It promises to be a colourful Spring!

Published on: April 2, 2013

Colour is one of those things we all need more of in life! This spring expect to see more choice than ever in the shops as designers wave their magic wands ensuring we have a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from! They include at the bright end; reds, yellows, purples, pinks and greens to the other end of the colour spectrum with all the soft ice-cream colours.

Colour for me really is the key to the world of creative styling. You can create new looks with items you already have in your wardrobe very cheaply with some clever colourful on trend accessories. I love Penneys (for their bags), Dorothy Perkins (for fun costume jewellery) and House of Fraser for unusual and yet affordable jewellery labels that you don’t find everywhere (like Lola Rose & Martine Wester). I picked up a gorgeous colourful charm bracelet in their recently for just €22. Look out for unusual pieces like these seasons must have neck collars, which can really individualize a simple plain white tee shirt. Biba in House of Fraser have some amazing collars to choose from.

When it comes to knowing what colours suit you, follow these simple rules of thumb:

1. If you have black hair and blue eyes try out this seasons must have canary yellow as bright shades will really work on you.

2. If you have dark hair and deep brown eyes try out oranges, teals and purples.

3. If you have fair hair and blue eyes go for the pinks and purples and cooler green tones.

Finally, my top tip is to experiment and have fun with colour this season and watch it lift your mood! Try bringing one or two items into the fitting room that you mightn’t normally choose and see how you feel in it. In my experience, it can be the items that don’t seem right on a hanger that can be the pieces you love the most. Also, think accessories for that injection of colour, not just clothes!

Get in touch ( or click here to find a Stylefish teacher closest to you who can come to your house for a fun colour class to show you what colours you should be wearing this season!

Julie x


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