Trend Talk (Crochet – Yay or Nay?)

Published on: April 1, 2015
Fashion Trend Crochet - Yay or Nay?, personal stylist, look from monsoon

A big part of any training and learning is of course discussion, debate and visuals! In the fashion industry one might argue this should and does happen more than other training courses. Individual personal stylist students in particular all bring their own je ne sais quoi to their training. After all every stylist has their own style, opinions and influences as it should be.

One such debate that raged recently in a personal stylist training class I had was around one of the hottest of the seasons’ fashion trend CROCHET. Never ever have I seen a trend divide opinion with such gusto. Conversations around Mum’s and grannies wardrobe abound while on the pro side it was seen as a festival favourite for the Summer months, a fresh way to embrace the other of this seasons hottest trends the 70’s, while another student regaled stories of Sienna Miller in just about every copy of Glamour Magazine in the 90’s making Crochet cool.

So what do we know about crochet’s revival that means more personal stylists and women are gravitating towards it with a fresh curiosity?

Look from Monsoon

Fashion Trend Crochet - Yay or Nay?, personal stylist, look from monsoon

Fashion Editors Love It

This season fashion trend crochet is not just for festival goers but actual grown ups in a non granny way. Miu Miu’s crochet cotton minidress and crochet cashmere tank tops (costing £900!) have been spotted on every respected fashion editor from here to Timbucktwo in the last 6 weeks.


Designers Are Embracing It

Uber cool fashion influencer Henry Holland (below) has crochet appearing throughout his SS15 collection. While the likes of Pucci, Issa and Missoni are also embracing crochet in a big way.

House of Holland, fashion trend crochet

The High Street Has Chic Choices

Shops like Marks and Spencer’s have done nothing for the revival of crochet. Opt instead for some great pieces in the likes of Topshop, Asos, Littlewoods, Penneys and Phase Eight.


Most Searched Online

It seems fashion forward peeps aren’t just wearing the stuff but we are into making it too! Crocheting is one of YouTube’s most popular crafts, with more than 1.3million videos (compared with 880,000 on sewing and 600,000 on knitting).


Women Love Nostalgia

Women love a bit of nostalgia also which is helping this trend. If your lucky enough to have that Mum or gran that gave you a crochet hand me down made from a vogue pattern back in the day, lucky you.

Fashion Trend Crochet - Yay or Nay?, personal stylist, look from penneys

How do you wear this trend?

1. Stay away from longer hems and embrace those legs. To work this look you gotta think in a modern, fresh way.

2. Be careful of the fit. Crochet by it’s very nature can change shape so go as fitted as you can so you don’t end up looking more glam, less granny.

3. It’s a great summer trend, especially for holidays. Look for crochet details on summer kaftans and tops. Introduce the trend in little ways to avoid getting ti wrong.

4. Personal stylists take note. Style the look in a modern way using things like denim (jackets and cropped denim jeans, oh so hot right now), brogues and of the oversized sun glasses.

Look from Monsoon

Fashion Trend Crochet - Yay or Nay?, personal stylist, look from monsoon








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