My Top 5 Fashion Thoughts For Spring

Published on: January 14, 2019

Hi there!

It’s nearly sprung and if like me your a tad sick of looking at jam packed rails, floral dresses with side slits and oversized cardigans wedged onto tiny rails, then your now on board the Spring 2019 fashion train!

Here’s to a new season, a fresh approach and a good wardrobe clearout. Because everyone knows the best start you can give yourself and your style this month is an out with the old approach. Stop putting it off and think how good it will feel to get organised, know what you have and know where your wardrobe has important gaps. The new season starts with you, getting your wardrobe together! What follows then is a read of my top six thoughts I have for my own wardrobe and style right alongside y’all! What’s most important to me and my wardrobe this season? What do I think we should focus on and what will I be looking out for?


Do you

Sounds a tad obvious but we all know it’s not that easy. What is easy, is getting pulled into this floral midi dress, side slit prairie dress trend that just won’t go away (think & other stories). It’s not for everyone. It wasn’t really for me as much as I tried :-) That A line, hit you on your calf skirt shape just did nada for my pear hips! This is the season to get a step closer to what works for you.

A great first step is during your wardrobe declutter, really look at the items you love in your wardrobe (even if it’s 5 or 6 things you wear all the time). What’s the common thread? Are they more androgynous (boyish)? Have you worn that classic belted black coat to death? Look for the personality in the clothes you love and follow this theme in Spring!


Invest in a great blazer

A good blazer will definitely be a go to piece in my wardrobe this season. I mean it’s just a failsafe, right? Wearing jeans and a white tee shirt and you need to dress it up a bit? A blazer. Wearing a pleated midi skirt and top and it’s not exactly mild and breezy yet? A blazer. Also, look out for something a bit different too. A black blazer will work but really we want to put a spring in your step! Think maybe a rich velvet, a plaid or maybe a royal blue over black? Little baby steps towards styling genius….

Have some blazer fun…


Brighten your day.. thinking about one outfit you will create this Spring that is outside your comfort zone. It could be a skirt and top in a clashing print (you’ve just got to try things on to know how two different prints feel together…try it!), it could be two different colour combinations. The Pantone colour of the season is coral, perhaps mix this with some pink? It is my experience that the biggest leaps are made in how most women feel about their style when they do one thing that they thought wasn’t for them! That one thing can play a powerful part in building your confidence and showing you fun has got to be had and risks have got to be taken in order to reap the sartorial rewards!


Get the wardrobe basics right

The wardrobe clearout will be the start of this so here are my tips to nailing the bits that will really see you through the season.

1. Make a list of the key items you don’t own once you declutter. You should have a great paid of both blue and black denim, a white shirt (oversized and modern for me, the boyish dresser:-) but what’s your ideal shape?, a nice pair of comfortable black ankle boots, that classic blazer we spoke of above, a simple white tee shirt, an everyday go to dress (could be black, brown, grey or even a print along as it’s versatile and you!).

2. Think of your best neutral tone. When it comes to wardrobe basics to me there are two very different family of colours – the warm family (browns, creams, camels, olive green etc) and the cool family (black, grey’s, whites, oyster and charcoal). The best choice for you depends on your skin tone. If you don’t know make it your mission to get to the bottom of this! Buying the right tone just feels better when you put it on. It will feel more like you and take it from me, it can be the difference between wearing something once and it not feel quite right and it being that piece you just wear to death!


Little steps towards a more sustainable wardrobe

It’s hard we all know to buy sustainable fashion all the time that doesn’t harm the planet. Don’t worry I’m no where near being there either but it’s a definite that the conversation towards more informed choices has begun and quite simple this season I am going to make it my business to read a little more and do a little more. I will seek out more affordable fashion brands like Free People and share them with you guys and I will thank twice before buying the 5 shite tee in Zara and instead purchase a better quality sustainable version that will last me a longer time.

I recently saw that Selfridges in the UK now stock Free People and they are proving that sustainable choices don’t have to be oversized flowery skirts or sportswear like many people think.


Bring on the new season! If you have any questions at all you can reach me at

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