Sneak peak at River Island Autumn Winter stuff…

Published on: July 2, 2013

I took a trip this morning to the River Island Autumn Winter press day. Staying true to what it does best they are again pushing fashion boundaries and providing a fun and vibrant collection with a certain twist on the season ahead’s most popular looks.

There were a three key trends that really stood out to me and they included the ‘Mash up trend where you can see quirky clashing prints and fabrics. Think head to toe leopard layered against fur bags and stoles, and knits in colour popping patterns worn with distressed denim, creating a look which is over the top and not for the faint hearted.

The Bauhaus trend takes on more of a clean, streamlined, sporty look with crombie wool coats worn over simple white shirts and black textured trousers or skirts. The midi skirt is also back in heavier fabrics making me very excited indeed to do what us Irish do best, add more layers!

Supernova is another trend I loved as it exudes glamour and glitz. Fabrics feel decadent with high-shine metallic jacquards, flecks of lurex, leather and hints of velvet, ensuring that its perfect for the party season. Quilting is found on leather look fabrics, and jumpers and tops are adorned with embellishment and bejewelling creating a real going out vibe. The classic tuxedo is toughened up with leather trousers, skyscraper heels and oversized slouchy clutch bags.

The colour palette for the collection overall is kept to a minimum with a predominantly black, white and navy base, with accents of bright orange and cobalt blue interspersed within the range. I loved the range of accessories on show with an excellent selection of heels and a particularly gorgeous pair of wine patent loafers that have my name written all over them (see below). Overall I loved it. As always River Island is looking for that customer that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and likes to have fun with fashion and this collection is staying true to that customer. There was lots I loved to look at; there is lots I cannot wait to try on and at the end of the day although I probably won’t buy loads the bits I do buy will be truly different, fun and have that River Island personality stamp written all over them.

Julie x

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