Fashion Styling Courses *Updates*

Published on: December 7, 2015
Fashion Styling Courses *Updates*, stylefish, diploma in personal styling
Updates to the Stylefish Diploma in Personal Styling

The best fashion styling courses evolve with the fashion industry and grow to cater for their students and their needs. 2015 has been an exciting year for Stylefish and my Diploma in Personal Styling. I have trained some amazing women who all have a love of fashion!

One thing I have learnt this year is just how much both personal styling (and all that learning) plus the potential to build a client base can be to take on in one go! So, 2016 will see some simple changes to the core modules in my Diploma in Personal Styling.

Fashion Styling Courses *Updates*, stylefish, diploma in personal styling

I want this course to be 100% about styling, learning, practice and fun! I also want the women who take part to feel that they are being brought on their own personal styling journey. After all, styling others is first and foremost about learning about yourself and having a style you love. This all takes time! Creating new habits for yourself, enjoying the process and most of all really having time to immerse yourself into the wonderful world of personal styling, image consultancy and fashion styling and all that this course opens up to you.

Fashion Styling Courses *Updates*, stylefish, diploma in personal styling

To do that I am going to be introducing a NEW Fashion Marketing course in 2016 for those women who have completed my Diploma in Personal Styling and want to go on to take that next step to look at a starting a personal styling business. My fashion marketing course will also offer students the potential to become a Stylefish Affiliate Stylist and use Stylefish materials when working with clients also if they would like too.

Watch this space for more info in 2016 but for now you can take a look at the updated core modules in my fashion styling courses and also my Spring 2016 training dates. 

NOTE My Diploma in Personal Styling course starts only in February and September in 2016 and so I only train a limited number of women each year! (There are only 3 places currently left on the Saturday course starting in Feb).

Fashion Styling Courses *Updates*, stylefish, diploma in personal styling

Finally, still unsure? Why not come along to my fashion chat in Dublin on Monday evening January 18th (7-9pm). Email to put your name down. Meet with me and other past students, ask any questions you wish and find out more about this course and if it is for you!

Julie x

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