

Dorothy Perkins


Marks & Spencers Limited Collection



River Island


Fantastic Design duo Ger & Yvonne aka Bonzie Designs is what we highly recommend this week. An Irish design label with definite vintage Romantic appeal, I was struck by the uniqueness of the pieces, the detail & the girlieness which comprises their designs. Absolutely charming with a unique victorian edge but also holding a brilliant modern twist. Having been described as being ‘tattered couture’ was all we needed to hear to want to find out more. We were intrigued. We first came across Bonze at Style at Set in Kilkenny and her work was just amazing. There may be many out there who say there is not too much you can do to a tee shirt to make it unique well Bonze sets the record straight on that score. We fell in love with the tee shirts, handbags with the most amzing detail, wraps, collars & jackets and the prices were what amazed us. With crosages starting at about €28, collars at about €90, neckpieces at around €90 the detail you get is simply amazing. 

Having been featured recently on Nationwide his duo is definately one to watch. We caught up with Bonzie last week and asked the all important questions just for you and we are also delighted to of course bring you a selection of Images of the collection.

Who is behind Bonzie?
Bonzie is an Aunt and Neice design duo , Ger McDonald and Yvonne Crotty. Studios are based in Waterford and Clonmel.
Who are your designs aimed at?
We like to think that our customers are ladies who like to be a little bit different. Somebody who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd, a gal that embraces the quirky things in life and likes a little bit of eccentricity!
What is most important to you?
Staying true to our brand! Our customers like the quirky personal approach to our brand, the hands on, handcrafted, independent approach. There are so many commerical brands out there, I think we have a more artisan label that offers customers a more individual item of clothing, certainly something a bit different.
Where can you purchase Bonzie Designs?
We currently sell exclusively online from our store at Our website for perusing our work and learning more about us is
If you would like to follow our journey as an Independent Irish Design Label check out our blog at

What do you love about your job?
We both enjoy doing what we love to do each and every day, designing and creating is our passion. There is such satisfaction in creating something beautiful and sending it out to a client across the world. For many years I would have believed that the only way to work in the fashion industry was to move to New York or London and work at a commercial label, but its been such a lovely turn of events to find out that its possible to create an artisan brand on a small and personal level that ticks all the creative boxes for us both! There is so much to do running your own brand, from marketing, sewing, designing, packaging, publicity etc but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We both love working together, we have a relationship like a married couple at this stage, we finish each others sentences , we both know what the other is thinking at any given time, theres an understanding there, and we both care deeply about our work and our customers!


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Always the first in the que when we hear of a new boutique we want to tell you about Lucero Boutique which has recently opened on Henry Street in Newbridge.

Owned by Jillian O’Brien Larkin, they stock labels such as Mary Grant, DKNY, Whistles, Kaat Tilley, Roisin Linnane, Ghost, Avoca & many more. They also have a vintage clothing selection and some fab shoes and accessories. But not content with just wandering in and out we wanted to find out all the if and’s and buts behind this new boutique. Here is what Jillian had to tell us;

1.     Tell us about Lucero..what can the customer expect?
My customer can expect a warm welcome upon on entering my store, she can expect me to ask her if she requires any assistance and if I can advise her on sizes etc as I stock different brands constantly, size varies from brand to brand so sometimes ladies need guidance on sizes. Then she can browse away peacefully knowing I am there to assist if required. She can expect to be titillated by the treasures hanging from each rail! She can race to the blitz 20 euro and under rail to find some little gems waiting, this weeks example being a Vivienne Westwood Anglomanis shirt for 10 euro or Avoca Anthology wrap top for 5 euro…..
2.     What Labels do you stock?
Labels vary from month to month as this is the aim of my business, but some favourites include Mary Grant, Avoca, DKNY, D&G, Stills, Roisin Linnane, Ghost, Lainey, Bardot, Gerard Darel and Whistles….Lucero also carry some of the limited collections for high street stores also vintage clothing and a wide range of shoes, handbags and headpieces.
3.     What age group is your boutique aimed at?
The uniqueness of my shop means that a grandmother, mother and daughter could all find something for themselves in Lucero and have done!! I have no age or size limits in my shop….Style doesnt have to stop at a certain age!
4.     What is most important to you at Lucero?
The quality of my stock and the presentation of my stock are paramount to my business. But above all my customer is the most important to me. Be this the customer who comes to my shop to buy or browse or the customer who comes to me to sell her clothes for her. Both are equally important to me. Knowing that a lady leaves my shop feeling good about herself because she found something fabulous or got a new idea on how to wear something she already had is a great thing.
5.     Where did the name come from?
The name Lucero is a spanish word meaning “the brightest star in the sky” and that is my aim….to be the brightest star in the new and nearly new boutique sky! A great pal of mine came across the word in a magazine, loved how it looked and sent me a photograph of the word from the magazine, I loved it and Lucero boutique was born!

6.     What do you love about running a boutique?
I genuinely love clothes and people so to have this opportunity is amazing and to be selling clothes that people have loved and want others to love is very special, I love the stories I hear, about the day the dress was worn, the story of how the lady had to have it despite the fact it really didnt fit her (hence the tags still attached as many clothes in Lucero are!) and I love love love the look on a ladys face when she finds her treasure that was imprinted in her brain from previous seasons and now she has found for a price she can afford!
7.     Who is your biggest Style Influence?
Ooooohhh this is the hardest question, to be honest I wouldnt have anyone that would influence me in the style stakes! I wear what I like and what I feel looks good on me, there have been some clangers over the years I admit but over all I like a classic feminine look with a little bit of rock chick thrown in the mix, I have some very stylish friends whose opinion would matter to me and being in the business we are in I am always like a magpie ready to snatch an idea I see on someone else…in terms of celebrity Diane Kruger seems to be nailing it each and every time!!
8.     Favourite High Street shops & Designers?
I love a good rummage in TK Maxx, Zara always has some great pieces and I love sale time in all the high street stores. Topshop is amazing too. But you cant beat Penneys and the overflowing baskets at the end of your trip with scarves, jewlerry and hair bands! Marc Jacobs can bring a tear to my eye and Chanel is my guilty pleasure in terms of window shopping!

We likey – best of luck jillian and we luck forward to hearing lots more about Lucero! Here are a selection of pics from their current stock;

Style Fish x

Starting this coming Saturday the 17th of April and running until the 25th we have heard so much about Cork Fashion week this year we are very excited (even if we do live 200 miles away we will be making the journey for some of the festivitites!). If your in Cork Ladies check out The Cork Indo today which has a special Cork Fashion Week Supplement and will give you the lowdown on where you need to be seen and whats on in and around the City. We’ve kept up with all the goss thanks to Emer & Vivienne from Lockdown Events on their Fab Blog ( check it out. So what can we expect?

On Saturday Opera Lane is where its at as ‘Opera Lane Styles Cork’ promises more fashion than you can shake a stick at right throughout the day. Shows happening at 11am, 1pm & 3pm and are free and will showcase from a range of shops on Opera Lane & Quarter.

Probably the most talked about aspect to the week is The Opera Lane Young Designer Awards which are taking place on Saturday at the Fab Lavitt’s Quay rooftop venue and one of the judges is Fab designer Mia O’Connell who has previously worked with John Roaha. Mia’s fab collection will be on view. Tickets are €20 (from Origin Hair & Beauty & at and include a drinks reception.

Mahon Point is where it’s at on Sunday with FREE Style & Wardrobe clinics running. There will also be some fab fashion show;

12pm ‘Real Fashion for Real Women’

2.30pm – The Best of Fashion for Spring/ Summer

Reserve your seats by calling 021 42972800

Another one we think will be fab is ‘Boutique’ at the Imperial Hotel on Saturday the 24th where there will be a showcase fantastic boutiques, milliniers (including Velvet Bow which we Love –!/profile.php?id=100000551892628&ref=ts)

Hair & make-up done by Sobe Brown (where Style Fish holds their Hair Classes in Cork :-) Tickets are €15 and on sale in Sobe Browns now!

Gosh..that is almost too much fashion for us to take. Enjoy, oh yes and if you have another minute head down to The Boardwalk Bar & Grill on Monday the 19th for a exhibition of the fab fashion photographer Miki Barlok’s work (

Style Fish x

 …And the pressure is on…what to wear, what to wear! This year the Best dressed lady competition which is sponsored by Arnotts will have some very fashionable judges indeed including Peter O’Brien, Helen McAlinden & Deborah Veale aswell as Lorraine Keane, Andrea Roche & Gillian Quinn. IN addition Fashion Editor Bairbre Power, Image Magazine Editor Melanie Morrie & Tatler Editor Elaine Prendeville will all have a watchful eye over the proceedings…no pressure now ladies because Arnotts have brought you below their winning style tips (and they have heard straight from the horses mouth, pardon the pun!)

#1: The most important criteria is style. A woman must look confident and comfortable in what she’s wearing and understanding the cut and colour that works for you is key.
#2: Originality is important, attention to fashion trends and, of course, the outfit must also be appropriate to the event – when racing cocktail wear is a real no-no. (agree with this)
#3: Style is about how you put an outfit together and carry it off, not how much it costs (we in the style fish office like this one!)
#4: Accessories can make the outfit, it is important in choosing an accessory that will match your outfit on the day. Don’t wear a hat just because it’s the races. You can always try other things like head bands and flowers in your hair.
#5: Skip the oversize hefty bag and opt for a clutch – it’s just that little bit more elegant.
#6: Natural beauty; don’t go overboard with makeup Bear in mind that make-up is an accessory too.  Simple, basic grooming adds the finishing touch to a look and whatever you do, don’t overdo the fake tan!
#7: Serious wedge; Wedge heels are always a good idea because your heels won’t sink into the grass.
#8: Predicting the weather can be as tricky as backing a winner – the clever racing girl knows that a chic cover up is very important.                    

Hmmmm good advice we reckon so understated glamour, suitable for the occassion & look to your accessories to stand out! With the overall prize fund at €20,000 it is well worth making the effort!  The overall winner will walk away with a €10,000 fashion voucher for Arnotts as well as a private suite for an evening Punchestown meeting in May with a champagne reception. The daily winners will win a €1000 Arnotts fashion voucher, an overnight stay in the Gresham hotel with champagne afternoon tea and a personal shopping appointment at Arnotts, while each of the daily finalists will receive a generous goody bag from Arnotts.

Have fun Ladies!

Style Fish x

Brad Pitt, Claudia Schiffer & Matthew Vaughn at The Kick Ass Film premiere

What do we love better than a good nose at what all the celebs are wearing to all the hottest parties around the world! So that’s exactly what we have for you here. Our pick of some of the best outfits over the last few weeks at some of the hottest parties (our invitation must have gotten lost in the post).

Keira Knightley in Erdem at The Laurence Olivier Awards

Arlene Phillips with daughter Abi in print at The Laurence Olivier Awards

Gillian Anderson bringing a pop of colour at The Laurence Olivier Awards

Mel B at The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Tyra Banks at The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker & Kristin Davis promoting the upcoming SATC Movie in Las Vegas recently

Ginnifer Goodwin in a Black Jumpsuit & chunky YSL Gold Jewellery at Met Opera Ball

Chloe Sevigny in Black Jumpsuit and black opera gloves at The Met Opera Gala

Camilla Belle in a Fab Grey Ruffled Empire Dress at The Met opera Gala

Maggie Gyllenhaal in YSL at The Met Opera Gala

Isabelle Cowl Neck Dress Available in Powerscourt from April 16th

One of our Fav Irish Designers Jennifer Rothwell will have her designs available for sale at the Loft, Powerscourt from April 16th. The collection for Spring Summer features some fabulous multi coloured printed silk dresses, belted accessories, soft jerseys. Taking huge influence from both the 50’s and the 70’s the pieces are all timeless and yet fun which we love! But of course the best bit is that Jennfier is one of our biggest irish Design talents and all items are made 100% in Ireland. Jennifer has worked with labels including Calvin Klein, Norma Kamali & Yigal Azrouel in New York before launching her own label in 2006.

Her designs are well known for fantastic fabric & innovative designs. Well worth a look and fab we have such easy access to whats on offer from our fav haunt – The Loft, Powerscourt.

Check out

Style Fish x

A Fabulous night of Fashion for a very worthy cause! Happening on Friday April 23rd in the Marriott Hotel, Ashbourne – this is a date for your diary! Tickets are €25 and can be bought from Chic Unique Boutique in Asbourne from Debbie Ruddy – simply call 01 8351003. Boutiques involved include Chic Unique, Kasura, L’amour, Saphyre, Funky Feet and others! The show will have both mens and womens fashions aswell something for the children!

Compare for the evening will be the well know Holly White who writes for many publications including The Weekender Magazine in The Irish Independent.


Style Fish x

We took a trip to Xpose on Saturday. Unfortunately we did not have time to see the Fashion show but there was some great beauty stands at the show this year. Was a little disappointed at the clothes (but wish we saw the show). Ruby Rouge was there which of course was Fab as well as a fantastic jewellery & hat designer from Galway which we spotted & has to be check out Also some new companies,, worth a look. I always have to take a peak at the make-up bargain basement stands and this year did not disappoint – got some great crown brushes at a fraction of the price and GOSH Cosmetics (which are fab) had great bargains also. I picked up a purple and green crayon eyeliner, and if you have not tried their nail varnish yet – you have to. I swear I have tried all the brands and not until I used a bright neon pink colour from GOSH was I convinced. It only takes one coat, there are no lines and the colour is bright and silky looking and they only cost a few euro! You don’t have to pay dear to get quality ladies! GOSH is now stocked in Awear stores around the country.  I also picked up a fab chain from C’est Moi Jewellery Uhh and check out this Irish Hosiery store…

Style Fish x

 We absolutely love to hear peoples feedback whether it is on our courses or our Consultations and this was one we received from a fabulous lady in Dublin;

Dear Julie
A wee note to say a huge thank you for your guiding support on my recent shopping trip. You  truely demystified the whole shopping experience…and your enthusiasm was contagious. I’ve worn everything I bought on the day and am delighted. I would love to do one of your courses sometime, so keep me posted.
Many thanks again

A little boutique gem in the heart of Kilcullen, Co. Kildare is Frill Boutique. We were struck immediately by the size of this place. Located on what I would describe (sorry Kilcullen natives) as a sleepy town, this boutique is a real treat – tranquil, spacious and full of great labels with huge fitting rooms which we love. Anyway we are delighted to show you some pics of their Spring Summer stock and we think this place is well worth a visit (If you are lucky enough to be a Style Fish Member Flash your card and you might even get a discount!) and check out their all year round Sale Rail!

Cream Jovani Dress

Great french Label Rivieres De Lune

We absolutely adore these Iise Jacobson Shoess for Summer

Cream Molly Bracken gentle drapes Dress

Northland accessorised by a Fab Headpiece by designer Lorraine Domican

Rivieres De Lune

By Millinier Lorraine Domican from Newbridge - amazing headpieces stocked by Frill

Style Fish x

Best Dressed Lady - Lucy Foster from Co. Meath

Always one of the most stylish days in the racing Calendar, this years Fairyhouse festival did not disappoint in the style stakes. Although I do have to point out that the rain was most definately around so I do wonder what some people are thinking when dressing in itsy bitsy tweeny weeny outfits! The winner ladies is always, most certainly the one who is dressed appropriately for the day, for the weather, for trotting around on the grass & looks comfortable in her outfit. (I have the insiders word for it!) The winner was the fabulous 25 year old Lucy Foster from Co. Meath who wore a hat bought from Fenwicks in London, her Mum’s Fendi bag, her black jesire coat came from Brown Thomas and her three tiered belt came from Crave Boutique in Naas. Under that black coat is a black wool dress, her patent shoes and tights all from Penny’s! (We likey). Lucy walkled away with the €1000 prize sponsored by Powers Whiskey and also a voucher for a pampering day in Carton House, Kildare!

In second place was Art Teacher Paula Gannon from Athlone

Art teacher Paula Gannon from Athlone came in a close second and was dressed head to toe in cream including a cream coat which she picked up in LK Bennett in Kildare Village for only €60! Her cream brogue shoes came form River Island and were perfect for the day and teamed with a cream headpiece which she made herself with a hairband, some flowers and a feather!

Some more stylish Ladies;

Style Fish x

  So another week & another day of rain…but the good news is its a four day week and Xpose is on this weekend in Dublin! So what on earth is there to be grumpy about!

So have you got your tickets? Happening this coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday in the RDS it promises to be a weekend fueled with pampering, fashion & beauty – what more could a girl ask for? There is a Pamper me Zone, a Beauty Zone, a Yummy Mummy Zone, a Wedding Zone, Debs (that is pretty much every life stage covered I think!) Book your tickets now from from €20 or you can purchase on the day..Also check out to get lots more Info!

We are really excited about a makeover we are doing at a Fashion Show this coming Thursday also in The Heritage Hotel in Killenard Co. Laois- we are turning a football loving, make-up hating, trakkie Mum (We heart you Aisling O’Neill!)  into a STYLE SIREN! Tickets are only €10 (for local causes) on sale on the door which starts at 8pm and promises fashion from boutiques around the Country.

Also this week we will be going from Laois to Cork on Friday as we are delighted to have been asked to judge The Mad Hatters Ball organised by The Cork Independent Newspaper in aid of Haiti. There fabulous editor Deirdre O’Shaughnessy is making the trip to Haiti in a few weeks and Friday night will be the culmination of weeks of work by the guys in the Cork Independent to do their bit for Haiti. Taking place in the Savoy Theatre in Cork, tickets are only €10 and the rules for admission – you must wear some type of headwear which will be judged by myself, Aisling O’Sullivan from Velvet Bow (!/profile.php?id=100000551892628&ref=ts) , Cathy Lawson from The Style Strutters ( & Miki Barlok Photographer ( . There will be lots of fabulous prizes on the night including Sunway Travel vouchers & a half-day photoshoot, vouchers for Cork boutiques and lots more! For more info log onto and hope to see you there! Will bring you pics next week of some of the best of course!

Oh of course how could I forget my Style Fish Members this week! I am working on your Fabulous April Newsletter with lots of Fab discounts and offers! Looking forward to our make-up class in Portlaoise tonight and delighted to have Beri Boutique from Kilkenny in my Fashion Trends Class in Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny tomorrow night!

Style Fish x

Sounds like a strange question right? Well have we got new for you because believe it or not there are certain shopping statistics that will certainly make you think and we are going to bring you the top 10 ‘weird’ things that are in fact very very normal!

1. Your hormones affecting your wallet. Studies have shown that women are more likely to go on a spending spree in the ten days leading up to their period.
2. 29% of us list ‘rude’ staff as the one thing that can spoil our well earned shopping trip and it is the number one reason women refuse to return to certain shops (stubborn creatures aren’t we!)
3. “Recessioning” our grocery shopping. 88% of us have increased the number of own brand items in our shopping trolley
4. 39% of women buy a smaller size in the hopes of shifting the extra pounds
5. On receiving a compliment about a cut price find 80% of women jump at the chance to say “Guess how much?”
6. Half of us would prefer to go shopping than spend time with our partner
7. Using shopping as an anti-depressant. Two thirds of women say you really can buy happiness
8. Having an ‘Oh crap’ changing room moment. 15% of us have accidently torn or got trapped into a too small item of clothing
9. 10% of women have cried in front of a changing room mirror
10. 51 is the number of times we window shop in an average year

Style Fish x

Even Pop Stars are doing it - Lily Allen once a vintage prom dress & trainers girl is now the face of Chanel

Back in the day (as my Mum would say) fashion and style went hand in hand like Bonne & Clyde. The lines were very clear. Bags matched shoes and classic chanel was the very essence of what was stylish. But in the last few years the line is so blurred you can no longer see it. Street Style as it is known, a machination of all styles and trends is where the truly stylish gather and more importantly the truly stylish know there are no rules. The pressure is almost unbearable.

But as our bank balances have taken a beating, our wardrobes have had to be reassessed and it seems minimialism and simple chic are where it’s at. Let me explain. Recently I fell out of love with a Pink Brocade Sticky Fingers Coat I bought a few years ago. Its loud, its long and its most definitely a style statement. Until a few months ago I was also quite partial to sporting a giant turquoise plastic flower ring on my middle finger (I know I am not 5). It suddenly dawned on me as I was sifting through the sale rails in Reiss, I was no longer gravitating towards the ruffles, the brights or the magnificently bold. Instead I veered towards the simple shift dress, the gorgeous Black patent heels aka all the things ‘grown up’ & chic andI like it. In fact. I love it. Fashion epiphanies rarely come out of nowhere and now as I look around I see more and more women who seem to have had the same gravitation.

In the last few seasons designers have taken this stance also – people want order, simplicity and sophistication back in their lives and. We can’t afford to take so many risks. Women are wanting to reinvent their wardrobes, shop for what they need to update the good bits and get rid of the bad. We are also seeing the value in getting the basics right. I mean really right. Bridget Bardot right. Each purchase is now a carefully thought through process “Do I need this? What will I wear it with?” The focus is also more on fit and versatility. What we can mix and match it with. Quality and cut are key.

It is undoubtedly true that we all get bored of fast fashion but this has taken us all somewhat by surprise given the speed at which the Country seems to be spiralling – yes we love the odd quick thrill we get from an impulse purchase but the days of the mad fashion whim have definitely faded for now at least. We want to understand our wardrobes, we want them to make sense to us, we want to love them and take pride in all our carefully chosen items and if the recession has brought about one good change it is that chic & simple never goes out of fashion.

Style Fish x

It’s that time of the year again…we are not quite sure if we want to be working today (being a holy day and all..any excuse right!) but needs must…

We are really looking forward to what will be a fantastic weekend in Kilkenny with ‘Style at Set’ taking place in the new Set Theatre in Langtons starting today and running until Sunday. With fabulous vintage fashion, styling master classes with Ann Marie O’Connor ( and Laura Cunningham from TV3, hair master classes with Kieran O’Gorman, Gosh Cosmetic Make-overs & Mint Salon from Kilkenny will be there to make you gorgeous – what more could a girl ask fro over Easter (Chocolate I hear you say). You can also have your fabulous portrait taken with Shutterbugs Photography (Eoin keep that camera away from us) for only €10. Tickets for each day are only €8 and the first 200 people will get a Fab goodie bag! Check out for more Info! Enjoy ladies!

We also want to let you know that Mimi & Bows Boutique aswell as Rumple Silk Skin Boutique both in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary are both offering 20% off all stock tomorrow (Easter Saturday).

I have to say on an entirely different note I have become somewhat addicted to Nova Lash Extensions. Not really being a lady who loves falsies I tried these for an occassion about 9 months ago and I am hooked (damn it). They are individual extensions, take about 35 minutes to apply and last up to 8 weeks (and cost €90) but for 8 blissful weeks you don’t have to wear mascara, you don’t have to worry about looking tired cos they awaken even the sleepiest of eyes and you don’t have to well do anything really (oh the girl we recommend for Nova Lashes is Karen Miley based in Naas, Co. Kildare Call her on 0879256648 and she can get you addicted also ;-)…so when a new Rimmel mascara landed on our desk it was tough but in the name of research we decided we had to overcome our fear of lash nakedness and go back to being normal for a while (or my Bank Manager would be after me) so we have just tried and tested Rimmel’s new ‘1-2-3 Looks Mascara’ which allows you to choose how much volume you want (who doesn’t want maximium volume??) for your lashes. You can choose between level one two and three in this surprisingly small packaged tube (for what it achieves). It comes in Black & Brown and costs €9.91. Although a little finiky to use (bearing in mind I have had the luxury of nothingness for the last 8 weeks with my Nova friends) I am a fan of the small wand which is easy to use, easy to get in the corners and actaully did allow me to feel a little more volume with each level. Definately worth a try. Available in all good pharmacies now.

If your in Dublin tomorrow head along to The Loft Market in the Powerscourt Centre for an Esater Egg Hunt! Between 1 – 4pm tomorrow if you find an egg you are guaranteed not only some fab chocolate but gifts from the Loft Market Designers & Artists! Check out

Here are some pieces that caught our eye on the high street this week, just in case you need a little Spring/ Summer wardrobe inspiration! (Or you coudl sign up for one of our May courses around the Country, check out the closest course to you here…


French Connection

Ted Baker



Happy Easter! Style Fish x

We NEARLY came to the conclusion that it was better not to talk about the fact we could not be at ruby Rouge Boutiques Mad Hatters Tea Party in Marlfield House Wexford last weekend and then we decided we could not and would not deprive you all of the fab fashions for what was an afternoon of elegance, tea cakes and a sea of colour! We are delighted to bring you a selection of looks from the show & want to also tell you that we have warned you ….it is first come first served with some of these Fab looks for Spring. Check out the Fab prints, the structured dresses, the layers, the girlie tulle, the amazing shoes, the maxi dresses…oh what to choose first. Ruby Rouge is open tomorrow (Good Friday).


Style Fish x

Hello Ladies,

Can you believe the weather!? It’s like stepping back in time to a January we would all rather forget! So onto nicer, chirpier things!

