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Published on: January 26, 2014

I have been a bit slack since Christmas with my blogging (in that this is my first post…sorry). So, promising to make up for it, I am starting my 2014 fash notes with some useful, inspirational (I hope) and very very focused tips on how you should start your 2014 wardrobe planning…

Us clever fashionistas know better than to feel the need to add every new trend the fashion gods are sending us this season piled high into our wardrobes. Do this and they may very well scream out for a better home. Clever girls know the key to a stylish Spring wardrobe is in the ‘EDIT’. Out with the old, frumpy, too tight, too loose and just too terrible and in with ONLY the cream of the crop for you. Spend a day doing just this. There is no quick way I’m afraid. Take everything out, try on, be brutal and accept what is not adding to that wardrobe of yours.

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Once this rather arduous task has been endured (yes its a tad painful), STEP TWO is two is to make your ‘LUST LIST‘. What is it you really want to find this season? Dropping all the duds from your wardrobe helps you with this as you should by now have all your trousers, dresses, tops etc hanging neatly so you can see clearly what you have and hence what you might like to find when shopping.

My lust list is made up of:

– A little black leather skirt.

– A brightly coloured (would love a purple) jacket.

– A Denim playsuit.

I try to make my list by seeing what will add to what I already have rather than feeling that each season is a brand new start and I have to buy loads. If there is anything the last few years has thought me it is that adding to what we have and buying smartly means less clothes but better looks and a more consistent style in our wardrobe! I always opt for one thing at the start of Spring in a nice bright colour. A coat for me is always a good investment as I know I will get tonnes of wear from it. This purple Julian McDonald jacket from Debenhams is definitely on my list after some searching and I picked up (below) this little denim skirt playsuit in the Zara sale for €16.99. Happy :-) Two out of three lust list items done and January isn’t even over!

Star by Julien McDonald in Debenhams €250

Star by Julien McDonald in Debenhams €250


Denim playsuit €16.99 Zara sale

Denim playsuit €16.99 Zara sale

Anyone who has ever been to a Stylefish class with me will know that our whole raison d’être is to show women that better wardrobes aren’t always about more clothes. You have to take the pain of decluttering to really see the gain in the long run. Once you know what is on your lust list STEP THREE involves not settling until you find the ones you love. This bit might really scare some of so best to get a stiff drink and sit down before you continue….

IT IS OK to get into your car on a Saturday morning, sit in traffic, que to park, make your way to starbucks for the obligatory Latte in hand shopping spree, only to go all the way home with nothing!! That’s right, NOTHING. It’s ok. In fact it’s better than ok. It means you have passed the Stylefish test. 2014 has to be the year when we are more disciplined about only buying items that are 100% right. Better to go home to 4 items (you already have in your wardrobe) that excite you than adding two more that don’t just for the sake of it.

So my finally message is to BE STRONG when shopping this season. Of course embrace and enjoy the trends you hear about, try on things that scare you, accessorise the hell out of things you’ve already got but don’t settle for 90% right when we all know it is that extra 10% is the part that you really need in your life.

Wardrobe 2

The tough part is actually having items at home you genuinely love as only when this happens do we lose the desperation to ‘have to get something’. The number of women I meet who feel they have lots of clothes but not a lot they genuinely feel fabulous in is scary. This makes me sad :-( and makes me want to help! Put the effort in this year to educating yourself about yourself and what you should be buying. What is your body shape? What new styles can you try? If anyone would like to arrange a class with me or would prefer some one to one help please get in touch! This is the foundation for everything else you will do in 2014. It makes step one and step two so much easier, gives you clarity, focus and best of all it will get you excited about your wardrobe possibilities. No time like the present…..get to it!

Julie x






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