Kildare Village Host Stylefish ‘How to Shop Like a Stylist’ Masterclass

Published on: June 12, 2015
Kildare Village Host Stylefish 'How to Shop Like a Stylist' Masterclass

Do you love fashion but don’t feel your wardrobe working hard enough for you? Have you googled ‘stylist’, ‘personal shopper’ or ‘fashion stylist’ once too often but feel you want that to be you, inspiring others rather than looking to be inspired?

I am delighted to tell you that Kildare Village is teaming up with Stylefish for a ‘How to Shop like a Stylist’ Masterclass on Wednesday morning June 24th at 10.30am.

10.30am Tea & Coffee in the beautiful personal shopping lounge.

10.45am How to Shop like a Stylist masterclass begins.

11.30am Q&A with Julie.

Places are limited but it is open to all my readers & is absolutely free so if you would like to come along send me an email – and I will put your name down!

Kildare Village Host Stylefish 'How to Shop Like a Stylist' Masterclass


Many many women I meet love and adore fashion but the truth is we all get stuck in fashion limbo at certain points in our lives. At the start of every new season we are faced with a wardrobe full of last seasons choices and adding to this every time you shop can mean trend overload and not enough of ‘you’ or the beautiful capsule pieces you long for staring back at you! 

Kildare Village Host Stylefish 'How to Shop Like a Stylist' Masterclass

My ‘How to Shop like a Stylist’ Masterclass is open to all Stylefish readers. It is part of the Kildare Village Speaker Series and with a huge demand for insights from my personal stylist courses, I am delighted to have been invited share these insights in their beautiful personal shopping lounge right in the heart of the village. This class will give you all the insider tips & tricks you need to building a wardrobe you love, insights into the world of personal styling including showcasing some of my favourite pieces from a variety of brands available in Kildare Village. I will also be talking about opportunities with Stylefish to become a personal stylist and inspire others through your know how.

Here are some of the topics I will be discussing over coffee!

1. Finding your signature style. Buying trends that suit YOU and so never date!

2. Being your own stylist. Defining what is important for you and your wardrobe.

3. Becoming more opening minded about your style.

4. Outfits for all the casual lunches, dinners, wedding and parties you have this season.

5. How I shop with a client when personal shopping – the things I look out for, listen to and open her mind too. The things every woman should know when shopping.

If you would like to become a more confident shopper, build a wardrobe you love and be inspired to create a style you love, then email me at and I would love to meet you on the 24th!

Kildare Village Host Stylefish 'How to Shop Like a Stylist' Masterclass, personal shopping lounge


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