2016’s Fashion Resolutions

Published on: January 3, 2016
Make them count

The new year is all about fresh starts. Out with the old, in with the new. It is the time of year we all evaluate just about everything in our lives, hoping for new gym habits, fresh ‘anything is possible’ mindsets and goal setting that would put Oprah on alert.

Before Christmas in a class, I spoke to a group of my students about this very topic and making our style count more for each of us in 2016. We spoke about how our style evolves, really evolves every couple of years when we get older, wiser and our priorities and lives change. I like to call it the ‘style wobbles’. It can happen around the time of a major life event (having a baby, reaching a certain age) but whatever the cause for you, you get that feeling that when you buy your just unsure about yourself and what you want your style to say about you.

The last few months has been my turn to feel this way. I am turning 34 this year and I believe for me anyway I need to transition my style in little ways this year. Yes, I have lots of clothes and yes I have lots and lots I love but I explained in class how I made a promise to myself when I started to feel the ‘wobbles’ not to buy anything new until I had worked my way through what I need to do for 2016.

And I kept that promise. And so as the new year starts, I want to share with you my number one style resolution for 2016:

Only Buy Special

I have vowed I am only going to buy special items that I feel really add something to my wardrobe. No more Zara jumpers. I have enough. The idea of fast fashion has become so easy for us all and the trouble is it doesn’t do our wardrobes, our wallets or our environment any good and so this is my number one and most important resolution to myself. I want to think through the things I buy more so everything I decide to buy works with other things in my wardrobe (sometimes in a fun, risky kind of way) and when I see them I instantly know they are special. No maybe’s allowed.

So, what’s been my first purchase? These babies from TK Maxx (€39.99). Wine, velvet 70’s mules with pearl detailing from Sophie & Sam :-) I saw them before Christmas when pressie shopping but hesitated, not wanting to break my promise not to buy anything new. This week when I went back to try them on, I looked up to see a Mum and her 16/17 year old daughter both stop and check out the shoes on me and I thought, that’s what I want. Any shoes that makes people stop and look (whether good or bad in my book :-)) make this resolution a good one. Special doesn’t have to be expensive you see. It just has to make me and my style feel that way.


So, for those of you also feeling the ‘wobbles’, what’s it going to be?! My two tips? Make them simple for you to achieve and make them count!

Here’s to a stylish 2016!

Julie x



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