We took a Style Fish Trip to Belfast over the weekend to see what all the shopping fuss was about and it is true what they say…we are being ripped off in the republic! We wanted to get in as many shops as possible (given we had a precious few hours) so Victoria Square was on our hit list and although I was a little disappointed by Belfast in general (its not as great as the Discover Northern Ireland Adverts!!) Victoria Square is jam packed with all things fashion. We headed straight for those shops we are not lucky enough to have in the republic and that includes our new shoe obsession with Kurt Geiger.  We now have two wish list items which are the pics you see here. Other shops we browsed included All Saints (which you can now also find in Kildare Village), Cruise which is famous for its designer collections, Reiss & Urban Outfitters, Space NK Beauty (Loved it). So after a trip on the ferris wheel we said bye bye to Belfastfor now but we’ll be back….


 Other News this week;

Check out new Fashion website where you can bag yourself the to die for Halston Heritage Range (as seen on Carrie in the upcoming Sex and the City Movie. Check out the purple shimmer number in the pic below ).


Your invitation to Better Health – With the bad weather comes bad colds so we at Style Fish are recommending a cure – Aloe Vera! “If you want to be beautiful all the days of your life. If you want to have an immune system and nervous system that works well for all the days of your life, Aloe Vera is the superfood for you”. (David Wolfe, British Nutritionist, Author and Superfood Guru).
Aloe Vera is a natural healer – from the inside out.  It balances the immune sysem and is a natural anti-inflammatory and is favoured by people with digestive and bowel disorders, arthritis, asthma and skin disorders to mention but a few! Check out this natural, pure and organic range of health, nutrition, personal and skincare products from Forever Living Products. Contact Hilary Brennan on 087 936 0204 for more Info.

Until the end of May, Rimmel London fans will be able to pick up a loyalty card in their nearest participating pharmacy. Each time a product is purchased the card will be stamped and when you buy 4 products you can pick out another product from the Rimmel range for free! Ask in your local store now!

We were soooo disappointed we could not be at Ruby Rouge Boutiques (Gorey) fabulous afternoon of Fashion over the weekend but we promise we will bring you all the pics very soon and heard it was Fab!

Oh and one final thing…check out Style Fish featured in this weeks Irish Country Living Magazine! Yeaaa… 

Style Fish x

 We were delighted to be recently asked to do an Interview for new Irish Fashion & Beauty website! Never ones to turn down an opportuinity to talk about Style Fish we obliged and here is the cringeworthy results! Enjoy!

Style Fish x

We chat exclusively to Style guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire Julie Cobbe about Stylefish, her secret crush on her Biology teacher and her fairy princess dreams!

Julie tell us what you are up to these days?

‘Just getting ready to drive to Kilkenny for a Personal Shopping Trip in Mac Donagh Junction Shopping Centre. It is the last class with this fab group of 15 ladies who are going to have fun putting outfits together and putting into practice all they have learnt over the last seven weeks! Have just done a fashion piece on KCLR Radio this morning & I am spending all my spare time between classes this week getting ready for a Fashion Show in The Mansion House this weekend for The Trinity Business Alumni.’


Why did you start up ? ‘Lots of reasons. I absolutely adore fashion but I also adore teaching and have a business Degree so feeling unfulfilled in what I was doing I said “Right, how can I combine all the things I love into a Job!” Style Fish allows me to teach & use my business background but I also love writing and am lucky enough to write about all the things I love on my own website, in my newsletters to my Members and on various Fashion websites & magazines. I spent a year travelling in Australia & New Zealand and I think that gave me the push I needed. Really gave me time to think, plan & inspire me!’


What’s the best thing about your job? ‘Without a doubt it is seeing that you make a difference in women’s lives. I love to see women go through a change as they do our course. They usually come in not knowing what to expect and thinking I am going to try and make them into Jordan! But walk out with their shoulders back, feeling hugely inspired, much more educated about what suits them & confident in what they should be buying, how to do their make-up & hair in a fabulous flash & you just know that feeling that good makes them walk with a bounce in their step! I got an email the other day from one of my ladies who was really stuck in the style rut when she came to our course & she emailed me last week to say she had gone shopping, bought an outfit, had fun doing it and didn’t even break a sweat! (her words!) That makes it all worthwhile for me!’


What is your everyday, staple beauty product you’d never leave home without putting on? ‘Smash box Photo finish primer. I am not a fan of heavy foundation so just like something light to give me a glow and I find this great! But I am a firm believer in good skincare products. If you use the right products for your skin it makes your make-up routine much easier as your skin is in good condition.’

What is your beauty regime like day-to-day? ‘I wash my face with Lancôme Gel Clarte Facial Cleanser followed by their Recharge Day cream. I use Smash box Photo Finish Primer and depending on if I feel I need a little foundation! I will use Estee Lauder’s Double wear light which I find good as it adapts to your skin tone. I use a Benefit High Beam to light up my face and sometimes I will use a little mascara on my bottom lashes. I have become slightly addicted to Nova Lash Extensions, although I am not a fan of all things fake! I find these great. They last eight weeks, really open up your eyes and you don’t need any mascara which I love! Oh yes and I cannot leave home with out lip balm or Vaseline, I don’t wear any colour on my lips during the day – I just prefer lobello! I cannot stand to have dry lips!’


What is your going- out make up routine like?

Pretty similar but I will spend more time on my eyes! I use Rimmel Black eyeliner but will soften it by smudging a grey or charcoal Mac Eyeshadow on my upper lid. My favourite colours for night time would be charcoal & purples. I use Estee Lauder’s Pink Kiss Blusher and Stila use to do a Fab range of lip stains which have now been discontinued. I am not a huge fan of lipstick I prefer a stain and a gloss. But If I do my eyes I generally leave my lips with just a gloss! For me less is definitely more! I don’t like the feel to too much make-up!’

Who is your biggest style influence? ‘I would say people I see on the street really influence me. I love to look at what other people do and take bits from different people. I like Jennifer Anniston who really know what suits her & what she feels good in but equally I love Alexa Cheung & Olivia Palermo for their quirky, creative style! I think it is hugely important to feel good in what you wear but also not to be afraid to take a few risks! And don’t listen too much to what other people say – if you like something & you feel good, that’s all that matters.’


Are you a jeans or skirt person? ‘I am a dress person. I think when you find a Fab pair of jeans you can become a Jeans person but they are hard to find!’


Favourite high-street haunts? ‘Zara, Fran & Jane, Whistles, Topshop. Any good vintage or second hand stores I have been known to get lost in! When I was travelling I came across this Fab vintage shop in a tiny town in New Zealand called Wangamatta!! I bought 4 of the most amazing hats there and I had some job trying to get them home! But they were worth it!’

Favourite designer destinations and designers? ‘There is a Fab vintage warehouse in London called Beyond Retro where I could literally spend the day! They have the most amazing clothes from the 40’s & 50’s. I love the website & for designers at good prices and I love so many Irish Boutiques. I think a lot of us go into boutiques with our heads down! You have to look up high for gems in hats, scarves, belts and all things quirky that only boutiques stock. Some of my Fav include Erre Esse Boutique in Carlow, Ruby Rouge in Wexford, Coze Di Roze in Dublin & Mimi & Bows in Nenagh oh and Lisboa in Cork!’


How do you decide on what to wear for your various social occasions? ‘They say women wear 20% of their wardrobes 80% of the time and it doesn’t matter how many clothes you have we all have stuff we wear to death! ( totally agree with this) I would say comfort is my number one factor. I think when you feel comfortable you look stylish! I have quite a classic style 7 like really good basics but dressed up and styled with quirky accessories! Depends on my mood also!’


Heels or flats? ‘Heels!’

Best bargain ever? ‘Ossie Clark Silk Maxi Dress reduced from €1200 to €200 on’


Any secret celebrity crushes? ‘Well there was my old Biology teacher Mr Deegan! But these days it’s Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Wilkinson if he was a little taller, Bradley Cooper if he wasn’t so arrogant, Patrick Dempsey… I would not want to change! I am not necessarily attracted to look’s, usually there is just something you can’t quite put your finger on when you meet someone at first. Personality over looks definitely and I usually go for the quiet one!’


Have you ever been star-stuck? ‘Yes…I lived in Montauk, New York for a Summer when I was in college and I used to work in a Fish Restaurant with a friend of mine so we had to thumb in and out of work every day and one day Adam Sandler picked us up! Neither of us had a clue what to say so he did most of the talking while we just nodded our heads whilst staring at him! He was really friendly & chatty and called us the ‘two cute Irish girls who are always thumbing a lift!’


Favourite girly gadget you can’t leave the house without? ‘Blackberry….’


Best was the best event of 2009? ‘The launch of my business without a doubt. It was actually one year ago this week. Style Fish was set up in March 2009 so I guess as part of that seeing my first class fill up was pretty amazing as I had left a ‘good job’ as my Dad would say to take the risk with Style Fish!’


What event are you most looking forward to this year? ‘My Holidays!! Also my brother coming home from New Zealand. He has been there nearly two years now so can’t wait to see him…’

As a successful business woman how do you juggle family life, friends and your work etc? ‘I guess I am lucky that I don’t have children yet first of all. I meet so many inspiring women at different events who juggle it all and I wonder how they do it! It is hard when you start as your mind literally never rests, you think about your business night, noon & morning and until you actually start, no matter how prepared you think you are for hard work, you don’t realise how many hats you actually have to wear. From day to day I could be doing my accounts, writing a press release, leafleting on the street, attending a networking event, writing course materials, teaching, talking to boutiques & websites about getting discounts for my Members, writing my monthly newsletter…the list goes on! It can be a bit mad but I think when you love what you do that’s half the battle!’

What are your goals for 2010? ‘For my courses to develop and become more established so the amount of Stylish Fish grows throughout the country! We have gone from teaching in one County to teaching in 5 within a Year so really just to continue down that path. I am also developing my website this year and will have much more content for my ladies and also all the women who do our course gets a Style Fish Membership Card so I really trying to develop that now by building relationships with companies who want to market their products & services to my ladies! Also, I have another website which I set up with Arnotts called where we hold networking events for businesses in the Fashion & Beauty Industry so I would like to see more events happen cos I think we are now in a time when networking is so important and more than ever people want to get out there and create more business. I learnt that when Style Fish was set up initially that there were no such events just for the Fashion & Beauty Industry so I decided it was time there was!’


Any advice for budding entrepreneurs out there? ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Believe in yourself and my Dad always told me to quite simply always be nice & treat people how you like to be treated! Oh yes and something someone once said to me “If we were to wait for everything to be right to begin…we would never begin..!” Good advice.’


What did you want to be when you grew up? ‘A Fairy princess….(Haha! Us too!)

 It was a cold evening in December 2009 when we produced a slide in a Style Fish Fashion Trends class with these beauties on show and boy did they get a reaction! Some people oohhed and aahhed but most women’s facial expressions were ones of wonderment ( you know who you are ladies!).

There crazy, there imaginative, there in absolutely no way practical but they say what we all want to is about creativity, madness, expression and making a statement. These babies (spotted by us months ago!) are on show tomorrow (March 27th) in Brown Thomas Dublin and we for one will be there to have a look!

Known as the Alice in Wonderland Shoes we of course would love to have these beauties adorn our shoe shelves (not to wear of course but just to own!) but perhaps for now front of the que in BT’s will be the closest we get!

Style Fish x

Something fabulous for the ladies of Kilkenny and beyond coming soon to the new Set Theatre in Langtons House Hotel, Kilkenny.

Set Theatre at Langton’s House Hotel proudly presents it’s first vintage fashion, furniture and film fair. It takes place  Easter Bank Holiday weekend, in the opulent surroundings of the new ‘SET’ theatre in Kilkenny. Organised by interiors and fashion writer Blanaid Hennessy ( , ‘Absolut Style at Set’ is three days of vintage fashion, furniture and films, along with makeovers, style talks, live photoshoots and performances followed by fun nights out, all in association with ‘Absolut’ Vodka.

‘Absolut Style at Set’ is no ordinary fashion event, no MC’s or the usual catwalk shows, it’s simply another world in which to escape for a few days –Here’s a brief look as to what you can expect at ‘Absolut Style at Set’ :
On Friday, guests can relax into the plush SET seats and indulge a full day of fashion inspired movies, from ‘The September Issue’ to ‘HBO’s Grey Gardens.’

Saturday and Sunday are the official ‘Absolut Style at Set’ days, with a vintage fashion and furniture shopping centre, the ‘Gosh’ cosmetics makeup room, the ‘Kerastase’ hair salon, , live photoshoots and performances, The Courtyard food fair, and, not forgetting the beleagured husbands, we have The Men’s Den in Harry’s Bar, with live sport and whiskey tasting.

Guests will also have the opportunity to get fashion advice from top stylists Annmarie O’Connor (The Irish Examiner) and Laura Cunningham (TV3) and interiors advice from premier interior designer Simon Rawlings (Creative Director of the international design company, David Collins Interiors)

At night time, SET will be transformed for two full-on club nights out:

Saturday Night is ‘The Stylebitches Night Out’ , with a ‘demented’ dress code, ‘Absolut’ cocktails, crazy performances, neon warpaint and the top Irish fashion bloggers, The Stylebitches, take to the decks.

Sunday Night is the ‘Soul Kitchen’: DJ Davey Holland plays urban and soulful sounds, with a retro dress code, Absolut’ cocktails,make-up ladies and alcoholic cupcakes on the night.

So whatever your bag – there is something for you! Check out for more Info and keep an eye on Style Fish on Facebook where we wil bring you all the latest updates.

Dirty Fabulous Vintage
:Dirty Fabulous have a beautiful collection of over 200 high end vintage occasion dresses – perfect for weddings, bridal wear, balls, work functions, even afternoon tea in the garden! You can be confident in the knowledge that when dressed by Dirty Fabulous no one will turn up wearing the same outfit as you.

Vertigo Vintage : Owned by Maeve Brady Vertigo Vintage have an eclectic collection of vintage and retro clothes and accessories, and show at the Howth Sunday Market in Dublin. They also have stock in Rebekah Patterson’s store in Kilkenny.

Perk Up! Vintage : Perk Up! is a vintage store which supplies vintage and revamped clothing in Dublin, owned by sisters Sharon and Lisa Perkins. The inspiration behind their store comes from a desire to provide unique vintage garments and make them accessible, affordable and wearable for modern women.

Rebekah Patterson Milliner: Rebekah makes unique, comfortable, striking hats and headpieces. Each piece is tailored to suit the personality and can be dyed to ensure a perfect match for your special day or event. At the Absolut Style at Set event, Rebekah will be showing the new Petal range specifically dedicated to this season’s brides.Also on display will be two pieces which were specifically designed for recent awards ceremonies, the ‘IFTA’S’ and the ‘Oscars

K. Kajoux handmade jewellery : K Kajoux creates hand- crafted original designs, each piece of pretty is made using semi precious indigenous stones and Swarovski crystals. K Kajoux creates affordable and individual pieces and also offers a bespoke service for something special.

Style Fish x

Ok so the name isn’t the best but we are drawn to only what we likey and this cutsy Spring Collection from affordable Fashion Label ‘Motel’ really caught our eye recently..

We are loving the ahoy sailor trend right now cos not only is it bang up to date but it is one of the few that won’t date in our oh so fussy wardrobes right now. Also ‘Motel’ has been spotted on the likes of Lily Allen, Fearne Cotton, Alexandra Burke & Florence and the Machine…so we had to see what all the fuss was about. So in a nutshell the new collection is all about flattering the female form (tick), diversity & uniqueness (tick), vintage inspired prints (tick) with a fun filled, retro feel mixed in (tick). Stocked right around the country. To find your nearest stockist call..(01) 866 5280 So what do we love? Here are our Fav bits from the new collection and what we really love is the prices…check this out..

Chain Flower Dress €45

Bow Top €25

Lulu Cardigan €50

Aztec Top €25

Spring Rose Dress €45

Denim Dress €50

Bowtastic Tee Short €25

Spring is definitely in the air and this season’s collection from Littlewoods Ireland has all the key catwalk trends covered for the months ahead!

Catwalk queen Victoria Beckham rarely gets it wrong when it comes to what’s on trend. Littlewoods Ireland takes three recent looks from the singer turned fashion designer and shows you how to ‘steal her style’ at a fraction of the price!

1. Soft spot for Polka Dots!
Dots and spots are big news this spring and a fun and flirty element to our sometimes serious wardrobes! Mrs Beckham was ‘spotted’ in this belted mac with her trademark collar up and oversized bag.  This South Double Breasted Spot-Belted Mac €59 from Littlewoods Ireland is almost identical without the designer price tag!

  2. Leather Mania!
Forever the wardrobe statement leather is here to stay and in every form imaginable from jackets to shorts and skirts to accessories! Colour trends for Leather this season are grey, tan and of course black! The trendy Spice Girl wore this fitted black leather jacket with stonewash skinny jeans and killer heels. Littlewoods Ireland has this fabulous Studded PU Biker Jacket €62 with round collar and side zip from its exclusive Love Label.

3. Sculpt and shape!
While the lady herself is pictured modelling one of her many structured dress creations (naturally!) Littlewoods Ireland brings you this Love Label Sculptured Dress €62 with peplum style waist and side panels.

For great spring style ideas and much more log onto Delivery is FREE and within four days so you can order on Monday, wear it on Friday!

Style Fish x

 Hi Ladies,

I know you have all received your March newsletter now but just want to show you a pic of the amazing Juicy Couture Clutch Bag you are all in with a chance of winning! Simply email & share one Fashion or Beauty Recommendation that we can share in next months newsletter & you could win the clutch!

With a strong celebrity following from the likes of Madonna, Jessica Simpson & Eva Longoria we were very excited to hear Juicy Couture are opening their doors on March 22nd in our Favourite Discount Designer Destination – KILDARE VILLAGE! We have a fabulous Juicy Couture Clutch Bag to GIVE AWAY – yes FREE! Check out Kildare Village to keep up to date with all the latest unveilings!



 Hi all,

It’s the start of another week and we were greeted to a wet Monday morning as I forced myself out of bed and into my runners for a ‘good start to the week’ run! (I think it did the trick!)  We are getting very excited as the date for Ruby Rouge Boutique’s (Gorey) Fashion Show and Afternoon Tea Party is happening next Sunday in a Fab Marlfield House Wexford – last i heard from the guys there were only about 20 tickets left so get yours now! Call 053 9484722 and check out


Also, listen out for Style Fish on KCLR96FM this coming Wednesday afternoon as part of our Fashion Fix slot in conjunction with MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre, Kilkenny. This month we will be talking about adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe for Spring Summer aswell as answering all your questions! Tune in and email if you have a question you would like answered! (we won’t mention names!)

On that note, we are back in MacDonagh Junction in Kilkenny next Saturday morning for our Complimentary Style Fish taster classes. We have 3 40 minute classes on offer that you can put your name down for (10.30am, 12.30pm or 2.30pm). Simply call me on 087 4130336 or email We will be showing you all the best buys from the shops, showing you how to shop smarter and bringing you a host of special offers and news from the centre!


Those of you in or around the Waterford area this Friday the 26th of March should pop into Wallis in City Square from 3 – 9pm when they have a customer evening. See their spring summer collection. There will be 20% off all Items purchased during this event. There will be a free prize draw for every purchase over €50. A recent buying trip in Paris led to this exclusive new collection which is very french chic! 


If you are around Dublin this weekend check out a two day Fantastic Designer ‘Super Sale’, from leading designer and couture labels, at rock bottom prices, in the D4 Berkeley Hotel, Ballsbridge,  Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March 2010 from 11am to 5pm each day.

Women can avail of incredible discounts ranging from 25%-75% off a wide range of ‘end of season’ designer dresses, knitwear, shoes, boots, bags, jewellery and accessories.  So if you are strapped for cash, but still want designer wear for your next wedding, debs, balls, the races, or even to a special night out on the town then this is an event you won’t want to miss. The range, according to the organiser, is extensive and caters for women of all ages from 20, 30, 40, 50 and up to 60 years of age. And the good news they come in a wide range of sizes.

According to the organiser Marion Cuddy, “we are living in tough times when, even those who are used to buying leading designer labels,  are also finding it tough to keep their wardrobes up to date. I came up with this idea because I am well aware that women are spending less time shopping in the main street fashion thoroughfares than ever before.  And this always means one thing. Lack of cash!  We have brought together end of Season stock featuring nothing but the best labels and are now offering them for sale over a two day shopping spree. We offer designer dresses from as little as €50 when they would have cost up to €400 plus when they went on sale originally.”

Some labels will include Kate & Ava; Couture designers Tyrrell & Brennan; Knitwear from Gertrude Sampson and Heather Finn. Other labels include Laura Guidi, Malene Birger, Tara Jamon, Deborah Veale, Helen James, N&C Kilkenny and many more.


Divine Boutique Maynooth are also having a customer evening this Wednesday the 24th of March from 7 – 9pm to showcase their new Spring Summer stock. There will be an instore fashion show and you could be in with a chance to win a €500 voucher! Check out for more info.

If anyone has any events they want to tell us about please email

Style Fish x

Gosh, its about time I got around to writing this! Style Fish was involved in styling a Corporate Fashion Show held in the Mansion House recently in aid of the fantastic charity ‘Respect’ which fundraises for children with Intellectual Disabilities in the Dublin Area. There were celebs and familiar faces out in force on the night and we had fantastic fun with a host of models from the business world! Brefini from the apprentice, Senator Shane Ross, Rose of Tralee Charmaine Kenny, Louis Copeland to name but a few! It was a fantastic success as a host of fabulous looks were provided by Fran & Jane, Arnotts, TM Lewin, LK Bennett, Alilia, Lara, Karen Millen & more! We want to say congrats to Marie Louise Heavy who was the driving force and chief organiser of the event & Style Fish was delighted to be part of it all! Kathryn Thoma & Eddie Hobbs did a Fab job as hosts for the evening! Here is Style Fish being featured during the show…

Style Fish x

This week we took a long overdue visit to Ruby Rouge Boutique in Gorey, Wexford and yes it was 100% worth it! I have not only heard lots about this place but I have absolutely loved keeping up to date with their happenings in the Media & on Facebook and you know when you just know a boutique is for you!? 

I walked in the door & my heart almost skipped a beat as I was greeted by rails (and I mean serious rails) of girlieness, prettiness and all things pink! For some this could be of putting but not for me. What balanced it out for me & what I loved was the fact the many of the labels they stock provide a great mix of fantastic delicate details but mixed with some great shapes & flattering tailoring  which is key for most of us with curves to be able to pull off all things ruffled!

To my utter amazment and delight just as I thought I had finished my scouring (I had about 15 Items in the fitting room awaiting me) I was led to another aladins cave of fabulousness! An hour and a half later I had to ask the girl if they were strict with parking as my ticket was out by a good 45 minutes! Some of the Fab labels include the Fee G known for its classic tailoring but this season they have got the most amazing colours & prints, a must for any lady who likes the classic structured look but with a pretty twist! Manoush which has probably brought out one of the nicest Long White Cardigans with Gold sequins (see below), Almost Famous, a great affordable range from Darling (which is the dress I bought!) and so many more! Check out the pics below and definately check out this boutique when in Wexford – just don’t forget to put enough money in the parking meter!

Hoss Dress worn by Sybil Mulcahy from TV3 at The VIP Style Awards recently

Style Fish x

And the Dress I bought??? It is by the Darling label and cost €75 and I love it!

It has caused quite a stir…everyone wants to know where Amy Huberman got her Fab emerald green Dress that she wore to the IFTA’s recently. It was from and it is called the Willow Maxi Dress. They are currently making the dress to order such is the demand and we think Amy stole the show (as usual) with her simple, classic and uber stylish choice! It is made from 100% silk and costs £450! Get in line ladies….

Style Fish x

With a host of new labels and additions to Arnotts this season we are delighted to bring you some of our Fav features from their Fantastic Spring Summer collection. A dolls’ house formed the backdrop for the 2010 Arnotts Spring Summer Collection launch and the show was opened with suitably fitting baby doll looks with an abundance of granny prints, polka dots and embroidered cardigans.

When it comes to prints, more is definitely more this season you’ll be mixing and matching clashing prints together. New to Arnotts, LK Bennett offers
sophisticated and feminine designs, including floral prints which are reflected in Tim Walker’s eye-catching campaign for Spring/Summer 2010.
This season Aideen Bodkin and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania offer a wide range of outfits with contrasting clashing prints; dresses with vivid prints worn with block colour jackets makes this trend more wearable. Tara Jarmon has this trend covered with liberty printed dresses teamed with biker jackets. Laundry by Shelley Segal has graphic floral prints and show stopping dresses.
This season sees a return to nostalgic romance, watch for summer florals and ice cream shades in sheer and floaty fabrics. The look is more flirty than sexy with pretty ruffles and floaty sheers. Key colours are tinted pales, greys, putty, violet and rose. The key items for this trend are romantic dresses and tops, sheer tees and shirts. Max & Co. has lots of floral print on offer this season, while Paul & Joe Sister epitomise Parisian chic with a twist both have this trend covered.
Deirdre Devaney, Director of Fashion, Beauty and Childrenswear commented, “Fashion at Arnotts has never been so exciting and this season we have a host of fresh new brands such as LK Bennett, BCBG Generation, Laundry by Shelley Seagal, T Tahari, the diffusion collection from Ellie Tahari, just to mention a few. We are also delighted to have the new Kate Moss for Longchamp collection exclusively available in Arnotts in Ireland.”
Nicole Miller has used lots of Fab sheer panelling and delicate lace in her SS10 collection (channeling the underwear as outerwear theme that was big on the catwalks). BCBG MaxAzria and its new sister label BCBG Generation has this trend covered and is the first place the fashionable shopper should look for key pieces to update their look this season.
This season’s Glamilitary combat look has an easy feminine edgy: this trend gives the working women’s wardrobe and instant update. This trend can be easily introduced; crisp white shirting, khaki jackets, shirtdresses and trench coats – Jaeger London and T Tahari are the ideal labels to pick up these pieces. This is also a key aspect of Farhi Spring Summer 2010 collection where turquoise and emerald green clashes perfectly with acid lime knits and gold military-esque jackets.
Hobbs are introducing a new contemporary line NW3 which has on trend looks for the office, statement pieces for the weekend and stunning party wear.
Accessories are key to updating your look for the new season and there are some Fab choices on the ground floor with Buffalo offering afforable and colourful heels and also check out Pied a Terre for some Fab items aswell as our Fav Dune. Bags are still hugely important and will update your look instantly, Longchamp recently introduced the new Kate Moss for Longchamp range exclusively at Arnotts which boasts an impressive range of travel, glam and casual bags.
Get in and see for yourself!

