Random shopping trip to Frome

Published on: July 23, 2013

I found myself in another random (and beautiful) UK town last week in search of some of the best vintage and charity shops the UK has to offer. And let me tell you there are plenty. It seems the idea of one woman’s trash is another’s treasure is well and truly alive. Much more than in Ireland I feel. ‘Frome’ was the name of this particular town (pronounced ‘Froom’). It is lined by cobbled streets and historic buildings and situated in the heart of Somerset. Once bigger than the city of Bath, 12 miles to the North, Frome has a thriving arts scene, and a good mix of modern and traditional shops. The town originally grew due to the weaving industry, and weavers’ cottages can still be found, contrasting with Georgian terraces.

I wandered around and found some great little vintage and second hand shops. But one shop which was just finishing a move to this bigger premises really captured my heart. Lark Vintage (23 Catherine Hill) is owned and run by Hayley who handpicks everything you see from clothes (from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s) to accessories to homeware. She has kept the exact layout of the house from before and so you can wander from room to room taking in all the wares, including out into the garden where you will find everything from bikes to furniture for sale. I absolutely loved this experience. It felt so personal and welcoming. They even had the coolest old jukebox downstairs for customers to use. I have added some of my favourite pictures from the shop when I visited below. Hope you like.

Julie x

Lark Vintage

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