Oriflame does it again!

Published on: September 27, 2016
Quarter 4 Training

I cannot believe we are coming to the end of September and with that I am now in my fourth quarter of consultant training with the Swedish beauty brand Oriflame. I have loved every minute!



With Dublin, London and East Midlands now complete, our final date to join in if you are an Oriflame Consultant or are considering becoming one is Barnsley on Saturday October 8th. We have had over 90 consultants taking part in this quarters groups and what I love most is the buzz and energy that comes to your business when you get together with like minded people and focus on the things that really help to bring you results!

This session we ran a make-up lesson making sure each consultant is confident (and had fun) with a range of new make-up products including showing some fabulous new ranges (my fav is the My Destiny range) along with my other make-up  favourites; Giordani foundation, the One Compact set, the eye brow kit and of course the brushes!


Along with the make-up fun of course no Oriflame day would be complete without business inspiration and support.

This training session we looked ahead to create our 12 weeks of Christmas business plan focusing on skincare and wellness. One topic of conversation that everyone loved (and related too!) was the topic of PROCRASTINATION! As a small business and when you work alone it can be hard to keep motivated, keep on track and stop putting off the really important things! Sometimes you feel your the only one that needs a good slap! I loved teaching more about this topic and we all feel it everyday, even when WE ARE working hard! We looked at ways to set goals and how to keep on track!


So, there is still time to sign up for our last session in Barnsley on Saturday October 8th. Simply contact Oriflame customer care! Below are just a few more shots of the fun we had! Oh and have you ever wondered if you are a procrastinator? How many of these do you do??! Read the list below!

1. Writing lists to beat the band but getting through very few of them!

2. Reading and then re reading emails before you put on the kettle!

3. You like to ‘wait for the right time’?!





Lol :-) Julie x


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