Stellar Magazine Fashion Editor speaks to students!

Published on: April 20, 2015
 Stellar Magazine Fashion Editor speaks to students, linda conway

Last week my personal styling students were lucky enough to have Stellar Magazine Fashion Editor, Linda Conway come in to talk to them all about her journey in the fashion industry from freelance fashion styling to Fashion Editor with Stellar Magazine.

 Stellar Magazine Fashion Editor speaks to students, linda conway

Linda explained what it’s like to work freelance versus working for a busy magazine, the pro’s the cons aswell as sharing insider tips with students on making a career in fashion!

Fashion Editor Stellar Magazine talks to students

Here are some of the insights Linda was good enough to share to inspire those of you who would love to know more!

1. Fashion styling for a magazine is different to personal styling. Fashion styling is all about the brief and theme the magazine is taking that month. You work with a whole team of people in creating fashion editorial for a magazine versus working usually by yourself with your client as a personal stylist. Fashion styling is about creating aspirational fashion images, personal styling is about inspiring real women.

2. You must always be on the look out for the ‘next big’ fashion trend that readers will want to know about. It is about being ahead of the curve and also being able to remain true to what you want to express and what you represent as an editor.

3. Fashion week is hard work! Of course fashion editors get to go but as Linda put it, amongst all the beautiful fashion (and there is lots!), exciting catwalk shows and press passes, it is long days, comfortable outfits and flat shoes for the majority of the week!

4. The best part of working as a fashion editor Linda said was getting to work with beautiful clothes & creative people everyday. Being able to have creative freedom in styling, creating fashion features and working with such a creative team of photographers, editors and writers is one of her favourite parts.

5. A big part of the job is attending lots of fashion events, launches and shows. These happen mainly at the start of the new fashion season (Spring and Autumn) but events and launches for brands both fashion and otherwise happen throughout the year so a big part of the job happens outside of normal working hours.

Stellar Magazine Fashion Editor talks to students

Finally, when students asked Linda what it takes to make it as a fashion editor or stylist she said:

- Putting yourself out there to get involved for free with shoots when you are starting out. Volunteering to assist a stylist you admire.
– Working hard to build your contacts with photographers, editors and other stylists.
Building a relationship with shops so they are happy for you to use stock and help you out when you bring in customers.
– Being determined and working hard.
Being true to yourself and your own style.
– Social media is a great way to create a voice and platform for you starting out but nothing beats meeting people and getting experience.

Thanks Linda!

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