Hot colours for Spring

Published on: January 26, 2014
The rails at the River Island Press Day

New season colour trends transforms and excites us at this time every year. That first sign of ‘newness’ and we are like school children in a candy shop, eyes bright with excitement as we think of all those lovely new clothes, nicer weather and a generally brighter season! Looking ahead we’re in for colour trends that take in earthy, sun-baked hues, cool, calm blues, and boldly clashing kaleidoscopes of colour. It has been described as ‘pared back yet optimistic’. River Island was one of the first collections I saw in January where my heart literally skipped a beat.

The rails at the River Island Press Day

The rails at the River Island Press Day

It seems to me that Springs colours are quite neutral, tonal and soft. Not quite what you would describe as ‘Spring’ traditionally. Zingy yellows are more rich golds. Punchy turquoise which is a typical Spring colour has turned into milky blues and rich sapphire shades. It seem the buzz words will be ‘calm’, ‘jewel like’, ‘jungle shades’, ‘modern pastels’ and ‘sophisticated’. The colour palette really works with fabrics like satins, silks, rich jerseys, open weave knits and slinky dresses. Take a look for yourself…



Oddles ….Pinks

Jewels made up…


Choose from lots …Neutrals

Earthy tones with lovely shades…Greens

Beautiful shades….Blues


Rails full…Browns

Before you indulge and splurge on anything colourful, think of the neutral colours in your wardrobe. Neutrals include black, browns, greys, creams, olive, silver, gold, whites etc. They should in fact form about 50% of your wardrobe! Why? Because they can mix and match with other ‘colourful’ items much easier. In fact they are called neutrals because of this ability to blend with other colours.

Neutrals palette

They are:

  • Trend-proof meaning they outlive last years ‘hot trends’.
  • Flexible: You can wear the neutrals with whatever colors you like. It’s also much easier to style because all colors go with them.
  • Style savers: Add them to any outfit you want to tone down and bring less attention to.
  • Outfit multipliers: You’ll find it much easier to create several outfit combinations with neutrals without having to ask yourself: what color goes with this green.

One last top tip: Depending on your coloring – if you’re warm, you’ll look best in neutrals with a warm undertone. If you’re cool, you’ll look better in neutrals with a cool undertone. A Stylefish class or consultation will help you determine this!

Warm V Cool

One last thing. Irish Brand Fee G sent me a lovely little video with looks from their new collection last week. Thought it was gorgeous with all the lovely Spring/ Summer colours shown here perfectly!


Julie x


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