Style Fish & Special K® ‘Embrace your Shape’

Published on: June 5, 2011

Sometimes it seems that everything in the world is telling women they have to look a certain way and be a certain shape to look fabulous. Style Fish knows differently. Who wants to be a carbon copy of the lady next to you on the bus? We all want a smaller bum, more toned arms or longer legs at some stage (or yes most of the time) but most women will tell you when you really get down to it that we just want to feel and look good in our own skin. So, when we got a call from Kellogg’s & Special K® to run an ‘Embrace your Shape’ event for their staff, they didn’t have to ask twice! We were there spreading the Style Fish love. We want to thank House of Fraser for the amazing clothes and also for a faby daby discount for all the Kellogg’s ladies.

When you think about it much of the clothing we see on the runways is more art than anything else – conceptual, inspirational, political even but not altogether wearable! It is up to us to create our own Catwalk collection & walk our own runway! Be healthy, embrace your shape & feel fabulous. Log on to for your own free personal eating plan and lots of get healthy tips. Don’t ever feel you have to change who you are to feel fabulous, but you do have to embrace who you are x

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