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Published on: April 28, 2016
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To take part in a special focus group

If you are you a native of Kilkenny or the surrounding areas you will hopefully have enjoyed a shopping trip or three in Good’s; Kilkenny’s leading fashion store on the High Street over the years!

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Indeed, I have many happy memories being fitted for my school uniform instore when I was a pupil of Kilkenny College (memories!).

Today, Good’s continues to play an influential role in what is a very vibrant fashion scene in Kilkenny with much loved brands in store such as Benetton, Dash, Oasis, Warehouse, Coast, Minuet Petit, Dorothy Perkins and Alexon attracting women from all over the South East.

So, what’s happening?

The fashion industry is changing at a very fast pace! We, as customers have changed in what we want and expect from shops! In fact I call us, ‘the new fashion customer’! Shops and brands now have the opportunity to connect with us in brand new and fresh ways and with all sorts of possibilities around personal shopping, in store events, blogging and social media to keep our minds full of fashion possibilities! Therefore, it is important for shops like Goods to stop every now and again and really talk to their customer and potential customer to get a deeper understanding of what it is they want!

I am delighted I have been asked by Goods to run a fun Focus Group to do just that and so I would like to invite you, past and present Good’s shoppers to be part of this small group in Kilkenny’s Ormonde Hotel on Thursday evening May 19th. What most excites you when shopping? What you are looking for that perhaps is different to how it used to be? How do you like to get your fashion information nowadays?


Get involved & have your say!

I will be running 2 focus groups on the evening of the 19th (6pm – 7.30pm and 8pm – 9.30pm). Places are limited and there will be a lovely gift courtesy of Goods to say ‘thank you’ for taking part. I am looking to recruit 10 ladies in each group and need a mix of current, past and potential future customers in each group!

Focus Group Format

Glass of wine/ tea/ coffee

The session will kick off with a fun rundown of my favourite Spring trends, showing you some of the beautiful pieces from the shop that I am looking to add to my wardrobe! This will be followed by a series of fun questions and discussion to which I will invite you to be as open and honest as possible. The focus group will be recorded by Stylefish so I do not forget any of the very important thoughts that you share with me! It will not be shared with anyone else.

If you would like to take part all you have to do is fill in the form below with your details. Please include your phone number as this way I will contact you to confirm your place. Please note your place has not been confirmed until you have spoken to me.

Goods 3

If you would like to take part, please fill in the simple form below with your details, age bracket, whether you are a current or past customer (we want a mix!) and which session you would like to attend.

Join our Focus Group!

  • Please share your phone number as this way we can call to give you more details!
  • Please feel free to be very honest as we are looking for a mixture of all of the above to take part in our Focus Group!

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