Style Fish x

 Awear are launching a fantastic new range of affordable & fabulous cosmetics called GOSH this month & to celebrate they have hooked up with U magazine to offer you the chance to star in your very own photoshoot! All you have to do in order to win is simply email in a pic of you using your favourite Gosh Make-up product or even wearing your favourite awear outfit & explain in one simple sentence why you deserve to win! Easy peasy! Get emailing now! But down to the nitty gritty…what could you win?

Your prize will include:

1.    A make up session with make-up artist to the stars Natalie Kinsella. Having worked on famous faces from Christina Aguilera to Stella McCartney as well as catwalk shows for Chloe & Vogue, a GOSH session with Natalie is guaranteed to make you look fabulous. Natalie will guide you through all the latest spring must haves & colour palette from GOSH & you’ll leave with the full collection to take home!

2.    A makeover session with A|wear’s Press Stylist Lia Tallon. Lia will take you through all of spring’s hottest trends from A|wear & you’ll get to leave with a whole new wardrobe to the value of €500!

3.    Becoming the star of your very own U magazine photoshoot…once your fab new look is complete; your very own photographer will arrive to take lots of pic’s. Watch out for the next edition of U out on April 5th when you’ll star on a whole page!

4.    Five runner ups will also win a makeover with Natalie at the GOSH counter in A|wear Grafton St on Saturday April 10th!

Good Luck!

Style Fish x

Well it has just been and in fact as we write the celebs are still partying their little heads off in the Hollywood Hills! There were an array of gowns, styles and personalities which as always provided many oohhhing and ahhing moments but we here in Style Fish don’t think we have seen so many ruffles…well…ever quite frankly! Did they work? We will let you be your own judge but we are a bit dubious. The look of the night we think went to Cameron Diaz who wore an Oscar De La Renta Gown. She looked grown up and sophistictaed and got the mix just right. Sandra Bullock; who won the Oscar for Best Actress wore a Marchesa Gown and looked every inch the star also. She made a great speech when she said “Don’t try to walk in someone elses shoes, walk in your own”! We also want to give top marks to Dame Helen Mirren who looked Fantastic and outshone many of the women half her age! There were also a lot of muted tones, simple cuts and minimal fuss. Not like the Oscars at all actually! But the one to really check out is Sarah Jessica Parker in a Chanel Couture Gown. She is never a contender for fading in to the backround but she has outdone herself on this occassion and as much as we love her quirky and fantatsic style statements, this one definately has to be questioned. Top marks for bravery but we are not sure it worked I’m afraid.

Heidi Higgins launches SS10 collection and the label’s new studio / boutique destination in Portlaoise today (March 5th!). Being based near Portlaoise ourselves this is one we are very excited about!

Be assured – the outlook for this Spring / Summer is splendid.
The air of anticipation lifts at last today when Heidi’s shining new collection is officially revealed. This state-of-the-art, open-plan store and studio will house the full collection and will enable the designer to work closely with clients on custom orders; while individual pieces will, of course, be available at selected boutiques across the country.

Heidi caught the eye of top fashion editors for her first  collection. Having graduated from NCAD in 2008 and after spending a year working with Louise Kennedy she set up her own label in May 2009. The palette of colours encompasses Jade, Blackberry Purple, Hot Pink, Sassy, Lemon and Ocean Blue – an underwater garden of spectacular shades.

Key pieces for the season include the Adele Dress and Amelia Jacket, in finest wool crèpe. These exquisitely tailored matching pieces come in turquoise or pink – the classic shapes given a delightful twist with a pretty polka print insert on the jacket sleeves and curling coyly along the neckline.

This season sees a return of the luxurious, top-quality silk jersey fabrics that have made Heidi a designer whose work begs to be touched as well as seen. Key jersey pieces for Spring/Summer are the lovely Lulu dress (which mixes silk satin in a gloriously draped, flowing design), the Kelly wrap dress and the Ellen dress (which pairs a rippling silk satin top draped from the empire line into a gorgeous jersey skirt).

Check out more about Heidi and see the full collection at 

Here is just a sample of her work;


One of our Fav fashion Mags ‘Look’ organised the first ever Fashion Show as part of London Fashion week that was open to the Public recently. They choose 14 of our all time Fav high street shops & styled over 100 outfits for us to ohh and ahh over! Top Irish Super Model Erin O’Connor was one of the top models in the show and she said “Before the Look show, Fashion week felr really closed off and that is such a shame as ordinary women are the lifeblood of the Fashion Industry.” Check out all our pics below;

Look One;

Look Two; River Island

Look Three; Reiss

Look Four; Next

Look 5; M&S

Look 6; H&M

Look 7; H&M

Look 8; French Connection

Look 9; French Connection

Look 10; Dorothy Perkins

Look 11; Dorothy Perkins

Look 12;

Look 13;

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Looking for your daily fix of all things fun!? Check out this new website bringing us all the latest social snaps, interviews, make-up tricks, fast fashion & much more each day!

With a whole host of experts on board, has the inside track on all things super fabulous. Don’t miss out resident stylist Emily O’Donnell and her smart and sassy fashionista style-file; resident chef Magenta de la Cruz cooks up exclusive, mouth-watering recipes that anyone can make and the love guru Jill McGrath from gives us her top dating do’s and don’ts . Plus look out for some Fab competitions! Check out The Beauty Box & Must haves for all the latest offerings from the world of Fashion & Beauty! As editor Niamh said “If you like beauty, if you like fashion & if you like free stuff, get on beauty couture!” Said like a true pro!

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Mount Juliet, Thomastown, Kilkenny are hosting a Spring Salon Fashion Event In association with IMAGE magazine and Harvey Nichols Supporting Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin on Friday the 12th of March at Mount Juliet. 
MC’d by IMAGE editor Melanie Morris, and with social coverage in IMAGE post-event, it’s set to be an unmissable evening of fabulous fashion and beauty. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.
See all the latest Fashions from Harvey Nics Spring Summer Collection from the luxurious surroundings of Mount Juliet’s Presidental Suite!
Ireland’s fashionistas will have an opportunity to view the latest designs from the collections of Vivienne Westwood, Armani Collezioni, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Donna Karan, Sportmax, Alexander McQueen, D&G and Elie Tahari. Accessories will be key for 2010 and the Spring Salon will offer ladies a preview of pieces from Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo. Harvey Nichols will also be previewing their exclusive range of DVF sunglasses in addition to Tom Ford, Chanel and Tiffany, while IMAGE magazine’s resident wardrobe mistress Triona McCarthy will share her style nous in an ultra-exclusive fashion workshop on the evening.  
Guests will also have an exclusive opportunity to shop this season’s trends in fashion and beauty with expert advice from the Harvey Nichols team of Personal Shopping and beauty experts, and will be treated to hand massages and mini-facials, making this event the ultimate Spring Summer Treat.
Check out more Info on the following link;
Tickets cost €65 pp. To book your ticket call tracey Ryan on 086 0436490
P.S. If you spend €100 or more on Cosmetics, fragrance or any beauty products in Harvey Nics, Dundrum this March you will receive a divine limited edition beauty bag brimming with fantastic goodies to the value of €130! Starting March 15th while stocks last!
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It’s the 1st of March and what better way to start the month than by shouting about our first official birthday! It was one year ago that Style Fish started their first course and what a year it has been! We are delighted to say we have been going from strength to strength (its been hard work!) but as the saying goes anything worthwhile always is! We are now teaching in up to six Counties each week, we bring you a great Fashion Blog each week right here aswell as offering all our Fabulous Ladies fantastic Fashion, news, Offers & much more right throughout the year! Thanks to all those who have helped us in the last year, taken part in our classes, provided great items for us to tell our ladies about and we look forward to keeping it all up over the next 12 months!

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   One of our firm favorites on the high street Marks & Spencer’s have unveiled their new Spring Summer collection in their Grafton Street store last week. We were very excited to get a sneak peak at all treats in store for shoppers.

With new collections from Limited, Autograph, Indigo, Portfolio & Per Una we saw everything from romantic to structured to some fantastic Investment pieces all of which will find there way in to our hearts and wardrobes this Summer! There is a fantastic mix of pastels and brighter highlights, some fab prints and what we really love about Marks is the way they take elements of all the new trends and really make them wearable with a bit more longeviety than some other high street offerings which is what all our wardrobes & bank balances need right now!

Look out for lots of soft flowing fabrics, delicate patterns, fantastic accessories & shoes ! Here is just a small sample!

Ballygowan has officially unveiled a major new campaign to raise much needed funds for breast cancer awareness on the island of Ireland. Supporting the Marie Keating Foundation and its campaign partner in Northern Ireland, Action Cancer, the Ballygowan ‘Be Part of It’ campaign also hopes to promote the importance of early detection in saving lives.

The first phase of the Ballygowan ‘Be Part of It’ campaign is the launch of its Ballygowan Pink Bottle. Ballygowan Pink contains the same still pure, Irish still water, which Ballygowan is known for it, presented in a stylish pink bottle.

Every bottle of Ballygowan Pink sold will help the Marie Keating Foundation, and its ‘Be Part of It’ campaign partner in Northern Ireland, Action Cancer, to raise much needed funds for breast cancer awareness. Specifically, the money raised by the initiative will contribute to cancer support projects, aimed at providing all women with the necessary information to minimise the risks associated with breast cancer and detect it at its earliest possible stage.    

The Ballygowan ‘Be Part of It’ campaign will be supported by a marketing campaign featuring Ronan Keating. As well as buying Ballygowan Pink, consumers will be able to ‘be part of it’ by visiting the Ballygowan Pink website and dedicated facebook page. Over the next eight months, in the lead up to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Ballygowan will also be running a series of events to involve consumers in raising funds for the Marie Keating Foundation.

Speaking about the ‘Be Part of It’ campaign, Ronan Keating said; “The Marie Keating Foundation is very close to my heart, as you know. I am delighted that a brand like Ballygowan has come together with the Foundation and our Be Part of It partner in Northern Ireland, Action Cancer, to help raise much needed funds. What’s really exciting for all of us is that this campaign is not only about fundraising, but also raising awareness and education.  I am thrilled to be part of it”.  

Leonie Doyle, Head of Stills Marketing at Britvic Ireland said; “We are delighted to introduce our Ballygowan Pink bottle, as the first part of our ‘Be Part of It’ campaign.  Breast cancer affects 1 in 12 people in Ireland. We hope that our campaign can play a key role in raising much needed funds for the Marie Keating Foundation, as well as educating woman on the importance of early detection in beating this disease. There will be lots of ways for consumers to get involved throughout the year and raise more money for this great cause.

The Ballygowan Pink bottles are now on shelves in local convenience stores and supermarkets in 500ml and 2 Litre bottles. A special glass bottle is available in pubs and restaurants nationwide in 250ml and 750ml bottles

For more details log onto and join the ‘B part of it’ Fanpage on


Check out Danish clothing range called ‘St. Martins’ where you will see a real injection of boho chic, fantastic intricate prints and 60’s styles for a much more lively wardrobe for Spring Summer. Who doesn’t want some colour in their wardrobe as the days get longer and (hopefully) the snow and ice is behind us! Check out St Martins in Arnotts, Dublin; Pagan in Galway; Galvins in Tullamore & check out Here are some of our Fav looks from the collection;

We love sharing with you stuff we find that we like…if we know about should too! We want to make your Monday a little brighter with some fashion & beauty gems! Check out first of all which is a Fab site that you can buy all your favourite beauty products at fantastic prices and get them delivered straight to your door! Thanks to Tanya from our cork Class for sharing that Fab gem with us!

Also, check out a great news Boutique called ‘Amity’ just opened on French Chrush Street in Cork City with the most amazing interiors! You could just spend ages wandering in this lovely relaxing store through lovely spacious rails of affordable, quirky & one off pieces. There can be nothing worse than having to rummage your way through crammed in clothes and tiny changing rooms – not in Amity. Hazel O’Sullivan, the owner of Amity told us that “We wanted to create a happy store that was different to all the other stores! We have fantastic custome made shelving and all the chaging rooms are painted by local artists! Each changing room has a different theme from an Ice cream room to a Laundry room!” Aswell and loving this we also love that all the brands are unique to Amity in Cork and only a small number of each style is stocked to ensure you really stand out! Here are some of our picks from our lovely trip to the store last week!


We want to wish Adele and all at Swop Shop, Temple Bar a very Happy Birthday! They have been saving our wardrobe misfits from a life of doom and gloom buried beneath the masses and we now have a fantastic place to bring our mistakes and to find ourselves some fab replacement Items! Keep up the good work Swop Shop!

Check out


We always await with anticipation what is going to land next from is in my humble opinion so hard to get a good quality foundation without, as the saying goes, ‘getting what you pay for’ . But this one we like. Available from the 22nd of February this new foundation from Rimmel adapts to your skin tone so you can say good bye to unnatural colour and the difficulty with getting the exact right tone for your skin – this does the work for you!

Down to the nitty gritty – It features Smart-Tone tecnology which mimics the skins texture and tone for fantastic blendability & a flawless finish. It also uses blue saphire pigments which supposedly deliver a more accurate, fresher colour and thirdly the one we love most of all is that it has what is known as an Oxygenating Complex which lets the skin breathe, doesnt feel as heany and cakey and looks really natural.

I have been using it now for three days (just to really give it a good chance) and I find it lovely and light, easy to apply and as I am in love with any foundation that gives a natural and even complexion without that cakey feeling it gets the thumbs up from Style Fish! Available in 5 shades ( Ivory, True Ivory, Soft Beige, Classic beige & Natural Beige) and costs €11.70 it is definately one to try.


redlaneWe love to find a gem just for you and this is no exception! Waterford-based ‘Red Lane Boutique’ proprietor, Catherine Keighery, has taken her store nationwide with the launch of features up to 700 garments online and will deliver anywhere in Ireland the very next day!

Catherine said “I opened Red Lane when I was 24. I always loved fashion I knew first hand that most women love keeping up to date with styles and trends but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on high end designer pieces.  I have always maintained the idea of versatile styles at reasonable prices.”

This is what we love about Red Lane – they have some fantastic labels from across Europe but you will be really surprised at the prices. We all love boutique shopping and we all love finding a gem but the problem with boutiques can be getting to all the ones you love on a regular basis as there are so many all over the Country so for Red Lane to go online means we can have a browse at the stock from the comfort of our homes!

Red Lane stocks designs from Aftershock, DESIGUAL, Fee G, St Martin, Religion Jovanna London, Kate Fernley and Manouk accessories to name but a few. Worth checking out for alternative evening wear, smart day wear and for a huge range of complimenting shoes and accessories, Red Lane Boutique, Queen Street, Tramore, Co Waterford. 051 395395

Take a peek Ladies!


Cream Chain Bag €20

Cream Chain Bag €20

Style Fish was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at one of our Fav High Street stores Awear’s Spring Summer Collection during the week and boy are you ladies in for a treat!  

It’s time to wave goodbye to a season of sequins & shoulder pads as spring at A|wear returns with a nostalgic retro Americana vibe titled ‘Dakota Blue’. With lots of relaxed denim, waistcoats, printed tee shirts and pale florals – it is girlie heaven with a cool relaxed vibe!

Speaking on the launch of the new season, CEO A|wear Annmarie Flood said, “It’s time to lift the mood on the high street, spring has officially arrived & holidays are on the way. Dakota Blue is inspired by the everyday girl…, easy to wear, relaxed pieces, reigniting our passion for all things with a feminine touch. A prevailing new gentle on the eye colour palette also makes a comeback…..pastels, honey, khakis & jersey grey are all essentials. As with every A|wear collection, each piece is designed with the price conscious customer in mind, with dresses starting from €30, tee’s from €8 and blouses from €25.”

There are also lots of Fab dresses with floral designs, light layered fabrics and flattering silhouttes to nip in that waist ladies and with most dresses coming in at arounf €40 the prices are pretty incredible too!
They also have a wide range of Accessories, scarves, bags etc  to add that finishing touch.  We are loving Awear for bringing our wardrobe right up to date within our budgets!

The new Dakota Blue collection arrives in all A|wear stores and online at from the 15th of February. Also, Watch out for GOSH make up concessions across selected stores this February followed closely by our favourite stationary brand Paperchase. You can also buy online now at and check back with Style Fish for all the latest Awear News!

Pink Tulle Skirt €28

Pink Tulle Skirt €28

Denim Waistcoat €25

Denim Waistcoat €25

Denim Trousers €35

Denim Trousers €35

Multi Striped Bag €20

Multi Striped Bag €20

Floral Layered Dress €45

Floral Layered Dress €45

Grey Print Dress €35

Grey Print Dress €35

Dusty pink Dress €40

Dusty pink Dress €40

Floral Dress €30

Floral Dress €30

Sequin Blazer €60

Sequin Blazer €60

Floral Wrap Blouse €25

Floral Wrap Blouse €25

Cream Chain Bag €20

Cream Chain Bag €20







SWOPSHOP, Dublin’s first dedicated fashion exchange boutique, turns one – and to celebrate, there’s a dress with your name on it! And more… To mark the event they are holding a one-day exclusive style and makeup makeover event…

The event will take place on a drop-in basis from 12-8pm on Friday 5th February in (and around…) SWOPSHOP, Crow Street Bazaar, Crow Street, Dublin 2, in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Check out:

The event will encompass four ‘Acts’ for guests to savour:

~~ Act I: Style Clinic… Guests can discuss their current wardrobe with a stylist – starting with any ‘style mistakes’ guests have brought to swop, stylists will guide you through current trends, classic buys, as well as shape and colour analysis to inform your choices during Act II…

~~ Act II: Clothes Swop… Usual guidelines apply – see
Except: on the day of the event, no bulk swops can be accepted – guests should bring a maximum of three mid- to high-end items of clothing, which should be in immaculate condition, to trade.
And: all guests will receive a bonus swop credit with an extra-special offer for regulars…

~~ Act III: Makeup makeover… Makeup artists will be on site to colour you beautiful for the Final Act…

~~ Act IV: Fashion Shoot… Your own personal mini- fashion shoot…

Plus nibbles and the obligatory glass of bubbly…

Waiting times may apply at peak times, so arrive early to avoid disappointment! If you wish to pre-book a hair appointment for the day, please call Linda Joyce’s Hair Temple to do so and avail of a 10% discount (086-156 0111)

For enquiries regarding the event in general or to RVSP, call us at:               01-6578702     Web:


vc-logo-finalFashion comes and goes but real style is about having something unique, something that dresses up our basics. We are spending less on clothes now and new on our hit lists are accessories which can transform an otherwise plain outfit into utter fashionable fun! What better way to do this than through unique jewellery and boy do we have a gem for you (quite literally!)! Victoria Charms are not available through any retailers – only online ( They are all handmade and only 50 bracelets are made each month which will guarantee you will stand out! Check out our two Favorites here but check out their website to find your gem!


















Bag some delicious designer bargains at Kildare Village this January. L.K. Bennett is holding a Style Clearance Weekend at Kildare Village with discounts of up to 80% off, from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st January. Renowned for signature accessory collections, L.K. Bennett has established itself at the forefront of fashion, offering sophisticated collections of shoes, bags and womenswear.

All those pieces you have had your eye on this season are now even more covetable as you can splurge guilt free with prices that will have you reaching for more!

Kildare Village is home to over 55 designer boutiques at up to 60% off recommended retail prices all year around and is now in final reductions offering up to 80% of seasonal favourites. For more information on Kildare Village and how to get there, log onto


giftguruWho doesnt’ find it hard to find that perfect present for someone in your life – whether it is for a birthday, Mother’s Day or Valentines Day?

Just launched, offers the best selection of gifts, gift ideas and presents suitable for every occasion at great prices, no matter what your budget. 

Gift Guru has travelled the globe to select her fantastic range of great value and fun gifts.  She has found a gift for literally every occasion – be it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, a new baby, weddings, graduations, or just sending a little treat to a special friend – or better a treat for yourself!  Gift Guru knows how difficult it can be for us girls to find something in our handbag, and so discovered the perfect solution, the Bagpod Organiser.  Available in a selection of colours, this “Organiser” sits inside your handbag and has handy pockets for all the essentials like wallet, lip gloss, mobile phone, and credit cards – and the good news is she has found a handbag to match.

cooler than this and it makes the perfect house warming gift.

All gifts are wrapped free of charge in signature gift boxes, with tissue paper and tied with ribbon and come with complimentary a Gift Guru card with personalized message.  No matter how big your order is; delivery throughout Ireland is just €5.95. Delivery is next day and the good news is, if your Gift Guru order comes to more than €200, you become a Gold Card Customer and receive 10% discount off all further orders for the next 12 months.

With Gift Guru’s “Save the Day” service you will never be in the dog house again!  Avail of her complimentary gift reminder service to help you remember all those important birthdays and anniversaries throughout the year.  Simply fill in your details and as many dates throughout the year as you wish, and Gift Guru will send you and email in plenty of time to remind you to start thinking about finding a great gift.

The range of gifts on are continually updated by the Gift Guru herself, and by signing up to the newsletter or as a friend on facebook (giftguruireland), you can be kept up to date on all special offers and newly arrived gift ideas.  Check out today for the latest gift offerings.

Here are some of our picks…









victoria-logoWe love love love telling you about Fab things we find and this is no exception…

Check out  for Fantastic handmade charm bracelets. With only 50 bracelets being made each month they are really unique! Worn by well known Irish Faces like Pippa O’Connor, Virginia Macari & more the bracelets are not available through any retail outlets but are exclusively on the Victoria Charm website! Here is a selection we love!






Spring is on the way, and what will you be wearing this season? There are so many trends right now it is hard to know where to begin but here are a few staple looks from the runway to the high street, to give you some ideas…

Prints are all over the Spring/Summer catwalks, with everyone from Alexander McQueen to Versace donning bright and beautiful patterns in a variety of colours. The high street is on trend and this season is all about mixing plains with patterns.

Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer

Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer

Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer have a wide selection of print dresses in flattering shapes. The key to this look is to wear one piece with plain everything else. The tunic shape is flattering and great for hiding tummies. Pick a bright colour that suits you and add a pair of heels.





Once seen as ‘your granny’s curtains’, florals have made a big return this year in particular at Chanel and Erdem. Admittedly, they are not for everyone’s taste but there are plenty of subtle, pretty ones around to give you a soft, feminine look – without blinding anyone’s eyes! Topshop have a large variety of floral pieces that when teamed with leggings, jeans and a cardigan will give you an easy, simple spring time look. Floral cardigans look great with jeans and those looking to make a statement, can check out the floral jackets in Miss Selfridge. Yasmin le Bon’s range in Wallis has a gorgeous floral blouse.

Topshop Cardi

Topshop Cardi

Time to ditch the black and lighten up with the summer pastels as seen on the Fendi and Burberry catwalks. Delicate nudes, pinks, yellows and beiges suit every skin tone. A-Wear and New Look have an extensive range of pastel colours garments at the moment.

Dunnes Stores Spring/ Summer Nudes

Dunnes Stores Spring/ Summer Nudes

Dunnes have a gorgeous pastel pink ‘boyfriend’ style cardigan and a bargain at €12. Coral is also another great spring and summertime colour which warms every skin tone.








Balmain are single-handedly responsible for many trends (Creative Director Christophe Decarnin is the man behind the so called ‘Balmainia’ everywhere right now). The military jacket, blazer, shoulder pads, ripped/distressed jeans, laced up boots – you name it, he is responsible. If you want to invest, the blazer is recommended. A classic simple look, the blazer is available in many different colours and fabrics. Zara have some amazing cotton ones in black and grey. Penney’s do great versions also. Team with a vest top and jeans for a smart casual look or over a dress for instant star quality! 

Those looking for a softer style could embrace the sailor look returning this season. A Wear stock a good selection of tops in red, blue and white stripes – and have cleverly called their collection Retro Riviera! There are also many jackets and dresses available in the French style. Although to avoid looking like an actual sailor, keep it to one item for a cool summer look!

River Island Jeans

River Island Jeans

Jeans are ripped and distressed this season. I suggest buying an affordable pair as this trend goes in and out so often, you may not want to wear them next season. Head to River Island or New Look where prices start at €30 for many different styles in dark and stone washed colours. They look great with ballet flats or tucked into boots.

