How & Why to Stop Comparing Your Style To Others

Published on: July 23, 2015
How & Why to Stop Comparing Your Style To Others - street style, stylefish
Your Style is Your Message to the world

“Happiness, peace, style and fulfilment come when you stop comparing yourself to others.”

If like me, you find yourself many times a day scrolling down along your Facebook wall or looking through the hashtag #fromwhereistand or #ootd (outfit of the day for those of you still learning) on Instagram, you know that comparing your style, your story and your life to everyone else’s becomes par for the course.

Social comparisons are at an all time high, harder to avoid than Kate Middleton’s LK Bennett Fetish, especially in fashion, where appearances are a major part of the industry. It’s very easy to scroll through Instagram and feel that your closet, your style, and essentially your entire self is inadequate.

While comparison can be a valuable source of motivation, growth and inspiration, it can also make us do a tail spin head long into a frenzy of self doubt. It is unfortunately up to you to see the wood from the trees and the wisdom from the worry in your endless scrolling.

From working in fashion and training personal stylists if there is one thing I have learnt it is what an absolute waste it is to constantly compare yourself to others. Never mind keeping up with other people. What about them keeping up with you? It’s not who you look at that’s the problem, it’s ‘how’ you choose to look at them and what you choose to take from it!

Here’s what you need to do to STOP comparing your style to others and start focusing on yourself and your style!

How & Why to Stop Comparing Your Style To Others - street style, stylefish

Recognise yourself and your style

Your style is special because it’s yours. You should be dressing for you and for your personality. Style is about feeling special, feeling good and feeling confident. Stop buying for the sake of buying and start adding items to your wardrobe that do all of the above. This is recognising yourself and your style.

Set yourself some style goals

People with goals are more satisfied with their lives (up to 20% it has been said). This idea applies to Fashion also. If you set some style goals, it might be easier to accomplish them. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re in control of your own style and you are more likely to stop comparing your style to others when you have something new to focus on.

Here are some to get you started:

1. Wear more colour, more often.

How & Why to Stop Comparing Your Style To Others - stylefish

2. Plan your outfits in advance to stop mass panic and worry :-)

3. Love your wardrobe. Do you mid your clothes? Care for them and neatly store them? Do it and change how you feel about your clothes forever!

4. Accessorise thoughtfully and buy carefully.

5. Commit yourself to learning more about fashion even if it’s just buying a good fashion magazine ever month.

How & Why to Stop Comparing Your Style To Others - buy vogue
Give Back

Rid yourself and your wardrobe of items you will never wear. Think of those who have a lot less than you do, look for your most deserving charity shop (in your eyes) and give them the clothes you don’t wear. Giving back and giving your things away makes you appreciate what you have and how your clothes will make someone else very happy.

Take off your rose tinted spectacles

Remember that life seen through an Instagram filter is usually pretty far from the real thing. Not to mention, most celebrities and magazine editorials have a team of wardrobe stylists whose entire job is to make them look incredible. We often have the tendency to be more forgiving in the way we see others, and be harshest on ourselves. Sometimes a little reality check is the best way to snap out of the comparison game.

How & Why to Stop Comparing Your Style To Others - street style

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