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Published on: June 3, 2020
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Hi there,

Hope this finds you well. We’ve all been hanging on by our bootstraps hoping for the storm to pass and somehow learning to dance amongst the chaos and keep productive. I don’t know about you but I switched off from the news for a good week or so. I figure, it will unfold, I will learn what I need to learn and life needs to exist within my own reality of life in lovely Dorset! This involves long daily walks with Polo, lots of cooking (and eating!), some yoga and lots of online work. I have just really taken my time establishing a new slow routine if I am honest. This has been an eye opening challenge in itself but like you all I am sure, this period is teaching us lots about ourselves. I am getting better at doing things slowly but to be honest every day I am challenged by something making me want to move 100 miles an hour, like we are all used too :-)

If nothing else, I have learnt just how unhealthy, that pace has been.

I have also, for the first time in ages, spent real time evaluating where I want to take Stylefish.  I love teaching and I adore my students on my Diploma in Personal Styling but I have missed having ‘that thing’ that helps more women. Not just women who are interested to learn from my path to growing a Personal Styling business. As I no longer do one to one consultations (in Dorset), I have toyed with the world of online styling for a long while and so it’s amazing how a worldwide pandemic can focus the mind :-) To that end, the other task I have undertaken in the last 8 weeks is a body of market research with a group of 20 women all of whom have been open and honest about their lives, how they feel about their style right now, what their challenges are, what they would like help with, what their dream styling solution would be, what they feel about online styling, how this might look or work for them etc etc etc….let’s just say there were alot of questions!

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So, because I really want to share this new journey and pathway with you, the first step is to share what I have learnt from speaking to these women and mainly how difficult women (you all) find to truly connect with your own style and your own wardrobe such is the vastness of choice out there.

The most interesting aspect has been on putting out some of the insights, just how much anyone who reads it has connected with the same feelings, challenges and frustrations.

To keep it concise, I am breaking down the information under some key headings.

Here are the things these lovely ladies told me they wanted most for their wardrobe, how they like to learn and get help, and what the dream solution looks like!

Enjoy this little read!



1. I shop in shops that are not right for me because I don’t know where else to go.

2. I find it hard to put myself first and so end up buying the same things all the time.

3. I wish I was happier with my body.

4. Fear of what others think stops me trying to embrace me.

5. I am just bad at putting things together & making the most of what I have.

6. A lack of confidence to do that mega clearout and start again with only items I know work.


1. I wish I had a great capsule of items for me that I can mix and match with confidence.

2. I wish I could be more creative with what I have.

3. I wish I knew where to shop online and offline for something different.

4. I wish my style and wardrobe just reflected my life and more.

5. I wish I just felt happier in my own skin so I felt better in my clothes.



1. Someone just to pick everything for me.

2. Help with actually getting my wardrobe to a place where I am starting afresh.

3. The dream is to have less clothes but better clothes for me.

4. The dream is for my wardrobe and style to feel more effortless – that I have an understanding & confidence to try new things.

5. The dream is to forget others – what they wear & connect with me.


1. A live online masterclass with a meet up element to feel part of a group.

2. A live online course run over a period of time.

3. An online course combined with some kind of subscription with monthly recommendations.



1. Make it private. Make it personal.

2. Newsletter/ Communication to keep on track, connect, learn.

3. Love the idea of some audio  – whatsapp mini style classes/ topics discussed/ a podcast.

4. Short video clips, visual, fun, easy to follow and connected guidance.


Thanks for reading! Hope you found as interesting as I did. I would love to know what you think about any of the above. Do you agree? Any other thoughts as to what you would like? Email me: All my progress updates will be shared via my newsletter and also via my private Stylefishies Facebook Group. Click to request to join, I would love to have you!

Julie x


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