All you need is less

Published on: February 8, 2019

This week I put up a quote on instagram that just really resonates with me as we (are kind of) still starting out in 2019.

“All you need is Less”

It feels right, doesn’t it? It feels right now in our insta fuelled, fashion heavy, overly bombarded lives that what we are all craving is just less stuff coming at us and for someone to take us by the hand and tell us EXACTLY what we should be spending our money on. Me included. Sometimes no matter how much you feel you even have a handle on your style, it can be so hard when you get 32,591 newsletters and have 10,000 peoples lives and newsfeeds and products in your life. Don’t I need that silky bias cut skirt?? (Case in point, if I see ONE MORE bias cut skirt and chunky knit on instagram!!!)


For me this year started with a really really good Spring clean of my wardrobe. My local charity shop was 2 black bags richer and it immediately gave me a clearer sense of where I am at, what I have, what I really don’t have right in my wardrobe and what I need am on the look out for.

It’s about pieces that make sense to my overall wardrobe not just pieces that look nice on someone else. Sounds easy but this is the world of ‘needing more’ that we have all become accustomed to. It know from chatting to women in our Stylefish Community and even last weekend on a one day colour course I ran that this is how we all feel. Every woman wants to make things simpler this year.

So in the spirit of sharing only the great stuff that will really help you, here are my top 5 thoughts gathered in my little head on how to achieve the ‘all you need is less’ mentality this year.

1. Declutter. Just do it! It’s the beginning. It’s the therapy. It’s what you need to do for a clearer wardrobe and a clearer mind. Everything follows on from this first step…


2. Unsubscribe from all the newsletters and content you never read anyway. Make sure as much of what you see everyday, you are happy to see and it genuinely makes you feel good about yourself and is helpful.

3. Start a little style diary, keeping track of outfits you wore that you really did feel good in. You want to start building a picture of the types of looks over time that really did feel like you.

Diary 2019

4. In the same diary start a list of items you know would be good editions to your wardrobe i.e a great blazer would go with 2 of your favourite pairs of jeans and over 3 dresses. For me I am looking for one or two smart (but comfy) and quirky trousers I can team with blazers, tee shirts and tops. I tried these check trousers on in Zara this week and I likey but the main point is I know it’s what my wardrobe needs to get away from denim :-)


5. Do something this Spring that is teaching you more about ‘you’. A body shape quiz, sign up to visit an instore personal shopper, start a pinterest board to save looks you love which will help you to also get a sense of your style. Do something that is taking control of ‘your’ style and helping you to be less influences by all the ‘stuff’ that is around you.


So, hope this is helpful and focuses the mind. I know it’s something I am embracing for myself. It’s much better to have 20 things in your wardrobe that inspire you over 200 that make you feel flat when your getting dressed :-)

Julie x

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