mean Style Fish can really inspire my style, help me make better decisions & save me money??

In ancient Eastern Mythology the word FISH is a symbol of transformation & Creation?

Because… STYLE is about so much more than shopping. Learn. Share. Connect. Be Inspired. Be part of Style Fish.

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 Style Fish has been described by The Sunday Business Post as offering a ‘UNIQUE STYLE JOURNEY’ and the Irish Independent said ‘STYLE FISH HELPS WOMEN FIND THEIR OWN STYLE’

What our Ladies say
Anne Bean – Kildare – Graduated October 27th 2009
“Style Fish has thought me to be sure of what suits me & not to be afraid to experiment. I will have so much fun with my clothes, colours & Make-up from now on!”

Ann Dunne – Laois – Graduated June 8th 2009
“I feel I can take more risks in terms of my style and know it works for me!”

Michelle Carney – Dublin – Graduated June 17th 2010
“Shopping is so much easier now!” 

WOW..I really would like to feel someone knows how to help me everyday feel great about my Style!

Your Style Fish course & Membership Costs €399. This includes your 7 week course, fully personalised Style Fish Folder which you build during your course & your Style Fish Membership.
Fascinating Fish Facts…

 Fascinating Fish Fact 1 Our Website is undergoing a stylish transformation at the moment to include our new Members area just for you, online booking, daily fashion update blogs and much more!

Fascinating Fish Fact 2 Style Fish has just enrolled our newest & first ever full time recruit Siobhan McHugh who will be helping us to roll out our course & Membership to even more ladies nationwide!

Fascinating Fish Fact 3 Our Facebook page has over 2,100 fans who are kept fashionably up to date everyday by Style Fish!

Fascinating Fish Fact 4 We love what we do & we cherish our relationship with our Members above all & the notion of ‘special’ is at the heart of all that we teach, write & share with our women. We want you to be part of it.

Our Style Fish Promise. 
Your Style Fish Membership will be a fun & useful resource to help you make better choices, save you money & inspire your style each & everyday & that is all after you have been transformed through your 7 week course!

Style Fish x 

 Sign up to a course & to become a Style Fish Member before Friday September 3rd you will receive a €30 discount!

“Tell me & I will forget. Teach me & I will learn. Involve me & I will understand.” Ancient Indian Proverb


Style Fish is undergoing some exciting developments at the moment including the development of our new Membership Area (online on where all our course graduates will have access to daily inspiration, recommendations, product reviews, forums, styling games, discounts & more! Being a Style Fish Member (by completing our course) will mean your style will be transformed, your routines will be injected with a new life & you will become part of our unique style family! It will be a fun & useful resource for women to help make better choices, save money, inspire your style aswell as being able to share with other members everyday!

We cherish our relationship with our Members above all & the notion of ‘special’ is at the heart of all that we teach, write & share with our women both through our courses & online. We are very excited to share this news with you aswell as all the details of our Autumn Course plan around the Country! 

Course dates –

–       Dublin - Thurs Sept 16th – Stillorgan Park Hotel – 7.30pm – 9.30pm (one night per week for 7 weeks)

–       Cork - Sat Sept 18th – Mahon Point Shopping Centre  – 1pm – 3pm (one morning per week for 7 weeks)

–       Portlaoise – Tues Sept 14th -The Maldron Hotel – 7.30pm – 9.30pm (one evening per week for 7 weeks)

–       Kilkenny – Wed Sept 15th – Lyrath Estate Hotel – 7.30pm – 9.30pm (One evening per week for 7 weeks)

Because style is about much more than shopping. Learn. Share. Connect. Be Inspired.

 Our Ladies say..

–     Ann Dunne – Laois – Graduated June 8th 2009

–       “Style Fish has changed the way I feel about myself. I feel I can take more risks in terms of my style and know it works for me!”

–       Catherine Keogh – Dublin – Graduated March 4th 2010 “I just went to a shop, bought an outfit, had fun doing it & didn’t even break a sweat. The best money I ever spent.”

–       Anne Bean – Kildare – Graduated October 27th 2009

–       “Style Fish has thought me to be sure of what suits me & not to be afraid to experiment with all the ideas I got, I will have so much fun with my clothes, colours & Make-up from now on!”

–       Michelle Carney – Dublin – Graduated June 17th 2010“Shopping is so much easier now!”

 The Media says..

–       The Sunday Business Post “A Unique Style Journey.”

