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Published on: May 22, 2013

I avoided the maxi dress trend last year, not quite able to get my head around it. Is it dressy or messy? I’ve realised it’s not the maxi dress itself but rather the type you go for that’s important! Now, that I’ve had time to warm to the concept (and do a little research on your behalf) I have found some great styles I am going to try out this Summer.

There are four main trends we are seeing in the shops. They are 1) the monochrome maxi 2) Brightly coloured & flowing 3) Graphic print 4) The cut out maxi, which is best left to those under the age of 21.

It is easy to think that a maxi dress can act as a cover up (after all it covers pretty much everything from boobs to toes apart from arms!) but you need to be careful with this. Just like any dress with too much fuss or too many frills, they add weight and you lose height! My advice is to be guided by the ‘type’ of dress you would go for if you were looking for any other dress for your body type. Does simple and slick work best, nipped in at the waist, V neck or bust enhancing? The same rules apply with your maxi.

The other question that comes up with the maxi is height. Do you have to be tall to pull off this look? The answer is no. Once you are true to your body type as above. The general rule is that simplicity is key. The more fuss on your maxi the shorter you start to appear and if you are under 5ft 5 go for a tailored maxi that sits as close to the ground as you can get it (without obviously sweeping it!) and this will help you look taller. Keep this general skirt rule in mind – the best length for any skirt for any height is generally on or just above the kneecap or else right down to the ground. Once you wander into calf territory you are in trouble! High heels then become your best friend! Enjoy your maxis ladies. I’ve opted for some budget friendly choices for you to check out. Let’s hope we get the weather for them!

Julie x

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