One Personal Stylist Shares her story..

Published on: April 19, 2016
Meet Personal Stylist Caroline Mooney

I love sharing stories from students and past students that I have been lucky enough to train and inspire in the world of personal styling and in what it takes to be a great personal stylist. Caroline is one of those.

I will always remember speaking to Caroline for the very first time. I was sitting having a coffee in London Waterloo station, waiting on a train and I remember thinking to myself as I was chatting to Caroline and telling her more about my training how unsure and nervous she was and just how much courage it took to pick up the phone. I instantly loved her!

Everything in life that is worthwhile and that you care a lot about brings with it the fear of the unknown. Caroline pushed passed the fear and joined my course and luckily for us has been good enough to share her story with us this week!


Tell us when and why you trained with Stylefish?

I have always had a love for clothes and fashion and when I saw Julie on Dragon’s Den, I knew then that I wanted to do my training with Stylefish and when the time was right, I just went for it and made that initial phonecall to Julie. I completed some of my training in June 2013 and did some further training in October 2015. I initially trained in teaching fashion classes and went back to Julie to complete my training to be able to offer one to one consultations also after this.

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

What’s the day job and what’s the dream!

I work part-time (3 days a week) as the Office Manager in a very busy Life Assurance Company in Dublin’s City Centre and will be there 16 years this June. I suppose I am now actually fulfilling my dream as I’m working as a Personal Stylist in my spare time. This is what I want to work on and build up a portfolio of regular clients. I guess like anything in life the timing has to be right. Now is my time!

How have you used your training since you finished?

I have hosted some Body Shape and Colour classes in ladies homes. I have also hosted a Style Fundraiser Evening with a large group of Ladies (70 approx.) which was a really busy and exciting night for me!

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

Tell us why you love teaching others?

I hope to share all the knowledge, tips and passion that I have for clothes and fashion and to inspire each and every lady to not be afraid to try different things in their everyday looks, in inexpensive ways. I love to see how when a Lady finds out what her Body Shape is, how the penny drops as it were….. and she gets it! It is amazing to see how a little bit of knowledge about your Body Shape can help your overall look greatly. A Personal Stylist to me also guides someone through the process of enjoying their style again and feeling great in the clothes they wear.

What have you learnt about your own style?

I try to pay a little bit more for certain key pieces in my wardrobe as it does make a huge difference and they will last the test of time…….

Where do you love to shop?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Zara Girl!! It is one of the best stores on the highstreet that stocks the latest range of fashion at affordable prices. I am loving Dunnes Stores also at the moment as they have such a vast range of clothing lines to choose from, from Savida up to Designer wear e.g. Lennon Courtney, Paul Costello etc. The other highstreet stores that I like to shop in are Mango (Their new shop on Henry Street in Dublin is the business!), Karen Millen & River Island. I also like to shop from and online – check them out !

What’s your top tip when buying for your body shape?

It’s about accentuating your shape and enhancing what you have so you feel your best in every outfit you own. Once you’ve determined your body shape, you can begin to consider which fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid.

How did it feel to run your first class?

If I’m completely honest it was totally nerve-wracking but exciting also and once I got the first class under my belt the nerves got less and less. Nerves are good and they show you care about what you do!

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

What services do you provide and how do people find you!

The services I offer my clients are: Wardrobe de-cluttering, Personal Shopping, Body Shape (Classes & Individual Consultations), Colour Analysis (Classes & Individual Consultations). I have set up a facebook page called, my email is and my mobile number is 087-2358057.

A piece of advice you would give to those considering a fashion course?

Go for it, it is really enjoyable and great fun and you wont find a better teacher than Julie from Stylefish. It is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

One Personal Stylist Shares her story.., stylefish

What’s your all time favourite fashion quote?

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’Marilyn Monroe

Thanks so much Caroline and we wish you the best of luck!

Julie x

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