–       The Irish Examiner “Empowering women to feel stylish”

–       The Irish Independent “Style Fish helps women find their Own Style.”

–       The Kildare Post “After taking part I feel like the most Stylish Fish in the Pond!”

–       South East Wedding Magazine “Become a Stylish Fish & part of something unique”

–       The Kilkenny People “Fishing for a new Style? Try Style Fish.”

–       Irish Country Living Magazine “Style Fish has made it their business to inject a shot of good taste & even better sense into the wardrobes of Irish women.”

–       The Irish Daily Star “Style Fish helps you build wardrobe capsules, style your outfits like a pro & injects new life into your old routines.”

–       TV Now Magazine “Forget Trinny & Susannah Style Fish is all you need to become your very own fashionista.”

Style Fish Course Content

Week 1: Body Shape Analysis. Get those Trinny & Susannah pictures from your head. This is fun, simple & does not involved stripping. Oh yes & you will now understand how to dress for your shape!

Week 2: The Style Rules to change how you dress forever! Build the perfect Capsule for you & much more

Week 3: Discover all your wow colours; from your clothes to your make-up to your hair. What suits you.

Week 4: Styling your outfits, discover your fashion personality type, getting more wear from your wardrobe & accessorize like a pro!

Week 5: Make-up lesson – Discover how easy your make-up routine should be with the right tools & products. Step by step we show you how.

Week 6: Hair Styling – Sick of the same style everyday? Want to get creative with your mane? Feel transformed with just 5 minutes to work your magic..

Week 7: Personal Shopping Trip. That’s right you are now ready to take on the shops! Choose your perfect outfit, get creative & see how much fun shopping for the new you can be!

Course Cost (Including Membership) – €399



Dublin Summer Course

Venue; Bewley’s Hotel, Leopardstown

Date; Wednesday July 7th – August 18th

 Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm

 As Featured on The Afternoon Show & on Ireland AM be transformed with our 7 week Course (one evening per week) covering everything from dressing for your shape, styling your outfits, colour, make-up lesson, hair styling, personal shopping trip and much more. You will build a completely personalised folder during your course and you also become a Style Fish Member.

When we launch our new look website as part of oyur MembershipYou will -

–              Have exclusive access to our Members area where you can avail of discounts from shops & salons from all around the country & online

–              Receive a monthly newsletter with fashion updates, advice & inspiration from Style Fish

–              Let Style Fish help you dress for your shape with all the shops from the high street. We help you each month with what will work for your shape/ what are good buys/ how to style your outfits and where to bu

–              Chat with other style fish graduates with whom you can share questions, tips, recommendations and much more! Avail of our very special discount until July 1st of €299. Thereafter €299 Plus VAT.

Book now by calling Julie on  087 4130336  087 4130336  or email

A little boutique gem in the heart of Kilcullen, Co. Kildare is Frill Boutique. We were struck immediately by the size of this place. Located on what I would describe (sorry Kilcullen natives) as a sleepy town, this boutique is a real treat – tranquil, spacious and full of great labels with huge fitting rooms which we love. Anyway we are delighted to show you some pics of their Spring Summer stock and we think this place is well worth a visit (If you are lucky enough to be a Style Fish Member Flash your card and you might even get a discount!) and check out their all year round Sale Rail!

Cream Jovani Dress

Great french Label Rivieres De Lune

We absolutely adore these Iise Jacobson Shoess for Summer

Cream Molly Bracken gentle drapes Dress

Northland accessorised by a Fab Headpiece by designer Lorraine Domican

Rivieres De Lune

By Millinier Lorraine Domican from Newbridge - amazing headpieces stocked by Frill

Style Fish x

We NEARLY came to the conclusion that it was better not to talk about the fact we could not be at ruby Rouge Boutiques Mad Hatters Tea Party in Marlfield House Wexford last weekend and then we decided we could not and would not deprive you all of the fab fashions for what was an afternoon of elegance, tea cakes and a sea of colour! We are delighted to bring you a selection of looks from the show & want to also tell you that we have warned you ….it is first come first served with some of these Fab looks for Spring. Check out the Fab prints, the structured dresses, the layers, the girlie tulle, the amazing shoes, the maxi dresses…oh what to choose first. Ruby Rouge is open tomorrow (Good Friday).


Style Fish x

Irish Independent Tuesday Dec 29th 09

Feature written by Carissa Casey

Irish Independent Tuesday Dec 29th 09

Irish Examiner Nov 30th 2009

Style Fish Featured in their ‘Talk the Talk’ Feature!

