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Published on: May 25, 2017
Do something you love this Autumn

Hi Y’al,

Ok, I know I have been absolutely rubbish lately. I’ve been taking somewhat of a Stylefish hiatus and breather to smell the roses. I highly recommend it! So between travelling on my own around Vietnam for 7 weeks and moving to the Dorset countryside in the UK to be with the man I love :-), I have not ran my Diploma in Personal Styling for sometime and for that I am sorry :-)

However, I am here now to make up for that! This Autumn is your chance to explore your love of fashion, to develop a whole new perspective passion for your own style and of course from this you will gain the ability with my support to help others to build their confidence in having a wardrobe and style they love.

4A8233A6-4E73-4D4B-BB0C-E482D11D2A24.fullI will be running my Diploma in Personal Styling, part time weekend course starting on September 16th and running for 3 weekends (7 days in total – Sept 16th & 17th/ October 14th & 15th/ November 10th, 11th & 12th) in our very own private mews on Lad Lane, Dublin 2 (more details on the location below). I run my course over 3 weekends as over the last few years this is what my students have told me they want! I get women coming from all over Ireland and generally weekends suit people best.


It’s best to say even though it is a short course, IT IS JAM PACKED! I fit pretty much a 2 month full time course into 3 full weekends! Again, because this is what students have told me they want. This is also why I offer my 6 months post study support to help you take in, assimilate and practice what you have learnt! Plus if you are thinking of setting up a blog or offering services following my course, I am there to support you and offer my tips and advice.


What can you expect?

This course is geared towards anyone who has a passion for styling real women, from understanding body shape theory in detail to colour analysis and creativity. You will learn not just about the specifics of styling but how our style develops but how and why some women lose their style mojo i.e the psychology around our style, how style and confidence go hand in hand and how you can help your clients develop both as a qualified image consultant or personal stylist.

The Specifics

Detailed learning and practice around the core styling modules of body shape and colour analysis. Learn how to take a client through 2 hour colour consultations in both. In colour we use both the seasonal and/ or tonal colour systems looking at make-up, skin tone, hair colour and building the perfect wardrobe around the right colour palette while still being creative. (note: I don’t just teach you how to ‘put your client into a colour category’, I teach you how to help your client get creative with colour once they have an understanding of their core colour palettes.)


Learn how to take a client through a 2 hour body shape consultation from understanding their body shape to, identifying proportions, scale, identifying their wardrobe essentials but also how to put this into practice during a personal shopping trip with both yourself and your potential client! Learn how to understand all the theory behind picking the perfect outfit for yourself/ and or clients.


Learn how to take yourself and/ or client through a wardrobe weeding session.


The psychology of personal styling

Understand why style & confidence go hand in hand and how you can develop your clients styling using confidence coaching,  image development and even the background to how and why body dysmorphia occurs and just how you can encourage more positive thought processes about body image with your clients. This module is the one that surprises students the most. My approach to styling is very holistic. Feel positive about your shape on the inside and you are much more likely to feel confident about your style on the outside.


Other topics

Understanding your own and reading other style personalities and finally nailing ‘your look’.

Understand the business of personal styling – how you can make money, how to run consultations, how to get customers and how to create a small business. I will teach this by giving personal insights from my journey aswell as learning from my business and marketing module.

Have fun on the shop floor styling each other, yourself and a real client during your learning.

Read more about my modules here…


Personalising the course for you

Receive 6 months post study support, helping, mentoring and supporting you should you decide to set up a blog, start your business or just continue your journey with your own wardrobe.

Course materials

Receive a detailed Stylefish Training Folder complete with sample colour analysis swatches, detailed Stylefish sample colour and body shape consultation booklets, summary styling cards for use with clients, Stylefish Diploma and social media, online certification stamp.

More about course materials here…


How have past students used their course?

Read more here about the opportunities, career paths and options open to anyone who completes my Diploma in Personal Styling.

What else?

My promise really is that my training will open up a whole new perspective on your own personal style and the possibilities to continuing to develop your passion in this exciting industry. I don’t promise to set up your business for you and I can’t promise you will make a million but I can promise a fun filled, relaxed, professional and personal journey from which ever single student of mine has changed their approach to their style.

I take a very small number (6 ladies) so I guarantee personal one to one attention and understanding of what you want to get out of the course. It is personal to you and it is personal to me. That’s just my way and has been my wish in building my business. To get to make it personal :-)


Course Location

My course is ran in a lovely private little mews at the back of Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2. Number 3 Lad Lane to be exact. It is an open plan mews with a big bright classroom, sitting room and kitchen. There is private parking for students. It is a 7 minute walk to Stephens Green.


Lunch & Snacks

Lunch of sandwiches, wraps, fruit and nibbles, water, tea & coffee are all included in the cost. You can opt to pop out for lunch if you wish.


The course cost is €1600. You must pay a deposit of €400 in order to secure your place. This can be followed by a payment plan what works for both parties.

What other students have said

“I completed the Stylefish Diploma in Personal Styling. I absolutely loved the course. I learned so much about Personal Styling and guess what it even gave me the confidence to go on and open my own Personal Styling business. I couldn’t recommend Julie Cobbe enough she has a wealth of knowlege in fashion, a real guru. She has a great way of teaching. You will learn so much.” Julie Phelan, Kilkenny

“My sister and I just recently completed the Diploma in Personal Styling with Stylefish. The reason we choose this course was that it covered a range of modules & it also offered a 6 month support service after the completion. The course was everything we hoped for and more and we especially loved the practicals in Dundrum as these helped us to learn by doing. The class size was perfect as we all really bonded together making the classes friendly, relaxed and enjoyable. Julie had a relaxed teaching approach which put us at ease and which made it easier for us to learn the course materials. She had lots of knowledge and experience to share with us from the fashion industry but most of all she made sure we had fun and enjoyed the course. So glad we choose the Stylefish Diploma in Personal Styling.” Catriona Walsh, Waterford

Read more testimonials here..

If you have any other questions, would like to arrange a chat or arrange to speak to past students of if you would like to book a place, simply email julie@stylefish.ie or call 087 4130336. I would love to meet you!

Big fashion love,

Julie x



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