AW 2014 Colour Trends

Published on: September 7, 2014
Soft Tones

I recently published my Stylefish AW 2014 Trend Report. Of course a big part of the trends is also the colours we will see dominating the high street over the next few months. Colour not only helps to reflect and define the trends but colour is aesthetically the reason why we may be drawn to a certain item or a trend. It is a powerful force and as many a lady has heard me say, it is hugely important to understand the colours that work for you and your colouring. These tend to be the ones that not only make you look better but feel better too! They will remain your go to choices in your wardrobe long after the trend may have been replaced. Colour for me is hugely powerful.

So, here are the colour palettes you can expect to be adding to your lust list over the next few months broken into four palettes: SOFT, NEUTRAL, JEWEL AND BRIGHT.

Soft Tones Neutral Colours Jewel Tones Bright Tones

For me the stand out options will include reds, orange, blues, greys and pastels. They dominated the catwalks and have been embraced across the new wave of social media and street style photographers and bloggers since AW fashion week’s started earlier this year and we all know that happens on social media, definitely does not stay on social media! Expect this influence to mean these hues form the backdrop to any fashion buys you make over the Autumn.






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