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Published on: May 6, 2015
personal styling webinar, watch it on our Facebook page here

Are you interested in becoming a personal stylist? Watch our online Personal Styling webinar and get fashion insights in to the world of personal styling!

Last night I got to chat to a lovely group of ladies for my first online Personal Styling webinar to talk about the world of personal styling! Thanks so much to those who joined in and bad technology aside, we got there!

I can see fashion webinar’s definitely catching on but one thing I definitely learnt was good audio is key! Oh and women love talking fashion! Listen back to some of the webinar here and below are my top 5 webinar takeaways.

personal styling webinar, watch it on our Facebook page here

 – Personal Styling is centred just as much around building women’s confidence as it is around clothes and styling.

 – My biggest learning in growing a client base has been from doing. Once you are confident and supported in the first stages, the best learning comes from doing, learning from your mistakes and doing it better the next time!

 – Women are amazing! Whether you work in personal shopping, running one to one body shape and colour consultations, do fashion talks, work in retail or whatever you use a styling qualification, women want to feel understood, that you care and that you will help them create a style or wardrobe they love. If you do that you have done a great job.

 – The amazing part about styling is how much you get to be yourself and do something you love! Every stylist is different in their likes and style and that’s what women want and what makes this industry great. They want a stylist they are drawn too and that they connect with. Fashion and styling is about you defining your place in the world of fashion and your own personal style.

 – Stylefish wants to help women learn, connect, build friendships and provide a way for their love of fashion to grow and flourish one their training has finished. Personal Stylists can do this by joining Stylefish as a Stylefish Affiliate, get listed on our site, access to our stylists area, connected with other stylists and get access to FREE client materials which means all you have to do is talk fashion! We want to make everything else as easy as possible for you!

Read more about my Diploma in Personal Styling here or email for my prospectus.


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