5 Steps to Your Autumn Makeover

Published on: November 22, 2015
5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, wear more colour, stylefish
Nail Your Personal Style This Autumn

Each season, fashion changes, trends come and go and your wardrobe can start to feel a lot like it’s constantly trying to keep up with the fast moving fashion train! It is so easy to lose a sense of your own personal style. That’s where so many people can start to get lost. Even trying to keep up is doing yourself and your personal style a dis service you see. It is time this season to think smart, think like a personal stylist and take on board my simple tricks to updating your personal style for Autumn/ Winter without having to sell your granny. (ahem. Sorry gran).

1. Wear More Colour.

There is a huge variety of colours to inspire you on the high street this season. From blush pinks to teals and orange there is definitely something for everyone. A simple trick to try this season is to start introducing more than one colour into your outfit. Try out contrasting colours for your accessories, handbags and shoes. Have some fun with colour, be brave and go for it. All you have to do is keep in mind colour tones so for example orange, teal and brown are all typical autumn colours that work amazingly together. You could be wearing teal skinny jeans, a brown polo neck and finally introduce a splash of organ in an accessory or handbag. Et voila…whose the creative personal stylist now???

5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, wear more colour, stylefish

2. Add Some Structure To Your Life.

My favorite place to spend my budget is definitely in the arena of jackets, blazers, and other smart everyday jackets. Purchasing just one statement piece can take the place of splurging on several lower-cost pieces. A jacket or blazer can stretch your wardrobe by allowing you to create new combinations and always look put-together and polished.

Some of my favourites 

  • A leather jacket with moto styling, which you can wear with summer dresses and boots.
    A well-cut blazer (I love ones with military styling).
    A classic trench coat in a darker neutral, such as gray, navy, or camel. This is a wardrobe workhorse that goes with everything.

5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, more structure, stylefish

3. Experiment with More Layering

Autumn is always the best season for layering. It is a personal styling trick that not only keeps you warm but makes your outfit instantly more interesting! I want you to think like a personal stylist when it comes to your layering this season! That means layers are not just for more clothes but invest in a great pair of leather clothes to instantly cosy up your winter coat. Mix textures like wool jumpers over a satin top (peeking out) for an interesting way to mix and match your summer and winter clothes. Invest in a cape for instant autumn chic and finally push up those sleeves! Layer your polo necks under your trench coats and lighter autumn coats and push up the sleeves to show off the contrasting coloured jumper underneath.

5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, layering tips, personal stylist, stylefish

4. Invest in some Faux Fur.

You will do well to avoid fur this season! You can be brave and go for bold colours (which can be found just about everywhere but asos.com have some super options) or keep it softer and more sophisticated with a fur jacket or scarf. Hobbs have some beautiful fur stoles for €70 with much longer lengths than some of the other hight street stores. They also have beautiful neck scarves which add a fun twist to just about any outfit.

5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, invest in faux fur, stylefish


5. Make Simple Statements.

Think 50/50. Wear one simple basic like your favourite pair of denims with the latest necklace or scarf. Wearing one ‘trendy’ item per outfit is quote enough for your everyday look. What’s important here is having great basics like simple quality tee shirts, tailored jackets, denim and other simple neutrals to allow you to make simple adjustments each season. One of the key tricks I will teach personal stylist students when personal shopping with a client to always pick a core piece for your client. If this fits perfectly and your client loves it, it is so much easier to create lots of looks around this one really great piece! Makes sense so to do this for yourself too! Finally, A funky pair of ‘winter sun’ sunglasses and you are one step from fashion blogging stardom.

5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, make simple statements, stylefish

6. Be Friends With Your Waist

Embrace your shape this season. Tis the season to be jolly, happy and festive and the same goes for how you treat yourself! Style is not about changing your shape, rather embracing it and celebrating your curves. Treat yourself to one figure hugging dress that you feel great in and watch how this dress gives you the confidence to try out all the other style updates!

5 Steps to Your Personal Style Autumn Makeover, be friends with your waist, stylefish


Happy styling!

Julie x

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