Irish Examiner Nov 30th 2009

Marfield together with Ruby Rouge present a girlie night with Ireland’s answer to Gok Wan, Brendan Courtney!




Price €40.00, early booking is advised ! Contact Marlfield House or Ruby Rouge to reserve your place.

A VERY SPECIAL RATE OF €75 PER PERSON SHARING Bed & Breakfast is also available at Marlfield house should you wish to make a night of it!



On a wet a windy Thursday afternoon I hope some of you got to see Style Fish featured on The Afternoon Show!

Style Fish & Arnotts organised a Networking Event for businesses in the Fashion & Beauty world on Friday the 23rd of Oct in Palmerstown House, Kildare ( and The Afternoon Show had cameras rolling all morning as they were in the process of mentoring the lovely Emer Farrell back into the workplace to get involved in PR! Style Network was the choosen event and we were delighted to have Emer there on the day to help out! We were delighted that Style Fish got showcased as part of this great feature! Check out the show online on RTE PLAYER on the following link;



The Sunday Business Post Oct 18th 09

The Sunday Business Post Oct 18th 09

Colour analysis, stylefish
A shade for everyone in the audience

This weekend I had 9 of my lovely students for session 4 & 5 of their Personal Styling course and colour was the topic! The reaction I get from students every time I teach colour analysis never ceases to amaze me!

It excites, inspires, scares and provokes people to think about colour, personal styling and shopping in a whole new light. Just like understanding your body shape can help you to make better choices, understanding the colours that suit you best makes a monumental difference in how you begin to build your wardrobe and how you put things together. It can be hard however if you believe certain colours suit you or for a long time you have been buying certain colours only to realise through the science of colour analysis that actually you have been taking the wrong direction all this time. That’s hard.

In fact this topic prompted me to write this post.

I hate the idea that colour can make people feel restricted by what they can now wear, buy and try. I get that as part of the learn process you can feel that you now know the ‘answer’ if you like to what suits. Even if you don’t particularly like that answer. I have never met anyone who has not grown to love and respect their colour palette. But that aside my personal feeling is that knowing what colours we are made of allows us to make all our choices with deliberate intent, whether we are following our palette or not. I would hate in fact to follow the formula all the time but I do want to have a consistent theme running through my wardrobe for which colour plays a big part. Probably about 40-50%.


My colours are ‘deep’ and ‘warm’.

Earthy if you like. It took me a long time to accept this as I used to be very much a ‘pink’ person and like many had to go through that process of understanding, looking in my wardrobe at all my (sometimes silly) choices and start my styling with a fresh perspective (which included a lot of trial and error) and a fresh approach. But so many of my choices are also driven by other things that are equally important to me. Things like is the item ‘modern’, ‘comfortable’, ‘quirky’, ‘sophisticated’. This is me. My personality. The things that are equally important to me. I am thinking about the overall look you see, not just the item. In fact there is a whole school of theory around the topic of buying colours and clothes to match our personality called Fashion Feng Shui but that’s another day’s work!

I also like to play around with lighter and darker shades of my ‘earthy’ colours. Here for example is a peachy coloured Zara coat I bought, which I adore. Is it a ‘Deep’ colour? No. Do I love it? Yes. I like to team it with more definite colours, here with the definite nautical stripes in this Vila dress. Definite prints is just another way to play with the ‘Deep’ overall impression I should give in a look if I am following my colours. Sometimes I team with a stronger orange costume accessory or a coral lipstick too.

Colour analysis, stylefish

You see, colour is about having fun.

Understanding what suits you is just the starting point to creating a wardrobe you love and helping others to do the same! The ultimate question we need to ask ourselves is ‘how do I feel?’ in the item or outfit. If it feels just like you, then I always say go for it. There are so many more things at play that form part of the decision over and above colour. If there is ANY niggling doubt about it, don’t do it. This is a rather simple rule of thumb!

Finally, the amazing thing about colour is that every colour has so many shades. In fact, if you love a particular colour and you are afraid to find out whether it will suit you or not, fear not! There is a shade of every colour that is your ‘wow’ shade. Have a read of this article I came across called ‘The Colour Thesaurus’ to read a little more about all the options and words used for different colours! Below I have just included a couple from this article:

colour analysis, stylefish

colour analysis, stylefish

colour analysis, stylefish

My take away for today is, I love seeing the difference an understanding of colour can make to women and their style. For me that starts with teaching my own students and seeing how it affects and excites them. From these wonderful women, they go on to spread colour love with their own friends, family and clients!

