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As a retailer, your ability to deliver personalized, immersive shopping experiences is key to earning customer loyalty. In fact, statistics show customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase from retailers that create a more personalised shopping experience for them. Enabled and empowered by technology, today’s consumers seek out rich and captivating shopping experiences both on and offline, rewarding retailers and brands that provide those experiences with their loyalty. Your challenge is to be consistent in offering your customer a more personalised service and experience with your shop or brand.

Our Approach

Work with us so your staff can offer your customer a true value added service.

We are passionate about your customer because we understand her and her needs. It is through our experience in teaching and helping women that we have built on our training offering and approach for our retail clients. We have worked with small retail boutiques and large department stores helping them to better their customers shopping experience.

We work with each client in a consultative way ensuring we understand your business and hence your retail training objectives. We then provide bespoke training solutions to meet those objectives. We want to help you create an environment where your customers will want to become more loyal and hence increase your bottom line. Our retail fashion training will provide you and your staff with the skills, tools and confidence to improve your customer experience and bottom line.

Fashion retail training

Training Samples

Motivate and train your staff to expertly sell your product range in a professional, confident and effortless manner with our courses. All courses are one day unless otherwise required by your store.

Creating a 5 Star Customer Experience

With particular focus on encouraging and motivating staff to engage with customers immediately and upon arrival in their store, encouraging them to build a relationship with each customer and deliver the 5 star customer experience.

  • Your shops brand and culture.
  • What does the customer experience currently look like?
  • Where do you have room for improvement?
  • What are your successes?
  • How do you want your customer experience to evolve – The map.
  • How should your customer experiences vary from other customer groups?
  • How can you collect and analyse required data?
  • How will these insights be applied to affect real change?
  • How does your technology infastructure need to change.
  • Exceeding evolving expectations from discerning customers around the world.
  • Crafting answers into a clear vision.
Fitting Room Stylists – The Crucial Point of Sale

The Personal Stylist Fitting Room experience addresses the insight that women often lack confidence over key fashion decisions at this crucial moment with little or no help available. Your customer should be inspired by your fitting room staff and your approach at this crucial stage in the buying process.

  • Identifying the key body shapes and styling rules for each.
  • Losing all your fitting room buying barriers.
  • Empowering your staff to be stylists within the fitting room environment and how to do this.
  • Creative styling techniques using all aspects of your shop floor and products.
  • Moving quickly and connecting with the customer.
  • Link selling.
  • Telling your customer about this service.
Personal Shopper Training

Key staff will be trained in all elements of becoming an instore personal shopper with the ability to provide a one to one personalised and immersive styling experience for your customer. Turn your staff into professional, confident and effortless personal shoppers with the ability and understanding required to build a VIP relationship with your customer. Gain increased spend and loyalty, a new service plan and create more opportunities to sell to your customers through instore consultations, VIP events, activities and promotions.

  • Building rapport with your customer and accessing her needs.
  • Identifying the 5 key body shapes.
  • Understanding styling essentials including fabrics, texture, proportion, scale, body balance.
  • Personality profiling.
  • The Stylefish customer magic mix (identify body shape, identify styles to suit, creating a look).
  • Link selling using all elements of your shop.
  • Creating a wardrobe plan for your customer.
  • Empowering staff to become stylists and take ownership of their client base.
  • Seasonal trends and influences.
  • Managing customer expectations.
  • Making changes in store to effect change with the customer.
Local marketing/ Empowering your staff/ stylists

Take the above training modules one step further by giving staff ownership, confidence and empowering them to building their own client base and marketing to your target market.

  • Identifying your target market.
  • The Importance of marketing and what it means.
  • Building a customer base.
  • A proactive approach.
  • Running instore and VIP events.
  • Equipping you to run a style talk for local women’s groups.
  • Customer service ideas and how to maximise your training knowledge.
  • Social media and instore communications.
Your Results
  • Increased Revenue.
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty.
  • Excited and Happy Staff with more Ownership over the Customer Process.
  • Better Customer Experience and Environment.
  • Empowered Approach to Selling.
  • Energised Environment.
  • Building Trust and Credibility for your Shop and Brands.
  • Personalised database marketing.
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