A little bit in love with Amal

Published on: September 29, 2014


She’s the lady who has stolen George Clooney’s heart complete with a romantic Venice wedding at the weekend. The rest of us can hear our hearts breaking. It’s not that we ever actually believed we would bump into him in Starbucks and the rest would be history but a part of us took comfort in the fact he was single. Now Amal is ‘the one’ and not only do we have to accept it, it’s hard not to love her too!

Her quirky non conformist and comfortable style has me gripped. From her first mis matched kitten heel moment I was hooked. But what I love most is how she combines her laid back, natural and quirky style credentials with her impressive CV. A Human Rights Lawyer who has represented Julian Assange, this girl has got it all going on. She likes her designer labels, sporting Prada sunglasses on more than one trip to the office. Balencigia, Miu Miu and Stella McCartney seem to be favourites of hers. Yet she also sports more affordable labels such a Paula Ka and Tatty Devine.

Here are the reasons I love Amal nearly as much as George.

1. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who suffers fashion for the sake of reputation and has been seen in a summery outfit with (shock horror) a black handbag and she rocked it. She is of course a busy lady and can’t be bothered to move her wallet, keys and everything else to another bag before she heads out the door. Love. She also wears tights, whatever the weather if she feels like it.

2. Vogue and Vanity Fair has pursued her but she has of yet declined to do an interview. So all we know of her personality comes in the form of her fashion and that leaves us wanting more and wanting to know more of the girl who has stolen George’s heart.

3. She didn’t rally a cohort of personal assistants, stylists and seamstresses the moment she faced the challenge of becoming a public figure. Her style is so endearing because it IS imperfect, put together by a busy girl who has more to be thinking about than heels and lipstick.

4. Her achievements were well established before she met the lovely George. She cares about style, she seems at home in what she wears and proves that style, beauty and talent are not mutually exclusive.

5. She has the best shoes. She also proves that heels are not essential to looking fabulous. They are also a lot more conducive to getting places faster when your busy.

6. She’s got guts. You’ve got to hand it to her; be it in her fashion sense or her colourful career, Amal has shown that she’s not afraid of taking risks. Not everyone has what it takes to rock bold prints with metallic lace-ups or represent some of the most controversial figures around like former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi, Colonel Gaddafi’s former right-hand man, who is accused of numerous atrocities against his people.

7. George loves her and therefore so will I!


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