House of Fraser Press Day

Published on: February 7, 2013

Just one of the perks of working in fashion means I get to see what’s coming into the shops before everyone else! Now ladies I don’t have to tell you that this is not exactly a hardship! This morning I was invited to the lovely Cafe Zest in House of Fraser for their Spring preview. Walking from a dull and wet outside world into a cocoon of  all the possibilties for Spring would put a smile on even the most despressed face! So let’s escape from the world of Dail debates and promissory notes for just a few moments!

Floral and bright neons from Biba mixed with classic staples from one of my favourite Irish designers, Helen McAlinden, ensures House of Fraser will have boxes ticked for every sort of shopper this season. I met a lovely fella called Mark who told me all about Helen’s Spring collection. It seems that Helen has veered slightly away from Linen this season towards easier to wear fabrics. With so many hardships in life around us I found myself almost relieved at Mark’s words & the thought of not having to also worry about whether my linen is just on the wrong side of too creased. It also made me think how amazing it is how fashion is dictated by the real life worries and whims of us ladies.

Mary Portas will have a full collection in House of Fraser for the first time this season and it’s great! This was the one I was really excited to see today. Mary’s rails will be full of lots of easy to wear colourful and drapey dresses aswell as structured and stretchy block coloured dresses (including a great black dress). Mary has just had a baby and so to me the collection screams out to the lady who wants practicality, style and mix and match pieces for her wardrobe. Definitely on trend with lots of print but just the right side of ‘trendy’ with looks that definitely won’t date come Autumn.

I love what Linea are doing right now. This is one of House of Fraser’s exclusive labels. Not everything was on my wishlist but that’s ok. My  favourite pieces include an amazing lace dress in white (with sleeves) and lime green (without sleeves). When I visit Linea I always look at their dresses. I think they get the mix just right between comfortable and stylish. Dickins and Jones is all girlie this season with great embroidered pieces, embellished collars and cute seperates. Pied a Terre has an amazing selection of accessories. I fell in love with their clear perspex clutch bag with two little mini purses inside (see below!). If you like the futuristic trend, with bright prints check out this label.

Other highlights include shoes from Steve Madden and just everything really that Biba does because I just love Biba! You can check out the website here.

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