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Published on: October 14, 2015
Past students & personal stylist duo share their stylish secrets

This week I have chatted to sisters Catriona Walsh and Sandra Lyons who both completed my Diploma in Personal Styling earlier this year. They have just started their own personal stylist business and Facebook page. Based in Dungarvan in Co. Waterford Catriona and Sandra have been good enough to share their style favourites with us this week!



Describe your style and where you like to shop?

I would describe my style as classic city chic. I don’t always follow trends but I use key pieces and clever accessories to liven up my capsule wardrobe. I like my look to be relaxed, classic and elegant.
I love to shop in Zara, H&M & Pennys!


I would describe myself as someone who loves a bold sophisticated look. I really like bold colours and patterns but also love the monochrome look. I do like to follow the latest trends and be creative in how I incorporate them Into my wardrobe. I do like to stand out from the crowd and be a little different! Being a personal stylist really allows me to play around with my clients and have fun putting things together they would not have considered! I like to shop in River Island, H&M, Pennys and Vero Moda.

What is the secret to having a wardrobe you love?

For me it’s a good quality capsule wardrobe (the basics) with good shoes and handbags!


I try to match my wardrobe with my lifestyle so that my wardrobe works for me, so for example when I changed jobs my wardrobe also changed. I think your wardrobe needs to reflect your life above all else. That is how you get rid of the nothing to wear feeling!

The things you are happy to spend more money on?

I would have to say coats and shoes.


A statement coat especially for Autumn/ Winter season. Also, a great pair of flat leather boots and a pair of classic black heels.


The things you don’t think you need to spend a lot on?

For me it’s accessories like scarfs, necklaces and even bags.


Scarves, jewellery and skinny jeans as Penny’s is my favourite for these.

The style lessons that have really stuck with you?

1. Don’t impulse buy. 2. Dressing for your body shape is key. 3. Add colour cleverly to enhance your appearance and to add personality and fun to your wardrobe basics.


1. When buying make sure to buy outfits rather than individual items. 2. Always have some colour in your wardrobe. 3. Make sure to have good basics in your wardrobe. 4. Buy the right clothes for your shape. 5. Use accessories to glam up your outfit.

Your top five favourite items from your wardrobe?
  • Winter camel coat from Phase Eight.
  • Classic skinny jeans from Zara.
  • Crisp white shirt from Zara.
  • Black leather pencil skirt from River Island.
  • LBD from Marc Angelo.
  • Leather pants from Zara.
  •  White sleeveless coat from River Island.
  • Black Celine handbag.
  • Tan Leather knee boots from Pennys.
  • Cerise pink wool coat from Dunnes.

sisters in style, catriona and sandra, personal stylist

Catriona and Sandra are sisters from Dungarvan in Co. Waterford who completed the Stylefish Diploma in Personal Styling this year. They have an absolute passion and a love for style and fashion and have just started their own personal stylist business called ‘2styleu’. Click to connect with 2STYLEU on Facebook and Instagram.

Catriona and Sandra offer a range of services from personal shopping and special event shopping to body shape and colour analysis and fashion soirees. Let them do the hard work for you as their passion is for helping women create a style they love while also getting to do something they love! You can email the girls at

Thanks ladies for sharing with us!

Julie x

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