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Published on: September 9, 2015
Stylefish fashion courses, the zip yard training
The Zip Yard Embrace The New Season with Stylefish Fashion Refresher Course

To stay ahead in todays demanding retail environment lowering price or altering products is no longer the only thing the consumer is looking for. To stay ahead retailers must recognise the value in gaining advantage in the quality of the service they offer their customer and in personalising that experience as much as possible.

I have been lucky enough over the last 2 years to run a series of fashion courses with the alterations franchise, The Zip Yard who have 25 shops around Ireland and who recognise the value in this approach to their customer service.

Each Manager and usually one other staff member in each shop around the country has or is in the process of completing a suite of fashion courses with Stylefish. This starts with a one day style training day focused on styling and restyling for each customer body type. At the start of the new season (Autumn & Spring) each person who has taken part in my day one training comes back for a seasonal refresher to look at the seasons trends and gain insight into the best advice and direction for customer restyling for that season to ensure their customer is getting the best and most up to date advice possible. Once they have completed two refresher fashion courses each shop is given a Stylefish trend card each season for their counter to help start that all important fashion conscious conversation with their customer. This way the customer knows they can get a whole new up to date look for items from their wardrobe when they call into their local Zip Yard.

Stylefish fashion courses, the zip yard training

The customer is at the heart of this investment and training. From this training, both the Zip Yard and myself have learnt so much about the customer. Some elements that bring up challenges and some that have created a clarity and focus for each shop.

Finally, training is not all about what I teach but taking the time to up open the conversation around store issues can uncover ideas and commonalities that will help the customer experience in all shops.

Stylefish fashion courses, the zip yard, stylefish

Insights From Stylefish Fashion Courses with The Zip Yard
1. Time is of the Essence in Retail.

Like any fast paced retail environment, it’s not always easy to have the time to engage the way you would like with the customer if you have a que of people waiting. Taking little steps and making small improvements is sometimes all it takes.

2. Educating the Customer is Key.

It is great to invest time and money in training but have you experienced your shop from your customers perceptive? What do they experience when they walk in. It is imperative you invite the customer to learn more about the improvements and training your shop is undertaking for them and the service you can provide.

3. You are the First Thing Your Customer Sees.

The question is ‘at what level have you set the bar for your shop?’ That is what your customer is responding too. Trust and credibility is gained so much on first impressions. Creating the right first impression with your store layout, neatness, clarity of messaging and staff grooming and you are half way to gaining trust from your customer.

4. Personalising your Shop Experience is The Future of Retail.

Taking part in fashion courses or training of any kind should provide you with a competitive advantage. You now have the ability to personalise your customers experience, give the best advice for their body shape, needs and budget. But personalising is not all about spending half an hour over the counter chatting to the customer. There is so much more you can do to personalise their experience with your new learning.

  • Private consultations one morning a week.
  • Customer style events.
  • Competitions.
  • Advice you give to your customers through social media channels.
  • Communicating your restyling or unique services instore using signs and technology.
  • & lots more!

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