Julie x

Meet Personal Stylist Caroline Mooney

I love sharing stories from students and past students that I have been lucky enough to train and inspire in the world of personal styling and in what it takes to be a great personal stylist. Caroline is one of those.

I will always remember speaking to Caroline for the very first time. I was sitting having a coffee in London Waterloo station, waiting on a train and I remember thinking to myself as I was chatting to Caroline and telling her more about my training how unsure and nervous she was and just how much courage it took to pick up the phone. I instantly loved her!

Everything in life that is worthwhile and that you care a lot about brings with it the fear of the unknown. Caroline pushed passed the fear and joined my course and luckily for us has been good enough to share her story with us this week!


Tell us when and why you trained with Stylefish?

I have always had a love for clothes and fashion and when I saw Julie on Dragon’s Den, I knew then that I wanted to do my training with Stylefish and when the time was right, I just went for it and made that initial phonecall to Julie. I completed some of my training in June 2013 and did some further training in October 2015. I initially trained in teaching fashion classes and went back to Julie to complete my training to be able to offer one to one consultations also after this.

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

What’s the day job and what’s the dream!

I work part-time (3 days a week) as the Office Manager in a very busy Life Assurance Company in Dublin’s City Centre and will be there 16 years this June. I suppose I am now actually fulfilling my dream as I’m working as a Personal Stylist in my spare time. This is what I want to work on and build up a portfolio of regular clients. I guess like anything in life the timing has to be right. Now is my time!

How have you used your training since you finished?

I have hosted some Body Shape and Colour classes in ladies homes. I have also hosted a Style Fundraiser Evening with a large group of Ladies (70 approx.) which was a really busy and exciting night for me!

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

Tell us why you love teaching others?

I hope to share all the knowledge, tips and passion that I have for clothes and fashion and to inspire each and every lady to not be afraid to try different things in their everyday looks, in inexpensive ways. I love to see how when a Lady finds out what her Body Shape is, how the penny drops as it were….. and she gets it! It is amazing to see how a little bit of knowledge about your Body Shape can help your overall look greatly. A Personal Stylist to me also guides someone through the process of enjoying their style again and feeling great in the clothes they wear.

What have you learnt about your own style?

I try to pay a little bit more for certain key pieces in my wardrobe as it does make a huge difference and they will last the test of time…….

Where do you love to shop?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Zara Girl!! It is one of the best stores on the highstreet that stocks the latest range of fashion at affordable prices. I am loving Dunnes Stores also at the moment as they have such a vast range of clothing lines to choose from, from Savida up to Designer wear e.g. Lennon Courtney, Paul Costello etc. The other highstreet stores that I like to shop in are Mango (Their new shop on Henry Street in Dublin is the business!), Karen Millen & River Island. I also like to shop from and online – check them out !

What’s your top tip when buying for your body shape?

It’s about accentuating your shape and enhancing what you have so you feel your best in every outfit you own. Once you’ve determined your body shape, you can begin to consider which fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid.

How did it feel to run your first class?

If I’m completely honest it was totally nerve-wracking but exciting also and once I got the first class under my belt the nerves got less and less. Nerves are good and they show you care about what you do!

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

What services do you provide and how do people find you!

The services I offer my clients are: Wardrobe de-cluttering, Personal Shopping, Body Shape (Classes & Individual Consultations), Colour Analysis (Classes & Individual Consultations). I have set up a facebook page called, my email is and my mobile number is 087-2358057.

A piece of advice you would give to those considering a fashion course?

Go for it, it is really enjoyable and great fun and you wont find a better teacher than Julie from Stylefish. It is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

What’s your all time favourite fashion quote?

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’Marilyn Monroe

Thanks so much Caroline and we wish you the best of luck!

Julie x

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish
…Meet their NEW Conscious Exclusive Collection

It is the result of a beautiful H&M collaboration with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs located in the Palais du Louvre in Paris and is a collection I cannot wait to see instore. Working with and training personal stylists means I am always in search of great retail stories, collections and ‘that something different’ to inspire clients and myself! H&M have truly stepped up with their conscious collections over the last 2 years and 2016 is no exception.

