5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend

Published on: March 8, 2016
5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish
Is it worth the trip?

Finally getting around to sharing stuff about my trip to London Fashion Weekend! I have been meaning to go along (embarrassingly!) since I started my business and have not made it up until now! To say that is shameful would be an understatement….

So, what is all the fuss about? As a fashion entrepreneur, is it all it is hyped up to be? Can you survive and thrive without it if you work in fashion and just what did I learn on my jaunt in Chelsea!?

Read on…

You gotta get out of your business to get into your business

Ok. I knew I would learn this lesson from the moment my LFW ticket arrived in the post. Sometimes, you can be so close to your business you don’t see the wood from the trees. London Fashion Weekend inspired a fresh fashion spirit into me and hence in turn my business and for us small businesses, that is just about everything we need to thrive!

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

New Discoveries

You will never discover new things sitting at your desk (ok, ok, google ain’t toooo bad) but there is no substitute to meeting the people behind the brands, see and experience rails and rails of new design talent and inspiring designers who provide the personal styling world with beautiful clothes and jewels to share with our clients. Some of my favourite discoveries included Marina London who specialise in beautiful everyday silk basics, House of Sunny and Edge of Ember Jewellery.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

The freshness of fashion

Working in fashion is fun, exciting, fast moving and every girls dream :-) Going to London Fashion Weekend really invigorates your sense of just how big and exciting the fashion industry is right now. London IS leading the way for designers, retail and fashion styling. To be part of that really invigorated my sense of why I love what I do and just how many parts there are at play in making the industry what it is.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

A Bit of Shopping

This AMAZING Dolce & Gabbana Skirt just had to come home with me. It would be rude not too, right?? It was on the discount rail I promise. London Fashion Weekend is the place to be to bag a bargain from a designer you have loved from afar. If you want to buy special and inspire your wardrobe with creative design, modern aesthetic and special pieces, London Fashion Week and Weekend is the place to do it.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

Mary Katrantzou is Amazing

I got to see one of my all time favourite designers showcase their Spring collection, Mary Katrantzou and it was just amazing. To see the beautiful fabrics, sequins, detail and prints up close was just really special. In my everyday life and work, it is the high street what I rave about, teach about and bring students too. But the real inspiration filters from the passion high end designers bring to their collections.

5 Things I Learnt at London Fashion Weekend, stylefish

Moral of the story? Go!

Julie x



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