Personal Stylist Summer Training Begins

Published on: July 23, 2015
Personal Stylist Summer Training Begins, new stylefish training leaflet
Personal Stylist Summer Training Begins

There is something quite satisfying about learning things during the Summer. The sun is out, summer fashion is in full swing and for a newly qualified personal stylist it is just a lovely time of the year to be qualified and start having fun with the autumn season fast approaching.

With two weeks to go (Aug 3rd) until I begin a one week intensive Personal Stylist Diploma Course, I am very excited to welcome Susan from Cork and Carol all the way from Toronto, Canada to my Summer Diploma in Personal Styling. Carol Takahashi did a 7 week evening class with me back when I first started Stylefish in Dublin 6 years ago, for her own enjoyment and now I am very humbled to say she is coming all the way from Canada to complete my full Diploma in Personal Styling August Course. Carol is a lawyer based in Toronto and I hope that once qualified she will use her Stylefish skills and qualification to allow her to get into fashion and help Canadian women with their style! Now, that is something I never thought I would hear myself say!

Personal Stylist Summer Training Begins, new stylefish training leaflet

Would you like to be styled?

So, this week to help out Carol and Susan who are both completing my Diploma course, I am looking for two volunteers. My personal stylist training includes 3 parts practical with two afternoons and one full day being spent putting into practice their learning in Dundrum Town centre and so I am looking for two ladies (one for each student) who would like to be styled by Carol and Susan on their final training day, which will be Sunday August 9th? If you are free and want to get involved email

Industry Insights

I try my best to make sure each training group I have gets to experience first hand what it’s really like to work in fashion and to truly make a difference to how women feel about their style. This training session Susan and Carol will get to meet and hear from Lorna Weightman of who moved from being an accountant to a fashion presenter with Xpose and writing her own blog. Lorna will be coming into talk to students during their training.

Keep up to date

Training will be taking pace in the heart of Dublin in the studios os Beauty Bootcamp just off Fitzwilliam Square so be sure to drop back as I will be putting up training updates, pictures from practical styling sessions and lots more for all my Autumn training courses. If you would like to know more about gaining a personal styling qualification feel free to drop me a mail. Remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with that first step!

Personal Stylist Summer Training Begins, beauty bootcamp studios

My aim as we come to the second half of 2015 (where is this year going) is to continue to grow a strong and fashion mad community of students and graduates who simply want a fun, supportive way to indulge their passion for fashion and utilise my knowledge, contacts, experience and brand if they want to take that further and make money doing something they love – working as a freelance personal stylist!

Don’t forget, if you would like to take part in a fun and free styling session on Sunday August 9th in Dundrum Town Centre, drop me a mail (

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