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Find out more – chat to Julie

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Chat with Julie

If you love fashion, have taken a look at my Diploma in Personal Styling but haven’t fully decided? Why not arrange a one on one chat with Julie? We just want you to find the right course for you! Julie’s course is definitely for women who love fashion, love helping others and those who believe in the power between confidence and style. Arrange a phone call or a coffee to really get the heart of the course through Julie’s eyes and to ask any questions you may want to ask to help you decide!

Julie can also arrange to put you in touch with past and current students who will be able to give you honest insight from a student perspective.

Email julie@stylefish.ie  to arrange a call today!

Dates Places
Autumn 2018 Sept – Nov (3 weekends)
Spring 2019 March – May (3 weekends)

All of Julie’s courses take place at The Casting Couch Mews, 21 Lad Lane, Dublin 2.

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Check out my calendar of 2018 course dates here.