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Published on: March 8, 2016
Personal Shopper Top Tips, stylefish
Students Finish on a High!

Personal Shopper is the buzz word of 2016. No longer are they perceived to be only for the rich and famous. Women everywhere lead lives that are busier than ever. Plus, in retail a Personal shopper now is not only a luxury but a necessity in order to create that all important customer experience.

A good personal shopper will save you time, money and stress. A great personal shopper will ‘get you’ and make that translate into the clothes they pick!

It is one of my all time favourite topics to teach and I am lucky enough to get to inspire women on my Diploma in Personal Styling the in’s and out’s of working as a personal shopper and all the tricks of the trade that I have learnt along the way! This weekend I had two ladies finishing their Personal Styling course in Dublin and so while I have been busy preaching what I practice to them I thought what better time to share these insider tips and tricks if you are ever considering delving into this wonderful topic!

So, if you want the inside track, keep reading!

Personal Shopper Top Tips, stylefish

Understand the Importance of Listening

When starting out it can feel like you have to do all the talking to impress your client, inspire your client and also give them value for money. Most women however, want to be listened too more than they want to be talked too! Take the time to have a coffee and get to know your client, their lifestyle and what fills their daily life. Also, what they find the most difficult. That way you can be sure you really understand what will fit into their wardrobe (metaphorically speaking!!).

Building Rapport

Sounds obvious right? Rapport is simply the quality of the relationship between two people. It is built on trust. If your client trusts you, it is much easier to get them to open up to you and it is also much easier to encourage them to try on items that might be outside their comfort zone. This is one of the key benefits of having a personal shopper!

personal shopper insider tricks, stylefish

The Importance of the Senses

It can be really useful to be in tune with which of the senses your client responds best too. For example some women love the touch and feel of different fabrics and materials or some others might be like a magpie, attracted to everything that glitters and sparkles! If you can get a sense of what’s most important to them whether it is the practical side of things like having comfortable and breathable fabrics or whether the ‘look’ and finding the unusual is more important, this can really help direct you in a shop.

Influencing Your Clients

One of the most difficult elements when starting out as a personal shopper can be putting your style to one side in a way and totally immersing yourself in what is right for your client. You are so used to making a bee line for what you like but now it is about understanding your client fully. Once you have gained your clients trust, you can pace and lead them into new ways of doing things but you must first fully understand their point of view and immerse yourself in the shop from their perspective.

personal shopper top tips, stylefish

Sizing Rules

Become aware of your clients size according to what you think will work, not according always to what they tell you. Two out of three women buy the wrong clothes size so it is key to first understand their body shape, what it is you want their clothes to do to help create or maintain proportions and balance and then choose the size you feel will work with whatever shop or brand your choosing from. Also, remember that is the beauty of having a personal shopper. You can do the running to change sizes easily!

Start at the Bottom

This is one I always get my students to practice. If you choose a great pair of jeans or skirt and it works you can have so much fun creating different looks around this. I usually find it is the bottom half that is the best to get right first. Without ‘key’ items your client will buys ‘pieces’ but it is much more inspiring for them to be able to buy outfits!

personal shopper top tips, stylefish

Getting the Feel Good Factor

That moment you know your client feels great in a look your have put together is a great feeling! You know instantly they are happy and feel good. She walks out of the fitting room full of confidence. She looks comfortable and happy. The difference this makes in the process can be dramatic. Your client begins to open up more, trust you more and try out more things! You are aiming for this to happen as early on in the process as possible so everyone can relax!

Hope this has been a fun and insightful read!

Julie x

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