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Breakdown of Training Modules

Your Diploma in Personal Styling will give you the key skills and confidence to work in fashion, opening many doors both freelance or in employment. Our expert training includes modules in female psychology, body shape analysis, colour theory, client consultations, wardrobe planning and lots more. Our fashion course details are broken into topics as detailed below.

    • Introduction to your Diploma
      Introduction to Personal Styling
      Introduction to style and confidence.
      The role of a personal stylist in helping women to feel better about themselves.
      Our Self Image – where it comes from, how it develops.
      Developing habits and patterns around our style.
      The power of our Internal Image.
      It’s affects on our style.
      Creating a more positive internal voice.
      Reframing our thoughts and empowering ourselves.
      Psycho Cybernetics – How external changes need to be linked to internal changes.
    • Self Image Psychology
      The Importance of our Self Image & Confidence in Personal Styling
      Linking our self image to personal styling.
      Helping women to change how they feel about themselves and their style.
      The little things that make the biggest difference in working with clients.
      Developing the power of your imagination in styling.
      Body Language and Communication.
      Creating starting points for change and action plans with your clients.
      How to develop a unique style identity for your client.
    • mod1
      Body Shape Analysis
      The 5 Body Shapes
      Identifying your own body shape.
      Identifying your clients body shape – The process and techniques.
      Styling techniques for each body shape.
      Creating a personal style you love.
      Body Shape styling boards for you and your clients.
      The importance of a wardrobe capsule for your shape.
      How personal styling has changed and the new body shape consultation.
      The Stylefish circle of theory.
      Detailed body shape style guides and client charts form part of your learning.
    • mod5
      Body Shape Styling
      Proportion and styling.
      Body balance and styling techniques.
      Identifying your clients scale and a detailed look at patterns, prints, accessories and other key styling details.
      Identifying your clients deal breakers.
      The importance of the shoulder line in styling.
      Styling lengths – theory & application.
      The importance of fabrics & their role in styling your client.
    • Flowers
      Styling Practice
      Put into practice your body shape learning with each other in class aswell as on the shop floor.
      Styling looks for each body shape.
      Creating body shape styling boards to use after your training.
      Running body shape consultations.
      Helping clients to escape their comfort zone.
      Understanding retail and styling and approaching the shops with a fresh mind!
      Creating ‘looks’ with your client in mind.
    • styling
      Colour Theory
      The power and importance of colour.
      The aim of colour analysis.
      The colour wheel.
      Colour and our style.
      The seasonal colour system.
      The tonal colour system.
      Linking the tonal and seasonal system.
      The importance of undertone, clarity and intensity in colours.
      What are your colours and understanding colour and your wardrobe?
      Tonal descriptions and understanding colour variants.
      Colour swatches and materials.
      Creating a style you love with more colour.
      The importance of street style in the modern styling.
      Creative colour styling and colour clashing.
      The Stylefish rule of three.
    • desc
      Colour Analysis
      Running a colour consultation – Materials and set up.
      Carrying out a one to one consultation step by step.
      Colour and hair colour.
      Colour and make-up choices – buying the correct products for your skin-tone.
      Identifying your clients ‘keywords’ for use when shopping.
      The Stylefish personal style colour pyramid.
      Wardrobe planning and colour.
      Basic and enhancement colours in the creative styling process.
      Identifying warm versus cool colours on the shop floor.
      Psychology, emotion and colour.
      Helping clients to escape their comfort zone.
    • mod6
      Colour Practice
      Learn by doing with each other in class aswell as when we spend time on the shop floor.
      Creating colour styling boards for use after your training.
      Experience how our wardrobe choices are led by the colour trends.
      Understand how retailers visually help and hinder the customer!
      Gain the ability to read the shop floor quickly and accurately for yourself and your clients.
      You will be set your colour assignment to complete on your own at the end of this session.
    • desc
      Wardrobe Edit and Planning
      The wardrobe as a core of our style.
      The psychology behind women’s wardrobe and choices.
      Your wardrobe and self-esteem.
      The wardrobe decluttering process.
      Running a wardrobe decluttering session.
      Creating your clients shopping list.
      Helping your client to create fresh new habits around their wardrobe.
      Your lifestyle and your wardrobe.
      Cost per wear and building a wardrobe you love.
      Identifying style personalities and preferences and how they influence wardrobe choices.
      Creating your own style identity and wardrobe code.
    • mod3
      Working in Personal Styling
      The Importance of Listening
      Pacing, Leading and Influencing your Clients
      The Fitting Room Dress Test
      Getting the Feel Good Factor
      Working to a Budget
      The Importance of You
      Believing in Yourself
      Building the right services and packages.
      Understanding the high street & retailers as a personal stylist.
      Building Your Styling Portfolio
    • listing
      Building Your Own Personal Style & Confidence
      A key part of our learning is in doing. Each element of your training will involve an element of ‘doing’. This includes helping you to build your confidence in your own personal style and the importance of you teaching your clients from your own styling experiences and training as you go!
    • desc
      Marketing Yourself
      Goal setting for yourself.
      Defining the customer you would love to work with.
      Creating your elevator pitch and unique selling point.
      Creating a website on a budget/ starting a fashion blog.
      Pricing yourself and your time.
      Creating a special customer experience.
      Creating a profile for yourself.
      Building social media following and the power of social media.
      Free marketing tools you can use.