Hot Make-up Looks for Spring/ Summer

Bare, natural skin was the key look on the runways embraced in particular by Balmain and Gucci. To waken tired skin after the winter, apply YSL’s Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare (€50, Debenhams) or BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (€25, BT2). Both will leave your skin revitalised and soft, ready to glide your make up on. Make up is minimal and natural this season. For a flawless look, try Laura Mercier’s Mineral Pressed Powder (€45, Brown Thomas). Apply with a foundation brush or the sponge supplied. It is so light, you will feel like you are not wearing any make up yet it provides good coverage and colour. Max Factor’s Second Skin Foundation follows the same idea. Keep your eyes natural with beiges and browns and ditch the eye liner for just mascara. This look is much fresher and leaves you looking younger and healthier. A great way to start the season with a spring in your step!

Written and compiled by Fashion Writer Jennifer Ennis. Contact Style Fish for more details.

hypoxiThe Makeover with a Difference encompassing ‘Body, Mind & Soul’

Four companies have come together to offer consumers the Ultimate Transformation Package.  HYPOXI® Therapy Clontarf, Style Fish, Peak Performance and Taylor Made Diets have teamed-up to offer a Body, Mind and Soul transformation package with a difference.  Participants will get all the help they need to look and feel great through gentle exercise, low calorie, nutritious food prepared fresh and delivered straight to your door, personal training, life coaching, a personal stylist plus a hair and make-up course. 

The Ultimate Transformation Package for Women is limited to 15 and includes:
• 18 HYPOXI® Treatments
• 18 HYPOXI®-Dermologie Treatments
• 6 week course with Style Fish
• Beginners course at Peak Performace
• The Taylor Made Diet (6 weeks)
• 3 months membership at HYPOXI® Clontarf

The above includes:
• 6 hours of personal training sessions
• Nutritional Programme Assessment
• Start to finish energy healing sessions with access to personal website

This package is valued at €2,500 but the first 15 lucky ladies to sign-up will get it for €1,700, that’s an amazing saving of €800.  In addition, the cost can be split over five weeks with a €230 deposit and €230 per week for five weeks.

As part of this unique make-over programme, participants will take part in a fully personalised six week Style & Beauty Programme. Style Fish, Peak Performance, Taylor Made Diets and HYPOXI® will literally transform the way each person looks and feels about themselves and their style.


About Hypoxi Therapy:
Celebrities and models worldwide have hailed the fat and cellulite burning treatment as their main therapy for burning fat.  Celebs such as Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell, Louise Redknapp, Michelle Heaton, Tamzin Outhwaite, Caprice and Jordan have been using this revolutionary therapy for years.  The impressive results achieved with HYPOXI® have sparked extensive publicity and HYPOXI® has been featured on many TV programmes such as GMTV, Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked and Supersize vs Superskinny.


About is Ireland’s first dedicated Fashion School for Women teaching Fashion & Beauty Courses throughout Ireland.  


About Peak Performance:
 Peak Performance offers a six week Health and Fitness programme suitable for all ages and sizes which is specially designed for those who do not exercise regularly or have a good standard of health.


About Taylor Made Diet:
The Taylor Made Diet is based on the principles of a low GL diet with balanced portion control. The Diet offers a freshly prepared, perfectly balanced and portion controlled food programme that is conveniently delivered to your door three times a week. 


Places are limited to 15 on a first come first served basis and interested parties can contact The HYPOXI® Centre in Clontarf on 01 8788179.

The HYPOXI® Centre in Clontarf is open from 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 3pm on Saturday.  Information is available by logging on to



A Fashion Show with a Difference…Is there cash in your wardrobe?

Want to make money on clothes you don’t wear but of course you want them to go to a good home!?

dressBuy a table at this Fantastic Fashion Event called Glamorous Buttons & Bows happening in The Tullamore Court Hotel, Co. Offaly in aid of the Cancer Charity Dochas on the 28th of February from 2-6pm.

You can share a table with friends (split the cost !) and it all goes to a great cause! Call Mary on 087 6850273 for more details!


The Trinity Business Alumni merges the world of Fashion & Business!
As the saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough Dress to Impress”! Now, more than ever our Image is hugely important to our success both professionally and personally. They say upon meeting someone for the first time, we are judged 55% on our appearance and only 7% on the words we say! To that end The Trinity Business Alumni have decided to shake things up a little & have organized a fantastic corporate fashion show in aid of the Irish Charity Respect. Organiser of the event Marie Louise Heavey says “Not only are we promising fantastic fashion, but we are fundraising for an excellent charity in the process.”

With your hosts for the evening in the form of the entertaining Eddie Hobbs & the delightful Kathryn Thomas; this is no ordinary fashion show. It promises to have you standing out from the crowd in 2010! You will be treated to a complimentary drinks reception on arrival, the perfect opportunity to network with friends and colleagues & relax with a glass of bubbly while you are entertained by the Fantastic Dublin Gospel Choir. Then be prepared to be wowed by some of the best from Irish & International Fashion. From Louis Copeland to LK Bennett; Arnotts to Fran & Jane and many more, it promises to be an evening of Fabulous Fashion & so much more! Tickets on Sale now. Simply email
For more Information please contact Marie Louise Heavy at or call 01 2322876


Here are a very small sample of Nicole Miller &  Aideen Bodkin designs at Arnotts this Spring! arnotts3Lots of rich luxurious fabrics, lovely light Spring Colours! We will be shortly posting our take on the Spring/ Summer Trends for 1010 & what we are in store for in the shops!


NICOLE MILLER NY SS2010 09/11/09







Hosted by Ricky Gervais on Sunday Evening the 17th of January – the 2010 Annual Golden Globe awards did not disappoint in the Fashion stakes! The biggest names were there being photographed as the awards somewhat sunk into the backround behind the fashion! The best dressed ladies opted for new Spring Trends with lots of bold colour while classic Black was also a Favourite of Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Anniston & Kate Winslet who all looked stunning. Lots of ruffles were also on show including Chloe Sevigny’s Valentino gown, Emily Blunt looks stunning in Dolce & Gabanna & Diane Kruger in a hot pink Christian Lacroix  gown. Enjoy some of our pics below!















There is no doubt in the last 12 months we have all become more aware of where our clothes come from, who has made them, what are the implications of purchasing from certain sources when snippets of a new ethical range launching at Arnotts landed on our desk, we decided it was our ethical duty to tell you!

Pioneering this new ethical direction in fashion are designers like Katharine Hamnett and Betty Jackson, celebrities like Natalie Portman, Jo Wood and singer Little Boots, who are all eager to flaunt their ethical fashion foot print. 

The Designers at ‘People Tree’ have some of the smallest carbon footprint in the world with garments being produced by hand as much as possible. They promote natural and organic cotton farming & avoid the use of damaging chemicals in the production. 

The People Tree “Love Emma” collection with be arriving in Arnotts Project in late February 2010. Actress Emma Watson was the Creative Advisor on this collection. This eagerly anticipated range gives a fresh twist on Fair Trade fashion. “I wanted to help People Tree produce a younger range because I was excited by the idea of using fashion as a tool to alleviate poverty and knew it was something I could help make a difference with. It has been the most amazing gap year project” Emma Watson
People Tree practice a roots and shoots approach to fashion. They provide the exclusive fashion – the shoots – while at the same time they work deep down through the roots, improving the lives and environment of the artisans and farmers in developing countries who work to produce it. It’s Fair Trade throughout.
Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films has taken time out from her studies at American University Brown to work as creative advisor along side the People Tree design team and CEO Safia Minney to create a capsule collection influenced by her own personal style. The collection includes cosy knits, organic cotton tees, poplin skirts and shorts. The range includes fabrics such as organic and fair trade cotton. The garments are made by hand by fair trade groups in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Through this action People Tree are helping to co-ordinate and provide livelihoods for underprivileged people living in these countries.

We hope you like as much as we do!emma7







The Radisson Blu, Golden Lane, Dublin

The Radisson Blu, Golden Lane, Dublin

Got the January Blues? Looking for something to get you into Spring in style? Well, put Thursday the 4th of February in your Diary for a Fashion & Beauty Treat with a Difference in The Radison Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin.

Get pampered at the various Fashion and Beauty stands on

display, Bourjois, Elysian Brow (threading), The Lash Bar (false eyelashes),Bella Makeover, Benefit to name but a few.

In addition to this, you’ll be treated to an evening of fun focused around Fashion and Beauty, with talks from Triona McCarthy, Beauty Editor of the Sunday Independent and Clara Halpin, Head of Personal Shopping at Arnotts.

And finally you’ll go home with a Goodie Bag, full of fashion and beauty treats!
Time: 7pm – 10.30pm
Entry: 10euro per person
All proceeds go to the Irish children’s charity, Cradle.

Log onto  for more details or email

Being stylish is not as simple as spending vast amounts of money on designer brands & keeping up with trends. In fact, inexpensive clothes can be worn with style as long as you know how to make the most of ‘you’. Equally expensive clothes will look completely unstylish if they are not right for you.

To create your own style you just need a good eye for detail & a bit of thought. The golden rule about fashion is that it should appear effortless without seeming false or strained. If you feel comfortable & confident that’s it! Don’t force yourself into a fashion purchase because the fashion magazines are telling you to. It can be handy & fun to be aware of the current trends but the most important things is to feel good in what you choose to wear.

Get inspiration for lots of places – friends, magazines, walking down the street etc!

Style Fish Top tips;
- Think impact (always have one thing on your outfit that makes it unique)
– Maximise your assets – think what you want to show off and what you wnat to hide when dressing
– Wear clothes that are the correct size and fit well
– Know the clothes that flatter you but always have the confidence to experiment
– Always think of the occasion you are dressing for
– When in doubt keep it simple
– Don’t disregard an outfit just because someone else doesn’t like it – if you genuinely feel good in it, chances are you will look good too.
– Buy more statement pieces to make you stand out rather than going for different trends to stand out.

Ultimately, Fashion is about comfort and having fun! And anyone who tells you to be stylish means you have to wear 3 inch heels or the latest trend hasn’t a clue! Being stylish is about being comfortable!

Here are some of our top stylish picks from this week to give you Inspiration as we move into spring!
















   EBay predicted yesterday, January 20th was Ireland’s busiest online selling day as the nation stretches to make ends meet ahead of the first post-Christmas pay day. It is anticipated over 30,000 unwanted gifts will be put up for sale on, Ireland’s largest online marketplace. That’s a whopping 21 items a minute.

Research by eBay reveals that €179 million worth of unwanted gifts are left under Christmas trees each year, with the average Irish person receiving at least one unwanted present per yuletide. Gifts in small boxes aren’t sure fire winning presents it seems, as the most popular items listed for sale are jewellery, gems and watches, accounting for nearly a third of ‘rehomed’ items.
The Top Ten Most ‘Rehomed’ Items in Ireland are:
1. Jewellery, gems and watches
2. Collectables
3. Clothes, Shoes and Accessories
4. Video Games
5. Health and Beauty items
6. DVD’s and Movies
7. Books
8. Sporting Goods
9. Music
10. Auto Parts

Patrick Munden of eBay said ‘With post-Christmas purse strings at their tightest, it’s no surprise the Irish are turning to eBay to sell unwanted items to make money before the January pay packet arrives. Rehoming unwanted gifts is a great way of making extra money after Christmas, whether to raise some extra cash or create funds to buy the present you really wanted.”

Madness!! But at least you know where to go to get rid of those wooly jumpers!


fashion-whats-it-all-about1HAVE YOU GOT CLOTHES IN YOUR WARDROBE YOU’D LIKE TO GET RID OF????….and make some extra cash!

Well gather up any old or new…..clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories because…

On Thursday the 4th of February, 2010
Cradle are holding a “Fashion Loving Recessionistas Night Out” where you’ll be able to sell all your old items.

So how does it work?
1. You name the price of your item
2. You get to keep 80% of the sale
3. The remaining 20% goes to an Irish charity, Cradle. (
4. So, you can either decide to take a full stall at the event at a cost of 10euro or, pay 10euro at the door and bring a few items which will be displayed in a general area where they’ll be sold on your behalf.

In addition to this, you’ll also be treated to an evening of fun focused around Fashion and Beauty, with talks from Triona McCarthy, Beauty Editor of the Sunday Independent and Clara Halpin, Head of Personal Shopping at Arnotts.

There will also be a chance for you to pamper yourself at the Beauty, Hair and Make-Up Stalls on display.  And finally you’ll go home with a Goodie Bag, full of fashion and beauty treats!!

(Email before Jan 15th if you would be interested in taking a stall on the night)

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (just off Georges St)
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Entry: 10euro
Cradle’s genesis emanated from a spontaneous reaction of a small group of people in Dublin, who were moved by the suffering of innocent children caught in the atrocities of the appalling war unfolding in Bosnia & Hercegovina.


It’s that time of the year again. New Year, New Diet Regime, New work ethic, New Years Resolutions everywhere!
A Totally New You! Right. Let’s get real. If we achieve one out of three, that ain’t bad. I mean in the weather we have been having its hard to get to work let alone anything else.

But what about our style? How can we give our wardrobes a much needed shake up after the Hareem pants and neon coats become too much for our post Christmas eyes?
All too often at this time of year, it’s full of unsuitable clothes or those that no longer fit. So now is the time to revamp your wardrobe on a budget (after all, those credit card bills are due in soon) with some carefully chosen key pieces to take you through the season.
The key is to plan a capsule wardrobe of staple pieces for spring, so choose classic items in neutral shades that work well together, such as whites, greys and navys. A simple shift dress is the ultimate low maintenance piece that can be glamorised with jewellery and a pair of heels.
Alternatively, wear it over a shirt for a business-like approach in the workplace. A pencil skirt is smart for the office when teamed with a structured shirt, and can carry on through to the evening with a change of top and some jewellery. For the weekend, team it with a soft, wool, cropped jacket, ankle boots and opaque tights for a relaxed yet chic outfit. Finally, don’t forget a classic trench coat.
Check out the High Street for lots of different versions on our Ideas. Especially places like H & M, GAP, A Wear, Debenhams & Dunnes Stores! Or blow the budget in Massimo Dutti in Dundrum, LK Bennett & Karen Millen. Either way remember these are wardrobe stables that will bring you right through a number of seasons!



















Gillet at French Connection about €100

Gillet at French Connection about €100

It is very hard to look stylish and still feel cozy! So here are some pieces from the High Street & online to help you get inspired…after all the snow ain’t going to hang around forever!!
Wool Tights at

Wool Tights at

GAP Knee High Socks about €12

GAP Knee High Socks about €12

Ski Jacket available at Topshop about €120

Ski Jacket available at Topshop about €120

John Rocha Natural Faux Fur Hat available at Debenhams about €50

John Rocha Natural Faux Fur Hat available at Debenhams about €50

Snood available at Warehouse for about €35

Snood available at Warehouse for about €35

Available from French Connection

Available from French Connection

Hunter Wellies available from Schuh about €140

Hunter Wellies available from Schuh about €140

Buy on €200

Buy on €200

Its sub zero, we can barely feel our feet let alone feel our way through our wardrobes to find that elusive stylish Item that will keep our tootsies warm! So how do the celebs do it! Grab some inspiration from this lot and if not go for your brightest, sunniest, loudest coat, jeans, funky ear muffs, classic leather gloves and a stylist pair of  boots (Flat of course!) As the saying goes “Life isn’t about waiting for the snow to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the middle of it!”warm10















Jx  provides a simple but effective site for the shoppers of Ireland to browse for special offers or deals.


With the economic downturn continuing to affect people’s lives, has created a site for the benefit of the increasing price sensitive consumer. A wide range of categories are covered and the user can quickly access exactly what money saving deals they are looking for.


The site, launched late last year, is very simple to use and navigate Rather than having to trawl through clutter, the users of can find the bargains they seek, in a matter of a few clicks.


There really is something for everyone on the site from Entertainment to Fashion to Restaurant deals!


The people behind the site, three individuals from Dublin, come from a variety of backgrounds including Marketing, Accounting, and Graphic Design. Speaking after the Launch, Managing Director Alan Gilligan stated that “We are delighted with the progress of the site so far. We are adding more and more offers by the day, and all parties have provided us with encouraging feedback”


Style Fish Members – you will receive lots of offers via your newsletter from Onffer over the coming months!





We want to make 2010 the year we really make our wardrobe work harder for us and the first way to do that is to stop buying more clothes, get your basics right and update your look with quirky accessories & what else but quirky shoes! What girl can resist a fabulous pair of shoes! But find that something different and your instantly individualizing whatever you wear! These ankle boots I found are just the ticket for a fun Spring Treat at an affordable price. Designer boots without the designer price tag! They are United Nude boots and come in mid or high heel from Coze Di Roze Boutique in Cabinteely Village, Dublin. The colours shown here include Passion Fruit & Cotton Candy and come in at only €135. A Treasure trove for that something ‘different’. So make 2010 the year you stand out”! Check out for more details.


shapeWe all have parts of our body we love and parts we would rather hide. That ladies is the bottom line when shopping. Forget getting caught up in the hard and fast rules and start looking at the shape of your clothes more closely. If you’ve read Trinny & Susannah’s 12 body types you may even be suitably confused right now! Fear Not – Style Fish’s top tips and practical guidelines will make you feel much better about finding what is right for you in 2010!

So which of these sounds most like you?

If you feel you are looking for more curves everyday you may have what is known as a boyish figure. You feel you are pretty much straight up and down and you constantly want to introduce womanly curves! You can do this through the shape of your clothes. How? Think of it this way. If you are conscious of your tummy – you won’t want a lot of fuss going on around your middle so think the opposite where you want to add curve. Add bulk where you want those curves! Wearing shirts with ruffles down the front will cleverly create more of a cleavage. Tulip Skirts (think same shape as your average lampshade! Rounded and full of volume!) This creates curves at your bum & waist without being too fussy. Look for clothes with interesting details like pleats, pockets and horizontal lines. Try layering to add more dept to your outfits. Use scarves, waistcoats over shirts and layer your cardis and tee shirts for a perfect comfy casual feminine look.

If you have curves in all the right places (defined waist and hips and shoulders and roughly the same width)  you are a fabulous hourglass. The most important tip I can give an hourglass lady is to get thee to a Bra Fitting store to find out if you are one of the 8 out of ten wearing the wrong size! For the hourglass your waist is your slimmest part and you always want to cleverly show it off! The first step to this is to wear a correct fitting bra, making sure your assets are sitting where they should! In terms of clothes always think to yourself –am I accentuating my waist? That doesn’t have to mean tight belts if you don’t feel comfortable but do remember your jackets, shirts, dresses etc all must be cut in at the waist. Empire line dresses are great as they fall from the bust and show of your waist perfectly while still covering your tum. Flatter your cleavage with V neck tops and choose heavier fabrics which will skim your figure rather than highlight any lumps or bumps!

If you are a lady with a larger bottom half than top half you’re a gorgeous pear! You are slimmer on top with larger hips and thighs. This let me tell you is the most common shape of all for Irish women! Give your small boobs a bust with a shapely or padded bra. Adding more bulk on the top half instantly slims your body overall as you are bringing back that balance between the top and bottom half. Draw the eye up by wearing brightly coloured accessories, scarves and jewels all above the waistline. At all costs avoid anything too fussy on your bottom half. Think skimming is best and avoid side pockets on trousers around the hips which will add more width. A wrap style dress will be your best friend – showing off your best bits while skimming your bottom half. Wide leg trousers are a great choice for lengthening the leg and skimming.

If you have a curvy and voluptuous figure – lucky you but Your tummy will be the thing you find your challenge. Fret not, it’s about showing off your shape and not trying to hide it under frumpy and unfeminine clothes! Shapeless clothes will only make you look bigger. Think large statement necklaces which will make you look smaller. Invest in some good supportive underwear which will make all the difference under your clothes. Avoid small patterns, large bright and bold patterns work perfectly on you! Ruched tops and dresses are great for your shape as it fools the eye into not knowing if it is the ruching or your tummy creating the texture! Tunics with slits at the hips can be a great choice, still creating a waist and the soft delicate fabric is pretty and feminine. When looking for a dress, don’t be afraid to show off your waist! Just look for shapes that give you support in the tummy and perhaps have a wide waist band creating a waist where there may be none! Also a pencil skirt can be a great choice for work, showing off your curves while still supporting your tummy.

The most important thing ladies is to start really thinking about what you want to show off and what you want to hide and start looking for these qualities in your clothes. If you don’t have them you won’t wear it! Usually as women we get stuck in a rut of going towards the same styles, picking out the same types of clothes all the time. We need to start being more adventurous – start pulling out different shapes and fabrics. Have fun trying on and you will be pleasantly surprised by the many shapes that may be perfect for you!






sales-shoppingIt’s that time if the year again – in fact it’s actually a month earlier than it used to be but you don’t hear me complaining! The Sales have started and you will see a treacle of reductions in the coming weeks as more and more shops start to follow suit! So faced with rails of choices and shopping centres full of potential mistakes how can we reduce the waste and increase the taste? How do we know when a bargain is really a bargain?

The first and most important rule (which in my opinion should be in the shopping rule book for women – (yes ladies I think there should be rule book) is that a bargain is only a bargain if you actually wear it! Sounds ridiculously like common sense yet open the doors of our over crammed wardrobes and you will quickly find out what I mean. The floral cardi that would go with the perfect pencil skirt you don’t yet have, the sky high stilettos that Kate Moss rocked down the red carpet have yet to be rocked outside your front door due to your fear of heights or remember those black leggings? The two pairs you bought to go with your new stylish casual winter ensembles only to pile them into an already overcrowded mixed up jumble of mistakes. Am I being harsh? Perhaps. But at least this way we have some semblance of the predicament our wardrobe may find itself in if we let ourselves lose before reading some top Style Fish Sales Tips!

When you’re braving the shops think about it logically. What were you looking for before the sales? What did you try on in November, love and didn’t buy because it was too expensive. This is always a good starting point. Its one of the biggest mistakes all women make! If it’s reduced by a huge amount we somehow feel an overwhelming allegiance to the Item purely based on the fact we have found it amongst the mounds of clothes and hordes of shoppers. It’s almost as if it is our job to love it. Well, if you liked it in November and you still like it now – it will be a good purchase.

If you do find something you truly love only to find it’s not left in your size, don’t fret. It wasn’t meant to be. In fashion just like in life – something’s are better left to chance! Unless it is easy to alter and you know you won’t just leave it hanging in your wardrobe, leave it back. In my experience anything we buy with the intention of altering, never sees the light of day again and if we do bring it to the tailor more often than not, the rejigged version is never like it was on the mannequin – so think twice. If it doesn’t fit, move on and find something that does! It’s like trying to change a man – it just can’t be done and usually isn’t worth the effort.

Really start to think about the reasons we buy our clothes. We buy them because we love them! They make us feel good and allow us to tell a little part of ourselves to the world – they allow us to express ourselves and we think and expect each and every item we buy to fulfil its duty no matter how much it cost. And rightly so or why buy it! Why then does this part tend to go flying out the window at the sight of a big red tag with the magic words ‘marked down’ blazoned across it? When we start buying clothes because they are cheap – we need to step away from the counter and start evaluating our wardrobes…closely.

We have all made mistakes, we have all made impulse purchases, it is sometimes part of the fun but when our wardrobes are ruled by a red tags rather than by a real reason, we need to stop! It’s what became much too common place before the dreaded ‘R’ word became came to the fore. So to make the sales really working for you, start looking at your basics – your Jeans, your day dresses, your coats, your good boots etc. Sometimes if we are not happy with this section of our wardrobe, the sales can be a good opportunity to fine tune these more expensive Items. It’s only when we have this right that we can comfortably have fun with the ‘fun’ element of the sales – buying something we wouldn’t normally touch, just because it is marked down!

We all need our wardrobes to start working harder than ever before and to see this happening; we too need to be part of that process to really see the results!


Irish Independent Tuesday Dec 29th 09

Feature written by Carissa Casey

Irish Independent Tuesday Dec 29th 09

tescoTesco’s exclusive lingerie range, “Diamond Boutique”, to go HALF PRICE
Designed for Tesco, by Michelle Mone, Founder of Ultimo
 “Diamond Boutique” the lingerie collection exclusive to Tesco, will be HALF PRICE* from Sunday, 27th December 2009 to Saturday, 2nd January 2010.  
Designed by founder of Ultimo, Michelle Mone,  “Diamond Boutique” is a high-fashion lingerie collection, which includes lingerie essentials and fashion-led designs in elegant fabrics such as silk, satin and chiffon. The range is incredible value, for quality pieces, with bras at just E14.00 (NOW E7.00) and briefs E8.00 (NOW E4.00)
“Diamond Boutique” is available in sizes 32A to 38D for bras and 8-18 for briefs. The range is available in 9 selected Tesco Ireland stores.  For details of your nearest store log onto or call 1850 744 844.


Miley Cyrus showed how to be an A-list star in Dublin earlier this week, with a €2,000 shopping spree on Grafton Street.

The superstar took advantage of one of her last few days in Dublin by hitting the BT2 store armed with her credit card and a team of assistants. She splashed out on clothes and designer shoes – but legged it when more than 100 fans swarmed around her.

The singer then sped back to the Conrad Hotel where she told the Irish Daily Mirror in the lobby: “I’m loving my time in Ireland so far. We’re going to have a lot of fun here over the next few days.”

