Peter O’Brien Unveils Accessory Collection

Published on: November 5, 2014
Gloves 120

This week sees the launch of the new Peter O’Brien accessory collection for Arnotts and sees the designer collaborating with Irish milliner John Shevlin to present hats in his accessory collection for the first time. The new bespoke accessory collection for Arnotts features hats, silk scarves and gloves.

Gloves 120

The silk scarves feature a selection of drawings from his theatre costume drawings. One scarf focusses solely on ballgowns, one focusses on ladies and men’s costumes. Both of these retail at €105. The final oversized scarf in the new collection features a broad selection of Peter’s drawings from his theatre work from the last decade and retails at €135.

Speaking about the scarf collection, Peter said: “As I have been designing for the theatre for the last 12 years I have a huge archive of drawings and people are very interested about the whole design process and are curious about looking at my sketches.”

The hats in the collection are a new and exciting departure for Peter, who was delighted to team up with well-known and well respected milliner John Shevlin. The hats comes in two styles, in a variety of colours. The homburg style is available is a charcoal and navy colour, while the fedora wide brim hat is available in light brown, navy and charcoal and retail at €130.

Peter said, “I approached John Shevlin as he is an artisan. It’s really great to have an opportunity to work with someone who is brilliant at their craft, just as John is.”

The gloves in the collection are an evolution of the gloves that he designed last year and are available in 3 styles. The double layer elbow length glove is available in black, navy and orange and retails at €135, the embroidery glove is available in black, navy and cream and retails at €110, while the pleat detail glove is available in black, tan and olive green and retails at €120.

Arnotts Peter O Brien Theatre night scarf €135 Arnotts PeterOBrien-Theatre Night €135

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