Fashion Blogger & Presenter Chats to Stylefish Students

Published on: August 21, 2015
Fashion Blogger & Presenter Chats to Stylefish Students,lorna claire weightman, street style
Lorna Claire Weightman Shares Her Fashion Story

Recently, I was delighted to welcome fashion blogger, stylist and presenter Lorna Claire Weightman to chat my personal styling students about her journey into the fashion industry. Lorna worked as a chartered accountant before giving it all up 4 years ago to follow her dream to work in fashion. Lorna started her fashion blog ( and from there started work as a freelance stylist, fashion writer and is now a regular stylist on TV3’s Xpose. Lorna’s positive attitute and passion for the fashion industry oozes out of her and students were delighted to hear an inspiring story from a girl just like them who is now making money doing something she loves!

Images courtesy of Lorna’s ‘My Style’ pages on her blog.

Fashion Blogger & Presenter Chats to Stylefish Students,lorna claire weightman, street style

Here are some of the tips Lorna was kind enough to share from her own journey and learning.

1. Be clear about what it is you want and go for it! Lorna explained to students how fashion styling and personal styling are so different. Working with real women versus working as a fashion stylist for a magazine means you get to explore two very different fashion concepts. Being a fashion blogger can then give you an instant platform to showcase yourself! Explore all your options, experience both and find the one that you are passionate about.

2. Work hard! Lorna worked part time while working on her blog. To become a great fashion blogger you have to commit yourself and your time too it. Lorna told us stories of sitting at her kitchen table at 11pm at night after coming in from a long day at work, just to get posts created for the next day.

3. Network! The fashion industry is small. It is important to get out, go to events and meet industry peers who can open up doors for you. Networking can feel daunting at first but when your doing it surrounded by people who inspire you and you get to see amazing fashion, the fear quickly goes away! Also, going to the many fashion press events is exciting!

4. Be Flexible. In fashion so much learning comes from doing and often one job leads to another. If an opportunity comes up to help out at something, it might not be exactly what you want to do but it can lead to more experience, contacts and confidence.

5. Remain true to yourself. Lorna explained how life has changed since she has become a regular on Xpose. People know you more and can sometimes say hurtful things. If you go on tv you have got to develop a thick skin and also remain true to your own style and the things you like. Working in fashion is not all glamour and dressing up but equally you do have to look put together when you go on tv! It takes a certain confidence to work in fashion and embrace all the things about yourself that make you different. But that is the essence of true style!

Fashion Blogger & Presenter Chats to Stylefish Students, Lorna Weightman

We couldn’t agree more Lorna!

Julie x

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