Miley is also due to appear on The Late Late Show tonight.

lisboaMarie Harty, owner of Lisboa Boutique on 127, Oliver Plunkett Street is somewhat of a trend spotter. Three years before skinny jeans and ballet pumps were “de riguer” on the streets, Marie had them in her charming boutique.  She recalls that they were difficult to sell in the early days but that did not put Marie off bringing her forward thinking fashion trends  to her boutique where she mixes a variety of designer and affordable brands.  Indeed, Christmas has come early at Lisboa Boutique as the sale has started and will continue into January with current items at up to 50% off and this is set to rise up to 80% as the sale progresses.

Designers such as Aideen Bodkin, Tara Jarmon, By Malene Birger, Hoss and Leona Edminston sit comfortably beside the up and coming Fever London and Rene Derhy.  Accessories are also catered for with Shira Jewellery and Tutti and Co. UK which has unique and funky pieces that are currently on sale from €25 and are perfect stocking fillers, as are gift vouchers which are also available. Shoes from Spanish label Unisa and leather handbags from Catherine Parra are also available.

Trendsetter Marie Harty gave her tips for savvy sale shopping;

“Buying in the sales is a great way to build your wardrobe for the coming year.  As well as picking up classic staples in the sale such as the ubiquitous little black dress, the key trends for Spring Summer are the navy and nautical look. The sparkles currently seen on many pieces will continue into the next season with lots of silver and stripes for the summer. A tunic bought now could be teamed with white in the spring and is a great transition piece for those difficult fashion changing months. The Asymmetrical theme continues and we have a great one shoulder dress from Yuki on sale for €99.”

Now Savvy Shoppers have the secrets to create a Spring Summer Wardrobe at sale prices. Fashion followers have also discovered “Style Exchange” upstairs in Lisboa which is currently a hit with those who want to get something new from something old. Unwanted designer Christmas clothes/bags or shoes can be brought to the boutique in the New Year. Once the item is sold you get 50% back and if you exchange it for a Lisboa Voucher you will get an extra 20%.

Lisboa is located (for those of you who havent yet paid a visit!) is at 127 Oliver plunkett Street, Cork. Check out and check out some of the looks available right now below!


Catherine Parra Bag WAS €299 NOW €199

Catherine Parra Bag WAS €299 NOW €199

Hoss One Shoulder Dress WAS €199 NOW €129

Hoss One Shoulder Dress WAS €199 NOW €129

Black & White Gabby Harris Dress WAS €499 NOW €299

Black & White Gabby Harris Dress WAS €499 NOW €299

Hoss Dress WAS €199 NOW €129

Hoss Dress WAS €199 NOW €129

Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench

Naomi Watts really shines in this Raspberyy number - Fantastic coolour for her

Naomi Watts really shines in this Raspberyy number - Fantastic coolour for her

Penelope Cruz looks stunning in Red!

Penelope Cruz looks stunning in Red!

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas

Nicole Kidman Looking elegant & simple if a little too skinny!

Nicole Kidman Looking elegant & simple if a little too skinny!

Kate Hudson & Mum Goldie Hawn looking Fab!

Kate Hudson & Mum Goldie Hawn looking Fab!

Madonna & Lourdes both dressed top to toe in D&G

Madonna & Lourdes both dressed top to toe in D&G

So your nipping in for your party bits, your cranberry sauce and your pringles – why not pick up some seriously hot party wear while your at it!

I kid you not we have two Fab looks for the party season here for you straight from the Tesco rails! It gets even better though(I know how could it possibly be better!) each of the dresses shown are half price until this coming Sunday the 20th of December! Doesnt get much better than that!!

Blue Dress was €21 NOW €10.50 until Sunday!

Blue Dress was €21 NOW €10.50 until Sunday!

Red Dress was €23 NOW €11.50 until Sunday!

Red Dress was €23 NOW €11.50 until Sunday!


victoriaVictoria Beckham only reads the tabloids so she can see if she made the right fashion choices.

Although the former Spice Girl and her husband David Beckham have been the subject of much media speculation over the past decade, she insists she does not read what is written about them.

Instead, she uses paparazzi photos as a style guide.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily she said: “I pay absolutely no attention to the tabloids. For me, it’s always fun to look at the pictures – ‘Do I like my hair there? Don’t I like my hair there?’ but that’s pretty much where it ends.

“I take it with a pinch of salt. I’ve been doing this for a long, long time now.”


Pearl Boutique is just opened on Johns Lane, Naas.

Always pulling out the stops in terms of Fashion, Naas has done it again and just in time for Christmas treats! Pearl has a relaxed, comfortable and inviting environment to make those all important purchasing decisions!

They also have professionally qualified fitting specialists.  Theyhave carefully hand selected the most luxurious and wearable collection of beautiful lingerie labels to be exactly what women (and men!) will fall in love with.  Labels  include Marie Jo, Prima Donna, Fantasie, Freya.Rosapois andValery along with luxury comfort wear from Hanro and shapewear by Spanx.

Check it out!pearl-logo-jpeg

We wait with bated breath for our next enstallment, we simply cannot, I repeat cannot hold in our excitment! So each and every set of on set pictures and we are all over them like a rash. Here you go ladies – enjoy!









Far be it from us to belittle the festive Christmas cheer with talk of Spring! But when we got to see some pics from Oasis new collection we felt it only fair to share the love around and show you guys also! We left out the Bikini Collection just so we didn’t take it all too far! Our Fav pics? Definitely the Maxi Dresses!



















Today and tomorrow only! (December 10th & 11th)

Get some top tips on how to look fabulous this festive season at Kildare Village. Visit the style Gallery this Thursday 10th December between 3pm to 8pm to meet Liz Quin of Quin and Donnelly or Friday 11th December from 2pm to 7pm to get some expert tips from Irish fashion designer Helen McAlinden. Both designers will be on hand to offer personal style tips and to help you choose the perfect Christmas outfit.
At Kildare Village, exceptional value is always in style – and with up to 60% off the recommended retails prices all year round it’s the perfect boutique to fulfil all your festive wardrobe needs. Visit The Style Gallery and you will also be in with a chance to win a €500 shopping spree.
While the ladies are being styled, there is plenty of entertainment for the rest of the family, relax in Italian eaterie L’Officina and take in the Terry O’Neill ‘Intimate’ exhibition currently on show in The Gallery Space.
Kildare Village is the ultimate destination for luxuries, from Bally and Thomas Pink to TSE Cashmere and Molton Brown. And with the Kildare Village Outlet Shopping Express bus service now extended, shopping has never been so hassle free.

Kildare Village is home to over 55 designer boutiques at up to 60% off recommended retail prices. For more information on Kildare Village and how to get there, log onto


Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon








Both Reese Witherspon & Lily Allen were spotted rocking this gorgeous Prada coat in London, each giving it their own style twist.

What with temperatures falling, we’ve definitely entered winter coat season. So take inspiration from starlets Lily Allen and Reese Witherspoon who’ve decided against classic black and gone for this powder pink coat by Prada to snuggle up in this A/W season. A Statment coat is a must have in every girls wardrobe every season. Simply throw it on over Jeans and a tea shirt and feel instantly ‘done’!

Singing sensation Lily Allen was seen wearing the Resort 2010 must-have coat when leaving the Maida Vale studios. Teaming it with black sunglasses, Chanel’s Cocoon handbag, tights and platforms, Lily looked daytime-smart.

A day later, Reese Witherspoon was noticed wearing the same coat – proving it really is the must-have coat of the season! Reese opted for more of an evening look, teaming it with polka dot tights and ankle boots, in a look harking back to Twiggy’s 1960s style.

We are constantly talking about our 7 week Course, we love bringing you snippets of Info from the course through our Blog here and on Facebook so we we thought why not bring you some recent snap shots! Below you will see a few shots taken in class in The Beacon Hotel, Sandyford, Dublin just last week!clothes2 Style Fish is now launching our 7 week Course in both Cork & Kilkenny! Check out Our Classes Section for all the dates & venues!








7 Weeks with Style Fish:

Week 1:
Body Shape Analysis – Get all those Trinny & Susannah images out of your head… this is fun, simple and does not involve stripping!

Week 2:
Fashion & Body Class – Bra Fitting/ Building a Capsule Wardrobe/ De-cluttering.

Week 3:
Full Individual Colour Analysis – Discover your ‘wow’ colours & receive your personalised colour swatches, and building colour capsules with your best colours.

Week 4:
Fashion Trends – See & try a selection of clothes from the High Street, make your clothes work for you, learn how to accessorize to get an individual look. Discover your Style Personality.

Week 5:
Beauty Boot Camp – Make-up Lesson & Product Testing. Clear out your make-up bag and make your shopping list of Items that are right for you.

Week 6:
Beauty Boot Camp for Hair – You will be taught how to achieve everything from that elusive Salon Blow dry at home, face shapes (glasses for your face shape), every day styles, up styles, ghd curls, to the perfect colour.

Week 7:
Group Personal Shopping Trip – Put into practice all you have learned during the course, complete with goodie bag and Style Fish Certificate.








Kildare Village Outlet Shopping is delighted to announce the arrival of a selection of show stopping boutiques. In addition to over 50 high end brands already in situ, you can also pick up stylish items from Lacoste, 7 For All Mankind, Superdry, and Petit.

Petit OPENED – 1 November 2009
Petit Italian designer wear for children carries over five hundred unique designs. The clothes range from newborns to fourteen years of age. The collection includes romantically styled special occasion wear, top quality casual wear, christening gowns and casual baby wear.

Lacoste – OPENED 9 November 2009
The Lacoste lifestyle encompasses a chic and sporty elegance. You can be sure to find a contemporary twist on timeless classics in the Lacoste boutique in Kildare Village. Tennis chic, beach elegance and relaxed golfwear promise essential wardrobe separates that will carry you effortlessly from day to night.

Superdry – Opened December 2nd. Inspired by vintage Americana and Japanese graphics, classic cult label Superdry has the hottest looks for the street. Stocking everything from vintage thrift, designer denims and accessories, the Kildare Village boutique will be sure to keep you on trend for the season. Open today, a visit to the Superdry boutique is a must!

7 For All Mankind – OPENING IN DECEMBER 2009
7 For All Mankind is a world leader in premium denim. Featuring a wide selection of fits, fabrics and washes, there is a style to suit everyone. This exciting arrival means the hottest designer denims as favoured by Hollywood’s elite are now available in Ireland for a fraction of the original RRP. These high quality jeans are sure to fit and flatter any shape.

Whether you’re a casual fashionista on the hunt for the perfect pair of designer jeans, or a yummy Mummy looking for the perfect party outfit, Kildare Village has the ideal boutique for you. And with the Kildare Village Outlet Shopping Express bus service now extended, shopping has never been so hassle free.

Just in time for Christmas Shopping too! For more information on Kildare Village and how to get there, log onto


Diane Kruger at the Mr. Nobody Film premiere in venice

Diane Kruger at the Mr. Nobody Film premiere in venice

Dani Minogue on The Xfactor (we would like to put in all her styles but have room for just one sample!)

Dani Minogue on The Xfactor (we would like to put in all her styles but have room for just one sample!)

Cheryl Cole at The Brit Awards

Cheryl Cole at The Brit Awards

Jennifer Anniston at the 'He's Just Not That Into You' premiere

Jennifer Anniston at the 'He's Just Not That Into You' premiere

Kate Winslet at The Academy Awards LA

Kate Winslet at The Academy Awards LA

Kiera Knightley at Cheri Film premiere in Germany

Kiera Knightley at Cheri Film premiere in Germany

Sienna Miller at the GI Joe screening in LA

Sienna Miller at the GI Joe screening in LA

Posh at her Son Cruz's 4th Birthday in LA

Posh at her Son Cruz's 4th Birthday in LA

Lily Allen in a Purple Wig at Glastonbury

Lily Allen in a Purple Wig at Glastonbury

Lady Gaga - You have to hand it to her - it is different!

Lady Gaga - You have to hand it to her - it is different!

Scarlett Johansson while promoting Dolce & Gabanna Make-up, Selfridges London

Scarlett Johansson while promoting Dolce & Gabanna Make-up, Selfridges London

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie also at The Academy Awards!

Angelina Jolie also at The Academy Awards!

Jennifer Anniston at the Academy Awards

Jennifer Anniston at the Academy Awards

Adorned and adored by the likes of Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman & Sarah Jessica Parker Otazu Jewellery is now being stocked in Luca Shoe & Accessory Boutique in Cork.

Style Fish loves Otazu, having heard about it a few months ago because of its quirky yet collectable feel. It offers something unique to an outfit while looking amazingly individual on everyone! The collections at LUCA consist of powerful designs are always a little quirky and there is just something about the collection that draws the eye! And hell..if its good enough for Sarah Jessica Parker….(who has been spotted wearing pieces from the collection in the 2010 Sex and the City Movie!)

All designs are personally created by designer, Rodrigo Otazu, with the highest possible degree of attention, and handmade and produced in his own production unit in Bali.  Otazu pieces have the distinctive signature of a designer who has an intensely personal touch and a fiercely creative vision.

Modelled in the past by leading internationally renowned models such as Lily Cole and Erin O’Connor, In September 2002, Britney Spears commissioned Otazu to design pieces for her “White Snake” performance at the MTV Awards.  The Britney jewellery was so such a hit that Spears requested many further pieces for her European tour. 

There are three key elements found in all Otazu pieces available at LUCA.  These are creativity, inspired by the designer’s global travels and shopping sprees; originality, that ‘wow’-factor with the end result always being a surprise, an original and unique innovation; and beauty, to Otazu beauty is about authenticity, exclusive style and elegance.

Prices start at €60 and go up to €200. Find your “wow” piece from Otazu now at LUCA, 30 Princes Street, Cork.  LUCA is open Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.30pm.  Phone: (021) 4270440.





cliniqueWe all know purple is the colour du jour (du year in fact!) and we are loving Cliniques new ‘Violet Colour Collection’ with a range of wearable tones and shimmery shadows ranging from soft Pinks for Drak Purple.

If you’ve been in a Style Fish Class recently you may remember from the Colour section that Lavender is a good colour on most Irish skin tones so not only are you getting an on trend product but most importantly it will work long after Purple is gone out with the floods! So if violet berries and rich plums are your preferred look then prepare to be wowed by this collection!

For eyes there is a fabulous limited edition eyeshadow palette (€31) that contains four shimmery shadows. Wear them alone for a softer look during the day or layered to achieve a dramatic smokey eye (and remember its all about the quality of your brushes to achieve that smokey look) . To really rock the look add the new limited edition brush on cream eye liner in violet luxe (€18) and finish with the new high impact mascara in black (€19).

They also have a Fab limited edition shimmering stripes powder blusher (€34). It features four shades of blush in rich plum and pink shades. Pressed together in a beautiful striped pattern, these sheer powders deliver a soft, radiant all over glow.

To really crank up the colour add the new plump and shine gloss available in bloomberry and double plum (€19). Or make a bold statement with the new high impact lipstick in extreme pink (€19).

For an extra touch of glamour each of the products is housed in an elegant silver-colored case.

Irish Examiner Nov 30th 2009

Style Fish Featured in their ‘Talk the Talk’ Feature!

Irish Examiner Nov 30th 2009

beyonce1Beyonce showed how to be an A-list star in Dublin earlier this week, as she started her day with a shopping spree at River Island. The superstar, 27, took advantage of her time in Dublin by hitting the Grafton Street store armed with her credit card and a team of assistants

The Herald newspaper reported that she bought a €64 black and silver sequined skirt, along with a €74 black and white jumpsuit from the new collection. Beyonce also bought several additional sequined mini skirts, a number of sequin dresses and a variety of dazzling costume jewellery during her whirlwind shopping spree on Dublin’s best known shopping street.

And despite her superstar status, the singer did not display any diva-like behavior during her visit, choosing not to take the lead of other high profile celebs by ringing ahead and having the shop closed for her unexpected trip.

“Beyonce came in for about a half an hour and was accompanied by two bodyguards,” said one onlooker, who was in the store at the time.

“She wasn’t in the least bit precious and didn’t look for any extra attention from the staff because of who she was. “She was very nice and courteous to the other shoppers who were there at the time and seemed very impressed by the clothes they had.

“Beyonce was saying to her minders that the outfits would be perfect on stage or when she has to make any public appearances and told the staff ‘the more glitter and sparkles the better’,” they added.


We are all on the look out for our ‘party season dress’ at this time of year. It has to fulfill so many duties, be flattering, be comfortable, be stylish, be on trend, be elegant, be suitable for the occassion – hell it has to be your best friend and we don’t compromise on that so why compromise until you find the one you love! Here is our pick to help you out! P.S We have kept them all within your Budget! How good is that!

Warehouse About €70

Warehouse About €70

Next About €65

Next About €65


New Look About €45

New Look About €45

Topshop About €55

Topshop About €55

Topshop About €65

Topshop About €65 About €50 About €50

25% off of all stock at Rococo Boutique this weekend, Thursday Nov 26th – Sunday Nov 29th. With shops in Westbury Mall & Sandycove Dublin and also in Cross Street, Galway City. With labels such as Cecilia Prado, Hoss, Karen merkel & Gemeni, this is a gem of a boutique. They also have a Fab online Magazine to give you lots of inspiration in how to put the clothes together! Log onto for more.

rococo(Sunday opening at all locations!)



topshopYeaaa! Our favourite Fashion mecca is opening in Cork this coming Saturday! Excited doesnt even come close to describing how we felt when we heard the news (this coming from the girl who has been known to quite literally spend a whole afternoon on the accessories floor in Topshop, London!).

Its like fate – as soon as Style Fish decides to spread its wings and brings our fabulous Fashion Course to Cork, Topshop opens! So we are very excited to be able to bring you all the latest news from the shopping heaven as soon as we have it! It will be located on 14 Academy Street Cork and not only that but today (26th November) if you are on the streets of Cork – look out for Topshop girls bearing gifts cards with values from €1 to €250 for you to spend on the opening day! Also, if you purchse something on the opening day keep your receipt and head outside where a hot chocolate van will warm your tummy with some free hot chocolate!


Style Fish was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year……!

Yes, it is quite possible I should have been writing this piece way before now! Like when I found out we had been nominated for The young Entrepreneur of the Year as part of the Image Magazine Awards about two weeks ago – but there is something scary about writing nice things about yourself and what you do! But what with the actual awards being on in The Merrion Hotel, Dublin last night, I am feeling all inspired and get up and go this morning with all those fabulous women surrounding me!

Granted Style Fish didn’t win – but that is mere detail when really the accolade is in the nomination.

Their were four main Nominations – Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Professional Women of the Year, Businesswomen of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.

Young Entrepreneur was won by Fantastic Boutique and Label Chica in Westbury Mall, Dublin. Owners Joestte, Mena and Mary Kate Ryan have expanded their Boutique Gem to London as well as having set up their own label and haing Beyonce and Alexandra Burke doing some serious shopping in their Dublin store! The Other Fantastic nod to women in business but in particular women in the Fashion & beauty Industry was for Annie Gribbin, founder of make-up brand Make-up Forever and Face 2 products (which might I add Style Fish uses lots of in our make-up Class!) who won Entrepreneur of the Year!

Go Ladies & well done Style Fish!



It’s like one of the Seven Wonders of the World – how some women seem to look the Fashion Gods in the eye and they just seem to constantly give into their every whim. You know the ones I am talking about, they are everywhere, everyday. On the Bus, in the car beside you, hell their even there as you try to buy a guilt free muffin on your ten minute lunch break making you feel even worse about the fact your leopard print cardigan & leather skirt just doesn’t look the same as when you flicked through the pages of Grazia.

When we come across these women we feeling an overwhelming urge to first of all look them up and down and secondly and crucially either slap them in the face or make them your new best friend (depending on your mood of course). What do they have that we don’t and why oh why does it feel so powerful? They make it seem like the very word ‘trend’ was thought of just to encapsulate everything about them. From skinny leather jeans, to Chanel ballet pumps, from cut off denims to folk mini dresses. It is the girl who can go from red carpet to festival chic with one wave of her magic wardrobe wand. While the rest of us, no matter how hard we try would make a Luella Prom Dress look like an over dressed marshmallow.

We all want to be that girl, where there are no rules only endless possibilities. Where street style & city chic lie side by side in our edgy & envied wardrobe and it is for this reason Fashion is undoubtedly a hugely powerful force. It tells a part of our story to the world, it is about method and madness in one complete look & Some day in the not to distant future we will all be one of those girls…but in the meantime, we will have fun trying!


Style Fish is currently styling a series of themed photo shoots for accredited photographer . Jill is a regular contributor to RSVP Magazine. She is also well known on the Red Carpet having photographed at The Meteor Awards & the Iftas. This fantastic photo shoot on location in St Annes Woods Clontarf took place between the rain showers on Saturday the 14th of November. Here is just a selection of the shots from the day..

Look out for Cinderella Shoot – Coming soon!

Photography Jill O’Meara

Styling; Julie –

Model; Michelle Ward – Morgan Modelling Agency

Outfits with thanks to Arnotts – Labels Included Helen McAlinden (Red Coat), Buffalo Shoes (Red Boots) , Gerard Deral, Give (Leather Leggings), Red 50’s Style Dress & Black Coat; Hobbs








Coze di Rozy Shoes, Bags & Accessories Affair!

Coze di roze, Cabinteely Village, Dublin are holding a shoes, bags & accessories Affair for customers & friends of Coze Di Roze on Wednesday, 25 November, 6pm to 9pm. Style Fish Members Welcome!

This stylish event is being held at the Suite above Coze Di Roze with gorgeous treats from Daisy Chain Cupcakes, tipples to keep you in the festive spirit, floral displays from Flower Boutique Dun Laoghaire, specially made set from Carol Shaw Jewellery and lots more. There will be regular raffles for these & more prizes throughout the evening with discounts and special offer promotions.


Coze Di Roze – Venue: Suite above shop

About Coze Di Roze
Soraya Quigley of Coze Di Roze has created a treasure trove of hard to find individual and stand out shoes, bags and jewellery. Soraya carries 2 of each size per style to keep a feeling of exclusivity. A full range of accessories are on offer to help complete your outfit for any occasion. A wonderful selection of gifts for even the hardest to buy for is also available. An exclusive service is offered to customers on three bag ranges to make you the perfect accessory no-one else will have and all at affordable prices.Coze Di Roze offer an honest and welcoming service to everyone who visits and customer satisfaction is their priority. Shoes by; Hoss Intropia, Chie Mihara, Rockin Reptile, Poetic Licence, Esska, Velvet Bee, and Minette. Bags By, Ignes Handbags, Artico Bags, Emma Gordon Bags, Mimi Berry, Carlo and Hoyt. Accessories by Pearls for Girls Jewellery, Desta Jewellery, Aganzi Knitwear, Omsa Hosiery, Kathleen McAuliffe Millinery, Artico Fascinators and MoMuse Jewellery

Coze Di Roze  is opened  from 10.00 – 5.30 Tues – Sat & 7.30 Thurs



The battle for Christmas shoppers is hotting up and Debenhams is leading the way by launching a €30 million price cutting campaign across Ireland – six weeks before Christmas!

Store bosses said customers were “still feeling the pinch” from the recession and they are now reducing prices in an attempt to attract shoppers who have been hit by the credit crunch.
Tens of thousands of items throughout all of its Irish stores in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Kildare and Kerry, will have their prices slashed by up to 25%.

The move is bound to create an impact with its major rivals eager to maintain full prices during the festive period. It also means local shoppers could have their entire Christmas ‘wrapped’ by the 21 November, and be 25% better off when it comes to their budget management. A similar pre-emptive strike by Debenhams last year was so successful that it forced many big name retailers to cut Christmas prices.

Debenhams’ Sales Director for Ireland Chris Paton said “Customers everywhere continue to feel the pinch in this recession. And many continue, understandably, to feel very anxious about the economic environment. They are looking to leading retailers to provide them with real value through meaningful price reductions and that’s what we’re determined to do with our Christmas Spectacular.”

It is likely that rivals will react to avoid losing market share in what is shaping to be the most fiercely fought Christmas shopping campaign on record. Isn’t that good news for us ladies! The four day price cutting campaign begins on November 18 and covers everything in-store including womenswear, menswear and kid’s clothing, cosmetics and fragrance, Christmas gifting, homewares and accessories.

Happy Shopping xdebenhams

Being pregnant conjures up many gorgeous & loving Images all to do with the joys of expecting but Mum more than ever before needs to feel special..

Long gone are the cocktails after work and the slinky dresses. Mama Mio’s little lunchbox tricks is just the ticket to a little daily indulgence to put a stylish, feel good smile back on your face. The lid of this funkily presented purchase firstly congratulates ‘supermamas’, before reminding them of the countdown which has begun and of the little miracle they’re creating. And boy do they deliver a fantastic pressie or treat for any mum to be! Facial Spritz, Wonder-Full Balm, Massage Oil and Tummy Rub Butter.

Easy to believe that three mothers are behind Mama Mio because they know their stuff! The Calming Facial Spritz is a Godsend in sticky situations. Whether you’re in a hot climate or suffering from nausea, two sprays of this and you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed. The Omega Wonder-Full Balm is the perfect anti-dote to dry skin anywhere from lips to elbows to hands and feet. Tired pregnant bods will fall in love with the Omega Massage Oil which feels even better than it smells, thanks to a blend of sunflower, sweet almond, jojopba and Vitamin E oils. Better still, get you know who to apply the oil for a real treat!

