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Published on: December 7, 2014
Society Pave Diamond Bangle

Rings are my new thing. Stacked. Chunky. Fun. Colourful. They make a statement and are fun to wear. In fact the jewellery you love and choose to wear tells so much about your personal style. Do you like simplicity or are you more of a risk taker? Do you like statement pieces or pieces you never have to take off? The next time you long to understand your style personality, look at the majority of jewels that you wear and what do they say? You see, lots of style secrets are often uncovered from the simplest of places. You just need to know what to look for and if you want to change your habits, the first step is to be aware of them!

In jewellery trends, this season the hottest trends includes big, bold and with many nods to the past. With Christmas coming up, we are all looking for fun Christmas gifts for those we love and we usually haven’t a clue where to start. Cue I first came across this website through the power of google and since then I have found out a little more about this Irish company that started as a street stall in Northern Ireland. It now has 40 shops and is the fastest growing online jewellery website in Ireland & the UK.

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas channeling the hottest seasons trends from Argento.

1. BOHEMIAN INFLUENCES Gold chokers, delicate chains and rings, engraved arm cuffs and exotic shoulder pieces are the main elements that you can indulge in.

What to look for? Unique designs, handcrafted with a story, bold and loud.

What to buy? ‘August Woods’ Society Pave Diamond Bangle €24.00

Society Pave Diamond Bangle

2. MYSTICISM Chic and chunky jewellery featuring crystal skulls and evil eyes, alchemy pendants with key symbols hand engraved, tribal pieces made contemporary-chic: they all have one thing in common, as they all delve into symbolism and the ’70s inspired mysticism.

What to look for? Ancient art or historical inspired designs, antique metals, semi-precious gemstones.

What to buy? ‘Links of London’ Mini Rose Gold Skull Necklace €112.50

Links of London

3. COWBOYS & INDIANS Western inspired denim lapis stones, geometric shapes cast in antique plated silver and roped earrings make this trend hard to resist.

What to look for? Roped necklaces, hardwearing and durable, boy meets girl influences and bronze colours.

What to buy? ‘Argento’ Amber Leaf Earrings €45.00 (jewellery brand exclusive to

Amber Leaf

4. STACKING RINGS Various sizes and shapes, both delicate and chunky, to be layered on all 5 fingers.

What to look for? All colours, all shapes. Have fun with this trend but fine, simple jewels seem to be the style winning this war.

What to buy? ‘Chokas’ Gold CZ Saton Ring €18.00


5. LETTER PENDANTS Sarah Jessica Parker started it and still it continues. Having your name or the letter from your name around your neck is oh so right now.

What to look for? Something modern, colourful and fun as an alternative to the delicate effect.

What to buy? ‘Nomination’ My Bon Bons Letter Necklace €59


This is definitely a site worth checking out for some of your Christmas gifts stocking over 40 different brands, including their own exclusive (and very affordable) ranges Dirty Ruby, KARMA and August Woods as well as brands we all know and love such as Alex and Ani, Pilgrim, Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Olivia Burton.

Some of my other favourites as gift ideas:

Alex and Ani Studstruck Gold Wrap Bracelet €45


Michael Kors Catlin Gold Watch €279

Michael Kors

Hipanema Happiness Friendship Bracelet €82.00


Pandora Large Heart Ring €79

PandoraAugust Woods Gold Heart Bangle €9.60

August Woods

Dirty Ruby Navy and Emerald Chain Statement Necklace €28.00

Dirty Ruby


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