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish


Inspired by the archives of the museum, expect beautiful wispy motifs, amazingly soft and sumptuous fabrics combined with just the right amount of structure and neutral colour. Things every woman’s wardrobe needs, but the best bit for me is just the quality of the collection. Sitting just in the right ballpark between ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘value for money’ I think this is a collection every personal stylist, personal shopper and fashion blogger worth their salt will be uhhing and ahhing over. I certainly am.

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

There was an amazing bottle green safari jacket in last years collection I am still kicking myself for not buying. Worn beautifully by lots of fashion faces (most notably for me on International Stylist Courtney Smith). This idea ties in with everything we want RIGHT NOW from fashion – it’s fast, its great for the environment and it’s superior quality without the price tag.


Always a sign of a good collection when you simply cannot choose your favourite piece!

This dreamy salmon summer dress might just be it at just £49.99.

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

The collection will launch on Thursday 7th April to coincide with the opening of the hotly anticipated exhibition, Fashion forward – Three centuries of fashion. H&M is delighted to also reveal that Parisian art director, style maven and sustainability champion, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, will be the face of the campaign.

Here are some of my other favourites.

Black Structured Blazer £59.99
My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

Structured white wedding dress (if you want it to be!) £149.99

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

Black layered skirt £119.99

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

Top & Shorts both only £29.99

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

Cotton Blouse £29.99; Silk Trousers £69.99

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

White tailored Jacket £149.99

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

Beaded Skirt £69.99

My Love for H&M just grew 10 fold, exclusive conscious collection, stylefish

Form an orderly que!

Julie x

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish
Is it worth the trip?

Finally getting around to sharing stuff about my trip to London Fashion Weekend! I have been meaning to go along (embarrassingly!) since I started my business and have not made it up until now! To say that is shameful would be an understatement….

So, what is all the fuss about? As a fashion entrepreneur, is it all it is hyped up to be? Can you survive and thrive without it if you work in fashion and just what did I learn on my jaunt in Chelsea!?

Read on…

You gotta get out of your business to get into your business

Ok. I knew I would learn this lesson from the moment my LFW ticket arrived in the post. Sometimes, you can be so close to your business you don’t see the wood from the trees. London Fashion Weekend inspired a fresh fashion spirit into me and hence in turn my business and for us small businesses, that is just about everything we need to thrive!

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

New Discoveries

You will never discover new things sitting at your desk (ok, ok, google ain’t toooo bad) but there is no substitute to meeting the people behind the brands, see and experience rails and rails of new design talent and inspiring designers who provide the personal styling world with beautiful clothes and jewels to share with our clients. Some of my favourite discoveries included Marina London who specialise in beautiful everyday silk basics, House of Sunny and Edge of Ember Jewellery.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

The freshness of fashion

Working in fashion is fun, exciting, fast moving and every girls dream :-) Going to London Fashion Weekend really invigorates your sense of just how big and exciting the fashion industry is right now. London IS leading the way for designers, retail and fashion styling. To be part of that really invigorated my sense of why I love what I do and just how many parts there are at play in making the industry what it is.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

A Bit of Shopping

This AMAZING Dolce & Gabbana Skirt just had to come home with me. It would be rude not too, right?? It was on the discount rail I promise. London Fashion Weekend is the place to be to bag a bargain from a designer you have loved from afar. If you want to buy special and inspire your wardrobe with creative design, modern aesthetic and special pieces, London Fashion Week and Weekend is the place to do it.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

Mary Katrantzou is Amazing

I got to see one of my all time favourite designers showcase their Spring collection, Mary Katrantzou and it was just amazing. To see the beautiful fabrics, sequins, detail and prints up close was just really special. In my everyday life and work, it is the high street what I rave about, teach about and bring students too. But the real inspiration filters from the passion high end designers bring to their collections.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

Moral of the story? Go!

Julie x



Personal Shopper Top Tips, stylefish
Students Finish on a High!

Personal Shopper is the buzz word of 2016. No longer are they perceived to be only for the rich and famous. Women everywhere lead lives that are busier than ever. Plus, in retail a Personal shopper now is not only a luxury but a necessity in order to create that all important customer experience.

A good personal shopper will save you time, money and stress. A great personal shopper will ‘get you’ and make that translate into the clothes they pick!

It is one of my all time favourite topics to teach and I am lucky enough to get to inspire women on my Diploma in Personal Styling the in’s and out’s of working as a personal shopper and all the tricks of the trade that I have learnt along the way! This weekend I had two ladies finishing their Personal Styling course in Dublin and so while I have been busy preaching what I practice to them I thought what better time to share these insider tips and tricks if you are ever considering delving into this wonderful topic!

