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Published on: June 4, 2020


Like everyone, I have been having fun with technology over the last 10 weeks! In addition to working on creating a brand new online course, I have been trying out some new ways of working with clients!

I thought I would share just one example of the work I have been doing from Dorset :-) with a lovely lady from Ennis in Co. Clare. Meet Siobhan! I had an initial zoom chat with Siobhan to work out where she was at with her style and to work out how best to structure our time together and what she really wanted to achieve from the sessions and how we could achieve this online!

The Brief:

Siobhan has a dramatic style personality and so loves things that are different! As we all get older, the challenge is to carve out your style personality in a more grown-up way. This is what Siobhan wanted to do. Be clear on what works for her shape, to create curves but also to evolve her style in a more polished way.

Together we then came up with a fun 3 step online consultation format.

This included:

1) A 2 hour online session going through items in her wardrobe, looking at her body shape and colour tones, plus understanding where her style personality was at and the direction Siobhan wanted to take it.

2) I created a personalised style guide giving bespoke info for Siobhan to help her focus in on what’s most important for her shopping and styling habits.

3) I created a look book, which Siobhan could shop from based on our brief to fill the gaps in her wardrobe and try our new looks based on wanting to develop her style personality.

Et voila, in Siobhan’s own words, here is what we did along with some lovely piccys of some items Siobhan purchased from the look book I created for her and how she created looks herself from what she learnt during our work together; all online!

Siobhan’s own words

“I am a woman with a love for fashion that has learnt to love the body I’m in as I’ve aged. I’m known as quirky and I like making an outfit my own. I have sometimes purchased tops in the children’s clothing section with logos such as ‘dream, believe, do, repeat’. I have a good reputation for style but I was aware that I needed to broaden my vision to let me say, more developmentally appropriate clothes, while still retaining who I am. I just turned 55 and one day I will be 65. A friend recommended Julie to me and we had our meetings on zoom. I immediately warmed to Julie, finding her a very warm and open person. I loved that Julie was eager to get to know me and my personality. A stylist can choose clothes to suit your body shape, but choosing clothes that also suit your personality is another skill. Julie first went through my colours and body shape. It’s interesting how with an experienced eye both body shape and colours are identifiable online with relative ease. Julie also got me to show her clothes from my wardrobe that I like to wear and clothes that I was unsure about. I learnt a lot by going through my wardrobe deciding what to show Julie; mainly that I had too many clothes and many that I did not wear. Meeting with Julie (even online) encouraged me to really consider what to keep in my wardrobe. I decided to only keep clothes that bring me joy so that when I open my wardrobe I like what I see and there are not endless items to go through. The package I went for with Julie included colours and clothes that suit me and my body shape and a personalised styling book. Looking through the styling book I felt like a child opening their Christmas presents as it was created just for me (my shape, my colours, my style) and not a generic book for my body shape. Getting to know your colours and clothing styles that suit you is wonderful but a personalised styling book takes the experience to another level. I was so happy with the package I received. Julie introduced me to clothes I would never have considered. Although Julie classed me as a dramatic dresser which I loved, I really needed to broaden my style. I have purchased some of the items Julie recommended and when I tried them on for my sister she really liked them stating they suited me so well, that I looked taller and had a good shape. I myself could not believe how my shape looked as sometimes I can look too thin.”

Here are just some of the websites Siobhan shopped recommended items from: Zara, Uterque, Monki, Pixie Market & Topshop.

If anyone would like to chat about a similar consultation to Siobhan’s just drop me an email –



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