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Published on: August 30, 2015
Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe declutter
Wardrobe Decluttering Fun!

It was a a regular Wednesday morning until I pulled up outside the most beautiful house close to Durrow in Co. Laois. I had booked in a wardrobe clear out with a lovely lady who told me she had enough of her wardrobe and felt she had so many clothes and still nothing to wear! (So far so normal for a personal stylist!). That is until I met this amazing lady and her superb wardrobe!

Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe declutter

I was greeted by a personal stylists dream wardrobe, an rail of amazing unique vintage and vintage inspired finds from shops like Miss Daisy Blue in the English Market in Cork, from the Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair in Dun Laoighre, from Irish fashion designer Heidi Higgins who had particularly captured this ladies heart plus Vintage La Touche in Greystones. This lady knew what she liked and what shops she enjoyed shopping in. She had beautiful fitted dresses (she was an hourglass), unique colourful and crisp white vintage blouses, great shoes and boots from one of my favourite shoe shops, Verenze in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. I spent the morning uhhing and ahhing my way through her clothes and you know what we both learnt a lot from each other!

Personal Stylist Career Insights, vintage finds, daisy blue boutique

We teamed this beautiful brocade style coat with black skinny jeans and a white shirt instead of over a dress or skirt making it more smart day wear or ideal for throwing on over jeans for going out in the evening.
Personal Stylist Lessons

1. Sometimes everyone needs a fresh pair of eyes to inspire creativity! My client felt she was looking at a wardrobe full of ‘occasion wear’. Beautiful dresses, silk tops and brocade suits = dressy but what I hopefully showed her was that this only has to be the case if you let it! We separated the suits and matched the skirts with more casual tops. We took the court heels away from the dresses and matched with funky ankle boots and layered with crisp white shirts underneath. We matched colourful jackets with plain straight cut denim and added fun accessories to make it more everyday.

Lesson: The clothes you love the most and spend the most on should as much as possible be part of your everyday wardrobe. Why leave the best pieces for special occasions? A personal stylist should show you that every day is a special occasion!

Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe decluttering

2. The importance of wardrobe basics. This was probably the only element lacking in my clients wardrobe. We created a list of items that would give her greater flexibility with the items she had. This list consisted of blue denim, an everyday denim skirt, navy ankle boots, simple white tee shirts and cream and white camisoles and a mac coat.

Lesson: Creative, colourful, versatile and vintage inspired wardrobes still need great core basics to help bring lots of looks together.

Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe decluttering

3. The importance of great shoes. Shoes are always a part of the wardrobe women struggle with. Shoes can make or break a look and unique shoes really add that quirky touch to something simple and comfortable. This lady bought all her shoes in Verenze in Newbridge, was a big advocate of paying a visit when they are in sale and picking up some bargain items for her wardrobe.

Lesson: Spend on your shoes and they will pay you back three fold when putting looks together everyday.

Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe decluttering, venenze shoe boutique

4. The power of how we see ourselves! Looking into the same wardrobe of clothes everyday makes it very hard to see the wood from the trees! This ladies wardrobe really proves how much we all need a little inspiration every now and again to see things with fresh eyes. Even a personal stylist needs it from time to time!

Lesson: Fashion is an always evolving process where we must be open to taking inspiration from many places but most of all you have to look into your own heart and feel the confidence to ‘just do it’ and wear the things you want to wear and how you want to wear them!

Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe decluttering
Personal Stylist Career Insights, wardrobe decluttering

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