So, if you want the inside track, keep reading!

Personal Shopper Top Tips, stylefish

Understand the Importance of Listening

When starting out it can feel like you have to do all the talking to impress your client, inspire your client and also give them value for money. Most women however, want to be listened too more than they want to be talked too! Take the time to have a coffee and get to know your client, their lifestyle and what fills their daily life. Also, what they find the most difficult. That way you can be sure you really understand what will fit into their wardrobe (metaphorically speaking!!).

Building Rapport

Sounds obvious right? Rapport is simply the quality of the relationship between two people. It is built on trust. If your client trusts you, it is much easier to get them to open up to you and it is also much easier to encourage them to try on items that might be outside their comfort zone. This is one of the key benefits of having a personal shopper!

personal shopper insider tricks, stylefish

The Importance of the Senses

It can be really useful to be in tune with which of the senses your client responds best too. For example some women love the touch and feel of different fabrics and materials or some others might be like a magpie, attracted to everything that glitters and sparkles! If you can get a sense of what’s most important to them whether it is the practical side of things like having comfortable and breathable fabrics or whether the ‘look’ and finding the unusual is more important, this can really help direct you in a shop.

Influencing Your Clients

One of the most difficult elements when starting out as a personal shopper can be putting your style to one side in a way and totally immersing yourself in what is right for your client. You are so used to making a bee line for what you like but now it is about understanding your client fully. Once you have gained your clients trust, you can pace and lead them into new ways of doing things but you must first fully understand their point of view and immerse yourself in the shop from their perspective.

personal shopper top tips, stylefish

Sizing Rules

Become aware of your clients size according to what you think will work, not according always to what they tell you. Two out of three women buy the wrong clothes size so it is key to first understand their body shape, what it is you want their clothes to do to help create or maintain proportions and balance and then choose the size you feel will work with whatever shop or brand your choosing from. Also, remember that is the beauty of having a personal shopper. You can do the running to change sizes easily!

Start at the Bottom

This is one I always get my students to practice. If you choose a great pair of jeans or skirt and it works you can have so much fun creating different looks around this. I usually find it is the bottom half that is the best to get right first. Without ‘key’ items your client will buys ‘pieces’ but it is much more inspiring for them to be able to buy outfits!

personal shopper top tips, stylefish

Getting the Feel Good Factor

That moment you know your client feels great in a look your have put together is a great feeling! You know instantly they are happy and feel good. She walks out of the fitting room full of confidence. She looks comfortable and happy. The difference this makes in the process can be dramatic. Your client begins to open up more, trust you more and try out more things! You are aiming for this to happen as early on in the process as possible so everyone can relax!

Hope this has been a fun and insightful read!

Julie x

5 Second Outfit Tweaks Every Personal Stylist Should Know, stylefish
Practice Makes Perfect!

Every Personal Stylist worth their salt will know that great style is about little things! Tricks of the trade, small details, playing around to create subtle differences that make all the effort worthwhile! None of what I am about to share is magic. They are simply 5 second appearance tweaks that can enhance your overall look and that I like to share when training personal stylists!

The Front Tuck

Style is all about proportions, right? (It is, trust me!). We know baggy is in right now but to save yourself going down the bag lady route, you have two options. Go fitted on the bottom half to balance out with the loser top half or use this simple trick of the ‘front tuck’ to create shape, show the waist and look casual yet ‘styled’. Works everytime!

5 Second Outfit Tweaks Every Personal Stylist Should Know, stylefish

Knot Your Shirt

The white shirt is going to be massive news for Spring 2016. With cut out sleeves, oodles of fascinating shapes and styles, every woman should own the classic version that they can have a little fun with. Simply leave the bottom two or three buttons open and tie in a simple knot. Team with jeans, skirts and tights and if your knot is leaving your midriff feeling a little exposed, simply opt for a cami or teeshirt underneath for an extra element of styling knowhow. A higher waisted pair of jeans also works a treat with this look.

5 Second Outfit Tweaks Every Personal Stylist Should Know, stylefish

Push Up Those Sleeves

I have used this trick many times when personal styling. Sleeves can be a right drag! If they are too long they can make you look uber short! Especially if you are wearing an uber stylish longer mac or overcoat. You are in ‘wheyey’ too much fabric territory. Push those sleeves up and bring back a lovely balance, give yourself more height and feel instantly ‘styled’.

