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Barbara Bonner

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    Tell us a little about yourself

    I am married with two children and have part time job as secreatary in my husband's dental practice. I am passionate about tennis and play about twice a week. I am quite involved in the local club which I helped to build and officially open in 2011.

    What do you look forward to most about being a Stylefish Stylist?

    I look forward to helping women who find shopping a chore or a difficulty, to realise what shape they are, and hopefully make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

    Describe your personal style

    I would describe my style as smart casual most of the time but like to be more formal for special occasions. I like to experiment with colour and try to confine the number of black items in my wardrobe!

    Who are your top three most stylish women in the world?

    Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn, Cheryl Cole.

    Where do you love to shop?

    Massimo Dutti, Zara, Warehouse, McElhinneys, Arnotts.

    What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

    A short length, three quarters length sleeve, grey and white dress.

    Your best fashion tip?

    Don't be driven by fashion trends, style transcends fashion.

    Why is fashion so important to you?

    Fashion is important to me as it gives me a feel good factor and enhances my confidence by facilitating self expression.

    If you were given €100 to create an outfit, describe what you would do?

    I would go to Dundrum Shopping Centre where the choice is huge and compare style quality and price so that I could buy within budget and know that I have looked at all the options.

    When was the last time you went out in an outfit that you adored? Describe it!

    I wore a linen/cotton dress in the last week which was bought in Italy for me . It has T string straps and gathered at the bust. It is a long dress to mid calf and flows out from the bust. There is a tie belt around to the back that ties in a bow. It is a beige and stone colour. I love it!

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  • Student Testimonial

    Hi Julie
    Thank you for the style guide following my class. I will have fun learning more about my shape with it! I really enjoyed the class with Barbara. She is a great facilitator, very passionate about her work and made the evening very enjoyable. Thank you. Julie Voss

    The course was very enjoyable with Barbara. I thought she was excellent, very informative and I learnt a lot! Now to put it into practice! Mary O’Donnell