Anthropology – Personal shopper dreams look like this….

Published on: June 10, 2015
Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this....

It is a retail experience like no other. A retail experience that is fun, colourful, friendly and easy to navigate from door to door. With a personal shopper at hand whenever you need one, I am of course talking about Anthropology. Described online as “an inspiring place to shop for women’s clothing, accessories and home decor”, that it most definitely is.

Over the weekend I was in their store in the beautiful city of Bath in the UK. It was perhaps a mistake to make Anthropology my very first stop as the shops after simply could not complete. Everything about Anthropology and their store is special. You feel special. The beautiful clothes are special. The whole store is quirky, cared for and laid out in an easy to navigate way. Helpful and friendly personal shoppers are waiting to meet your gaze but only if they feel you would like some help. You feel just as at home browsing and taking your time meandering through fashion, homewear and accessories. Even if you only want to look through the fashion rails, you somehow feel transported into a complete world of lifestyle possibilities. Clothes lead to beautiful notebooks that lead to quirky cushions. All of which lead to the life we all want a part of.

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this....

It really got me thinking about retail, personal shopping, personal shoppers and buying and most importantly what makes Anthropology so unique and special that I simply have to ‘own’ a piece of it before I leave?


1. Their stores are bright, open and colourful.

You feel almost like you are walking through a storybook, a life you want to be part of. It makes you want to aspire to a certain way of being that transcends ‘buying’ and ‘fashion’. Everything in their shop feels special.

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this, store layout


2. The personal shoppers/ staff are amazing.

No grumpy faces, idol chat or standing around. They all genuinely care about their customer, look like they embody the brand and most importantly for me, relate to the customer. They know when to offer help and when to let you browse. They wear the clothes, they own their style and they can actually help you whatever the question, they have been properly trained and preened without it being false or put on. Their personal shopping appointment slogan is “We get what, works, we get what matters, we get you.”


3. The fitting rooms. Oh my, the fitting rooms.

They are huge, airy, colourful. You are asked your first name and once you are shown to your cubicle, your name is written on a mirror outside the door so your friends can find you. I mean. really. So little and yet so lovely.

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this, beautiful fitting rooms


4. The prices are actually justifiable.

I never said it was cheap. But that is also what is so brilliant. They do what they do so well, people want special and are prepared to pay a higher price for it. I am happy to pay when I find something I love. I don’t feel rushed. I don’t feel pressured. I feel like it is completely my decision to pay £31 for an amazing headband that I will love it every time I put it on :-) This is what I am paying for. Special.

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this, interiors


5. The shoes and accessories are incredible.

They had so many amazing shoes they deserve their own blog post! Styles you will never see anywhere else, yet they cater for just about every age. You won’t find too many mega heels that will end up causing you pain. No. Even the shoes are made for actual walking! You can’t help but feel inspired with their beautiful prints, colours and beading. Also, as a personal shopper, what a great place to bring clients (in only there was one in Ireland).

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this, shoes, accessories

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this, aztec inspired summer heels Anthropology - a personal shopping dream, shoes

Anthropology - Personal shopper dreams look like this

You can check out their beautiful blog here and if you are in the UK or North America.

Julie x

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