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Published on: September 14, 2015
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Meet Canadian Personal Stylist Carol!

Many of you have heard me talk about my Canadian student Carol Takahashi, who travelled all the way from Toronto to Dublin to gain her personal styling qualification with Stylefish (Diploma in Personal Styling). I first met Carol first in The Stillorgan Park Hotel when she signed up to a styling class while she was travelling in Ireland a few years ago. She then contacted me earlier this year to say she would love to come over to take part in my Diploma in Personal Styling and I..well I was shocked and very happy!

Carol has now completed her fashion course and is a very happy qualified personal stylist in Toronto working on starting her freelance business in fashion! Carol works as a full time law clerk and so moving into the world of fashion has been a big leap for her but like all things in life, the biggest leaps usually bring us the most happiness in the long run!

So, for those of you who have ever considered changing careers, doing a course totally left of field or just following a passion and not really knowing where it will lead Carol has been kind enough to share her story and answer some of my questions about her decision to travel to the emerald isle to complete a course in personal styling! Hope you enjoy these insights and you can view Carol’s profile on Stylefish here.

Head shot of Carol Takahashi

1) What course did you study with Stylefish?

 I took part in the Stylefish Diploma in Personal Styling 7 day intensive course in Dublin!

2) What was your personal goal in completing your fashion training?

My personal goal is to start a Personal Stylist business in Ontario, Canada. I intend to offer services to clients utilizing all of the training I have received from Stylefish. To wanted to get a full perspective of what is involved in personal styling and when providing personal styling services! My personal goal has actually grown since I completed the course. I thought only about the fashion before starting but during my course learnt so much about the psychology of styling and how helping someone with their style involves helping them with their confidence! My personal goal is now to incorporate both styling and coaching.

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4) Do you have another job aside from getting into fashion?

I have been working in the legal industry in Toronto, Canada for the past 13 years. I have always enjoyed fashion styles, accessories and helping others pick clothing that compliments them. To me, working in fashion as a personal stylist will provide me with a creative element that has not existed in my legal career and it will also provide me with the opportunity to engage in assisting women look and feel their best.

5) What did you enjoy most about the course with Stylefish?

It would be difficult for me to pinpoint only one part! I enjoyed so much about the course!  Every aspect of the course was fully engaging, creative and thought provoking from the training setting, the environment between trainer and students, the excellent methods of teaching using written, visual and hands-on practical exercises, the extensive course material and handouts to the final practical exercises of styling two women.  The lessons flowed very well in a way that were easy to understand and comprehend and tied in all of the elements and lessons that led to my first real styling experience, all in one week!

6) What elements surprised you most about your training course / what part did you get the most from?

I was pleasantly surprised on the first day of the course to learn we were being taught how to engage with clients by asking questions and listening to really understand what they want and need, how to build a successful relationship and how to really connect with clients in a meaningful way. One can learn the theory of colours and body shapes, et cetera, however without taking the time to care about and understand the needs of the client the service would lack in quality in my view. Suffice it to say, I was very pleased to learn these necessary steps that will help me create a quality experience for my clients.

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7) What do you feel will be the most rewarding part of being a personal stylist for you?

I feel the most rewarding aspect of being a personal stylist is helping women become confident and encouraged to love their bodies at every stage of their life.

8) Describe my style and where I like to shop?

My fashion style is classic. I enjoy wearing timeless pieces that are simple and comfortable yet stylish and refined. I shop primarily in Ontario, Canada.  One store that I do enjoy shopping at is H&M, the reason is that I find this store offers a wide variety of colours and fashion styles with simple lines that suit my body shape. Training in Ireland has also shown me just how much choice you have over there! Canada I feel is a little further behind in being ‘on trend.’

9) Do you feel your style has changed now that you are a qualified Personal Stylist?

Absolutely. I have found many changes have occurred since becoming a qualified Personal Stylist. My vision when on a shop floor is more precise and narrowed to what colours and shapes I am looking for. I try on less stuff and have become better as finding clothing that fits my body shape properly and that incorporates colour into my wardrobe.  I have also noticed my interest in different stores that I would not have normally walked through.  I am more open minded generally in relation to fashion and accessories.

10) Do you feel part of a community of stylists with Stylefish will be of benefit and why?

I truly believe being a part of such a community will be really helpful in encouraging and supporting each other as stylists and will allow us to share our experiences with each other. What a great way to motivate one another.

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11) What advice would you give to others who would like to get into fashion?

Fashion is such a creative and visual outlet for women.  It allows creativity and personal expression to be at the forefront of our daily lives. Having completed the Personal Stylist training course I now have a much better understanding of the many opportunities that this qualification can open up. I see many career possibilities for myself and along with this comes ease of mind knowing that however I choose to utilize the teachings of Styliefish I will have the opportunity to constantly learn and grow.

My advice for those who are contemplating a career in fashion is if you have an interest in fashion and you enjoy helping others here is a fantastic opportunity to open doors that you might not have known existed.  You will benefit others and you will effect change for yourself.  This is a chance to grow as a person, as well as assist yourself with your own fashion style and shopping habits.

 Thanks Carol! We wish you every success with your fashion endeavours!

Julie x

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