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Published on: October 21, 2015
Launch of - stylefish
Separating the person from the business!

I have held onto the domain ( from the day I bought Someday, I told myself, I will feel I have accomplished enough to separate myself from my business and be able to show my passion for business swell as fashion. Well, this week I took the leap and launched to coincide with my appointment to the Board of Directors of FIPI (Federation of Image Professionals International) as Communications & PR Director in the UK.

I guess you could say over the last 6 years (Stylefish launched in 2009), I have fought hard for my little business, grown my little business, got Dragons to buy into my little business and turned it from a fashion company teaching fashion classes to a fashion school training women in personal styling and building a community of women who love fashion as much as me and who get to indulge that passion with Stylefish.

Learning most definitely comes from doing and in my case the doing, the learning and the growing has slowly and somehow still happened for me in the worst economy in history (this is by now bet into me now by others lol!!).

But you see, I only say that because that’s what others have said to me for 6 years now. I just live in my own little world seeing my business and me and my vision for creating a fun, fashion brand that would give me the freedom to train others and help to make a difference in the fashion industry (and get paid to do it). I paid myself very little for very long. I sacrificed a lot for a belief in a dream I continue to create in my head. But without dreams, the best businesses in the world would not be around us now and so I say to anyone out there with a dream – always be able to look back with no regrets. Regret does not come from failure. Regret comes from not living the dream in your head.

If you see the rainbow, you must endure the rain!

Launch of - stylefish

So, please do take a look through I would love any feedback or thoughts and I simply hope this little website that’s just for me shows how one girls love of fashion and drive to create a sustainable fashion business is simply getting stronger with each person that also believes and allows me into their fashion story!

Julie x



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