5 Second Outfit Tweaks Every Personal Stylist Should Know, stylefish

Scarf It

Who doesn’t love a good scarf? Just yesterday I picked up this stripey number in Zara. For €7.95, I plan to wear with teeshirts to jazz them up, on my head when I’m have a bad hair day and as a bow on the waist of my jeans when I am in a girly mood! (Bows are big this season too!). Find the one you love, keep it short enough so the fabric doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the outfit and have some styling fun!

Zara Scarf

5 Second Outfit Tweaks Every Personal Stylist Should Know, stylefish



Oriflame has teamed Up With Stylefish to train a growing team of Oriflame Beauty Experts in 2016. All sales consultants in the UK in Ireland have the opportunity to work towards this title with support and inspiration created through our bespoke training programme. The 4 part programme incorporates everything needed to succeed including – creating a style you love, confidence coaching, body language, public speaking, running skin care sessions and lots, lots more. Training is being run throughout the UK & Ireland this year.

Join my information evening

Happy new year one and all! Hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were filled with loveliness! If like me you are feeling a little like you have over indulged :-) and are looking forward to the new season and new year with excitement! There’s nothing like the new year to help us put things in perspective and make new plans!

One of my big plans has already kicked off as I have officially moved to Dorset in the UK to live with the love of my life ;-) Paul. I am also very excited to be starting a very exciting collaboration with beauty company Oriflame as I travel around the UK & Ireland running styling courses for their amazing team of consultants. Exciting times! Will be posting more about this project soon. It is starting this month!

I also have my Spring Diploma in Personal Styling starting on Saturday February 13th in Dublin. I will just be running one Diploma course in Dublin this term. It will run one Saturday per month for 7 months (dates on the link) and I am super excited to meet a brand new group of ladies excited to go on their own fun fashion and personal styling journey with Stylefish! For Autumn I will be back to having 2 fashion styling courses. One Saturday option and one Wednesday evening option for 12 weeks. You can check out my 2016 calendar here.

That is why I am writing this post really!


Not only has my Diploma course got a new home this term but I want to give you, my Stylefish readers the chance to come along to my January fashion natter and find out more about my fashion styling courses, to meet with other students, to learn a bit more about personal styling and to be part of a fun styling class to get you excited about the fashion season ahead! This will also give you a chance to really see what my training is all about. Whether you want to consider a fashion styling course in February or later this year, this is a great chance find out more. I also plan to run this Stylefish info evening in September for my Autumn course dates.


WHERE: MY NEW TRAINING SPACE AT 3 LAD LANE, DUBLIN 2 (plenty of free parking)

TIME: 7PM – 9PM(ish)


Training room

If you fancy coming along, to find out more simply email

There will be tea/ coffee and nibbles too!

Happy new year everyone! Let’s make it a great one. I know 2016 is definitely a year I am excited about!

Julie x

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses
Spring stylist training never looked so good!

Spring 2016 will see Stylefish move into a new home for our Diploma in Personal Styling! If you fancy getting your personal styling qualification in uber stylish surroundings, our new training venue at 3 Lad Lane, Dublin 2 might be right up your street! With plenty of free parking, our training will now take place in our very own exclusive mews house complete with our own training room, kitchen and sitting room!

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses

We have oodles of space for learning, styling fun and fashion chats! It is a mere 5 minute walk from Grafton street (ahem, Topshop). I want you to feel part of Stylefish, relaxed, at home and in fun surroundings that inspire you and give you some serious ‘you time’ as part of your styling journey.

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses

Who is my Diploma in Personal Styling for?

I get asked so often is my training just for those who are ‘young’, uber fashionable or those already working in fashion? The answer is a resounding NO! The opposite in fact. If you simply love fashion and want a way to explore your passion more, learn more, gain more confidence in your own style and learn to style others while getting a qualification in the process that is who our fashion styling courses are for!

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses

Spring 2016 Course Date

I will be running just one Spring 2016 course and that is my Saturday training course running one Saturday per month for 7 months and starting on Saturday February 13th (just in time for Valentines!). So it couldn’t be easier to get your personal styling qualification in 2016. Many past students lead busy lives and so this amount of commitment seems to work for most people. Training runs the second Saturday of each month except in July when you will have your final two fashion styling classes in one month. (Dates are Feb 13th, Mar 12th, Apr 9th, May 14th, June 11th, July 9th and July 30th) Your final class will include putting into practice all your learning and styling your very first client in a real shop environment. See more training dates here.