Finally one that might not be as much fun but is an essential luxury nonetheless is the Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter. Filled with shea butter, wheatgerm amd borage oils, you might even treat other parts of the body if they’ve been behaving themselves.

For the super conscious, super careful mums-to-be rest assured – all of the products are paraben, petrolatum colourant and synthetic fragrance free.

mama-mioMama Mio Countdown Kit, RRP €80.00. Tel: 01 4610645 for stockists.


With the party season almost here and the rain pouring down – it is a challenge to look look & feel stylish as we brave the elements!

So delighted were we when we heard about yet another great collection from Simply Be for the Party Season. But the best part – it doesnt cost the earth, they cater for sizes 14 – 32 in all their looks and we have choosen some of our Favs to give you a head start! With glamour dresses, day to eveningwear to take you from the office to the bar and in great shapes to flatter the curvy lady – we really love what Simply Be have given us this Season. Here are our picks for you that won’t break the bank.

Trench Coat €71.99

Beaded Dress €105

Sequins Tunic Dress in grey €76.99

Cream Beaded Top €85.49

Lace Trim Dress €85.49

Satin Dress €85.49 (Great for Apple, Pear & Hourglass Ladies)

Wine Leather Jacket €102.99

Colour Block Dress €85.49

One shoulder All in One €94.49

Beaded Fringe Dress €133.49


Irish website is a little gem for quirky Christmas Pressies! Specialising in handbags and accessories – we have picked some of our Favs to save you even more time!

The fringed evening bag below is only €23 and is made from dupion silk – soft sumptious and really girlie! Most silk bags come in a range of colours and are delivered throughout Ireland so you don’t have to even go out into this horrible rain to find the perfect stocking filler for family & friends!

gorgeous3Clutch Bag with bow (below) only €20 & is fully lined! Availble in Fuschia Pink, rose pink, green or black.

And our personal Favourites are the colourful silk bags with wrist strap. looking to brighten up your denims, or just for something fun and colourful for a christmas pressie – these bags are only €14 and are available in an array of colours!

Check out for more!



Style Fish is delighted to bring you some fabulous Fashion from around the Country on our Pigsback Fashion slot. This time around we want to talk about two things we all love in Winter – feeling stylish while being cosy & warm! This dress (below) that we found in Frill Boutique, Kilcullen ticks all the boxes!

Another big trend it covers is ‘Purple’ with a fantastic soft satin fabric which will bring you from day to evening – it’s what we all want to see as the party season is fast approaching! In our Classes the one big thing women tell us they find the hardest is how to do the ‘casual’ look with style & this look is Fab for casual elegance. At €159 dress it down with opaque tights, Flat Riding Boots, a cosy cardi and Obi belt or simply hang loose with your Highest heels and Silver Jewellery for instant night time glamour! Get thee to Frill Boutique now!



Check out for more Fabulous Style Fish Fashion Advice



They were as Glamorous as ever this year. The Cosmopoliton Women of the Year Awards celebrates all things inspiring from the celebrity & real world! As women from across a wide gamet of professions were chosen for a myriad of awards.


This year’s judges – Alesha Dixon, Fearne Cotton, Vernon Kay, Sarah Brown, Cosmo Editor Louise Court and business woman Karen Brady (pictured above) – had the hard task of picking the winners from an awe-inspiring shortlist.  Here are all the winners & some of the fabulous fashion!

Ultimate Woman’s Woman: Kimberley Walsh

Ultimate TV Presenter: Holly Willoughby

Ultimate Celeb Who Made Us Care: Brooke Kinsella

Ultimate Love-Your-Body Champions: Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor

Ultimate Newcomer: Pixie Lott

Ultimate TV Personality: Dannii Minogue

Ultimate Funny Woman: Ruth Jones

Ultimate Man of the Year: Andrew Flintoff

Ultimate TV Actress: Lacey Turner

Ultimate Music Star: Leona Lewis

Ultimate Hottie: Ricky Whittle

Ultimate Film Actress: Megan Fox

Kirsty Gallagher

cosmo ultimate women awards 8 111109
Hofit Golan

cosmo ultimate women awards 8 111109
Lacey Turner

cosmo ultimate women awards 9 111109
Louise Redknapp

cosmo awards 4 111109
Kimberly Walsh

cosmo awards 4 111109
Dani Minogue

cosmo ultimate women awards 5 111109
Abagail Clancy

cosmo awards 4 111109

The Movie is back and now Awear have their own Twilight inspired range to get us excited. Black is here to stay with us for Christmas as our favourite highstreet fashion brand launches their fab new Christmas collection just in time for the party season. From leather to satin finished off with lots of embellishment….grab your heels and get ready to strut! This season is all a…bout dressing it up with underlying hints of shimmer & shine, studs & lots of sparkling embellishment. But what we really love are the fact that this range has serious longeviety. They are pieces you can dress up or dress down and completely restyle next Christmas! We have to keep thinking ‘Value for Money’ and thats what this range will give you. The price point is fantastic and we particularily love the soft black leather jacket (below) and tulle skirt – girlie and edgy which is a key look at the moment.

100% Leather Jacket €120/ Tulle Skirt €28

Black Jewel Shoulder Jacket €80

Jumpsuit €50

Gold Bandeau Dress €45/ Sequins Blazer €60

Award-winning Zeba Hairdressing, with salons on South William Street, Dublin and Maynooth, Co. Kildare, have introduced a recession inspired blow dry, for just €20, allowing more customers enjoy the luxury of getting their hair done.
To book your blowdry or find out more, visit Zeba Hairdressing located on South William Street, Dublin (01- 6716444 ) or Manor Mills Shopping Centre, Maynooth (01- 5054480). Please visit the Zeba Hairdressing website at



recession-proofWhat do you do when the recession has pretty much evaporated your Fashion Budget? (First of all Get thee to the nearest Style Fish Class to find out how to shop smarter for you first of all!)
Secondly follow our money saving tips to show you how to be fashionable & fabulous with just a few pennies and some clever thinking!
1. Always choose quality over quantity. If you but a top that’s €60 and you wear its loads it is better than buying three tops for €20 that you only have like but bought because they were cheap! Naughty naughty and it needs to stop! Its called working out the ‘Cost per Wear’. Think about some of the clothes in your wardrobe – think ‘how much did I wear that Item and did I really get value for money whether it was cheap or expensive?’
2. Now is the perfect time to re-discover what is in your closet! Start looking at the Items at the back of your wardrobe with a fresh eye. Get creative and use magazines and websites for Inspiration. Change the buttons on a Jacket to sparkly diamantes for the festive season, shorten a hem, add a brooch – get creative!
3. Don’t bin faded Black items. Use fabric dye to restore them to their former glory. It’s simple to do and costs no more that €5!
4. Declutter your wardrobe and organise a clothes swap party with a group of friends who should do the same. Give the clothes you never wear a better home in your friends wardrobe and you get something new for nothing!
5. Treating the clothes you already own to extra special care and attention means fewer replacement purchases. Little things such as catching stains early, using fabric softener, mending holes, sewing in missing buttons.
6. There is always an enormous growth in sales of accessories during a recession because if money is tight a bag or a piece of jewellery will feel like an affordable treat and will totally change the look of your outfit.
7. Best advice in terms of buying clothes is to invest in better quality basics (jeans, Black Dress, white shirt etc) and simply update these each season through accessories)
8. Always go for fit instead of Fashion Fads. Don’t obsess over the latest fashion must have  and instead focus on pieces that really suit you and that you need as you will get much more wear from them!
9. Keep an eye online an din shops for money off coupons, vouchers, buy one get one free deals etc. they are everywhere at the moment. But remember a bargain is only a bargain if you will wear and love it!


off-the-railsGood Morning Ladies!

Hope you all had a good weekend! We had a busy one at Off The Rails! It was a good show even if the Fashion was a tad disappointing! Here are some of our highlights and stuff we found for you that we loved!

A Fab Vintage Interiors, Jewellery & clothes shop in Belfast called Liberty Blue (Sign up for their newsletter at fab vintage inspired pendants, girlie cardis, chunk jewels and all at reasonable prices.

The Fab shoe shop Fabucci from Naas were showcasing their Autumn Winter collection. We came across a shop based in Rathoath called The Designer Circle. it is a ladies Boutique specialising in new and nearly new designer labels to help us satisfy our love of great clothes even in the current climate. Ladies who have worn a dress to an event and may not want to be ‘seen’ in the outfit again, or bought something and never actually wore it, get to recoup some of their original expenditure. Ladies who would like to declutter their wardrobes of clothes they know they are never going to wear again! So in a nutshell – if you want designer clothes but not the designer price tag this is definately worth a look. Check out to find out more or email – here is some current stock;

Fur Coat was €2000 now €285d3
Baby Doll Dress was €400 now €99

Ralph Lauren Dress was €1000 now €275

We also came across something we absolutely loved and that is The ‘Rediscovery Centre’ based in Ballymun Civic Centre. They recycle clothing, accessories and fabrics. They had the most amazing baby pink brocade curtains made into a 50’s inspired dress! The Idea behind it is to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and providing education through hands-on training programmes. Did you know that almost 93% of all textile waste in ireland is sent to landfill. Check out

FAB FASHION EVENT NEWS! If your looking for MORE designer labels for less head to The Herbert Park Hotel on November 22st & ssnd 11am with labels from Aideen Bodkin, Kate & Ava, laura Guidi, Pink Soda, Malene Birger, orla Keily and up and coming knitwear designer Heather Finn. They will also have shoes from the Fab Cozi Di Roze, Jewellery from MO Muse and accessories from amazing designer Helen james. Definately one for the diary for your Christmas warrobe!

We are now new Fans of Velvet Salon on Ormond Quay Dublin for thei Fab french Polish for only €19! Check out

If you were there hope you had fun, if you were not hope you enjoyed the best of the rest from above!


Marfield together with Ruby Rouge present a girlie night with Ireland’s answer to Gok Wan, Brendan Courtney!




Price €40.00, early booking is advised ! Contact Marlfield House or Ruby Rouge to reserve your place.

A VERY SPECIAL RATE OF €75 PER PERSON SHARING Bed & Breakfast is also available at Marlfield house should you wish to make a night of it!



We try our best to avoid additives, colourings and other nasty things in our diet, so why should our beauty routine be any different?


Enter, Ireland’s newest online beauty boutique, providing a comprehensive range of pure, natural and organic products that are free of potential irritants and unnecessary synthetic chemicals but still produce spectacular results.  What we love about the site is that you can get different Organic brands all under one roof! Sometimes we all feel it can be hard to know what ranges are ‘Organic’ what we should actually trust and also somewhere we can read up on lots of different options before we make our choices! Thats what this website does!

Each product has been carefully handpicked to meet strict guidelines and features established brands like Trilogy skincare, hair care from John Masters, certified organic make-up from Nvey Eco as well as nourishing essentials from Balm Balm. The online offering also includes organic baby care and pregnancy products from Weleda & Erbaviva, male grooming essentials from Organic Homme, a dental care range from Green People and covetable gifts for every occasion. The brain child of Cork native Leila Bendali, Safia Organics aims to heighten people’s awareness of the sensible and sustainable choices available in the beauty industry. With a background in chemistry, she wasn’t happy with what every day products forced her to put on her face and body.

“It wasn’t easy, because my standards are so high” says Leila. “So many other products – even ones that seemed natural – just weren’t pure enough. But eventually I came up with the products on this website; products I’m proud to offer as being totally wholesome and pure. You don’t even have to check the labels as I’ve spent many hours doing all that for you!”
Find your favourites today at and avail of free delivery on all orders over €70.






Do we really need an excuse for a treat ladies??!

Not usually but if you feel you really do right now then this is it! The Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt in Wicklow have just launched a Fab new MANICURE SUITE using Essie Nail Products ! The Manicure Suite which has four manicure stations offers essential and luxury manicures. Manicurists will be offering a range of fashionable, long lasting and chip resistant colours which are sure to last.   The Manicure Suite, decorated in dark wood and leather, is a haven where ladies can relax with each other whilst receiving the most up to date shade for every occasion. How about a nice lunch with your girlfriends before the Christmas rush? perhaps a cocktail or even just a coffee and leave with nails to die for! Sounds like bliss!


Essie Products are loved worldwide as their products are dedicated to the care and maintenance of natural nails as they are fortified with vitamins and minerals and guaranteed to strengthen, replenish and maintain healthy, beautiful nails. Manicures start from Euro 45 and include a hand and arm massage.
For enquiries and reservations please contact +353 1 274 9710 or


We all want to achieve the cosy layered look with style this Winter but it can seem a little tricky.

Plummeting temperatures, falling leaves and fog are all promting this post! Why is it many women are scared of getting this look right with style? Here we make it simple for you and bring you some of the latest Fashions from Oxendales which will offer you affordable, colourful and stylish options to get you working the layering look!

 ♥ Layer different necklines to avoid looking bulky. A great way would be to wear two different  necklines, with the one underneath adding a pop of colour.

♥ Layer pieces like cropped cardigans over shirts, or tie a button shirt just under your bust and over a t-shirt.

♥ If the neckline of a certain top is too low, use your collection of tank tops to make it practical and add a pop of colour. You can also wear tank tops under cardigans, vests, blazers, and sweaters!

♥ Mix different Fabrics. Get more wear from your light satin dress from Summer by layering with chunky wool tights, a log cardigan and pull it all together with a soft fabric belt of simple a long measure of material. If your dress has a belt that can be detached, simply take off the belt and wrap the belt around the cardigan.

♥ While wearing a dress, add a long sleeve shirt under it to make it practical for the fall and winter. Also try wearing a dress with a shrug.

♥  Tights can even be worn with shorts, which is a great way to wear them all year.

♥ Avoid bulky fabrics to avoid looking frumpy, and layer with lighter materials.

♥ In order to make layering appear less cluttered, wear fewer accessories and let your clothes do the work.





Get some Inspiration from these looks from the Catwalk & magazines….





It was a show-stopping night style-wise at the MTV Europe Music Awards with host Katy Perry changing costume a whopping 12 times! I kid you not…

In a bid to outdo her 10 dazzling outfits when she hosted the same event last year, Katy upped her fashion game and showcased 12 outfits, including a gorgeous floor-length pink Marchesa gown, a red velvet jacket with fashionable stockings tights, and even a West Ham lingerie set. She said ‘I spent a lot of time working out every single detail, just making sure every look was perfect.’

Beyoncé changed a more reasonable four times with a stand-out outfit being a sexy red corset and suspenders, and the very same dress that Cheryl Cole wore on last weekend’s X Factor.

The singer picked up three awards, Best Song for Halo, Best Female, and Best Video for Single Ladies, which she dedicated to her husband Jay Z ‘for finally putting a ring on it.’

Leona Lewis performed in Vivienne Westwood Gown (which we wern’t crazy about – check it out below), Pixie Lott shone in a Dolce & Gabbana minidress, and Shakira also took to the stage in a warrior-style metallic ensemble.

Katy must be exhausted today! Here’s a sample…








Kerastase have just brought out their first range of hair products for mature hair called Age Premium.

The products aim to tackle the problems that come with aging hair, as the hair becomes more fragile and dry.

They work to protect and reinforce the hair while hydrating the scalp, and giving the hair greater volume and shine.

There are four products in the range, a shampoo (€19.95), masque (€36.30), hair spray (€25.30) and vitamin supplements (€36.30).

The Age Premium Nutrients contain zinc, fish and blackcurrant seed oils and vitamins C and E to improve the hair quality and substance. Sounds like good stuff!

As with all Kerastase products, a little goes a long way, so although these are pretty pricey – you will get a lot of use out of them and thats what you need to remember – usually salon brand products will last you three times as long as supermarket brands so in the long run its worth spending a little more to get that qualitykerastase.

For salon stockist enquiries ring 01-6045935.

Grazia Magazine – one of our Fav Fashion Mags stopped off in Dublin as part of their UK/Ireland Style Hunter competition. Snapping their way around the streets The UK & Ireland to find the fashionable elite as they go about their daily business! Their will be one winner from each city – the best news – you choose your winner! The bad news – voting closes today! Check out the Pics of our Dublin Girls below and our Fav??? VOTE Michelle Curtain! Log onto the following link to cast your vote now!

Michelle Curtain, 28, Brand Managergrazia1

Stacey O’Donnell, 25, Buyers Assistant

Clementine McNeice, 20, Retail Assistant

Annmarie O’Connor, 36 Blogger, Stylist & Journalist

Angela Scanlon, 25, Stylist & Journalist



So, it’s fair to say we are all glued to Cheryl & Dani as they walk on stage in this year’s Xfactor. Poor Simon & Louis haven’t a chance of catching our eye in fact..

We have to admit that Dani’s style in this series is just spot on. She looks so much more relaxed and natural with amazingly thought out emsembles, eye catching sequins, fantastic body skimming shapes and her hair..where do we start with her hair. It has been reported in the Press that due to the fact Cheryl is under strict instruction from L’oreal under her £500,000 contract she can’t do much to alter her hair do so Dani is clearly out shining her in the Hair Do Department and this weekend was no exception as we saw not one but two amazing quiffs!

But back to Cheryls Fashion choice for Saturday nights show – a £1500 bizzare mini by up and coming designer David Koma. It was risky, it was fun, it looked very uncomfortable (and she even gave Simon an eyeful!) but we salute Miss Cole for her daring choice. It may not be everyones cup of tea but Browns Fashion, the only shop to currently stock Koma’s range was sold out in minutes. Miss Cole can’t put a fashion foot wrong at the moment it seems. Check out the dress below both on Cheryl and as it appeared on the Catwalk..and make up your own mind…cheryl1



Minx is a fab new nail fashion that extends fashion to your fingertips!

Only available through certified nail technicians, Minx is made of flexible film, and is applied with heat and pressure.  Because Minx is a solid nail coating, there are no fumes during application or removal.  Additionally, Minx does not require any drying time! Now thats what we like to hear!

There are hundreds of standard designs and graphics, and the part we really adore is the fact it can be customised depending on what you want from a pattern or Photo! Minx lasts approximately four to eight days on the fingers, and up to four weeks on the toes.

Prices for Minx application vary, but the average price for a Minx manicure/pedicure and application ranges from €25-€35.

It has a huge celebrity following also (so it must be good!) and has been worn by (no kidding) all of the following – Beyonce, Rhianna, Victoria Bekham, Kae Bekinsdale, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga (See Below), Fergie, Katy Perry, Liv Tyler and thats just naming a few! It has also appear on the cover of the following Mags we love! Elle & Italian Vogue.

So where can we get these Fab nails? is the place! Based in Fashion City in Ballymount. Call 01 4295122. You will find a Map online. Creative Spa is a new Urban Day Spa with clients including Glenda Gilson & Lisa Murphy. They were also featured last week on XPOSE! Not bad! Check it out!





ICHI is a Fab, affordable & fun label that captures the essence of this seasons key looks, with a mixture of girle glamour and dark, edgy styles.

With the Party season fast approaching they have just launched a new collection. Fab dresses in flowing silhouttes, fab silks and satins, lots of pleating and a mixture of soft & dark colours. We love the gold sequins dress below worn with black opaques and open toe shoe boots. Edgy & Girlie. Great leather dress for those of you feeling brave enough to try this trend. Great dark denims to chose from also.

Rose Pink Satin Blouse €29.95ichi10Black Denims €49.95

ichi9Grey Fringing Top €29.95

ichi8Black Layered Cardigan €49.95

Sequins Dress €59.95

ichi6Leather Dress €54.95

Pink Sequins Dress €29.95

Leopard Print Dress €34.95

There are Stockists of ICHI around the Country including Nicola Ross; Naas, Winstons; Kilkenny, B.Young; Wexford, Clerys; Dublin. For the full list of stockists Lo Call 1890 44 66 88


On a wet a windy Thursday afternoon I hope some of you got to see Style Fish featured on The Afternoon Show!

Style Fish & Arnotts organised a Networking Event for businesses in the Fashion & Beauty world on Friday the 23rd of Oct in Palmerstown House, Kildare ( and The Afternoon Show had cameras rolling all morning as they were in the process of mentoring the lovely Emer Farrell back into the workplace to get involved in PR! Style Network was the choosen event and we were delighted to have Emer there on the day to help out! We were delighted that Style Fish got showcased as part of this great feature! Check out the show online on RTE PLAYER on the following link;



Off the Rails – The Total Experience will kick off with a premiere evening on Friday 13th November at 7.30pm with the inaugural Off the Rails Fashion Awards. Off The Rails – The Total Experience runs from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th November at the RDS and is presented by Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon.

Now in its tenth year, Off The Rails, the RTÉ television series, has established itself as the leading authority on fashion and style in Ireland. The Off the Rails Fashion Awards have been created to celebrate the brightest and best of the Irish fashion industry and there are eight award categories. An international fashion name will be in attendance on the night (details to to be announced at a later date).

The award categories are:
. Best Fashion Designer
. Best Fashion Stylist
. Best Fashion Photographer
. Best Hair Stylist
. Best Make Up Artist
. Best Dressed Male Personality
. Best Dressed Female Personality

The Off the Rails Fashion Awards will mark the beginning of a weekend long celebration of all things style related, as part of a newly revamped event format that includes a new experience area and an international production team running live theatrical fashion shows throughout the weekend. Sonya and Brendan will also be joined by a judging panel of leading fashion experts for the awards who will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for this event are on sale now and are available on and from all good Ticketmaster outlets.

Alternatively, call Ticketmaster for bookings on:
0818 719 300 – Republic of Ireland customers
0844 847 2455 – Northern Ireland customers

Clerys are hosting an exciting designer and drinks event on November 4th with top designers from Oasis, Warehouse and Karen Millen will be presenting to guests, giving  them a sneak peek at the new spring summer 2010 collections. There will be food by Brambles, DJ,  a discount of 20% off everything as well as a  V.I.P take-home goody bag.

All you have to do to bag your Invite is spend €80 or more in Karen Millen, Warehouse or Oasis at Clerys from Oct 14th – Nov 3rd et Voila – IN THE DOOR!

IMAGE Magazine editor Melanie Morris will talk style on the night while you get professional advice on how to build the perfect wardrobe using a selection of must-have separates. The designers behind the brands will give the low-down on their collections for the season ahead and guests will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet with senior designer for Oasis, Elaine Frost; Warehouse designer, Cecily Bear; and country manager for Karen Millen Ireland, Nicki Smith. They’ll also give a sneak preview of the spring/summer 2010 collections from Oasis, Warehouse and Karen Millen.

Enjoy the funky sounds of up-and-coming Subject Dublin DJ, Enda Waldron while enjoying delicious food by Brambles and a glass of champagne. Guests may then indulge in some guilt-free retail therapy with a fabulous 20 per cent off all three brands on the night.

clerysA certain number of Clerys Facebook friends will also be selected at random, winning themselves tickets to this one-night-only event. For those not yet friends with Clerys, join today and be in with a chance of winning an invite and a VIP take home goodie bag.

This promises to be a fashion-packed night that you do not want to miss. Once you receive your invite, RSVP is essential as spaces are limited.

One of our absolute Fav boutiques, Ruby Rouge based in Gorey, Co. Wexford had a fantastic Fashion Showcase last Thursday night of all the looks from their Autumn/ Winter rails. The lucky ladies sipped Pink Champagne as they were treated to some Fashion delights!

We adore the colours, the fabrics, the beany hats, the cosy gloves, the bright tights, the cosy coats, the sparkle and the cool casual – if you havent yet taken a trip to Ruby Rouge, do it now to inject some winter fun to your wardrobe!

16 Esmonde Street Gorey –
















Last Friday Morning Style Network ( had its debut Event in Palmerstown House, Johnstown and boy were we excited!

Style Fish and Arnotts came together to give businesses from the Fashion & beauty Industry an opportuinity to meet, network and chat with like minded businesses! In essence to provide a new forum for us to get excited about working in the fantastic worl of Fashion & Beauty! We were delighted with the results! Not only did we have The Afternoon Show Cameras rolling all morning (to be aired today!), we had a Fantastic talk from The Sunday Independent Weekender’s Magazine Editor Bairbre Power who gave lots of Fab tips about gaining more coverage for your business! We had a fun Speed Networking session which went down a treat and allowed everyone to meet lots of new people from around the room! From Make-up Artists to Milliniers, Jewellers to our Fav Shoe shops. From some of our Fav Fashion websites ( & To who recently had their own Style Slot on City Channel in Cork! It was great to see such fantastic enthuasism from around the Country and it helps Style Fish bring our ladies the best and most up to date news from the Industry both through our Classes & Blog! 

We want to thank Palmerstown House for such a fantastic venue, The Ritz Powerscourt, Trilogy Make-up & Clarins for fabulous spot prizes, Arnotts for the gorgeous Goodie Bags, Bairbre Power for her very Informative talk & Fuzion PR for all their help & bell ringing on the day!

