New brochure for Stylefish Fashion Courses Dublin

Published on: July 12, 2015
New brochure for Stylefish Fashion Courses Dublin - Stylefish
Stylefish Fashion Courses Dublin Brochure

I spend so much time creating great fashion courses, content, exciting and real ways for students to learn and really experience personal styling and the fashion industry but then I forget something vital! How many people actually know about what Stylefish does and about my fashion Courses, Dublin? There are women out there, searching for a way to get into fashion to learn and to do something they love….but have they heard of Stylefish and is it easy to find?

It is for this reason I have been working on looking closer at what is going on right in front of me!(Find out more about Stylefish fashion courses in Dublin here..)

I have been working on SEO so more people can hopefully find Stylefish fashion courses Dublin in Mr. Google! One question that has arisen for me in doing this work has been in keeping and nurturing those people who do visit my website through google and who take the time to browse through my site. You can put so much time and effort into understanding your keywords, getting into the zone of creating valuable and engaging fashion content and building better pages that really show the expertise you are trying to showcase, only then to realise….now that I have more traffic how am I really nurturing you guys and and connecting with you and really showing you what Stylefish fashion courses are all about?

I find all this marketing stuff fascinating but you sometimes have to take a step back and look at your customers journey through their eyes, not your own! You can be great at what you do but unless you are doing the right things to find the right people to be part of it, what’s it all about?! 

New brochure for Stylefish Fashion Courses Dublin - Stylefish

Hence why ‘opt in forms’ to sign up to my newsletter is something I have been looking at introducing to my website. Don’t get me wrong, I already have a section on my homepage where visitors can sign up to my newsletter but with pretty good traffic why do more people not fill in this simple little form? Is it not clear enough? Not inviting enough? Maybe they don’t really want to be bothered by another newsletter? I often wonder. So, I am going for it! In the next week or so look out for a little pop up man inviting you lovely people to engage with me and Stylefish by signing up to receive my newsletter (if you don’t already!). I will also be giving you a little something to say ‘thank you’ once you fill in your details in the little box so watch out for that!

The second thing I have been working on is a brand new, shiny, sparkly Stylefish fashion courses dublin leaflet to give people a little more information about Stylefish Training. I normally give out my business card to women I meet, but I have decided a fun, brief and explorative leaflet will give you a little more information in a real way! Hopefully, it also gives a snippet of what the Stylefish Personal Styling Diploma might look like for you! Having these babies printed this week (see image above) so if you see one around, pick it up, take a look, smile and know that a lot of love went into creating it!

If anyone has any thoughts on any of the above, I am always delighted to get feedback, questions or anything else. I do what I do because I am so passionate about giving women the chance (like I have) to really immerse yourselves in fashion learning and in helping others! So your feedback is ways valuable to help me do that! Feel free to email and you can check out more info on my Diploma in Personal Styling here. My August one week  Diploma in Personal Styling has 2 places left.


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