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses

Limited Course Places

With limited spaces on this course, I only have 4 places left right now. If you would like to find out more, I am having an information evening at my new training venue on Monday evening January 18th 7-9pm. Why not come along to find out more about this course, ask questions, meet past students and be part of some fun fashion chat! You can also read more on the links here about my Diploma in Personal Styling course modules, course materials and training costs.

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses

Our Diploma in Personal Styling gets a new Home!, stylefish, fashion styling courses

Don’t be shy!

To sign up, ask questions or arrange a chat simply email and I would love to talk to you.


Using colour in styling

On Saturday one of my groups of students took on colour theory for the first time! Having tackled, enjoyed and immersed themselves in body shapes for the previous few classes, seeing for the first time the detail involved in colour theory for a personal shopper/ stylist/ image consultant can be quite over whelming! Fun but over whelming!

But what woman doesn’t want to play with and build more colour into her wardrobe? Colour is a core element to personal styling whether you are styling or being styled! Most women have a core of colours they gravitate towards. The question of course is if these colours consist of mainly black, brown and grey and if you need some inspiration to help you on your colour journey! Is that you? Well listen up!


Just why is colour so important to a personal shopper?
1. It is our most powerful tool!

Colour is the thing that allows a personal shopper to play, get creative and push their clients boundaries. Colour training is about training the eye to try out unusual colour combinations just as much as it is about picking colours that work for a person. I always encourage students and women to try to introduce three colours into a look. It is always that third colour that makes you go ‘wow’!


2. It is about good and not so good colours.

Understanding colour is not just about understanding what suits a person but also how to style a look using colours that may not be perfect. I remember once having a student who was told charcoal grey was one of her best colours but because her school uniform was grey, she absolutely hated it! Colour training shows you you have to be practical too! If someone loves black and it’s not in their colour palette, I help them find ways to wear it but perhaps wear less of it. For example going for a V neck and teaming with a contrasting accessory.

The Impact of Colour for a Personal Shopper, personal shopper, stylefish

3. It forms the backbone to every wardrobe

Colour theory is not just about bright colours but first and foremost about your best neutral colours. Is brown better than black? Or cream better than white for you? When building a great wardrobe we think of our capsule pieces first like a great jacket, coat, denims and shirts. Understanding your skin tone (which forms the core of colour training) will show you which are your best neutrals.

The Impact of Colour for a Personal Shopper, personal shopper, stylefish

4. It allows you to project yourself first not just your clothes.

When you wear good colours, people see you and your clothes as one complete style! The day you wear a not so good colour is the day someone will say ‘gosh you looks tired today’ and it also means you can see a persons clothes as a sort of a separate thing to them. Sounds strange perhaps but take notice the next time you see what you perceive to be a good and a bad colour on someone on the street? The good colour looks like it is made for that person, the bad colour, not so much!

The Impact of Colour for a Personal Shopper, personal shopper, street style, stylefish

5. It cuts out the crap!

If you know what colours suit you, your less likely to impulse buy. You know that a €10 top in a bad colour is a bad buy. Full stop. As a personal shopper, having a deeper understanding of colour helps you to read a shop floor for your clients much more quickly. You can understand colour tones, basic and enhancement colours and how to choose colours that go together. A great personal shopper will also know each season which colour trends are covered by which shops saving you time!

The Impact of Colour for a Personal Shopper, personal shopper, stylefish

6. It leads to better hair and make-up decisions

Understanding your colour tones leads to better decisions on the correct colour for your hair (assuming you colour your hair). It also leads you in the right direction when buying foundation, blushers, eye shadows etc. Personally, I alway shout about Estee Lauder in my colour training as they use a great system called the imatch system with customers to ensure you do get the right foundation for your skin tone.

7. It brings the fun!

With the emergence of street style and women taking inspiration from other women, it is so great to see how powerful colour can be in this process. It is the thing that should allow you to push the boundaries and have some fun. It can be played with through accessories, make-up and shoes just as much as it can in clothes and that is why it is so powerful! It forms the thread that links up your complete style!

The Impact of Colour for a Personal Shopper, personal shopper, stylefish

My Spring 7 month part time Diploma in Personal Styling starts on Saturday February 13th – until July 30th (one Saturday per month for 7 months). Why not come along to our information evening on Monday January 18th 7pm in Dublin? Email for more details or to put your name down.

Julie x