Check out the Pics below and businesses watch this space for more events! If your a business in the Industry or in any way indirectly involved and would like to be at our next event – Simply email to add your name to our guest list!

style-network2Clara Halpin; Head of Person Shopping Arnotts; Julie Cobbe;

style-network8Audrey Buckley; Irish Image Consultants Institute, Soraya Quigley; Coze Di Rozi, Cathy McCrone; Image Style Matters, Tara Crowley; Optimise Your Wardrobe

style-network7Clara Halpin; Arnotts, Bairbre Power; The Sunday Independent; Julie Cobbe;

style-network6Jill Anderson; Stylist & Costume Designer; Christine King;; Brian O’Grady; Web Design

style-network5Julie Cobbe;

style-network4Sinead Buckley;, Bairbre Power; The Sunday Independent, Julie Cobbe;

style-network3Sinead Buckley;; Bairbre Power & Clara Halpin; Arnotts


It may have an unpronouncable name! but we still love it! DYRBERG/KERN is an eclectic and contemporary Danish brand, the expression of a changing world.  Their Autmn/Winter collection is called Silhouette & is stocked around the Country (see below). Inspired by an art form which dramatically depicts curves and contours captured in distinctive shapes. We love the feminine design with a slightly edge masculine twist. Our Fav are the watches. Each line is depicted to have a variety of expressions, just like you have in your life. They invite you to explore all the facets of your femininity and your own beautiful way of being, through their four themes; CAVIAR, CUSHION, NEW REGALIA and IDENTITY. How very exciting!
The designers behind the brand DYRBERG/KERN are the founders of the company, Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern. They have been trading now for almost 25 years, designing and creating two collections each year of handmade jewellery for men and women, timepieces and eyewear in more than 40 countries.
There are nearly 80 stockists around the country, the majority of which are independants, but are listed on our website.
Here are some;
Avoca, Dublin and Kilmac.
Kilkenny, Dublin and Killarney
Pink Bijoux, Malahide
Azure Jewellery, Cork City
Bejewelled Strabane

Check out the website for a full listing of stockists:

Bracelets top to bottom; €95, €89 Watch €200 Ring €79


watches- Left to right €200 & €249


Necklaces €109 each Bracelets €75 and €135


dk2Rings from €49


Watch €200 Bracelet €79 Pendants €69 €79 Ring €79



Stylefish QP AdPrint

An onslaught of party-ready Mo Bros and Sistas descended last Friday 16th October to mark the launch of Movember, the month formally known as November, at Dublin 2’s Coppinger Row Restaurant, which was transformed into a hairy HQ for one night only. Movember is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health and Action Prostate Cancer.

Stunning model and Lynx Minx of 2009 Louise Kavanagh and Ireland’s finest tailor Louis Copeland were on hand to ensure the men of Ireland measure up, to groom and grow for the month.  Reigning champion both 2008 Mr Movember and Miss Movember titles, Chewy Chewerson, oversaw the nights proceedings with Mo Bro and TV personality ‘How Low Can you Go’s Michael Hayes.





Movember 2009 looks to be even hairier with a host of celebrities also lending their faces for the month. Already signed up are Olympic boxing hero Kenny Egan, Niall Breslin from top Irish band The Blizzards and Richie Egan of Jape. Famous Irish tailor and man about town Louis Copeland has also pledged to grow a Mo for the month and will be ensuring MO Bros size up for the month. DJ’s Declan Pierce & Mike Hogan of Dublin’s 98FM will go head to head in a Mo Off with DJ Steve K of Spin 1038. Original Mo Bro, Irish Rugby legend Donal Lenihan and legendary boxer Barry McGuigan have pledged to be Mo Mentors, offering Mo Bros advice and top tips on how to achieve a quiff upper lip. 

Mo Bros are asked to be clean shaven on Movember 1st and gain sponsorship for their Mo-mentous effort throughout the month whilst raising awareness of men’s health issues. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas can register at as individuals or as a team and become citizens of Movember.

Last year, Movember’s first in Ireland, over 1,700 Mo Bro’s took part around the country, with the help of the Mo Sistas, and raised a phenomenal €370,000 over the month. In its first year of Mo-growing, Ireland surpassed all other countries with donations per capita, with the average individual donation totalling €213.

All you ladies who have done our course will know how we harp on about Smashbox primers in our Make-up Class – we love them. And so…it follows of course that we keep an eye out for anything new to hit the Smashbox counters including their new ‘Wish Sets’. Not only do we love the name and the fact that some of the proceeds go towards the Make a Wish Foundation but it is a great recessionary make up purchase also. It contains 12 shadows and 4 eye cream liners along with a fabulous little ‘look book’ to show you step by step how to get the looks yourself at home (we likey). Also we want to tell you about their new Travel size make-up brush set. Again Style Fish ladies know the importance of (and how to use) the best brushes so we love this affordable set that fits neatly in your handbag and has all the main brushes including the blusher, the blender, precision & lip brush all for only €50 – That is a great price for 5 good quality brushes….





Very rarely does Beyonce get it wrong in the Fashion stakes and we adore this light, comfy, casual look. But it is her utter look of comfort and effortless ease that really makes Beyonce stylish in this Fab Topshop Jacket, baby pink printed tee and cut off denim. We love this Look. So much in fact this is officially our look of the Day! Check out more Celebs wearing High Street below..


Alexandra Burke in Lipsey (New Lipsey Store in Dundrum!)


The Hill Star Lo Bosworth in French Connectionhighstreet3
Nelly Furtado in Topshop Earings

Fearne Cotton in French Connection

Eva Longoria in Karen Millen

The Sunday Business Post Oct 18th 09

The Sunday Business Post Oct 18th 09

Our Fav Department Store, Arnotts have just launched their new look ground floor with new cosmetics, jewellery & accessory lines! Here are some pics from the night!









We are always on the look out for good quality make-up products with out the price tag. So boy were we excited when we heard about ‘New York Colour’ a new range from cosmetic company Coty who bring us all those ‘Rimmell’ products that we know and love.

New York Colour gives a high quality product, bright colours, lip plumping glosses, fantastic in season colours (Fab purple eye shadow palettes), bright blushers all priced between €2.99 – €5.99. I have tried out the products with ladies in a recent make-up class and really recommend them. In our Make-up Class our ladies learn how to do a full make-up Including bringing your look from day to evening & learn the importance of using the proper make-up brushes and so when you feel confident & inspired after the class about getting creative! New York Colour provides a colourful, good quality range for you to try out without feeling bad about spending!

Their motto is ‘premium beauty for less’ and the products have been hugely popular in the States and no doubt will inject some much needed fun into our Make-up bags of irish women this season!




So whats in store for us from our Fav affordable High Street Mecca ‘Penny’s’ this autumn Winter. We can bring you some of the latest Fashions before they even arrive in store. Why do we love Penny’s so much? Well, for trying out the trends, for affordable fashion, so colourful accessories, for guilt free shopping..need we go on?? We bring you our top Items…just take your pick..all arriving to pennys from now until end of November..pennys20


















Ireland’s First Style Network is coming to Palmerstown House on October 23rd – 10am – 1pm – especially for you!

Style Network was set up to bridge the Gap that many of us In the Style & Beauty Industry have been looking for! A Simple & Professional Forum for Style Industry Professionals to be able to meet, chat & network with likeminded professionals, to create business for each other & to discover synergies that are there but without networking we never get around to! will be live next week!

Style Network has been set up by Julie Cobbe of and Clara Halpin, Head of Personal Shopping in Arnotts.

Register your Interest today & If you have any businesses in mind who would like to hear about Style Network, please do tell us!


For all you ladies in the middle of your Style Fish Class right now – you will be familiar with this Dress and how we love Savida! This dress works on so many body shapes, covers arms, has a fab sheer black fabric on top which is very parisian chic, provides fantastic sparkle for the party season and wait for it…….is only €30! So in short…it ticks all the boxes!

So whether you have a Pear shape (it works trust us), an hourglass, round, rectangular or inverted triangle – try this one on! Here is Noirin Kelly of Big brother Fame wearing it the ZUKU launch in awear Dublin recently.savida

With the party season of the year nearly upon us, Per Una at Marks & Spencer has just introduced its brand new Speziale winter collection. Dresses this season are a wardrobe essential that will effortlessly take you from day to evening. Make sure you up the ante and arrive in style looking elegant with the ultimate in Italian design direct from M&S.
Speziale captures that unique Italian flair and showcases the very best in luxurious Italian fabrics, exciting shapes and sophisticated colour palettes. This season Per Una has collaborated with two exceptional top Italian designers, Lorella and Cinzia de Rosa, to create this new couture inspired range of signature pieces. Produced as limited edition pieces, these garments, ranging from smart separates to delicate knits, are unique investment pieces that will become cherished items in your wardrobe.
Why not find your investment piece, by choosing from a Chiffon Strip Dress (€95.00) or a Floral Prom Dress (€99.00) that will feel as though it has been made just for you.
If you find yourself wanting to accentuate your silhouette with chic detailing maybe the Catwalk Dress (€240.00) is the one for you. However, if you want to shimmer and shine this holiday season, maybe the Sequin Bow Dress (€199.00) with sparkling sequins, beads and an oversized bow at the neckline is just what you’re looking for.
In order to fully achieve the much sought after Italian air of elegance, style and femininity, indulge yourself with the Parted Fur Coat (€120.00) or the Chocolate Velvet Coat (€185.00) to wrap up in style for the cold months ahead.


Style Article as featured on

Each & Every Day we are surrounded by marketing messages – “Buy this”, “Try that”, “5 Years Younger”. Our heads are buzzing with the possibilities surrounding us & our lives. The hopes we aspire to & the dreams that help define our being.

We want it all and we don’t want to settle. Think of your absolute favourite pair of Jeans. This is the pair you got right without even knowing the reasons why! It could be the cut, it could be the colour; it could be so many reasons. The point is you spent your hard earned money and you got it right! This is what we don’t just want some of the time, we want this all of the time. We no longer want to settle for mistakes or mismatches in our wardrobe or anywhere else. If fashion has thought our worn out wallets anything – it is the power of the dream. The power in that feeling of confidence when you’ve bought a dress you’ve had your eye on for ages. The flutter of expectation you feel when you think about the happy moments this Item has in store as you hand over your hard earned money.

Granted, we may not always get it right, but we have damn well put our heart and soul into our purchases. We’ve had the high hopes as we eagerly ran to the changing room. We have visualised inspired outfits concocted from the Item even before we’ve left the shop. This ladies is why in life as well as in Fashion – sometimes no matter how hard we try to make it suit us, how much we love it or how good our intentions – sometimes we have to admit defeat & tell ourselves it’s just not right for us, it is better get rid of it, giving it a better home in someone else’s wardrobe (step in Swop Shops!). It is ultimately better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

But what these Items teach us is the importance of never settling – the perfect ones are out there, the ones we will truly love & cherish, the ones that make us utterly happy, without thin days, without compliments, without anything only the knowledge that we went out, picked it out, brought it home, got it right and loved it! Right or wrong, our reasons for purchasing are honourable; we continually have high hopes & unequivocally trust our instincts as we hand over our money. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong – but one thing’s for sure; we will never ever settle. stylefish-logo

Jennifer Rothwell has introduced her aw09 collection and although it is a refreshing and new collection, it very much retains the JRothwell stamp of quality and timelessness. Covering a few various looks, from the more mature and sophisticated textured long coat and high collared, highly structured jackets and dresses, to the rustic, eclectic mix of flowing fabrics, wrap across tops and light knit maxi dresses, means that this collection maintains a young ‘free spirited’ and high fashion vibe which is insanely appealing.
Also exciting is the fact that Jennifer is now selling and taking pre orders online. You can contact her or shop the collection, via her website 




George Davies has selected Arnotts Department Store as the perfect fit for his new collection as Arnotts also prioritise service, style and quality, key elements of his new range. George Davies is the fashion visionary who founded ‘Next’ in the eighties and ‘George at Asda’ in the nineties in the UK. As we went into the new millennium, Per Una was his boutique fashion collection that turned around the fortunes of Marks & Spencer. As a true fashion innovator, George now looks to the future of the High Street and that future is GIVe.
GIVe by George Davies is a completely unique fashion offer. With George’s designer heritage, he wanted to GIVe something new and exciting to women. This label looks at designer style with the focus being on luxurious fabrics and the ultimate in attention to detail. GIVe will offer affordable luxury whilst always delivering the latest looks. 

GIVe Collections
Attention to detail means that the collections have a couture feel, from beautiful linings that stretch with the body to fully-fashioned knitwear that features velvet-trimmed seams. Luxurious fabrics include Italian wool, modal & silk jersey, textural taffetta and stretch satin. Every garment has a unique feel and touch that will offer the ultimate in designer looks. Working with his daughter, Emma Trayner, GIVe will launch with 140 styles, plus key accessories and nightwear. These styles will sit in four special colour palettes that can be combined together or styled up on their own for a distinctive look:
Purple & Black 
A collection that uses rich and vibrant shades of purple with charcoal black to create stunning silhouettes and styles.  From smart separates to co-ordinated casualwear, gorgeous fabrics and unique detailing combine for that luxury feel. Draped jersey and subtle ruffles also add a touch of drama. Denim is a fashion staple and GIVe jeans will feature the gem encrusted crest logo as well as GIVe rivets and buttons. As with all styles, the denim has been designed to flatter the figure. By using tailoring techniques and stretch denim from the finest producer in Italy, these jeans will provide the perfect fit.
Black & Red
This is a sharp and sophisticated collection that incorporates clean and strong lines. Focusing on the modern colour combination of Red & Black, it’s all about bold shapes this season. From burnished studding to leatherette details, cinched in waists to exposed zips, this is 80’s influenced style. The power tuxedo in stretch satin offers the latest look that is then styled up with a feminine pleated waistband. Team the tux with the matching cool cut flare. For glamourous eveningwear, the sweet heart dress is the perfect little black dress. The satin binding sweeps across the curved bandeau edge to create an elegant shape that flatters. The oversized bow then rests on the waistline.
Chocolate & Mulberry
Tones of chocolate and mulberry combine to create a feminine casual collection that uses vintage touches of pretty detailing with ribbon, lace and beadwork.  Embracing a soft approach to outerwear, padded jackets use goose feathers for luxury and warmth. Faux fur is also added for neckline detailing and key coats.  Chic knitwear uses the finest yarns  for a range of must have essentials. The long line plunge knit can be worn as a dress or style it up with a plain T for luscious layering. The cascading ruffle blouse is an investment piece that can be worn from day to night as a stunning style statement. A perfect piece when styled with the chocolate GIVe jeans.
Blue & Grey
This season, strong colours dominated the catwalks. Cobalt blue became the shade to be seen in. Using grey as a sharp contrast colour, this collection also uses bold highlights of hot pink. Styling looks at pleating, folding and textural touches. The knitted striped dress in the softest of yarns offers a stylish look for winter dressing, add a studded belt to emphasise the waist or the ombre blue scarf for extra warmth. Tailored pieces use the finest Italian wools combining interesting weaves for shimmer and shine. The metallic grey DB jacket is a key piece, focussing on the high dramatic collar and textural fabric.
The nightwear collection fuses comfort with glamour, style with opulence. Loungewear uses soft brushed cotton to create a range that will look super stylish around the home. PJ’s are in delicate jacquard fabrics and cottons for relaxed luxury.
GIVe Website
There will be touch screens available in Arnotts enabling customers to view the entire product range on the website and also browse a 24 page e-catalogue. Customers will also be able to view new designs and collections, a sneak preview that will GIVe them the opportunity to see the new hot fashions that will be available for the season.

Ladies your in for a Treat! We can bring you some of the key looks below;give4




This is definately his best yet with fantastic muted shades, 1940’s classic elegance, chiffon and sheer fabrics all adorned with Peters fine lines and cut.

We just love each and every piece of this collection and nearly shed a tear when we were told this will be Peter’s last collection for A Wear. Such an affordable and high end option is a rare find and we heart all that this man does – especially in his recent collaborations with A Wear. Here is the collection even before it hits the shops! Launching in A Wear Stores around the Country on the 14th of October – we will definately be getting our Fashion Fix for Autumn Winter from this range. Prices as below.p9






From top to Bottom – Black Dress €150/ Duck Egg Blue Blouse €180/ Mink Dress €150/ Grey Cardi €100/ Mink Blouse €90/ Navy Taffeta Dress €180/ Ivory Blouse €90/ Grey Cardi €100/ Mink Taffeta Skirt €120


With so many fragrances adorning cosmetic shelves it is near impossible to find ‘the one’ for you!


Alien, the latest fragrance release from Thierry Mugler, was created by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere, and features an “amber solar accord”, a woody Cashmeran note, and jasmine sambac.

 Alien is Mugler’s first major fragrance for women since Angel was released in 1992. Angel has been so widely worn, and so widely copied, that it is difficult now to remember how distinctive it was considered upon its release. Reportedly some retailers were initially wary that it was too unusual and that it would never sell! As it turned out, of course, it sold quite well indeed, and Mugler acknowledges the challenge of following up a blockbuster debut:

“When we did Angel, we were completely innocent, and then it became number one in the world,” he said. “Creating Alien was a huge challenge because now the whole world is watching.”


So, what about Alien? Well as we said it is rare to smell a scent that really makes you feel weak at the knees, you can literally see feel the happy moments you could share with this scent. It is wonderfully warm, sweet and sharp at the same time. What every girl wants! It is warm, but also has the “fresh” aura that establishes it immediately as a modern department store fragrance. It is slightly sweet, and although it is not foody at all, I would swear there is just a little swirl of caramel in there! Retailing at €67 in all good department stores around the Country.



The first couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Leader of the Free World Saturday evening, dining out in elegant fashion in the nation’s capital to honor their 17th year of matrimony – but their first in the White House.

President Obama and wife Michelle spent the first part of their special day together in the White House after returning from a whirlwind trip to Copenhagen in a failed attempt to pitch their former home, Chicago, as the 2016 Olympic host.

They emerged from the presidential home later in the evening, a balmy Washington night that saw the first couple dressed to the nines. President Obama wore a sleek black suit, while style icon Michelle donned a matching, backless knee-length black dress.

They took a first-clas motorcade to the Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, D.C.’s tony Georgetown, where they had an intimate dinner and celebrated 17 years together. The Obamas, who married on Oct. 3, 1992 in a Chicago church, spent their last anniversary at a simple dinner in downtown Chicago.




Venue; Monaincha House & Health Spa

Starting; Monday October 5th – Monday Nov 23rd

Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Cost; €299

7 Weeks will include a a Class in a Hair Salon in Roscrea along with a Personal Shopping Evening in two of Nenaghs best Boutiques Mimi & Bows & Rumple Silk Skins. Fun and Fashion Promised!

Sign up now – Limited Places left!

Exclusively at Brown Thomas….LK Bennett has designed a one off party dress just in time for party season and we are bringing you pics below!


Not only that but they also have a pair of evening shoes designed specifically to match the cocktail dress – your very own little bit of fashion exclusivity! A whole outfit put together for you by on of our Fav affordable designers.


This classic silver satin heel with a delicate pewter leather ankle strap adds a touch of glamour to your winter wardrobe so don’t be afraid to mix and match with your fav pair of jeans or pencil skirt! The stylish dress comes in sophisticated silk chiffon with an elegant crystal embellished neckline, the perfect statement piece for the party season.  lk2 

The shoes (€235) and the dress (€310) will be available in Brown Thomas stores from late September.



Under the newly developed Brand Clonmel, Clonmel Chamber of Commerce are holding ‘Clonmel Style Festival’ from 6th to 15th October which is very exciting! 
The proceeds for this Fab event are going to two local charities – Place 4 U and Clonmel Hospice. There are events taking place every day but the three main events are as follows:

6th Oct – Beauty Event with Ivey O’Sullivan, a regular on TV3 where she will give you tips on what to do, what not to do rgarding makeup etc. This event takes place in Minella Hotel at 7pm.
8th Oct – Fashion show with international models hosted by retail and fashion guru Eddie Shanahan. This event takes place at Mordaunts Garage on the Davis road at 7pm.
15th Oct – Makeover & Style Event with Margaret Doyle where she will advise what suits your body shape, what colours to wear and why black doe NOT make you look thinner!!! This event takes place at the Clonmel Park Hotel at 7pm.

Along with the events, all of the retailers are giving 10% off and the beauty salons and pharmacies have super special offers. Two for the price of one or get a facial and get a head massage free, or even better – bring a friend along and get the same treatment down at the same time – for free!!!!

Everything involved in organising these events are sourced within Clonmel and all resources were given free of charge by local service providers. This shows a fantastic display of community spirit which is admirable.

You are all very welcome to visit Clonmel, we’d love to have you.

If you need anymore information just call the Clonmel Chamber on 052 61 26500 or check out clonmel

annaAnna Friel was uber glamorous in a floor-length gown for the Breakfast at Tiffanys afterparty in London. Having stepped off the stage at the Haymarket, Anna took a little of Holly Golightly’s style with her in this vintage style oyster-coloured silk-satin gown which she wore with chandelier earrings and a box clutch bag.

One of our Fav websites is delighted to announce the arrival of their NEW Style Team working in collaboration to bring more Fashion, News & Views through their Newsletters & Site!

You will be Glad to know Style Fish is part of that very exciting Team which is also made up of French Personal Shopper & Stylist Delilah Bouakkaz, Maeve & Molly who recently had their own Fashion Slot on Munster TV CHANNEL SOUTH, aswell as Rita Mylett of RMI Branding!

Simply log onto and register to receive all the latest Irish Boutique News & Fashion Contributions from around the Country!

Kildare Village outlet shopping is delighted to announce Diane Treanor from Castleknock, Dublin 15 as the winner of the “What’s in your handbag or manbag?” digital campaign. Diane has bagged herself the coveted main prize of a €1,000 shopping spree at Kildare Village to indulge in high end designer boutiques such as Anya Hindmarch, Jaegar, LK Bennett, Reiss and All Saints to name a few. Over the course of four weeks there were 11,325 unique visitors to the site generating 136,000 page views and almost 230 individual handbag uploads. 
Handbag therapist Debbie Percy believes that what a person carries in their handbag can be a good indicator of how they are feeling at the time and Debbie’s analysis of the bags on the website has proven just how revealing a handbag / manbag can be with insights into their character, lifestyle, and ambitions.
Debbie’s analysis of Irish handbags revealed what she described as a “collective and imaginative ensemble”. Weird and wonderful items such as a town criers bell, a bright yellow bath towel, a bottle of wine and a blue Sesame Street character were just some of the items unearthed by Debbie as she delved deep into the handbags of Irish women.
Debbie added, ‘I found Irish ladies to be exceptionally good at covering all bases – many of the handbags I analysed revealed the owners were prepared for any situation. Irish ladies definitely have a tendency to carry large handbags full with items that represent the things most dear to their hearts. In summary, if I had to elect three words to summarise the personality of Irish women through the array of handbags I met it would be “bold” “feminine” and “fiercely independent!’.


Top 10 Items in Irish Ladies Handbags are as follows!
• Mobile Phone / Blackberry
• Wallet
• Keys
• Make-Up Bag
• Deodorant
• Lip Balm
• I-pod
• Notebook
• Sunglasses
• Hand Sanitiser


Check it Out…Live on 4FM at 12.40pm we are being interviewed live by Dave Harvey on their Lunchtime Show!

4FM is a new National Radio Station broadtcast to Dublin City & County, Cork City & County, Clare, Galway & Limerick!

We are very excited! Will be chatting about how Style Fish came about, what its all about! What our Classes really involve and why women  love Style Fish! Also, find out what the name Style Fish really means to us!

Listen live on


That’s right, we are delighted to shout about Tesco’s new Autumn Winter Range for an affordable and on trend selection of clothes and shoes…

 Bold collars, excessive fabric, tailoring and flashes of animal prints can all be witnessed in the F&F clothing collection this Autumn Winter at Tesco.


F&F is a highly trend-conscious label, which allows you to shop for high street styles, on supermarket aisles, with top quality clothing available at recessionista style prices. What more could a girl ask for and after all being truly stylish is all about mixing it up – with great cuts, fab fabrics, expensive opulence and high street influences. Step up Tesco!


A berry inspired colour palette governs Autumn Winter with shades of purple and red forming the base of the collection. On the other end of the spectrum mono-chrome still plays a role this season, with dog tooth patterning showing through – particularly on one of the range’s statement pieces a dog-tooth coat.  Despite the turn towards mono-chrome and metallics, traces of Boho are still making appearances through the range, with florals and bohemian prints on various pieces.


A firm emphasis is on exaggeration this Autumn Winter, with collars standing large and proud and coats possessing excess fabric. Power dressing remains in vogue, with tailoring and blazers evident across the range. Masculine trends leak through on various garments in the collection, including a biker-inspired leather jacket.  Autumn Winter textures vary from the boho fur and chiffon to the eighties inspired leather and sequins, evident on a staple F&F sequin vest in the range.


F&F at also carries a range of accessories, which will compliment all looks in the range, from bags and purses, to belts and costumer jewellery. This season’s pieces are bold, with flashes of colour coming through on a number of pieces, like the F&F teal peep toe sling back and F&F electric blue clutch.


So to browse the very latest clothing trends, simply call into your local Tesco, where not only will you bag a bargain, you will be earning Clubcard points too. Bargain! Our Fav…the Blue Clutch…Check out below..

