Personal Stylist Training Updates

Published on: March 10, 2015
Personal stylist training updates, our training space, visual sense

We are well and truly immersed now in our 12 week Personal Stylist Training Course with 5 great ladies from around the country who have a passion for fashion. Travelling each week from Galway, Waterford, Offaly and Dublin for their training, this week will be our half way mark and a good time to share some of our key highlights and training insights for those of you interested to know more! Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds including a primary school teacher, seamstress and care worker.

First off, meet our gorgeous training space in the offices of creative visual communication company Visual Sense on Herbert Street, Dublin 2. It’s hard not to be inspired in a beautiful open, bright space like this! I think it is so important the training room students enter! Their course is a break from the norm an inspiring insight into a creative and magical industry that is fashion! This space ticks all my training room boxes!

Personal stylist training updates, our training space, visual sense

Personal stylist training, our training space, visual sense

Personal stylist training, our training space, visual sense

Week 1 & 2 Our group gained insight into female psychology. Where our self image and consciousness comes from, how it develops and the importance of understanding how to approach client consultations in a way that not only transforms your clients personal style but also changes how they feel about it and their inner confidence in their own style. We looked at ways you can breakdown a clients negative feelings or thoughts around their style, around styling and believing you can have a style you love no matter what your shape is or what you believe!

Week 3 was the start of our body shape theory. We looked at identifying a clients body shape and the process as a personal stylist you can use. We looked at each body shape in great detail and worked using sample consultation sheets to breakdown this process of giving the best advice to a client you are working with.

Personal stylist training, quick customer assessment chart, body shape styling

Week 4 was a further in-depth look at body shape styling including creating a look for a client, scale, waist proportions, fabrics, patterns, lengths and all the other elements that goes into assessing what is best for your client. We also created mood boards for each body shape with key looks for the season delivered by the students for each body shape using the latest trends.

Week 5 was a trip to Stylefish shopping mecca House of Fraser in Dundrum to put our learning into practice on the shop floor. The best learning comes from doing and is a hugely important part of the process of becoming a personal stylist and understanding the theory and how it works in reality. Working from the lovely personal shopping suite in House of Fraser our students picked looks for various body shape, client types and personality types! Being on the shop floor, touching real clothes, pulling looks and learning from each other is an invaluable part of the learning process.

It also brought together our body shape learning nicely in preparation for this week’s start on colour theory and colour styling!

Personal stylist training updates, house of fraser, personal shopping suite

Personal Stylist training updates

Personal Stylist Training Updates

Personal stylist Training updates

More personal stylist training updates to follow!

For more info on upcoming full time and part time Summer and Autumn Personal Styling Certificate Courses click here or email for more info.





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