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Published on: March 28, 2013

The age old problem. Five minutes to pull yourself together in the morning? Well check this out. We all know how we look and how we feel are connected but did you know we are judged 55% on our appearance when we meet someone for the first time? Whether it is that all important job interview or meeting the inlaws, what you wear counts… big time. This week I was working on a little feature for the METRO HELARD and had to answer two lovely questions regarding workwear. I thought I would share my answers with you all as well what’s on my wardrobe wish list for Spring!

How important is the way someone dresses in the workplace?

Looking and feeling smart conveys a message of being serious about your job but more than that and above ‘wanting to impress’ it shows people you care, not just about your job but about yourself and how you come across. As Coco Chanel once said “Dress shabbily and you remember the dress, dress impeccably and you remember the woman.” Of course this goes for both sexes (minus the dress bit!). What you choose to wear not only affects how people view you, but how you view yourself and therefore how confident, capable and in control you feel you are in the workplace. Everything else becomes easier in the world with the right clothes!

Do you have any advice on what people should to wear at junior, mid and management level for office work?

My advice is to invest in great basics no matter what level you are at in your job. By this I mean good quality black trousers, crisp shirts, wrap dresses, smart tailored jackets, a good MAC coat, beautiful classic heels etc. The trick then is to create lots of different looks around these core classics. It is important that you fit in to your surroundings but you don’t want to blend in. This is especially true the higher up the ladder you are. Dress is seen as more formal for top management and so more than ever it is important to put your stamp on your look. This is where attention to detail comes in. I think great shoes, a handbag, belts and quality over quantity really counts.

This season I think Marks and Spencer’s is on the money for great work wear. I also love Savida in Dunnes Stores, Sisley, Hobbs and Massimo Dutti if you do have a little more budget to spend.

Julie x



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