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Published on: March 21, 2019
Outfit 9

It’s true, online shopping as a personal shopping service is becoming a thing. In fact I didn’t really realise it was a thing until one lady asked me would I do it and voila, I mention it to others and it’s now a thing!

So, how does it work and why does it work?

Well, in my case I have a number of women who have all been to classes with me over the years. In most cases (but not all) I know each clients body shape and usually what colours suits them or they like to wear. What does this mean? Well it’s easier for me as a stylist to pick apart what’s new on the high street (online) and give each client ‘the best of the rest’ that she can then choose to buy from. Obviously, the more I know about her the better so knowing what she likes to wear (her style personality if you want to get all technical on me :-) really helps me to create complete looks by mixing and matching across websites and stores!

That’s the best bit I guess. You put a Topshop dress with a pair of Marks & Spencers sandals (M&S have some fab sandals by the way) and complete the look with a neck scarf from boden and a clutch bag from Mango. It’s giving my clients choice, creativity and hopefully when they look at the outfits they see themselves wearing it as I have tried to get it as close to their personality as I can. Hey, I don’t have a magic wand :-)

Anyhow, here’s a sample of looks i’ve created and also below some of the items I would buy for my own wardrobe that have just landed online!

Outfit 9

Outfit 11


My favourite Spring trousers

These H&M babies for £29.99 are so versatile. I have used in looks for every body shape so a great all rounder. Tuck in a tee shirt and wear with runners or team with a silk blouse and a colourful heel. Et voila.


Every wardrobe needs a jumpsuit

Call it jumpsuit, playsuit, boiler suit you need one! They are so simple to wear and style when you find the right one for you. I am a big fan of denim and although I did recently buy a really nice on in Penney’s I loved this one from Mango that I picked for a client.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 12.08.57

Marks & Spencers for shoes

I just loved the choice they have right now and the colour! You are also guaranteed some great ‘practical’ shoes that don’t disappoint on style. Uber comfy height heels and wide fit too. Loved these pink wide fit sandals for only £19.99 :-)

Wide fit sandals £19.50 M&S


However, if you want to invest…

Of course I have to throw in a curveball. Miista is my absolute favourite shoe brand at the moment and I dream of a pair of these woven beauties for Spring. They come in EVERY colour imaginable. I dare you not to look!

195 miista-taissa-ruby-leather-mid-heels-1-1

Happy shopping and if I can help, drop me a line.


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