Grey Jeans €17.50tesco6 

Blue Clutch €8.50tesco5tesco4
Leopard Print Dress €18.50

tesco2Grey Lattice Shoes €17.50

tesco1Biker Jacket €29/ Blue Dress €21/ Shoes €21/ Tights €3

….As Featured on ‘Style Zone’…

We all laughed at those hideous pictures of our mums, our sisters and even ourselves in the 80’s when bright colours and big shoulders were all the rage! We put it down to Fashion short-sightedness. We thought Dallas and all that went with it was well and truly in the past! Well…the trend we all love to hate is back – in a BIG way. We thought last Season we might just avoid it, brushing it off as a small blip on the Fashion trend Graph. One that only Sienna and SJP could carry off but boy were we wrong and the funniest part – we all secretly want a part of those confidence concocting shoulders! If the Jacket fits……..forget it. It has to make a shoulder statement. So what’s really changed and how has this trend worked its way to the right side of ‘Female Fancy’? Let me let you in on little secret Ladies. When we shop for clothes – we are not just buying a Little Black Dress, we are buying a Lifestyle, an identity, a part of something more. Something that people can immediately love about you – your impeccable taste, your savvy Fashion knowledge all earning you your place among the Stylish Stakeholders. But there’s something about this particular trend that gives even more – it’s like an instant power surge through a little jacket, those shoulders give instant confidence. That’s what we want, that’s what we are buying. We are buying the feeling and if big shoulders is how we get that then so be it. The whole world can try to mark us down & it is up to us to over price ourselves! What better way to do that than with Bigger than Life itself shoulders! But how can us mere mortals make it ‘work’ without looking like an extra on Star Trek?

Ø  Team with a Pretty Floral Dress and Flats.

Ø  The look of the season ala Stella McCartney is to team your structured jacket with a simple silk dress (pretty meets edgy is huge)

Ø  Look for a glitterati style mini dress (ala Balmain) with power shoulders to boot – two trends in one

Ø  Team a simple structured Black jacket with tee shirt & denims to look classic and cool

Ø  If you have wide shoulders Introduce the trend by having sequins on your shoulders rather than ‘big shoudlers’




One of our most loved Websites ‘’ has joined forces with ‘Style Fish’ to bring you two very exciting  new Style Zone Features

1. Style In The City Article – Style Fish will be bringing you a uniquely Girlie Fashion Article on a regular basis to get you excited – from Trends to Tantrums, from High Fashion to High Street with a uniquely girlie twist we hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback or thoughts on our ramblings! Simply email

2. This you will really love! We will be bringing you our ‘Catch of the Week’ a Recession beating item which could be Fashion, Shoes or Accessories which we find from anywhere around the country that passes the test! Offering Value for Money & meet our ‘Fabulous’ standards! so you can turn your wardrobe recession into a wardrobe revival with a budget in mind!

CHECK OUT OUR first two offerings on the Link below to Style Zone





Coze di Roze is a treasure trove of exquisite  shoes, bags, gifts & accessories for all tastes! Fantastic scarves, wraps, jewellery to tempt you in this unique & fun shop in the heart of Cabinteely Village. What we love is many of their ranges are made in Ireland.

so what have we got for you today? Well Coze Di Roze have just expanded their range to include an organic range of clothes (really affordable I might add with tops coming in at around €30). With quite a bohemian feel in soft Autumnal colours, great basics and fab coats starting at €130, it is a Fab range stocked exclusively in Dublin by Coze Di Roze – we are bringing you pics of a few of our Favs from the line below. Enjoy x

Top with detachable Crosage €30
Wrap Dress €60
Silk Dress €29.95

Long Sleeve Top €30


Coat €130






Westmeath is Ireland’s savviest shopping county

eBay report finds ‘Shopping neutral’ trend taking off in Ireland

 A recent report has seen Westmeath crowned the home of the savvy shoppers in Ireland by eBay. is Ireland’s largest online marketplace.

 The study looks at Ireland’s shopping habits and reveals Ireland is the latest country to embrace the global trend of ‘shopping neutral’ – offsetting the cost of spending by selling unwanted goods online.  Smart shoppers can generate income by selling unwanted items on, and use the income to shop for new items.

Kildare is also an enviable ‘shopping neutral’ address, coming in second place. Canny Carlow takes third place in terms of offsetting shopping costs while Wicklow, Meath and Kerry take fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively in spending as much as they earn. Also bagging a bargain are northern stars Donegal and Monaghan. Sunny Southeast county Wexford comes in ninth place, and only barely making the top ten is the nation’s capital Dublin, with more than 3% less savvy shoppers than Westmeath.

Unusually, Cavan along with the folks in county Laois were the only counties that weren’t home to neutral shoppers and missing out on shopping without spending money.

Neutral shopper Mike Hannon, Castlepollard, Westmeath said ‘I got into as I’d heard that it was the best place to go to when looking for inexpensive auto electrical parts, which is a hobby of mine. I use to shop neutral by buying new models with the proceeds that I receive from selling on older parts’.

To help get in on the shopping for free action, eBay has compiled useful shopping neutral tips for Irish online fans.

 Tips for Shopping Neutral

  1. Think about resale value – it’s not always a case of spend more to get more.  Think about what you could sell it for BEFORE you buy it. Do your research on what is a realistic price.
  2. Everybody’s got something to sell – you can sell a real mixture of stuff on – from hosepipes to hats. eBay estimates that Irish homes are sitting on approximately €500 worth of saleable items so get selling!
  3. Balancing your budget – Make sure any money from selling is in your account before you go buying.
  4. Offer good customer service – you’re already a savvy shopper so remember what you want as a buyer when you’re selling.  Communicate well, and be honest, if you’re going on holiday and can’t post your item, let the buyer know.
  5. Make the most of your listings so you sell more to buy more – clear photos, detailed descriptions and complete transparency on any faults are the key to a successful sale. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and make sure there are no surprises in store.
  6. Timing is key – think about what time a listing ends. The busiest time is between 7 and 8pm at the weekend so you’re more likely to see last minute bids if the listing finishes around then.
  7. Is there a need for speed? – over half of all items for sale on eBay are on sale for a fixed price. If you think your buyer will want your item quicker, or it is for a specific time, why not use ‘Buy it Now’ to sell your item.

At the Launch of TV3’s Autumn programme Schedule as usual the Fashion stakes were high – we can bring you some of the pics we likey! So less talk mroe pictures for your viewing pleasure!tv9









Ruby Couture offers couture Fashion at High Street prices. They specialize in top brands like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, D&G, Chloe, YSL, Max Mara and many more and one of their Big Sales is happening tonight and for the next four days!!

Thursday the 24th September 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Friday 10am – 9pm

Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday 11am – 6pm

Venue; The Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin. Admission is free. Get thee to this Sale! Check out for more Info!


Its a tough job but someones gotta do it!

I stepped in out of the rain into ‘Mimi & Bows’ Boutique in Nenagh, Tipperary last week and boy was I in my element! Rarely do I walk into a shop and really have little girl eyes as I look at the dresses, tops, coats and accessories in front of me but something really made me excited by Mimi & Bows. It could be the fact that I love colour & girlie, vintage inspired pieces but the lady (Florence) who owns this Boutique has an eye for all the things women love! Without question.

From luxurious Fabrics to girlie prints, from structured day dresses to fancy evening frocks. But what absolutely amazed me was the Sale rail – a rail of clothes most of which were under €80 – I could have stayed all day trying on clothes! (and did for an hour!). Some of the labels stocked include Oky Coky, Fairly, Almost Famous, Palace Knitwear, Voom, BB Dakota, Accessories by Smith, Claire dk and lots more. So impressed was I that I am bringing one of my Classes for a Personal Shopping Class to this very spot (Tipperary Class – starting Monday 5th of October in Monaincha House, Roscrea)

As if that wasn’t enough just across the road is another gem called ‘Rumple Silk Skins’ – mind you time was limited after my expedition in Mimi & Bows by none the less I was excited by their simple, elegant & colourful labels and this too will be my destination of choice for my Personal Shopping Evening with my Style Fish Ladies! Labels include james Lakeland, Tzuzzi, Gerry Weber, Libra, Pomodoro and more!

I definately recommend a trip to these two gems and will keep you posted with Pics etc as we get them! mimi2


Join our 7 Week Tipperary Class!

Venue; Monaincha House & Health Spa

Starting; Monday October 5th – Monday Nov 23rd

Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm

See Classes Page for more details!

A Wedding Event Not to be Missed….


Bridge House Hotel Wedding Fair & Planner Event for the bride who demands style! 11th October, 2009 2 pm – 7 pm

The Bridge House Hotel Tullamore is pleased to announce their Wedding Fair and Planner event (for the bride who demands style!) which place on October 11th from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., where brides & grooms-to-be will get to meet with wedding exhibitors and gather tips from the professionals in the industry, including from the founder of StyleFish – Ireland’s first dedicated school of fashion – and wedding expert Colette O’Loughlin from!

Guests can also use the opportunity to view the stunning selection of rooms available for all sizes of weddings at the Bridge House Hotel, celebrating over 5,000 weddings to date, with over 40 years experience.

The luxurious 4 star Bridge House Hotel has a variety of banqueting suites available from small intimate spaces, ideal for weddings of up to 65 to the two glamorous large suites – the majestic Millennium Room with its twin chandeliers, bar area & balcony views which can seat up to 180 guests or the soon to be refurbished Charleville Suite, which will be complete in Spring 2010 and will accommodate up to 350 guests. The Bridge House Hotel’s many elegant rooms also make ideal venues for a civil wedding ceremony or any religious blessing.

As the Midlands’ leading wedding venue, on the day of the Wedding Fair and Planner Event the hotel will be available for guests to view examples of wedding set-ups, take a tour of the hotel, the luxurious Sanctuary Spa, as well as sampling menus from award-winning Executive Chef Patrick Kennedy. There will be a wide variety of wedding exhibitors and service providers such as photography, cakes, music, limousines etc., and of course the Bridge House Hotel’s Wedding Coordinators will be on hand to go through the current excellent series of new wedding packages to suit all budgets & tastes.

 All inclusive wedding packages start from €39.95 to include a 5 course menu, wine and evening buffet, along with a range of gifts to you such as the resident piper that greets couples and escorts them into the hotel with bubbles blowing in the air and champagne for the bridal party, a mini fireworks parade to the tables, Rolls Royce options and much more.
The high point of the Bridge House Hotel’s Wedding Fair and Planner event will be a series of interviews from guest speakers, an invaluable opportunity to hear information, guidance and recommendations on many aspects of the wedding preparations. With a Style Talk from the founder of StyleFish, covering such topics as dress, make-up, honeymoon wardrobe and hair, and Colette O’Loughlin, the Editor & founder of Ireland’s premier weddings website, a woman with her finger on the pulse of current tastes and trends in weddings and the Bridge House Hotel’s own In house Wedding Coordinators, among others.

The Bridge House Hotel’s Wedding Fair and Planner event combines the award-winning food, warm hospitality & impeccable service as well as their experience and passion for weddings which has made them so justly popular as a wedding venue over the years. Voted by the Irish Wedding Planner 2009 as “one of Ireland’s top wedding venues”, and less than 90 minutes from Dublin, Limerick & Galway, the Bridge House Hotel is the perfect choice for elegant weddings in the heart of the country.

The Bridge House Hotel’s Wedding Fair and Planner event, October 11th from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Bridge House Hotel
Co. Offaly
Visit the hotel’s new website, or Lo-Call 1850 312 312 / +353 57 9325600


We all love following what the celebs are wearing – do they get it right or do they get it oh so wrong and we just love showing you when we find an exact copy cat version for the fraction of the price! We loved Liv Tyler’s Marc Jacobs Gown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and we have found a pretty similar replica at FRILL BOUTIQUE, Kilcullen! The mixture of Black, Deep Red and Purple is a match made in fashion heaven combining the most sought after colours for Autumn/ Winter Catwalks and this dress is perfect for any big events you have coming up this party season.




Sienna Miller has paid tribute to the dress sense of London women, as she presented her second collection at London Fashion Week.

The actress and designer who fronts trendy label Twenty8Twelve with her sister Savannah said that the flair and creativity of Britain’s style capital was a source of inspiration for her latest range of uber – trendy garments.

She explained: “London girls are really at the forefront, I think my biggest inspiration and Sav’s for this collection was driving through London.

“People really aren’t afraid to be themselves here and it’s a really inspirational place to live and design in.”

On her collection she added: “We’ve got a lot more colour. It’s really sexy. We’ve got swimwear for the first time. We really feel like this is our most exciting collection.”sienna

Frill Boutique, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare celebrated its second birthday in Style last Thursday night with a fantastic “Boutique Evening” held in conjunction with &

The evening included a Style Talk by Style Fish, a Fantastic Fashion Show with looks from their unmissable Autumn/ Winter Range aswell as a Glass of Bubbly and Style advice on hand from Elaine & Amy from Frill aswell as by Style Fish. Not only that but we can bring you pics and a live video of the event so all those who missed it (shame on you!) can see exactly why Frill Boutique is a must see shopping destination for your Autumn/ Winter Updates!

“Boutique Nights” is a concept where Style Fish & offer fashion stores & boutiques in Kildare and the surrounding counties the opportunity to host a Stylefish class in store and we produce a video advert for the store on the evening.

This offers boutiques an innovative way to showcase their latest range in a fun environment and open their doors to the Stylefish class members who will be invited along to the evening.

The response was fantastic with over 50 local ladies in attendance and Frill owner, Elaine Hanlon, was delighted with the event! 

Check out the Video of the Evening by clicking onto the Following Link;











One of Ireland’s best Loved Department Stores, Boyers is Inviting YOU to their Fashion Event happening all next week in Dublin.

From the 22nd – 27th you are in for a treat with Fashion Shows, Top treats, Free Consultations and much more! With labels like Joseph Ribkoff, Gerry Weber, Libra, Sandwich, Tuzzi, Olsen, Jackpot & Perruzzi this will not disappoint!

Book an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Personal stylist Clara NOW on 01 8045842 and Enjoy Fashion Shows on thursday at 11.30am, 12.30pm & 2pm in Store. Avail of a Professional Lingerie Fitting In Store as well as many more treats!

Boyers & Co Department Store – 19/22 North Earl Street, Dublin 1

Enjoy! Jxboyers

The Online Boutique Store…..

The website we all love has just launched, an online shopping portal for independent businesses.

The site gives us shoppers! a huge variety of products from boutique and Independent shops from around the Country. We all love taking a trip to our Fav boutiques on a Saturday afternoon but now instead of having to travel around the country ‘My Boutique Store’ is bringing the Boutiques to you – Online!  With Gift vouchers, Shugal Shoes Clips (which we can’t stop raving about) to Their recommends section to shoes it is a fashion lovers dream!  “My Boutique Store” will have over 500 products from 15 boutiques listed by the end of the month, giving the fashion savvy an opportunity to browse and find a mixture of exclusive boutiques ” says Aoife, the driving force behind the concept. “We cater for boutiques with or without an online presence by bringing them together in a centralized web  location making it easy for the customer to find something original from simple wardrobe basics to cutting edge exclusive  pieces.”

Congrats Aoife – we look forward to keeping up to date with what’s on offer from around the country from the comfort of our homes this Autumn/ Winter!

Here are just a sample of our Favs available on the site today!


Sathia Knit Dress from Pia Boutique €149.95


Frills & Co Dark Fuschia Bag €69.95


Old Molly Dress from Frock Boutique €330


Rubber Ducky Kafkan Style Dress €170




An embellished chiffon dress, shoes and jewelry from Dior with a studded Jimmy Choo clutch

The Los Angeles Premiere of The Burning Plain hosted by C Magazine

Ahead of the curve as usual, Charlize wore a sunny dress in Spring 2010 (thats right Spring!) hot colour, yellow! Add extra sizzle to a mustard hued outfit with warm gold accessories a la Charlize and your good to go!


Mila Jovovich complemented her striped Donna Karan Dress with Vintage Manolo Blahniks

The  Donna Karan Spring Show NYC.


Naoimi Watts sported a jumpsuit and zip-front booties from our Fav Stella McCartney

The premiere of Mother and Child at the Toronto International Film Festival

A one-shoulder silver sequin gown by Kaufmanfranco

MTV’s Video Music Awards in New York City

She looked perfect head-to-toe, but it was how she handled the on-stage drama with Kanye West (what an idiot) going up on stage while she accepted her award to best video and saying he thought Beyonce had the video of the decade!  The Best Female Video award winner showed that living with style is more than what you wear.


Looking for a Girlie night out thats full of Fashion – this is it!

We are all prepared for what Autumn/Winter Fashion Has in Store – we’ve seen the trends we know what we love and more importantly know what we want to steer clear of! So why not pop along to Arnott’s in Henry Street next Wednesday the 16th of Sept to see the hot looks in all their Autumn/Winter glory at Arnotts evening of Fashion, Beauty & Fun including a Fashion Show showcasing all the looks we want more of!  Purchase your Autumn/Winter Items or your key look straight off the catwalk with a FAB 20% discount on the night only! Time 7-9pm. If you’d like to attend simply send an email to


Enjoy! Jx

Glamorous Buttons & Bows Sale of Extravagance is how you can either make money on your wardrobe mishaps or just come along to see what you can pick up!

All in Aid of Cancer Charity Dochas – happening in The County Arms Hotel, Birr the sale is happening this coming Sunday from 2-6pm. You can take a table with friends, split the cost (only €150) and you have the perfect reason to get decluttering and make money from those Items you never wear whether jewellery, shoes or clothes! More details below!


Get ready to cosy up this autumn as Irish highstreet favourite A|wear adds another string to its fashion bow with the launch of Love to Lounge

  ….an exclusive range of cute nightwear, perfect for lazing on the couch & fitted loungewear, ideal for that late night yoga class or a session at the gym. With prices starting from as little as €8, answering the door in your favourite pyjamas no longer has to be fashion nightmare!

 The nightwear colour palette is soft and sweet with sugary pinks & sky blues in floral and heart prints. As always with A|wear, the added extras make for a little point of difference with cute heart shape buttons at the hem meaning you can roll your bottoms up or wear them long. Each vest is printed with pretty lining to match your chosen bottoms or be daring and mix it up to create your own unique pair. Every purchase of a set also receives a cute tie detail bag to store your comfy purchase in…making them not just the perfect gift for you but also your very best friend. All vests are priced at just €8 and bottoms €15. The softest bathrobes also make the perfect addition for just €25 in bright white and pink spots meaning you’ll never want to go out on a Friday night again!

 For all the pilates & yoga fanatics, A|wear is also introducing an exclusive loungewear collection comprising of soft jersey jogging bottoms, leggings, slouchy tees and hooded tops. The colour palette consists of marl grey, deep navy and purple. With bottoms priced at just €25 and matching tees at €15, exercising just got a whole lot more affordable!

 The Love to Lounge collection is available in select A|wear stores and on from the 28th of September.





We are always delighted to hear lovely feedback from the ladies who attend one of our Classes and are pleased to say we get a huge number of new ladies from referrals, which we love (thank you ladies!) But one particular girl who came all the way to Little ‘ol Ireland from Canada came along to see what all the fuss was about and here is what Carol very kindly sent to us this morning. Carol recently made the big trip back home to Canada after spending a fabulous year soaking up some Irish Culture and experiencing some true Irish Style!

“I learned about the Style Fish course through a publication and was instantly curious as to what the course would entail.
From the moment I spoke to Julie at Style Fish I had a great feeling about enrolling in this course. Julie is such a bright, remarkable and lovely person who teaches women to become better acquainted with their body shape, to accept their body and physical characteristics and changes their lives by building their self-confidence with style and knowledge!
The publication touched only briefly on the course content. I never thought the seven week course would be so detailed, cover so many topics and be specific to each individual person. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.
Taking this course has helped me gain confidence in myself and has positively affected my personal interaction with others and in my daily life.
Thank you Julie for creating such a remarkable course! It has been a life changing step in my life.
Carol T
Legal Assistant”

We are always looking for Ladies Lingerie with ‘Heart’! What do I mean by that? Quite simply to have a shop where you can go in and know you are in good hands. Especially when it comes to something as important as our underwear. Based on the fact that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong sized Bra and the absolute imperativness of wearing the correct underwear under your outfits – we at Style Fish adore The Accessory Room, in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath.

Opened up 4 years ago by Myra so women in the area didn’t have to travel into the city centre to get ‘fitted’ Myra offers a fantastic, friendly and full of heart service to women who now travel from all over to experience The Accessory Room. The number one factor when it comes to a fitting nowadays is trust – knowing the person who is doing the fitting knows what they are talking about and really cares that you walk out feeling comfortable and happy with your choices and shape!

Myra stocks all of the following recognised Brands – Triumph (from sizes 32A – 40E/F), Introducing different ranges of season colours that change every six months. (Triumph have a Fab range of sports and support bras by the way).

Sloggi Underwear which is known for the comfort factor with everything from hot pants to Thai Briefs! Fantasie is also stocked along with French Labels Passionatta, Chantelle. For the larger Cup Lady Panache is a Fab option going right up to 40G. Atlantis Gel Filled Bra’s we love for the smaller busted lady starting at size 32AA.

Also stocked is ‘Plie Brazilian Shapewear’. The fabric is moisture treated to allow the body to absorb any over heating in summer and yet to keep you warm in winter. prices range from €25 – €55 (much better value than Trinny and Sussanah we think for what it offers). In fact this range has been so Successful Myra says this is the only shapewear label they need to stock along with ‘Espelt’ which is quite new to the market. This shapewear is supposedly the one stop shop for any lady looking to really show off her waist. Known as the waist cincher! Hmmm..sounds good to us! Price is €65.

Myra is passionate about the service she offers and honestly thats what makes the difference, she understands the women who come into her shop and to that end stocks a Fab range of bags, hoisery, pashminas and jewellery because what shopping trip is complete without an accessory update!

Well worth a trip – Call Myra to arrange to call in for your fitting – 01 8241654accessory-room


Fancy a hassle free day out at Kildare Village outlet shopping with an additional 10% off your purchases? The extension of the direct coach service from Dublin to Kildare Village means you can do just that throughout the autumn and winter.The coach, operated by Gray Line, will now run on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of the year, allowing visitors and locals alike to take advantage of a door-to-door service to Kildare Village from four pick-up points in Dublin city centre (see locations and times below).  For just €15, you can enjoy more than your average day trip – you can stock up on new season glamour from over 50 designer boutiques, all offering up to 60% off recommended retail prices, then relax over lunch as you celebrate your savings, knowing that someone else is doing the driving.  Better still, kids under 12 travel for free.All passengers are also entitled to a VIP One Day Card, giving them a further 10% off all purchases. To pick up your card just present your coach ticket at the Kildare Village Tourist Information Centre.The Kildare Village Outlet Shopping Express runs every Saturday and Sunday from Saturday 5th September 2009.  For more information log onto  To book, go to Departures
10 am from outside the Dublin Tourism Office on O’Connell Street
Picks up at 10.10 am close to the front gate of Trinity College (opposite the Molly Malone statue)
Picks up at 10.15 am at The Davenport Hotel
Picks up at 10.20 am at The Mespil Hotel
Return journey
Departs Kildare Village at 4 pm to reach central Dublin approx 5 pmCost of return journey:
Adult €15, Children (12-18) €7.50, Under 12s travel for free!Tickets may be purchased from hotel concierges, the Gray Line desk in the Dublin Tourism Centre (Suffolk St), on or on board the bus.









To bring you a fabulous Competition!


Be in with a chance to win not one, not two but three FREE Places on a Style Fish Seven Week Course for you and two of your bestest bestest friends! What better way to feel and look fabulous for the party season and here is your chance to do it completely free! Check out the Competition Page on the Link below on and answer a realllllyy simple question and your name will go into the draw.



We were going to call this item – ‘Our Top Ten’ but there were so many we loved it’s now changed to ‘Our Top 13′ (and it was tough to narrow it down to that! With all the trends translated into wearable and really classic, chic statment pieces, Reiss is the Master of getting it right for wardrobe longeivety and that’s why it gets our thumbs up! Here are our picks from The Reiss Autumn/ Winter Collection ’09 – In a Reiss near you now!










Feast your Eyes on these!

Burgeoning London label, Once Upon A Time, whisks itself into its third season with a beautiful collection inspired by sweet romance. This playful and feminine complete collection consists of richly embroidered, sparkling winter coats, kaftans, cardigans and dresses, perfect for those on the look out for quirky statement pieces with a dash of loving star dust! Its for the everyday girl who wants to be able to mix comfort with style – Yea we love being able to do that. Whoever came up with the Saying No Pain No Gain, we can prove you wrong! Check out below pics of some of our Favs from the Range including our favourite Pink Dress, pretty, feminine, colour of the season, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Now thats what we call recession friendly!

Once Upon A Time is available from BT2, Kilkenny Stores in Galway and Cork, O Couture Malahide and Ruby Rouge Enniscorthy. For a complete list of stockists, simply call 01 429 5007.once6Star Top €92

once5Cloud Coat in Cream €270
once4Coat €257, Scarf €51
once3Leif Dress €157
once2Our Fav Arrow Dress €200
once1Heart Blue Dress €130

Next Label we love is independent London Label, Fever. Wth its drop dead delicious array of vintage inspired pieces. Stunning hour glass silhouettes carried through from Spring Summer define the collection, with feminine shapes, cinched-waist dresses and skirts complete with ladylike neck and hem lines decorated in eccentric prints.

Deep, warm colours of greys, blacks and plums dominate this season’s Fever collection. Glamorous, quirky cocktail dresses and blouses are bolstered by block coloured electric blues and fuchsia pinks. Buttery smooth silks, satins and creamy cottons makes the collection feel as good as it looks.

With fashionista’s alr