Colour analysis changes wardrobes 4ever!

Published on: May 17, 2016
Colour analysis, stylefish
A shade for everyone in the audience

This weekend I had 9 of my lovely students for session 4 & 5 of their Personal Styling course and colour was the topic! The reaction I get from students every time I teach colour analysis never ceases to amaze me!

It excites, inspires, scares and provokes people to think about colour, personal styling and shopping in a whole new light. Just like understanding your body shape can help you to make better choices, understanding the colours that suit you best makes a monumental difference in how you begin to build your wardrobe and how you put things together. It can be hard however if you believe certain colours suit you or for a long time you have been buying certain colours only to realise through the science of colour analysis that actually you have been taking the wrong direction all this time. That’s hard.

In fact this topic prompted me to write this post.

I hate the idea that colour can make people feel restricted by what they can now wear, buy and try. I get that as part of the learn process you can feel that you now know the ‘answer’ if you like to what suits. Even if you don’t particularly like that answer. I have never met anyone who has not grown to love and respect their colour palette. But that aside my personal feeling is that knowing what colours we are made of allows us to make all our choices with deliberate intent, whether we are following our palette or not. I would hate in fact to follow the formula all the time but I do want to have a consistent theme running through my wardrobe for which colour plays a big part. Probably about 40-50%.


My colours are ‘deep’ and ‘warm’.

Earthy if you like. It took me a long time to accept this as I used to be very much a ‘pink’ person and like many had to go through that process of understanding, looking in my wardrobe at all my (sometimes silly) choices and start my styling with a fresh perspective (which included a lot of trial and error) and a fresh approach. But so many of my choices are also driven by other things that are equally important to me. Things like is the item ‘modern’, ‘comfortable’, ‘quirky’, ‘sophisticated’. This is me. My personality. The things that are equally important to me. I am thinking about the overall look you see, not just the item. In fact there is a whole school of theory around the topic of buying colours and clothes to match our personality called Fashion Feng Shui but that’s another day’s work!

I also like to play around with lighter and darker shades of my ‘earthy’ colours. Here for example is a peachy coloured Zara coat I bought, which I adore. Is it a ‘Deep’ colour? No. Do I love it? Yes. I like to team it with more definite colours, here with the definite nautical stripes in this Vila dress. Definite prints is just another way to play with the ‘Deep’ overall impression I should give in a look if I am following my colours. Sometimes I team with a stronger orange costume accessory or a coral lipstick too.

Colour analysis, stylefish

You see, colour is about having fun.

Understanding what suits you is just the starting point to creating a wardrobe you love and helping others to do the same! The ultimate question we need to ask ourselves is ‘how do I feel?’ in the item or outfit. If it feels just like you, then I always say go for it. There are so many more things at play that form part of the decision over and above colour. If there is ANY niggling doubt about it, don’t do it. This is a rather simple rule of thumb!

Finally, the amazing thing about colour is that every colour has so many shades. In fact, if you love a particular colour and you are afraid to find out whether it will suit you or not, fear not! There is a shade of every colour that is your ‘wow’ shade. Have a read of this article I came across called ‘The Colour Thesaurus’ to read a little more about all the options and words used for different colours! Below I have just included a couple from this article:

colour analysis, stylefish

colour analysis, stylefish

colour analysis, stylefish

My take away for today is, I love seeing the difference an understanding of colour can make to women and their style. For me that starts with teaching my own students and seeing how it affects and excites them. From these wonderful women, they go on to spread colour love with their own friends, family and clients!

Julie x

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