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Published on: November 22, 2015
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This week students explore colour

Stylefish students explored colour theory on the shop floor in Dundrum Town Centre as part of their stylist course. Having looked in detail at both the seasonal and tonal colour systems in class the last week, we had a fun practiaal evening of choosing, examining, discussing all the various colour tones we learnt about! Practice makes perfect and colour is a personal styling topic that I would say takes about 4 months to get your head around (yes, there’s lots to it!). That’s not a bad thing. It is a process of understanding, digesting and finding your way to build your own meaningful colour associations for each of the tones and seasons we look at! (Read Stylefish student Karen’s training diary here including her colour class insights!)

Beautiful Autumnal tones in Biba, House of Fraser

follow our stylist courses, stylefish, personal styling

Here are some of the student take aways from this week’s class!


Always try to think creatively with colour. It is the thing that allows you to bring fun, bravery and vibrancy to your style. My students tried out lots of different colour combinations and pushed themselves to team up colours they wouldn’t normally to see how personal styling is as much about risk and creativity as it is about knowledge!

Follow our stylist courses, stylefish, colour class


This is something I talk about a lot in all my stylist courses! Having a core basic that you are creating a look around makes the creative process a whole lot easier. Here we have a simple a line skirt, teamed with a vibrant pink cashmere jumper and some blue sparkly shoes which again add another colour and dimension to what started as a simple everyday skirt! All items in this look are from Hobbs!

Follow our stylist courses, stylefish, start with a colour basic


The words colour and accessories go together like wrap and dress! If you are only getting braver with colour, look out for accessories, handbags, headbands, rings, bracelets and shoes etc that allow you to add an unusual pop of colour to an outfit. Every shop is your playground when it comes to accessories. One of my absolute favourites is Powercourt Town House in Dublin for some beautiful Irish designed accessories (great for Christ pressies too!). I also love websites like, Etsy, I love little boutiques for finding that something different and send hand and vintage shops for also for this!

follow our stylist courses, stylefish


Colour is a topic that is very close to my heart as I truly believe that if you wear colours that work for you (both your colouring and your personality) you not only feel and look better but your wardrobe starts to make more sense! Your wardrobe should tell your story and part of this includes a family of colours that work in harmony together (with those fun wild card items you also love). The best stylist courses out there will not only examine bright colours but colour as a vital part of understanding your skintone and make-up, hair colour and how you can use colour in styling to create a look that is totally unique and individual for you!

Happy styling!

Julie x


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