Stella & Dot ‘X-Factor’ – Part 3

Published on: November 25, 2015
Stella & Dot 'X-Factor' - Part 3, booking more trunk shows, stylefish tips
Booking More Trunk Shows

This is definitely the time of year the fashion world goes into overdrive and with Christmas parties to dress for, presents to buy and stockings to fill, who doesn’t love to consider some fabulous new jewels to bring some bling to the festivities!

It can be hard however to find the time, the motivation and the confidence to get out there and book more trunk shows and reach those goals. I know the Stella & Dot Facebook group pages are a great way to share tips with each other and getting the opportunity to get support for Stella & Dot HQ.

My post today will focus on some simple things I believe might help you to focus on those trunk show and christmas goals and get the rewards you deserve for your time!

Make it Personal

People are bombarded with so many Facebook posts, invites and emails nowadays sometimes we forget that all people need is to make a connection with you. For a week forget social media and open up your address book. Make some calls and make some connections and watch how people respond quicker. In a world where computer is king, think about the ‘personal’ connection you are making with women. There is no substitute for your passion for the jewels coming across in real life!

When you book a trunk show phone calls to your confirmed guests and “maybes” 2-3 days prior to the Trunk Show are also very helpful! Emails sometimes get ignored & forgotten, so make a quick phone call to your guests so they know it wouldn’t be the same without them!

Stella & Dot 'X-Factor' - Part 3, booking more trunk shows, stylefish tips

Set weekly goals

I find monthly goals still means I can put things off! When you run a business that forms just a part of your life you have got to have a plan! Otherwise, things just don’t get done! Set yourself small weekly targets and push yourself to achieve them.

  • Leave leaflets in 2 coffee shops.
    Call 2 prospects.
    Go along to the mothers union coffee morning to introduce yourself to the ladies.

In January I also recommend thinking about your vision for the year (even small businesses need a vision!). What do you want to achieve in 2017? It’s hard to break down the week’s if you don’t have a bigger goal. When you know what you want to achieve it is easier to make a plan and know how many hours you might need to put in to achieve this.

Stella & Dot 'X-Factor' - Part 3, booking more trunk shows, stylefish tips

Broaden your net

We all exhaust the family/ friend network pretty quickly and as much as they want to help you you need to start thinking like a boss! To make a success of it, you must identify the type of lady you want to have trunk shows with. Who is she, where does she hang out, how are you reaching out to her? Even if it is too late in the year to think this way, I would recommend you sit down with a large blank piece of paper in January and make your plan. It will save you time, help you to set goals and means you will be reaching out to the type of lady you want to connect to.

Research Local Events & Groups

Fashion shows, events in your local boutique, mums groups and golf clubs are all great places to connect with more women. Whether that is setting up a stand or simply dropping in some leaflets. Booking more trunk shows is about putting yourself out there and meeting new people! Make a list of 3 local events/ activities you can get involved in between now and christmas. There will be lots to choose from!

Get Your Jewels Seen

Offer to style your local fashion show with Stella & Dot Jewels. Once your name and the jewels are mentioned during the show, it’s great PR for you. Be sure to have business cards with ‘your’ name on them. In the Stella & Dot network there are lots of women. If you do the work, you should complete the circle so your potential customers know who to phone when they want to organise a truck show or buy jewels. This might be a cost but it is a cost worth absorbing.

Stella & Dot 'X-Factor' - Part 3, booking more trunk shows, stylefish tips

Explain the Concept

Many women don’t know what a trunk show is. Remember you didn’t either before someone explained it to you! Your assumption maybe that some women are not interested but most simply don’t understand what they have to do or what it is all about! We all lead busy lives so it’s up to you to be clear and explain what a trunk show actually is making it simple to understand and showing it’s easy, fun and very rewarding to host!

Practice your Elevator Pitch

This leads from the last. Can you explain what you do in a fun and engaging way in less that 60 seconds? Use the ‘what’s in it for me?’ angle. Do hosts receive free jewels or other perks? Better to say “Would you like to get lots of free jewels, have a fun night and get some stylish tips?’ Keep it simple and explain why people will love it rather than what you do!

Believe in yourself

Remember you signed up to Stella and Dot because you love the jewellery and the idea of making money talking about and selling jewellery appealed to you. Why lose your nerve now! Your business is about your love of jewellery and wanting to share that. Every time you talk about Stella & Dot with someone new that love simply needs to pour out of you. Don’t let the nerves talk. Let the jewellery talk! Passion connects with people. You might not book the trunk show there and then but any business is about making a connection that means when they are ready then will think of you.

Building a Business is About Building a Base

How many connections have you got from previous trunk shows? Building up repeat business is much easier than getting new business!

Create Your Own Rules

Think about the trunk show differently. A trunk show is a group of women coming together to have a natter, talk fashion, admire and buy jewellery. If you are running trunk shows in your own house, why can’t you put out a date/ evening to all your connections who have been part of a previous trunk show (or that you trust) and open your doors to a few ladies who might like to come together to see your new collection? i.e they don’t yet know each other

Embrace online trunk shows

Embrace new ways to run your trunk shows and embrace the online world. If anyone knows how to do the online thing well it’s Stella 7 Dot. Trust their recipe for online trunk shows works and give it a go!

Nurture the little family you are creating around you

Your vibe attracts your tribe remember! But also being organised with your tribe is key! Keeping a clear database of clients, past and present, potentials you need to follow up on, marketing opportunities that come your way etc is so important. Have a system that works for you to keep track of your tribe as you build it and set markers for how you are reaching out to them. For example I try to send out my newsletter once a month. At the start of the month I have a word document with the word ‘Newsletter’ at the top, as I go through the month I add things I find, or courses I want to tell people about or ideas for content I write on here so all month my newsletter is growing! This makes the task much easier when putting it together.

Stella & Dot 'X-Factor' - Part 3, booking more trunk shows, stylefish tips

Take the help

Stella & Dot is great to organising fun calls, inspirational webinars and other things to help you and inspire you. Take advantage of them! As a small business I rely on me to motivate me all the time. You have a committee of wonderful women who are on your side and get what you do. Embrace that and use it! 

 Hope this has been helpful!

Julie x










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